Chris von Erich

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 160 lbs

Real Name: Chris Adkisson

DOB: 9/30/69

DOD: 9/12/91

Hometown: Denton, Texas

Other Names: None

Wrestler Since: Unknown

Finishing Maneuver: The Claw


Of all the Adkisson brothers, Chris Adkisson possibly was the one who most wanted to be a professional wrestler. He had the heart, the drive, and the dedication to be a champion. Unfortunately, however, he did not have the body frame, and was part of what has become known as the Von Erich curse.

Chris was the youngest of six brothers, and the son of Jack Adkisson, otherwise known in the wrestling world as Fritz von Erich. The Adkisson family was hit with tragedy, though, long before Chris became part of it, as the oldest brother, Jack Jr, died in a freak electrical accident while taking a bath at age 6. Chris, though, was able to grow up with his older brothers, Kevin, David, Kerry, and Mike. Chris was closest to Mike, as they were the closest in relative ages. One by one, the brothers became professional wrestlers alongside their dad, mainly wrestling for Fritz' World Class Championship Wrestling organization.

Unlike his other brothers, though, Chris was not born in the best of health, growing up with asthma. Chris also had problems with medication to help him, which eventually stunted his growth and led to him having a frail bone structure. Despite these troubles, Chris dreamed of the day of joining his brothers as wrestling champions. In 1984, though, Chris had to deal with the loss of another brother, as David von Erich passed away while touring Japan, dying because of an intestinal problem (rumors still persist that a drug overdose was the actual cause of death). A few years later, in April '87, Chris lost his best friend and closest relative, as Mike von Erich committed suicide. Chris had always relied on Mike, so this was a very cruel blow.

To add to his problems, Chris was unable to really make a go of a wrestling career, rarely appearing inside the ring. He had a few brief feuds with the Fabulous Freebirds (long-time nemeses of the Von Erichs) and General Skandar Akbar, but nothing really became of them. His fraility kept Chris from becoming the star he wanted to be. Kevin von Erich once told a story of how Chris blocked a blow from an opponent, which immediately broke his arm. Undaunted, Chris fought harder, and tried a dropkick, which led to a broken leg as well. His fighting spirit was second to none, but his body just couldn't keep up.

On September 12, '91, Chris Adkisson followed his brothers Jack Jr, David, and Mike, committing suicide on his father's estate by shooting himself. Toxicology reports later revealed cocaine and Valium in his system. Chris was only 21.

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