Ric Byrne

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 258 lbs

Real Name: Aric Byrne

DOB: 4/13

Hometown: Hell's Kitchen, New York

Other Names: Ooga Booga(HWA)

Wrestler Since: 1999

Finishing Maneuver: 3rd Degree (Gory Special Breaker), Burnout (Side Russian Stunner)

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: None

Official Website: http://www.ricbyrne.com/

History: (Under Construction)

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (10 - 18, 1 NC)
- VCW Return of the Clown (September 20, '03) = Byrne lost the VCW Heavyweight Title to Porno the Clown (aka Jason Downing). After the match, Byrne attacked Downing, which later led to Downing's vacating of the title and retirement.
- VCW Hardcore Halloween: Treat Or Beat (October 25, '03) = Byrne won the VCW Heavyweight Title Tournament.
- HWA Winter of Discontent (January 3, '04) = Ooga Booga & AJ Sparx defeated Big Al & Helena Heavenly.
- HWA Ground Zero '04 (February 6) = Ooga Booga lost a "Three Way Dance" Match to Hillbilly Jed. Tsunami was the other participant.
- WWC Slamfest '04 (August 7) = Byrne lost a "Three Way Dance" Match to the WWC Heavyweight Champion, Fabulous Frederick. Billy McCarty was the other participant.
- WWC Break the Bank '04 (September 4) = Byrne lost, via DQ, to Devlin Anderson in the First Round match of the "Break The Bank" Tournament. Billy McCarty won the tournament.
- WWC Fall Fury '04 (October 2) = Byrne won the WWC Heavyweight Title, winning a "No Disqualification" Match over Fabulous Frederick.
- WWC Rest In Peace (October 30, '04) = Byrne fought to a No-Contest with fellow Profit Inc member Flash Fury.
- WWC Slam Diabetes (November 13, '04) = Byrne, as the WWC Heavyweight Champion, lost, via DQ, to Shawn Parks. Later on, Profit Inc (Byrne, Jimmy Rage, & Will Profit) were beaten by Shawn Parks & Jake Ashworth.
- WWC Christmas Chaos (December 4, '04) = Profit Inc (Byrne, Jimmy Rage, & JT Stahr) fell to Team Hollywood (Shawn Parks, Fabulous Frederick, & Gotti).
- WWC Resolution (January 8, '05) = Byrne kept the WWC Heavyweight Title, winning a "Steel Cage" Match over Fabulous Frederick.
- WWC King of Extreme '05 (March 5) = Byrne retained the WWC Heavyweight Championship, winning, via referee's decision, over Jason Taylor. Later on, Byrne competed in the "2005 King of Extreme" Match, which was won by Jake Ashworth.
- HWA March Badness (March 25, '05) = Ooga Booga fell to Ben Kimera.
- WWC Last Laugh (April 2, '05) = Byrne lost the WWC Heavyweight Title in a "Three Way Dance" Match to Jason Taylor. Shawn Parks was the other participant.
- HWA Aftermath (April 22, '05) = Ooga Booga & Pat Black were beaten by Simply & Jed, thanks in part to Black (& Kara Kildare) turning on Ooga.
- WWC Retaliation '05 (April 30) = Profit Inc (Byrne & Quinten Lee) lost a "Tables" Match to the WWC Tag Champs, Shawn Parks & Jake Ashworth.
- HWA Return To Red Barn (June 4, '05) = Ooga Booga & Viper defeated Simply & Jed.
- WWC Grand Slam (June 11, '05) = Byrne fell to Brian Jennings. Later on, Byrne competed in the "Grand Slam" Match, which was won by Shawn Parks, who won the WWC Heavyweight Title.
- HWA Blue Note (July 22, '05) = Byrne lost, due to interference, to Quinten Lee. Later on, Byrne & Jon Moxley lost to the HWA Tag-Team Champions, Foreign Intelligence (Lee & Ala Hussein).
- WWC Break the Bank '05 (August 6) = Byrne pinned Dark Angel and Vile, then lost in the finals of the tournament to Fabulous Frederick.
- WWC Slam Fest '05 (September 10) = Byrne lost a "WWC Cruiserweight Title #1 Contender Ladder" Match to Dark Angel.
- WWC Fall Fury '05 (October 1) = Byrne took down Devlin Anderson.
- HWA Friday Night Fights (October 14, '05) = Byrne & Zack Storm won over Portia Perez & Taylor.

Title Summary:
- WWC (World Wrestling Coalition) Heavyweight Champion (??/??/??)
- WWC (World Wrestling Coalition) United States Heavyweight Champion (??/??/??)
- WWC (World Wrestling Coalition) Tag-Team Champion w/ Profit Inc (??/??/??)
- WWC (World Wrestling Coalition) Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Profit Inc (??/??/??)
- VCW (Violent Championship Wrestling) Tag-Team Champion w/ Shirley Doe (??/??/??)
- VCW (Violent Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight Champion (8/30/03 - 9/20/03)
- VCW (Violent Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight Champion(2) (10/25/03 - ??)
- WWC (World Wrestling Coalition) Heavyweight Champion(2) (10/02/04 - 4/02/05)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 0 3rd RUs)