The Brothers of Destruction

Wrestled In: WWF/E

Debut: 1998

Finishing Maneuver: Double Chokeslam, Stereo Chokeslams, Stereo Tombstones

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The Undertaker

History: (Under Construction)

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (4 - 3)
- WWF No Way Out '01 = The Brothers of Destruction lost a "Three-Way Tables" match to the WWF Tag Champs, the Dudley Boyz. Edge & Christian were the other participants.
- WWF Backlash '01 = The Brothers of Destruction lost the WWF Tag-Team Titles to Heavyweight Champion Steve Austin & Intercontinental Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley. All three titles were on the line.
- OVW "The Last Dance" (June 27, '01) = The Brothers of Destruction won, via DQ, over Diamond Dallas Page & Leviathon.
- WWF Invasion (July '01) = The Brothers of Destruction, Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, & Chris Jericho lost to the ECWCW team of Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Rhyno, & the Dudley Boyz.
- WWF Summerslam '01 = The Brothers of Destruction won a "Titles-vs-Titles Cage" match over Diamond Dallas Page & Kanyon, unifying the WWF and WCW World Tag-Team Titles.
- WWF Unforgiven '01 = The Brothers of Destruction retained the WCW World Tag-Team Titles, beating Kronik.
- WWF Survivor Series '01 = The Brothers of Destruction, the Rock, Chris Jericho, & the Big Show won an "Elimination" match over Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, Rob Van Dam, & Booker T.

Title Summary:
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion (Brothers of Destruction) (4/17/01 - 4/29/01)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion (Brothers of Destruction) (8/07/01 - 9/25/01)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion(2) (Brothers of Destruction) (8/19/01 - 9/17/01)

PWI Achievement Awards: (1 win, 1 1st RU, 0 2nd RUs, 1 3rd RU)
- 1998 Tag-Team of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up (Brothers of Destruction)
- 2001 Tag-Team of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (Brothers of Destruction)