The Big Show

Height: 7'2"

Weight: 485 lbs

Real Name: Paul Wight

DOB: 2/08/1972

Hometown: Aiken, South Carolina

Other Names: The Giant (WCW), Paul Wight(WWF), "The Showster", "Shonan The Barbarian", "Showkishi", "The Big Showbowski"(WWF), The Big Show(WWF/WWE)

Wrestler Since: 1995

Finishing Maneuver: Weapon Of Mass Destruction, Showstopper

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #31(2011), #17(2010), #25(2009), #51(2008), #35(2007), #44(2006), #31(2005), #41(2004), #6(2003), #49(2002), #72(2001), #16(2000), #34(1999), #31(1998), #8(1997), #2(1996)

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History: (Last Updated: 6/05/2012)

The Beginning
WCW: 1995 / 1996
nWo: 1996
WCW: 1997 / 1998
nWo: 1998 / 1999
WWF: 1999 / 2000
OVW: 2000 / 2001
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WWF/WWE Raw: WWF-2002 / WWE-2002
WWE Smackdown: 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005
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ECW: 2006
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WWE Raw: 2011

The Beginning

Paul Wight's career in professional wrestling has gone the way of a rollercoaster, starting at the top, then continuously moving up and down, usually with incredible heights and startling drops. Wight grew up in Saluda, South Carolina, where he was diagnosed early in life as having Acromegaly, more commonly known as Giantism. It was the same disease that Andre the Giant had, causing Wight to grow at a massive rate. Wight used his height to his advantage, playing one season of basketball at Wichita State University. In the early '90s, Wight had an operation to remove the tumor that was causing his Giantism, enabling Wight to stop growing (an operation that Andre never had). At the same time, Wight's metabolism slowed down, causing him to gain weight rapidly for a time. He soon became larger than life.

WCW: 1995

In 1995, at a charity basketball game, Wight was introduced to Hulk Hogan, who was a major star in World Championship Wrestling at the time. Hogan took one look at Wight and immediately contacted his boss, WCW President Eric Bischoff, taking Wight to meet him. It didn't take long for Wight to be brought into the WCW Powerplant, a training facility to help teach up-and-comers how to wrestle the WCW style. Wight only spent a short time with the Powerplant, as Hogan later mentioned in his autobiography that they didn't want Wight to become a great mat wrestler; he was meant to simply be a Giant, similar to Andre, Hogan's passed-on friend.

Wight, known as the Giant, made his debut at WCW's Bash at the Beach '95, claiming that he was the late Andre the Giant's son (which he is not), and blaming Andre's misery and death on Hogan, who was the WCW World Heavyweight Champion at the time. The Giant began a major feud with Hogan, joining up with Kevin Sullivan & the Dungeon of Doom. At Fall Brawl '95, the Giant struck early, running over one of the Hulkster's motorcycles with a monster truck. Later on, Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Lex Luger, & Sting fought in a "War Games" Match against the Dungeon of Doom, namely Zodiac (formerly Brutus Beefcake), Shark (Earthquake in the WWF), Meng (aka Haku), & Kamala. When Hogan's team won, Hogan got 5 minutes with Sullivan, the leader of the Dungeon. But the Giant soon came out and attacked Hogan, injuring his neck before the rest of Hogan's team could come back to make the save.

This led to a combination of matches between the Giant and Hogan at Halloween Havoc '95. First, the two faced off in a "Monster Truck" match, with Hogan's truck pushing the Giant's truck out of the circle, technically getting Hogan the 'win'. The Giant, not satisfied, attacked Hogan, with the two fighting up to the roof, where Hogan knocked the Giant off! The Giant, though, still returned for the main event, looking stronger than ever. The match ended controversially, when Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart, Hogan's manager, hit the Giant with his megaphone, causing the disqualification. Hogan was then attacked by Hart & the Giant, with Savage & Luger coming out for the save. However, Luger turned on Savage, taking him out as well, as the bandaged Yeti (Ron Reese) appeared, another gigantic man, to attack Hogan. It was announced by Hart on the next Raw that he had joined the Giant. Not only that, but he had rigged the contracts, changing it so that the WCW World Title changed hands on a DQ! Therefore, the Giant was the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, less than a year after entering the business.

Unfortunately, the reign only lasted one week, as the WCW Committee vacated the title due to the controversial ending. The belt was then put up for grabs at World War III '95, where 60 wrestlers battled it out in 3 rings for the World Title. The Giant, as one of the three favorites (including Hogan and the Yeti) threw out many individuals, making it to the final 6, along with Hogan, Sting, Savage, Luger, and the One Man Gang. However, the Giant was double-teamed by Sting & Luger, and during the struggle on the ropes, Hogan dumped all three men out! The Giant, infuriated, then pulled Hogan under the ropes, keeping him preoccupied until Savage got rid of the Gang and was proclaimed the winner and the new World Champion. In the next month, the Giant teamed up with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair to fight Hogan and Savage, continuing the now darker feud. At one point, the Giant shaved off Hogan's trademark mustache, making things very personal.

WCW: 1996

The Giant & Flair met up in a "Tag-Team" Match against Hogan & Savage at Clash of the Champions XXXII, with Flair surprisingly getting the pin on the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Savage. Meanwhile, the Giant and Hogan continued their bitter feud, building up to Superbrawl VI, where they faced off against each other in a "Steel Cage" Match. The Giant had the advantage going in, as Hogan was suffering from an eye injury. But the Giant couldn't keep the Hulkster down long enough for him to escape, as Hogan shook off the Giant's Chokeslam and Hulked Up, managing to bodyslam the large man. Hogan eventually climbed the cage, kicking the following Giant off, to escape and win the match.

The Giant feuded with another large wrestler in Lock Ness over the next month, trying to decide who the better big man was. The Giant proved his worth at Uncensored '96, winning in only a few minutes with a Leg Drop. The next night on Nitro, the Giant earned a World Title shot against Ric Flair, Chokeslamming him to become a two-time WCW Champion. After winning the belt, the Giant began a feud with the duo of Lex Luger & Sting, going after Luger whenever possible. After chokeslamming Luger through a table, the Giant was challenged to a match by Sting. At Slamboree '96, the Giant and Sting went at it, with the Giant's World Title on the line. The Giant was very strong in the match, at one point planning to Chokeslam Sting through a table, only to have Luger stop it by putting the Giant's manager, Jimmy Hart, on the table instead. Back in the ring, Sting took control, landing several Stinger Splashes, then later getting the Scorpion Deathlock. However, Luger accidentally hit Sting with Hart's megaphone, allowing the Giant to recover and get the Chokeslam for the victory, retaining the title.

The Giant's next opponent was Luger, signing to face him at the '96 Great American Bash. Once again, Jimmy Hart tried to interfere, and once again, he was blocked, this time by Sting. But when Luger's back failed when trying to Torture Rack the Giant, the champion got the Chokeslam on Luger for the victory, keeping the gold. The Giant next joined his ally, Kevin Sullivan, in his war against the IV Horsemen, in particular Chris Benoit. The Giant & Sullivan faced Benoit & Arn Anderson Bash At The Beach '96, with the heels attacking Benoit & Anderson from behind to start the match. However, the Horsemen also had a plan, with Steve "Mongo" McMichael attacking the Giant, with the two fighting back out of the arena, leaving Sullivan in a "Handicap" Match of sorts against Benoit & Anderson. The Giant soon returned, though, and, after Sullivan took a lot of abuse, got the hot tag. As Sullivan and Benoit fought to the back, the Giant destroyed Anderson, winning another PPV match.

Another major event at Bash at the Beach was the turning of Hulk Hogan into Hollywood Hogan, as the long-time hero joined with Kevin Nash & Scott Hall to form the new World order. The Giant soon became a focal point for the trio, as he still held the WCW World Title. At Hogg Wild, Hogan got his title shot. The Giant had things under control, until the Outsiders (Nash & Hall) interfered. The Giant choked them down, but was left open for a foreign object shot by Hogan, who then got the pin and the victory, taking away the championship. The battles continued with the nWo for the next few weeks, while the Giant also had unfinished business with Sullivan's adversary, Benoit, beating him at Clash of the Champions XXXIII. It then seemed that the Giant was going to help the Dungeon of Doom in the war against the nWo. However, it was all a farce, as the Giant joined the new World order instead, thanks to a monetary offer from Ted DiBiase.

nWo: 1996

This led the Giant, now clad in nWo colors, to feud with one of the WCW heavy hitters, "Macho Man" Randy Savage. The two wrestlers met at Fall Brawl '96, with the Giant having the upper hand, thanks to the nWo's referee, Nick Patrick, being in charge of the match. The Giant dominated at first, slamming Savage on the concrete outside the ring. But Savage came back, getting his Flying Elbow Drop. However, Hogan then appeared, dragging the Giant out of the ring. As Patrick 'confronted' the Giant, conveniently distracted, the rest of the nWo attacked Savage, taking him out. The Giant then made the easy pin, with Patrick happily making the count. With Savage out of his way, the Giant focused on the WCW United States Champion, Ric Flair. However, when Flair was injured, the Giant stole the US Title, claiming that it was now his.

The Giant next feuded with Flair's short-term successor in the IV Horsemen, Jeff Jarrett. They faced off at Halloween Havoc '96, with Flair being in Jarrett's corner. Although Jarrett fought hard, the Giant was too strong, dominating the wrestler. But when the fight went to the outside, Flair gave the Giant a low blow right in front of the referee, causing the DQ win for the Giant, albeit a painful one. The feud with Jarrett continued into the next month, where the two wrestlers met at World War III '96. With some help from Sting, who surprisingly attacked Jarrett with the Scorpion Deathlock during the bout (Sting wasn't with the nWo at the time, but was randomly attacking superstars), the Giant got the big victory, Chokeslamming Jarrett for the win. The Giant then competed in the 60 man 3 ring Battle Royal, with the winner to receive a World Title shot. With the nWo's aid, the Giant survived until the end, tossing out Lex Luger to become the victor. However, the Giant temporarily turned down the title shot, since his leader, Hogan, was the champion.

The Giant and Luger continued fighting over the next few weeks, with Luger angry at being denied the title shot. At Starrcade '96, the two wrestlers again faced off. A WCW referee was in charge, keeping things even, but when he was accidentally taken out, nWo referee Nick Patrick ran down, giving the Giant a helping 'foot' by kicking Luger when he had the Giant in the Torture Rack. However, Sting then reappeared, coming to the ring and saying something to both men, before dropping his baseball bat between them. The two men scrambled for the black bat, but Luger got it first, knocking out the Giant and pinning the unconscious man, sending the Giant down in defeat. Later on that night, during Hogan's "Non-Title" Match with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, the Giant came out to interfere, trying to Chokeslam Piper. But Piper managed to escape, knocking out Hogan with his Sleeper for the win. After the match, Hogan yelled at the Giant, showing some dissention in the ranks. It would all boil over soon after, when the Giant decided to ask for his earned title shot against Hogan. Hogan tried to order the Giant to Chokeslam Piper, but the Giant grabbed Hogan instead, causing the rest of the nWo to attack him, sending him out of the group.

WCW: 1997

The Giant then began going after Hogan at every opportunity, attacking any nWo member that got in his way. He was granted his earned title shot, going against Hogan for the WCW/nWo World Title at Souled Out '97. However, the odds were completely against the Giant, as the PPV was run solely by the nWo, including the announcers (Eric Bischoff & Ted DiBiase) and the referee, Nick Patrick. Although the Giant fought off Hogan's Leg Drop and got the Chokeslam, Patrick refused to count, with the rest of the nWo coming to the ring to attack him. The Giant Chokeslammed several wrestlers, but soon fell to the numbers, being spray-painted by the Outsiders. The match never officially ended, but was ruled a No-Contest.

The Giant soon started teaming with his former adversary, Lex Luger, against the nWo, with the two focusing on the men who had embarrassed the Giant, the Outsiders. The two teams were set to meet at Superbrawl VII for the Outsiders' WCW/nWo World Tag-Team Titles. However, Luger was diagnosed with a broken arm before the match (thanks to the nWo), which meant that the Giant had to go it alone against Hall & Nash. As if the odds weren't already stacked against the Giant, Syxx (Sean Waltman) was at ringside as well, giving the Outsiders more of an edge by hitting the Giant with the Cruiserweight Title at one point. The Giant fought hard against the odds, but was in serious trouble after a Powerbomb from Nash. Luger then ran to the ring, surprisingly rejoining his partner. He got the hot tag and destroyed the Outsiders, Torturing Racking Nash and making him tap out. Afterwards, the Giant also Chokeslammed and pinned Hall, making sure that the win would count, with the Giant & Luger becoming Tag-Team Champions. Alas, it wasn't meant to be, as crooked nWo member (and President) Eric Bischoff found a technicality (Luger's ineligibility to be there) to return the belts the next Nitro to the Outsiders.

The Giant & Luger, infuriated, continued their assault against the nWo, and were later joined by the Steiner Brothers. The group formed Team WCW, and went into Uncensored '97 to fight in a "Triangle Elimination" match against Team nWo (Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, & the Outsiders) and Team Piper ("Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Chris Benoit, Jeff Jarrett, & Steve "Mongo" McMichael). Unfortunately, Rick Steiner was taken out before the match, leaving Team WCW with only three members. The Giant entered first for Team WCW, going against Hall and Benoit. Surprisingly, the Giant was the first man thrown out, as he was backdropped after charging Hall. The rest of the WCW team fought hard, but losing one of its biggest guns so early hurt their momentum, with Hogan becoming the final survivor after tossing Luger (who had tossed several nWo members beforehand).

The Giant and Luger both wanted another piece of Hogan, but had to earn the shot first. They faced off against Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) at Spring Stampede '97 in a Fatal Fourway match, with the winner to get the #1 Contenders spot to the World Title. The Giant had things in hand, preparing for the Chokeslam on Stevie Ray, then showed his heart, tagging in Luger, who Torture Racked Stevie Ray for the win, earning the title shot. This kept Luger & the Giant a strong team, which led to them challenging Hogan and his new friend, Dennis Rodman (from the Chicago Bulls basketball team) to a match at Bash at the Beach '97. The two teams brawled for a time, with the Giant being attacked by a "Sting" lookalike (Kevin Nash) during it. Despite this, Luger got the victory by racking Hogan. For the next few months, the Giant called out Nash for his attack on him. Nash, claiming injuries, did not show.

Instead, the Giant faced off against other nWo wrestlers, continuing the fight against the heel organization. At Road Wild '97, the Giant vented some frustration about Nash against "The Macho Man" Randy Savage. Although Savage did get in a few shots, he soon fell to the Giant's Chokeslam, getting a big win for a big man. Another nWo wrestler fell into the Giant's path at Fall Brawl '97, Scott "Flash" Norton. Norton's size gave him a little more chance against the furious Giant, but it didn't help, as the Giant landed another massive Chokeslam to take out Norton, sending another message to the hiding Nash.

The Giant's next big test was at World War III '97. The Giant, the winner of the event the year before, was a major favorite. He was also hopeful for his shot against Nash, who was supposed to be in the 60-man Battle Royale. However, Nash failed to show up before the match started. The Giant, although most likely annoyed, concentrated on the match, sending many wrestlers flying over the top rope. In the end, the Giant & Luger were in the ring with Scott Hall, apparently the only nWo member still involved. Before they could double-team him, though, Hall pointed to the back, and Hollywood Hogan came out as the 60th entrant! As Hall & Hogan were battling with the Giant & Luger, a wrestler dressed up as Sting descended from the ceiling, 'scaring' Hogan out of the ring. But "Sting" then hit the Giant with his baseball bat, knocking him out of the fight, and revealed himself to be Kevin Nash! Because of Nash's interference, Hall won the match (and a World Title shot). A few days later, during one of the Giant's matches, Nash reappeared in the Sting costume and attacked again, breaking the Giant's hand. The Giant, though, showed later on that he could still get the Chokeslam, with or without a sound hand, sending fear through the nWo locker room. The Giant was scheduled to finally get a singles match against Nash at Starrcade '97. However, Nash again no-showed the event, obviously still too worried to face the rage of the Giant. When Scott Hall came out and told the Giant that Nash wasn't going to be there, he was quickly Chokeslammed into the canvas, as the frustrated Giant walked out to the cheers of the crowd.

WCW: 1998

Going into the new year, the Giant pushed Nash to sign a Million-Dollar Contract, stating that if Nash no-showed at the next event, Nash would be forced to pay the amount. Nash agreed, as long as the Giant signed his own contract, saying that the Giant couldn't touch Nash until the pay-per-view. This left Nash taking advantage of the Giant's inability to fight, splashing hot coffee into the man's face at one point. At another time, Nash came out and taunted the Giant, who was wrestling against Hall. Nash goaded the Giant to attack him, thus voiding the contract. Instead, the Giant let out his fury by dismantling the ring with his bare hands, an incredible feat (you can see a picture of it above, or a larger picture of it here).

At Souled Out '98, the Giant and Kevin Nash finally met up, with Nash having no choice due to the nWo not wanting to lose a million dollars. The Giant had to fend off several outside forces, including Hollywood Hogan coming to the ring at one point and hitting the Giant with a chair. Later on, with the Giant in control, Eric Bischoff got on the apron to protest. The Giant quickly Chokeslammed the "President", but this left him open to a vicious Powerbomb from Nash (see a picture of it here). Unfortunately, Nash slipped while performing the Powerbomb, accidentally dropping the Giant on his neck and knocking him out. This put the Giant out of wrestling for a time, due to the neck injury. Nash, claiming that he meant to injure the man, began calling himself Big Sexy, the Giant Killer. It also led to Nash's Powerbomb being declared illegal.

The Giant returned after a month, wearing a neck brace. He seemed to heal up quickly, going after Nash once again. But Nash continued to avoid him, only agreeing to a match if his Jackknife Powerbomb was once again declared legal. At Uncensored '98 in March, the two massive wrestlers met up again. The Giant took the advantage and set up Nash for a Powerbomb, but then was attacked by the rest of the nWo, causing the DQ win. The nWo savagely beat the big man with baseball bats after the match, trying to severely injure him once again. The Giant came back soon enough, though, teaming with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. The two men signed a "Baseball Bat" match against Nash & Hollywood Hogan at Spring Stampede '98. Although the Giant did get in a 'spanking' of Hogan, his team fell, as Hogan (with help from the Disciple) knocked out Piper and pinned him, despite problems between himself and Nash (Hogan ko'ed Nash with the bat after the match).

nWo: 1998

Soon after, Nash left Hogan and formed the nWo Wolfpac, combating against Hogan's nWo forces. The Giant, not caring about who Nash was aligned with, started teaming with Sting, and earned a Tag-Team Title match against the Outsiders at the next pay-per-view. A few weeks before the event, Nash and his Wolfpac allies were fighting against Hogan, when, surprisingly, the Giant came running out, attacking Nash again and rejoining the nWo! This made the match at Slamboree '98 between the Giant (nWo) and Sting (WCW) vs. the Outsiders (Wolfpac). Alligiances changed during the match as well, though, when Hall turned on Nash and sided with the nWo, helping the Giant & Sting win the Tag-Team Titles! While the Giant and Hall celebrated, Sting walked away.

For the next week or two, the Giant (who had taken up smoking in the ring around this time) pleaded with Sting to join him in the nWo, since they were the Tag-Team Champions. Sting ultimately refused, though, instead going to the nWo Wolfpac with his friend Lex Luger. A perturbed Giant tried to declare Bryan Adams as his new tag-team partner, keeping the belts. But WCW nixed that idea, saying that Sting had co-ownership of the belts. The two wrestlers faced off at the '98 Great American Bash, with the winner becoming the decider of who got the gold. The Giant tried hard to take down the Wolfpac member, but Sting wouldn't stay down, and eventually caught the Giant with a top-rope Scorpion Deathdrop to knock out him, winning away the Tag-Team Titles. The Giant could only watch as, adding insult to injury, Sting gave the other belt to the Giant's old nemesis (and the leader of nWo Wolfpac), Kevin Nash.

After a short feud with football player Kevin Greene, whom he destroyed with a Chokeslam at Bash At the Beach '98, the Giant turned his attention back to the Tag-Team Titles that had gotten away from him. In July '98, with help from Bret Hart, the Giant & Scott Hall defeated Sting & Nash to win back the gold, making the Giant a two-time WCW Tag Champ. The Giant next focused on WCW's newest threat, Bill Goldberg, feuding with him over the next month. At Road Wild '98, the Giant joined Hall, Curt Hennig, & Scott Norton as the nWo contingent against the nWo Wolfpac's Nash, Sting, Luger, & Konnan in a "Battle Royal". Goldberg got himself involved as well, making him the sole WCW representative. Surprisingly, Goldberg basically took out everyone, eliminating most of the wrestlers, then shrugging off a Giant Chokeslam to get an amazing Jackhammer Suplex on the Giant, getting the pin to win the match.

The Giant soon moved back to the Tag-Team Division, defending the gold with various nWo members, since Scott Hall was having personal issues at the time. At Halloween Havoc '98, Scott Steiner (nWo) was still having issues with his brother, Rick (WCW). Steiner set up a "Tag-Team Title" Match, getting the Giant to join him against Rick & his partner, 'former' nWo member Buff Bagwell. Bagwell, though, turned on Rick, allowing the Giant & Scott to double-team him. However, miscues from the nWo team allowed Rick to shockingly get the Giant with a Bulldog, winning the match and taking away the gold! The Giant continued to work with the nWo the next month, becoming a basic "hitman" who tried to help his teammates win. He also competed at World War III '98, lasting until the final 5, when he was attacked by everyone and thrown out. Nash got the victory and the title shot against Goldberg.

On a Monday Nitro at the end of November '98, Diamond Dalls Page was defending the United States Title against nWo member Bret Hart in a "No Disqualification" Match. The Giant came out to help Hart, Chokeslamming Page and costing him the belt. This led to a drawn-out feud between the Giant and Page. At one point in December, the Giant chokeslammed Page about 12 feet down, through a stage floor. The two met at Starrcade '98, in a match that was mostly controlled by the larger wrestler. DDP fought his way back, though, and despite interference from Hart, was able to turn a Chokeslam into a Super Diamond Cutter, getting the victory.

WCW: 1999

Surprisingly, the Giant would not appear again on a WCW pay-per-view. On the first Nitro of '99, Hollywood Hogan (nWo) faced off against the WCW World Champ, Kevin Nash (nWo Wolfpac). It was all a swerve, though, as Nash fell quickly to a single finger from Hogan, reuniting the two factions. Of course, there were still sore feelings between the Giant and Nash, with Hogan getting the the Giant's face the next Nitro, telling them that they only needed one "Giant" in the nWo! The Giant and Nash then fought one more time to decide who the better big man was. Unfortunately for the Giant, after interference from Scott Hall, Nash knocked out the Giant with a wrench (left at ringside by Eric Bischoff). Nash made the pin, ending the Giant's run in WCW.

WWF: 1999

In February '99, Paul Wight made his first appearance in the WWF. He came out during St. Valentine's Day Massacre, attacking "Stone Cold" Steve Austin during his "Steel Cage" match with Vince McMahon. Wight ended up throwing Austin through the steel cage wall (which got Austin the win, since he DID leave the cage first). Wight, referring to himself occassionally as "Big Nasty" (a shot towards Nash), then joined up with the Corporation, aiding Mr. McMahon against whoever came up against them. He also helped the Rock, his Corporate teammate, defeat Mankind for the WWF World Title. This started a feud between Mankind and Wight, who started calling himself "The Big Show". Wight and Mankind faced at Wrestlemania XV, with the winner to be the referee for the main event. Wight took control, chokeslamming Mankind onto two chairs in a fit of rage. Unfortunately, since it wasn't a Hardcore match, Wight was DQ'ed. Mr. McMahon, furious that Wight wasn't going to be the referee, slapped the Big Show. Wight then clobbered McMahon with a right hand, breaking his ties with the Corporation.

Wight was later arrested for his 'assault' on Mr. McMahon, but he was quickly out of jail and battling against the Corporation. He also continued to feud with Mankind, although their feud was sometimes put aside in the face of the Corporation. The two met in a "Boiler Room" Match at Backlash '99. After Wight was blinded by some steam from a broken pipe, Mankind escaped the room and was declared the winner. Wight and Mankind then began teaming together out of respect. They soon allied with Ken Shamrock & Test to form the Union. The group was soon feuding with the members of the Corporate Ministry, and met the force of Viscera, the Big Bossman, Farooq, & Bradshaw at Over the Edge '99. The Big Show put in another strong performance, eliminating Farooq with a massive chokeslam, then battling it out with Viscera. Both were counted out, and Mankind went on to win for his team by making the Bossman submit.

The Big Show began to gain prominence in the next few weeks, as the main force of the Union. He challenged the Undertaker, then the World Champion, at every opportunity, and finally got his title shot in June '99. The match was another great one, with the Big Show getting his Showstopper (Chokeslam) on the Undertaker, actually throwing him through the ring! The Corporate Ministry then came down to cause a No-Contest, attacking Wight, who fought them off. Next on Wight's list was the '99 King of the Ring Tournament. Wight first defeated Droz to qualify for the event. Before the PPV, the Big Show was forced to fight X-Pac by Mr. McMahon. Although Wight didn't want the fight, X-Pac insisted, attacking him. As expected, the Big Show started dominating the lightweight X-Pac, which brought out X-Pac's semi-tag-team partner, Kane. Kane attacked Wight, starting a feud between them which grew in intensity for the next few weeks. Wight also had a few battles with Hardcore Holly, who considered himself a "super-heavyweight". At one point, during a Hardcore match, Wight rolled a car off a ledge onto Holly, which got him the victory.

At the '99 King of the Ring, Kane and the Big Show faced off in the Quarter-Finals of the tournament. During the match, Holly came to ringside, trying to interfere, but was stopped by Kane. Kane the got the victory, managing to pin the ex-giant after a chair shot. The Big Show continued to feud with Holly and Kane after the PPV, while also battling against Kane's brother, the Undertaker, who came down to aid his brother in their battles. The Big Show and Holly patched up their differences along the way, with Wight saving Holly on various occasions from beatings. Kane and the Big Show faced off again at Fully Loaded '99, with Hardcore Holly as the special guest referee. Holly, of course, sided with Wight, attacking Kane at one point during the fight. The Big Show then got the Showstopper to get the victory. After the match, X-Pac came down to help his tag-team partner, attacking Holly. The Undertaker then rushed the ring and, surprisingly, attacked X-Pac.

At the next Raw, when Kane came down to help X-Pac against the Undertaker, the Big Show came out after him and joined with the Undertaker to destroy the duo. The Big Show & the Undertaker teamed up after that, fighting Kane and X-Pac for the WWF World Tag-Team Titles. The force of Wight & the Undertaker proved too much, earning them the tag straps, Wight's first gold in the WWF. The reign was a short one, as a week later, the two lost the belts to the Rock & Sock Connection (The Rock & Mankind), as the Undertaker walked away from the ring, leaving Wight to fight by himself. Wight & the Undertaker broke up for a short time, then reunited, later fighting the Rock 'n' Sock Connection in a Buried Alive match during a Smackdown. With the 'aid' of Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Wight & the Undertaker won out, winning the WWF World Tag-Team Titles for a second time. But the second reign lasted barely longer than the first, as the Rock 'n' Sock Connection beat the odds in a "Dark Side Rules" match, taking down the Big Show, Viscera, & Mideon to take the belts away again. Soon after, the Big Show & the Undertaker stopped teaming together, as the Phenom disappeared from the WWF scene for a time.

At Unforgiven '99, the Big Show finally made his way into the main event. A six-man title match was signed for the vacated World Title (due to a controversial finish between a Kane/Undertaker match caused by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin). It included Wight, the Rock, Triple H, Kane, Mankind, & the recently returned British Bulldog (taking the Undertaker's place in the main event). Although Wight fought hard against everyone in the bout, especially his old adversary, Kane, Triple H got the win, and the belt, by pinning the Rock. This left the Big Show at the crossroads of main event status, as he once again returned for one more brief encounter with Kane at WWF Rebellion '99, a show in the United Kingdom, where Kane came out on top in a No DQ match.

Paul Wight's next major feud came to be when his father apparently died, causing great heartache for the ex-giant (it was actually an angle, as Wight's father had been gone for years). The Big Bossman, one of Wight's former enemies, made light of the Big Show's pain, messing with Wight's family. The Boss Man even got involved at the funeral, dragging the Big Show's dad's casket from a car, as the Big Show tried to stop him. This deeply angered Wight, putting the Bossman squarely in his sights. At the '99 Survivor Series, the Big Show signed himself up for a Handicap Elimination match against the Bossman, Mideon, Viscera, & Prince Albert. The task looked daunting, even for the Big Show. But the match turned out to be a quick one, as Wight quickly disposed of Mideon, Albert, and Viscera within the first minute of the match. The Bossman, seeing the destruction, ran, getting counted out and giving the Big Show the unsatisfying victory.

Later on that night, the Big Show was given the biggest shot yet in his WWF career. When Steve Austin was apparently injured, run down by a car (later revealed to be a plan from Rikishi & Triple H), Wight took his place in the main event of the Survivor Series, fighting against the Rock and the WWF World Champion, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, in a Triple Threat match. Wight used his power to take down Triple H with a Chokeslam (after involvement from Degeneration-X and Vince McMahon), becoming another member in the WCW/WWF World Title Holders club. Even being the World Champion did not distract the Big Show from his objective, however, as he still wanted revenge on the man who defiled his father's memory. He defended the Heavyweight Title at Armageddon '99, destroying the Big Bossman and ending their feud. The Big Show then began feuding with Degeneration-X, and most importantly, the "Commissioner", Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

WWF: 2000

At the beginning of the new millenium, the Big Show was defeated by Triple H, losing the World Title. This sent the Big Show spiraling back into being a heel, as he savagely beat on many members of Degeneration-X. He also landed some shots on the Rock. Wight then entered the '00 Royal Rumble intent on becoming the new #1 Contender and get back to the top. He managed to eliminate Test, Gangrel, Edge, the Godfather, and X-Pac, proving his ability. But at the end, Wight and the Rock spilled over the ropes, with the Big Show hitting the outside first, allowing the Rock to get the victory. Wight immediately began complaining about the ending, and came to the arenas around the US, showing videotape that 'conclusively proved' that he won the Rumble, and should be the #1 Contender. The Rock let loose his own protests, and the two began to battle it out. At No Way Out '00, thanks to Shane McMahon being on his side, the Big Show defeated the Rock, apparently officially winning the contender spot, facing HHH at Wrestlemania.

However, things were not done between the Big Show and the Rock, who appeared at a Raw in the company of Vince McMahon. This formed a trio of McMahon-sponsored wrestlers: Shane(Big Show), Vince(the Rock), and Stephanie(HHH). A fourth was added when Linda McMahon appeared, bringing in her wrestler, Mick Foley, after a "Triple Threat" Match had taken place between the other three wrestlers on Nitro (with Triple H getting the win). The four men brawled in an Elimination match for the World Title at Wrestlemania 2000. The first man eliminated in the match, surprisingly, was the Big Show, who was taken out by the Rock, losing his chance to regain the gold The winner of the bout, after Vince turned on the Rock, was Triple H, retaining his title.

This loss changed the Big Show somewhat. He began wearing more colorful clothes, and came out occassionally dancing to different rhythms, seemingly just wanting to have a good time. He also impersonated other wrestlers, including Rikishi (Showkishi) and Val Venis (the Big Showbowski). This apparently sat wrong with "Olympic Hero" Kurt Angle, who thought that the Big Show was wasting his talent. The two wrestlers began to feud, setting up a match between the two at Backlash '00. Angle had another surprise coming to him, as "The Showster" (The Big Show impersonating Hulk Hogan) came out, even cutting a great-sounding interview, Hogan-style. The Showster also performed some of Hogan's moves, shaking off some of Angle's punches, then landing the Big Boot and the Legdrop for a near 2-count. But when Angle landed some shots and started trying to cheat, the humor wore off, as the Big Show disposed of the Hogan wig and took him out, landing the Chokeslam for the decisive win.

For a brief time afterwards, the Big Show teamed with Rikishi Phatu, another large man who liked to dance. The two defeated the Dudleys at Insurrection '00. But the pairing soon broke up, leaving the Big Show on his own, after Shane McMahon betrayed him. When the Big Show found out about McMahon's betrayal, thanks to a surprise taping of McMahon talking to his stooges, the stalking by Wight began. The two met at Judgment Day '00, in a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match. Not surprisingly, the Big Show dominated at the beginning, throwing McMahon around like a rag doll. But Shane-o-Mac had supporters as well, as Test, Albert, Trish Stratus, & Bull Buchanan all attacked the Big Show during the match. This allowed Shane to smash the Big Show with a cinderblock and get the pin, taking the upset win. The Big Show then disappeared for a time, due to needing to heal up a knee injury.

Two months later, the Big Show returned to the WWF, going after Shane McMahon for a few shows. However, when he finally caught McMahon, thanks to the aid of the Undertaker, the Big Show chokeslammed the Undertaker instead, rejoining with McMahon's group. The Big Show briefly joined up with Chris Benoit and Edge & Christian, feuding with the Undertaker and Kane. A few weeks later, though, the Undertaker attacked the Big Show with a chain, choking him out. The Undertaker then threw him off the stage into a table. This would be it for the Big Show in the World Wrestling Federation for many months, as he vanished for the scene, going elsewhere to try and lose some weight and become more physically fit.

OVW: 2000

At Ohio Valley Wrestling (a 'minor league' of the WWF), the Big Show first appeared at their August 4th show, Summerblast. He made a sizable first impression, coming down and brawling with the 6'7" Leviathan (later known as Batista), the Disciples of Synn, and Bolin Services. Leviathan won out, spearing The Big Show. After a month of working out and straightening out the details between himself and the federation, the Big Show returned in September, saying that he had demanded to be 'cut loose' from the WWF so that he could get some payback on Leviathan. He also Chokeslammed Kenny Bolin & Jerome Crony, who came to the ring to try to give the Big Show a contract to join the Bolin Services. The Big Show began teaming with B.J. Payne & Flash (Flanagan) against the Disciples of Synn, always going after Leviathan. At one point, there was a 6-man Tag match between the Big Show, Flash, & Payne vs. Judas, Damian, & Slash of the Disciples of Synn. The Big Show's team won via DQ, when Leviathan appeared to attack Wight. But Wight took control, and prepared to Chokeslam Leviathan, only to have a fireball thrown in his face by Judas. Later in the tv show, the Big Show threw Leviathan into a wall, creating a dent, then was fireballed again, thus sending him to the hospital.

At Night of the Demons on October 13th, the Big Show faced Leviathan in the main event. The Big Show held his own against the powerhouse, but then was ganged up on by the rest of the Disciples of Synn, which led to Leviathan getting the pinfall victory. After the match, the DoS beat on the Big Show, until Payne & Flash came out to help him. At the next card, while the Big Show was being interviewed and talking about revenge, "Iron Man" Rob Conway, the OVW Heavyweight Champion, came out and talked trash. The Big Show then challenged the champion to a match right then and there. The Big Show dominated the beginning of the match, until interference from Mr. Black allowed Conway to use a foreign object to take the advantage. But the Big Show came back, as just as he was going to get the Showstopper on Conway, the rest of Bolin Services came out to cause the DQ, attacking Wight en masse. This included former WWF star Mark Henry, who helped to suplex the 7'2" wrestler.

The Big Show was soon teaming with Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin, & Nick Dinsmore (later known as Eugene in WWE) against the Bolin Services. The Big Show also continued his war with Leviathan, going after him whenever possible. At a November show, the Big Show battled against Mr. Black in the main event, with the Big Show dominating as usual. The match went to a DQ, when Mark Henry came out to assault him. The Big Show was aided by Flash & Payne, who made the save. The Big Show later fought Leviathan in a "Fan's Dream" Match, getting some revenge and cooling off their feud. The Big Show then began concentrating on Henry, with numerous battles with "Sexual Chocolate". The Big Show proved his strength at a December card, easily winning a Handicap match over the Andrettis.

OVW: 2001

Going into the new year, the Big Show continued to seek some revenge on Mark Henry, wanting to take him out before he could ever return to the WWF. At X-Rated: Bar Brawl '01, the Big Show & Nick Dinsmore faced Henry & Rico "Cobra" Constantino (later just Rico in the WWF) in a Grudge match. After Kenny Bolin accidentally knocked out Constantino with a briefcase, Dinsmore got the pin and the victory. After the match, the Big Show gave a "Stinkface" to Bolin, sitting on his face in the corner. It was a big win for the Big Show, and signaled greater things soon to come.

WWF: 2001

At the WWF's '01 Royal Rumble, the Big Show made his shocking return, competing in the event. The Big Show looked strong in the Rumble, giving many Chokeslams to almost everyone in the ring. However, the Big Show's Chokeslam attempt on the Rock was reversed, with the Rock managing to eliminate him! This caused the infuriated Big Show to drag the Rock outside the ring and Chokeslam him through a table, hurting his chances in the Rumble. A few days later, the Big Show finished off his feud with Mark Henry in the OVW, defeating him with a Showstopper. The Big Show then came back to the WWF to stay.

The Big Show feuded briefly with the Rock, Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit, among others, for the next few weeks, before settling on the Hardcore division, facing off with the champion, Raven. The Big Show seemed to have Raven completely out-matched, despite the Hardcore Champion being able to use any weapons he could find. At No Way Out '01, the Big Show finally got his chance to go one-on-one with the Hardcore Champion. Since the Hardcore "24-7" rule was still in place, though, other wrestlers interfered during the match, including Billy Gunn, who pinned Raven to become the champion. Raven got him back, though, defeating him, then was squashed by the Big Show, who took the WWF Hardcore Title for the first time.

The Big Show spent the next month getting gang-attacked by many WWF wrestlers, all of whom wanted to get the Hardcore Title from him. The Big Show fought back, usually battling his way through the forces. Still, a few weeks later, Raven was able to get the title back, taking advantage of another brawl to pin the Big Show for the belt. The Big Show then met Raven and Kane in a "Three-Way Hardcore Title" Match at Wrestlemania XVII. The three wrestlers battled throughout the Astrodome, fighting through the crowd and into the backstage area. At one point, after Raven had been launched through a window, Kane and the Big Show both smashed through a wall. The trio soon fought back to the stage area, brawling in front of the fans. In the end, Kane dropped off the stage with a Leg Drop on the Big Show, then got the pinfall, becoming the Hardcore Champion.

At the next Smackdown, the Big Show was signed to fight against Jeff Hardy. It became a wild affair, as the Big Show ticked off everyone at ringside, including the referee, whom he shoved aside at one point. This caused the ref to allow the Hardy Boyz & Lita to get away with a Triple-Team, ending with all three pinning the Big Show while the ref made a very fast 3-count, giving the Big Show a humiliating defeat. Later on, the Big Show was angrily searching for the Hardys, bursting into a locker room. He quickly came back out, holding his head, and the two occupants of the room, Kane & the Undertaker, followed him out, beating him mercilessly into the ground. The Undertaker then told him to "knock next time". This started a running feud between the Big Show & the Grim Brothers, as he came out on the next Raw and attacked Kane during a Hardcore match with Kurt Angle. The Undertaker came to his brother's rescue, though. Later in the broadcast, the Big show faced the Undertaker in singles competition, but was remarkably Powerbombed off the turnbuckle and pinned cleanly.

At Smackdown, the Big Show was scheduled to face the Undertaker & Kane in a tag-team match, but couldn't find any partners, as teams like the aPa & a Sexay Blackman refused. He finally got Kaientai, tricking them, since they didn't know who his opponents were. When they got to the ring, while Kaientai was being decimated by the Grim Brothers, the Big Show simply left the ring. Kaientai, to get revenge, challenged the Big Show to a match at the next Raw. The Big Show accepted, and even told Shane McMahon, the owner of the new WCW, to watch him squash the little "gooks" (a minor slip-up that caused some controversy with racial groups). The Big Show first got assaulted, though, by the Acolytes, who had been paid off by Kaientai to weaken him. The Big Show came back, though, to catch both Taka & Funaki in mid-air, hitting a double Showstopper to get the victory.

At the next show, the Big Show was brought out by Vince McMahon during a confrontation with his son, Shane. Vince told Shane that the Big Show was the first wrestler for the new WCW, giving him to Shane. Vince then ran some clips of the feud between the Big Show & Shane, specifically focusing on what Shane had to say about the former Giant. Afterwards, Vince wanted to know where the Big Show stood. It looked like the Big Show's answer would be to Chokeslam Vince, but instead, he turned and grabbed Shane, slamming him into the canvas. Vince immediately thereafter announced that at the next PPV, the Big Show & Shane McMahon would face for one more match, this time in a Last Man Standing showdown. At the next Raw, during a match with Test, the Big Show was hit by a chair from Shane, who then ran. Later on, the Big Show took some revenge, brutally beating Test during a Hardcore brawl with Rhyno. The feud grew in intensity when Shane-o-Mac read a nursery rhyme during a show, talking about how the Big Show would fall.

At Backlash '01, the Big Show and Shane McMahon fought it out, with almost every advantage once again going to Wight. However, McMahon did have some tricks, nearly winning the match early on with a rag filled with ether, knocking the Big Show out. Vince McMahon came out and kept Shane busy, until the Big Show could recover and once again dominate the match. But after Vince left, Test came out and fought the Big Show, making it two-on-one. The Big Show continued to brawl with both men, though, eventually heading to the stage, where he started to follow Shane up a tower. He was pulled down by Test, though, and taken down. Shane then leapt from the tower, hitting an unbelievable 30-foot elbow drop! Test then raised the injured Shane on a camera structure, keeping him off the ground, while the Big Show was counted out, losing the match. For the next week, the Big Show "recovered" from injuries sustained in the match, not appearing on either Raw or Smackdown.

At Insurrextion '01, the England PPV in May, the Big Show came out and said that he wanted a fight. He called out Test, who made his appearance with badly bruised ribs (when this happened is unknown). The Big Show made short work of Test, tossing him around like a cow in a tornado, then called out anyone from the back. He got Bradshaw, who had mainly wrestled in tag-team competition with his partner, Farooq, in the aPa. During the match, Test came back, interfering with the Big Show enough to allow Bradshaw to get the Clothesline From Hell. Bradshaw then got the upset victory on the Big Show, pleasing the fans in Great Britain. The Big Show continued to feud with Test for the next few weeks, leading up to a match at Judgment Day '01. Rhyno also became involved, making it a Hardcore Title match. The fight didn't stay in the ring long, as the three wrestlers battled to the backstage area. During their time back there, Rhyno & Test double-teamed the Big Show, throwing him through some crates and burying him. Rhyno & Test then fought back to the arena, using whatever means necessary to win.

After Test and Rhyno went at it for a while, the Big Show returned, getting a huge chokeslam on the Hardcore champion. But Test then attacked, hitting his big boot on the Big Show, which was later followed up by a Gore from Rhyno. Test then used a fire extinguisher to his advantage, spraying both men. Rhyno came back, though, knocking Test out of the ring with a trash can lid, then throwing the lid to the Big Show and Goring him once again, allowing him to get the pin and the victory, retaining his belt. This lasted all of a day, as the next Raw, the Big Show demanded a rematch against Rhyno and got it. Although Rhyno was able to take some advantages by working on the Big Show's apparently-injured right arm, Show was able to Chokeslam him onto a trash can to get the pinfall victory. This made the Big Show a two-time Hardcore Champion. Unfortunately, the reign only lasted a week, as Chris Jericho managed to missile dropkick a set of ring stairs that the Big Show was carrying into his face, knocking him out long enough for the Lion Sault and the pin.

For the next few weeks, the Big Show became a tool of Vince McMahon's group, being put against Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho as "punishment". Unfortunately for the Big Show, both Benoit & Jericho found a way to win against him. Later on, the Big Show teamed with Rhyno against Jericho in a Handicap match on a June Raw. Although Jericho fought back, and got the Walls of Jericho on the Big Show at one point, the Big Show was able to come back and get the Chokeslam on him. However, before he could make the cover, the Big Show was surprisingly Gored by his own partner, Rhyno, who then made the cover and took the victory. Rhyno later said that he did it to make himself the #1 Contender to the World Title, in case Jericho won the belt at the next pay-per-view. This left the Big Show, once again, out in the cold.

The Big Show's next run came in the '01 King of the Ring Tournament, as he was entered into the brackets along with 15 other wrestlers. In the qualifying round, the Big Show used his power to devestate Raven, earning his place in the tournament with a dominating Showstopper. But in the next round, the Big Show faced Christian, who was aided by both Edge & Kurt Angle. While Angle distracted the referee, Edge came into the ring and hit the Big Show with a chair, stopping him from Chokeslamming Christian. The tag-team partners then did a ConChairTo shot to the Big Show's head, knocking him out and making the pinfall almost an afterthought, eliminating the Big Show from the KOTR. After the defeat, the Big Show did not show up at the PPV, taking the night off. At the next Raw, though, the Big Show was given a European Title shot against Matt Hardy, a lightweight.

The Big Show appeared at the Raw wearing a custom-made t-shirt, which said "Big Show" with an arrow pointing down. He showed it off to Trish Stratus, then convinced her to join him on a "European" vacation after he won the belt. During the actual match-up, the Big Show dominated the smaller wrestler, but Matt Hardy continued to fight back, going after the Big Show's still-injured arm. Trish added some distraction, kissing Matt at one point, but was then attacked and stripped by Lita. The Big Show grabbed Lita, though, and tossed her into the ring, then blocked a Hardy attack and lifted him for a Showstopper. Lita stopped it with one knee in the right place, causing the DQ win for the Big Show, but no title. Afterwards, a sore Big Show stood next to Trish, looking after Matt & Lita. For the next few weeks, Big Show teamed with Trish to go after the Hardy Boyz. However, it soon became clear that Trish was only using the Big Show to get closer to Jeff Hardy, and she soon left his side.

At the first Raw of July '01, the Big Show teamed up with Billy Gunn, as both wrestlers believed that the rest of the federation was against them. They informally became known as "Show Gunns", and proved to be a good team, surprisingly getting past the Hardy Boyz in tag-team competition. However, the tag-team duo was quickly buried under the ECW/WCW Invasion. Although the Big Show was one of the WWF wrestlers to be chosen for the 20-man WWF/WCW vs. ECW main event on the July 9th Raw, when WCW joined with ECW, the Big Show was brutally beaten by the numbers and tossed out along with the rest of the WWF fighters. For the next few weeks, the Big Show was not seen much on WWF television, although he did team with former adversary Mark Henry in Ohio Valley Wrestling, defeating Prototype & Mr. Black. The Big Show made his reappearance at WWF Invasion, teaming with Billy Gunn & Albert to take on the WCW wrestlers Hugh Morrus, Shawn Stasiak & Kanyon. Although the WWF team definitely had the size advantage, the WCW team surprisingly won, with Morrus pinning Gunn. After the match, an enraged Big Show chokeslamed all three WCW wrestlers, getting a measure of vengeance.

The Big Show & Gunn kept tagging together for a brief time afterwards (becoming known as Double Trouble), but the partners soon went their own ways, as the Big Show instead found a new partner in Spike Dudley (aka the Little Show). The two men soon became a popular team due to their differences, leading to them being part of the "Four-Way Elimination" Match for the WWF Tag Titles at Unforgiven '01, going against the Dudley Boyz, the Hardy Boyz, and Lance Storm & the Hurricane. At one point during the match, the Big Show used his partner, Spike, to take out almost everyone, launching Spike to the outside. The Big Show then seemed to want to try a leap to the outside himself, but, perhaps fortunately, was stopped by Bubba Ray. The first team eliminated was Storm & the Hurricane, thanks to the Big Show Chokeslamming Storm through the mat. But later on, the Big Show was on the outside looking in, as Spike got the Twist of Fate from Matt Hardy, taking their team out of the match. The Dudleyz later got the win, keeping the titles.

Soon after, due to Spike losing his girlfriend, Molly Holly, another Big Show tag-team broke up, leading to the Big Show finding yet another partner to go after the Dudleyz, namely Tajiri, who had rejected joining the ECW/WCW Alliance in order to stay with the WWF. It was another major big/small relationship, something that seemed to work for the Big Show. At No Mercy '01, the Big Show & Tajiri went against the Dudley Boyz (ECW) for the WWF Tag-Team Titles. Tajiri took a lot of the abuse in the match, as the Dudleyz definitely didn't want the Big Show to become a factor. However, Tajiri eventually made the hot tag, bringing in the former giant to terrorize the champions. Meanwhile, Tajiri put D'Von Dudley in the Tarantula, then tried to spit his Green Mist into Bubba's face. Unfortunately, he missed, hitting the ref instead. This meant that, after the Big Show Chokeslammed Bubba Ray, there was no one available to count, allowing another ECW wrestler, Rhyno, to come down and Gore the Big Show, taking him out. The Dudleyz then landed the 3-D on Tajiri, getting the pin to retain the titles.

Going into November '01, the war between the WWF and the Alliance was heading towards a conclusion, as both Mr. McMahon and the owners of the Alliance (Shane & Stephanie McMahon) agreed to a final face-off at the Survivor Series. Two teams were picked from each side. However, when Kurt Angle betrayed the WWF and joined the Alliance team, Mr. McMahon had to scramble to find a replacement. He got the best one he could, bringing the Big Show onto the team. At the '01 Survivor Series, the Big Show teamed up with Chris Jericho, the Rock, Kane, & the Undertaker to take on the WCW/ECW team of Angle, Shane McMahon, Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam, & Booker T. The Big Show was expected to be a major addition to the team, yet surprisingly, he was almost a non-factor, as he was caught by Angle's Angle Slam, Booker T's Axe Kick, RVD's Five Star Frog Splash, and Shane-o-Mac's Elbow Drop to be the first man eliminated. Despite the Big Show not coming through, however, the team still did, as (thanks in part to Angle coming back to the WWF), the Rock was the sole survivor.

The Big Show went back to his original goal after the demise of the Alliance, attempting to regain the WWF World Tag-Team Titles, which were still around the waists of the Dudley Boyz (they were saved from 'firing' due to having the gold). The Big Show found yet another partner for the job, this time going for size over speed, as he joined up with his WWF Team partner, Kane. The two monsters seemed to be a shoo-in to get the gold, gathering comparisons to the Big Show's old championship team-up with the Undertaker. However, there was dissention between the two big men, as they had trouble getting along as well as they should. At Vengeance '01, the two men worked together against the Dudleyz, at least until Kane accidentally hit the Big Show with a Flying Clothesline. Kane and the Big Show then argued, with the Big Show later 'accidentally' hitting Kane back, allowing the Dudleyz to take him down for the pin. Despite the ending, The Big Show & Kane continued to team together, although they weren't exactly pleased with the results.

WWF: 2002

The Big Show's next challenge came at the '02 Royal Rumble, where he went in, as usual, as one of the favorites. He also got a great draw, coming in at #27. He Chokeslammed Mr. Perfect, among others, basically taking out everyone in the ring. However, the Big Show's erstwhile partner, Kane, came out at #28, causing a confrontation between the two. The heaviest men in the ring went at it, with both contemplating the Chokeslam at one point. But Kane won out in the battle, shockingly lifting the Big Show up in the air and slamming him over the top rope! Unfortunately for Kane, he was soon taken out as well by Steve Austin, leaving both partners in the dust. Triple H went on to win the Rumble, earning the title shot at Wrestlemania.

On the following Raw, the Big Show & Kane teamed up again to take on Billy & Chuck. Once again, though, problems between the partners caused them to lose focus, as Billy & Chuck stole the victory. A similar ending occurred on Smackdown, as they lost a "Tables" Match to the Dudley Boyz, with the two partners breaking down. The Big Show fought against Kane on the next Raw, but Kane proved once again to be the stronger big man, taking out the Big Show for the win. After the defeat, the Big Show disappeared from the radar for the next month, once again working on getting back into shape. While the Big Show returned to television at the end of February '02, wrestling against several of the brand's champions, he was left off of Wrestlemania X-8, his first missed Wrestlemania in 4 years.

WWF Raw: 2002

A change for the Big Show was soon on the horizon, as it was announced that each show would have its own roster after a "Draft" took place, with Ric Flair running Raw, while Vince McMahon took over Smackdown. The Big Show was chosen by Flair as his 6th pick, sending the Big Show to Raw. The Big Show seemed to appreciate the pick, as he came out on the next Raw to help Flair physically eject Mr. McMahon from the building (McMahon was trying to get Austin to sign with him; Austin later signed with Flair instead). For the next few weeks, the Big Show squashed several wrestlers, including Mr. Perfect and Stevie Richards, making his mark on his new official brand. He also appeared in a "Dark" Match at Backlash '02, winning a "Handicap" Match over Richards & Justin Credible.

During this time, Flair was having issues with both "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the reformed new World order (consisting of Scott Hall, X-Pac, and occassionally Kevin Nash). On the Raw after Backlash, Flair set up a match between Austin & Bradshaw and Hall & X-Pac. However, when Bradshaw was taken out before the match, Flair opted to find another person to join Austin, sending in the Big Show. It seemed like a great team, at least until Austin made the hot tag to the Big Show, who turned around the Chokeslammed Austin, turning on him and, for the third time, rejoining the nWo! Austin believed that Flair had set him up, while Flair swore that he hadn't been behind the Big Show's turn. Flair did send the Big Show on a tour of India the next week, to make sure that Austin didn't fight him.

WWE Raw: 2002

Around this time, at the beginning of May '02, the World Wrestling Federation "got the 'F' out", changing to World Wrestling Entertainment (due to a lawsuit with the World Wildlife Fund). Meanwhile, at the British PPV, Insurrextion '02, the Big Show and Austin went at it, with Flair as the special referee. Although Flair's problems with Austin were evident, he was still fair, counting to three after the Big Show felt a Stone Cold Stunner. On the following Raw, the Big Show talked about why he had rejoined the nWo, talking about how, at Wrestlemania X-6, he had been a main eventer, but was only at WWE New York for this year's special event. Joining the nWo was his way of getting back to the top. Later that night, the Big Show, X-Pac, & Hall were set to face off against Austin, Bradshaw, & Flair. There was a lot of suspicion before the match that Bradshaw might turn on his team, but it turned out to be a swerve, as Flair turned instead, joining the Big Show in the nWo!

On the next Raw, the Big Show & X-Pac (Hall had been fired from WWE) came out to try and help Flair win the Undisputed World Title from Hulk Hogan, only to have Bradshaw & Austin interfere to cost Flair the match. Flair, in anger, put the Big Show & X-Pac against Bradshaw in a "Handicap" Match, with the Big Show basically getting his team the win by striking Bradshaw with a steel chain, then Chokeslamming him. X-Pac got the pin, but it was clear who had done the work. Later on, a new member of the nWo was announced, as Booker T joined the group, facing Austin in a "Lumberjack" Match. The Big Show & X-Pac were part of the Lumberjacks, trying to help Booker T win, but Austin still pulled it off with his Stunner. Afterwards, though, thanks to help from Arn Anderson and Brock Lesnar, the nWo got Austin in the ring, with the Big Show contributing multiple Chokeslams to the cause, taking out the Rattlesnake.

At Judgment Day '02, the Big Show & Flair faced Austin in a "Handicap" Match, clearly giving the advantage to Show & Flair. However, it didn't work out the way they planned it, as, after a long match, Austin got a Stunner on the Big Show, followed by a Stunner on Flair, pinning Flair to steal the victory. This was just the start, as things began to fall apart for the nWo. On the next Raw, the Big Show & X-Pac took on the Hardy Boyz. Thanks in part to mistakes from Booker T, as well as the distraction of Goldust (who wanted Booker T out of the nWo), X-Pac was rolled up, losing the match. Afterwards, the nWo verbally had it out in the back, with everyone, including the Big Show, declaring themselves as the new leader of the group. X-Pac & the Big Show then came down during Booker T & Goldust's own match against the Hardyz, with X-Pac hitting Goldust to cost them the win. It seemed like the nWo was about to self-destruct, but Kevin Nash then made his return, re-uniting the group.

Nash made an ultimatum on the next Raw, saying that every nWo member would have a match, and if they lost, they were out. The Big Show defeated Bradshaw, keeping his place in the group, as did X-Pac and Booker T. Goldust won as well, wearing nWo facepaint, although he still wasn't considered an actual member of the group. Things got more interesting for the nWo the next week, as Shawn Michaels joined the group, thanks to Nash's involvement. But Michaels also later changed the dynamic, Superkicking Booker T and sending him out of the nWo! This led to a feud between the nWo and Booker T & Goldust, with the Big Show being a major factor in the feud. After Booker T helped cost X-Pac his spot in the '02 King of the Ring Tournament, the nWo returned the favor, costing Booker T his chance to move on. Afterwards, the Big Show gave Goldust a Chokeslam, then followed up by joining the rest of the nWo in beating down Booker T.

Surprisingly, none of the nWo appeared at the '02 King of the Ring PPV, opting instead to reemerge on Raw the next day, coming out 'fashionably late' during Vince McMahon's speech to the roster. Mr. McMahon soon set up a match between the Big Show & X-Pac and BookDust, with Michaels & Nash banned from ringside. During the night, the Big Show was humiliated during a funny skit from Goldust, who portrayed the Crocodile Hunter, coming in and focusing on a sleeping Big Show. X-Pac chased him from the room, but it was a set-up, as Booker T nailed X-Pac with a trash can lid. This embarrassment caused Nash & Michaels to tell the Big Show & X-Pac that, if they lost their match, they'd be in danger of a beatdown. Luckily, the Big Show came through, blocking a Shattered Dreams attempt to Chokeslam Goldust for the pin.

A week later, going into July '02, the Big Show confronted Goldust, who was dressed up like Darth Vader. When Goldust asked about the Big Show's father, the Big Show was quick to respond that his father was dead (both in storylines and in real life). Goldust denied this, though, saying that HE was the Big Show's father! Of course, the Big Show didn't stand for this, joining with Nash to beat down Goldust. Later on, the Big Show took on Booker T in a singles match, looking to take him out once and for all. It didn't work out, though, as Booker T knocked out the Big Show outside the ring with the ring steps, getting the countout victory! Afterwards, Nash swore that, since the Big Show didn't get the job done, he was going to beat him down. The two men met in the ring, with the Big Show not backing down from Nash. Michaels broke up the potential brawl, though, saying that they had to stay unified, since Triple H should be joining them on Raw soon. However, just as things had settled down, Michaels Superkicked the Big Show, taking him out!

Surprisingly, despite the kick, the Big Show stayed with the nWo on the next show, joining with X-Pac, Nash, Chris Benoit, & Eddie Guerrero against BookDust, Rob Van Dam, & Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley. This was the infamous match where Nash, making his return to the ring, tore his quad muscle, going back out on the injured reserve. This didn't stop the Big Show from having the largest impact, Chokeslamming Booker T to get the win for his team. It was the last hurrah for the nWo, though, as Vince McMahon dissolved them the next week to start off Raw, announcing that, with Nash's injury, the group was finished. This didn't stop the Big Show from continuing the feud with Booker T, however, facing him in a match that night. The Big Show was DQ'ed, though, when he lost it, hitting Booker T repeatedly with a chair, then throwing him through the announce table, leaving Booker T completely laid out. The Big Show approached the new GM of Raw, Eric Bischoff, later that night, getting a PPV match signed between him and Booker T, so that he could end it once and for all.

The two long-time foes met at Vengeance '02, with the Big Show planning to use his size and strength to put Booker T out of WWE. It turned into a Hardcore match, though, putting the Big Show at a disadvantage, as Booker T used chairs and monitors against him. He also Axe Kicked the Big Show through the announce table, before putting the Big Show back in the ring. Another Axe Kick followed, and soon after Booker T got the Harlem Hangover, pinning the Big Show decisively to the mat. A day later on Raw, the Big Show became a 'stooge' of sorts for Bischoff, being put into a match with someone who had angered Bischoff, the Big Show's old partner, Spike Dudley. The Big Show had no trouble with the lightweight, eventually setting up to put him through a table. Bubba Ray Dudley came down to save his 'brother', but the Big Show fought him off as well, Chokeslamming Bubba Ray through a table, while also getting Spike (who had been laying on the table), taking out both Dudleyz.

The next week on Raw, Bubba Ray & Trish Stratus were supposed to wrestle against Molly Holly & William Regal. However, since Molly said Regal was injured, she brought in a replacement: the Big Show! The Big Show seemed to want to take out Trish as much as Bubba Ray, but he couldn't stop Molly from being pinned by Trish. After the match, the Big Show tried to Chokeslam Trish through a table, with Bubba Ray making the save with a timely chair shot, enabling them to get away from the angry giant. The Big Show had a confrontation with his former nWo mate, Shawn Michaels, later on that night, but nothing ever came of it (Michaels was attacked that night on Raw by an 'unknown' person, with the Big Show being a suspect; it turned out to be Triple H). A week later, the Big Show faced Bubba Ray in a "Tables" Match. Due to a distraction from Stratus and an assault by a helmeted Spike Dudley, the Big Show was 3D'ed through a table by Bubba Ray, losing the match.

The Big Show teamed with Chris Jericho on the next Raw to take on Bubba Ray & Ric Flair. Jericho got the win for his team, forcing Bubba Ray to tap out to the Liontamer (Flair pants Jericho after the match). Surprisingly, this was about the end of the Big Show/Bubba Ray feud, as they never met at a pay-per-view. Instead, a week later on Raw, the Big Show challenged Rob Van Dam for his Intercontinental Title shot he had at the next PPV. GM Bischoff, worried about Van Dam (since the IC Title was currently on Smackdown), tried to stop the match, but when Van Dam insisted, the match was made, only not for RVD's title shot. Bischoff also told the Big Show to keep it clean, but the Big Show didn't listen, trying to use weapons to take out RVD. This brought out Bischoff, who told the Big Show he had "Three Minutes". This was Bischoff's call for his tag-team (Three Minutes, also known as the Island Boys), who both attacked the Big Show and took him out. Possibly because of this assault, the Big Show did not appear at Summerslam '02.

The Big Show returned to Raw at the beginning of September '02, complaining to Bischoff about sending Three Minutes after him. He also wanted to be the #1 Contender to the new Raw World Heavyweight Title, worn by Triple H. Bischoff told him to prove he deserved the contendership, putting him in a match against Tommy Dreamer. However, Dreamer seemed to prove more, by using a steel chair on the Big Show. Although this caused the DQ, the Big Show was the one laying on the canvas. Still, the next week on Raw, the Big Show was put in a "#1 Contenders Four-Way Elimination" Match against Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, and Jeff Hardy. Before the match, Jericho approached the Big Show, wanting them to team up together in the match. Johnny Stamboli advised the Big Show to do it, but the Big Show grabbed Stamboli by the throat, advising him to keep out of his business. In the match, the Big Show tried to earn his shot at Triple H. It didn't work out, however, as the Big Show was screwed over by Jericho, who hit Van Dam and Hardy with chair shots, then threw the chair towards the Big Show and fell down himself, causing a recovered ref to DQ the Big Show! Van Dam later won the #1 Contendership, leaving the Big Show, once again, out of the loop.

The Big Show spent a week on Sunday Night Heat afterwards, defeating Stamboli, then returned to Raw to face and beat Jeff Hardy with the Chokeslam, getting some momentum back. The two wrestlers faced off again a week later, due to Bischoff wanting to punish Hardy for working against him. However, Hardy dropkicked the Big Show over the guardrail, then scrambled back into the ring, winning via Countout! The Big Show's troubles continued a week later, when, due to the Raw Roulette Wheel, he was placed in a "Steel Cage" Match against Booker T. Although the Big Show had the upper hand in the match, he didn't escape, preferring to do damage to Booker. This backfired, as Booker T was able to knock the Big Show down long enough to climb up the cage, escaping to get the win. A week later, the Big Show came out during a Three Minute Warning assault on Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco, making the save, due to his poor feelings with the tag-team. Later on, the Big Show had a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match with Booker T, battling all the way to the back, where they ended up fighting in the women's shower (with Trish Stratus covering herself in the background)! In the end, the match was decided by Chris Jericho, who hit his rival, Booker T, with a chair, allowing the Big Show to get the easy pin. The Big Show also appeared in the "Canadian Lumberjack" Match between Triple H and Rob Van Dam later that night, at one point tossing Van Dam back into the ring (Triple H ended up winning, thanks to Ric Flair).

At No Mercy '02, the Big Show was once again not scheduled for a match. He was, however, at the arena, where he was spotted by Bischoff talking to the Smackdown GM, Stephanie McMahon. Bischoff confronted the Big Show about it, telling him not to talk to her, but the Big Show responded with anger of his own, shoving Bischoff back and telling him that he needed to start putting the Big Show back in the main event, with Bischoff's neck on the line. A day later on Raw, Bischoff and the Big Show again talked, but this time Bischoff was ready, placing the Big Show in a "Handicap" Match against Rico & Three Minute Warning. But the Big Show was still in a bad humor, which worked to his advantage, as he Chokeslammed Rosey and pinned him, winning the match. Afterwards, though, while being interviewed by the Coach, the Big Show was informed by Bischoff that he had to leave the building, since he had been traded to Smackdown! When the Coach tried to tell the Big Show he was sorry, though, the Big Show shrugged it off, telling him that he was sorry the Coach still had to work for Bischoff.

WWE Smackdown: 2002

The Big Show set out to make a major impact on Smackdown a few days later, immediately challenging the Smackdown Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, to a match. Later on, after Lesnar and the Undertaker talked (they had faced off at No Mercy '02), the Big Show again came out, talking about how he was the reason that Lesnar had beaten the Undertaker, since he had beaten the Undertaker down so much over the previous years, he was vulnerable. The Undertaker responded by saying that he'd rather be a has-been than a never-was, before walking up the aisle. Although the Big Show, at first, went by the Undertaker to the back, he came back out when the Undertaker was saluting the fans, attacking the Dead Man from behind and throwing him physically off the stage, injuring him! The Big Show then headed to Lesnar's locker room, where Lesnar's manager, Paul Heyman, at first told the Big Show that he couldn't allow his client to accept the challenge. But Lesnar pushed Heyman out of the way and accepted it anyway, setting up a future match between the two.

The Big Show and Lesnar continued to feud for the next few weeks. During the Halloween edition of Smackdown, the Big Show interrupted a match between Lesnar and Rey Mysterio, throwing Mysterio deep into the audience! The Big Show then fought Lesnar, Chokeslamming him on the announce table! A week later, the Big Show again used the stage to his advantage, throwing Lesnar from the top to the floor. Lesnar continued to come after the Big Show, though, even despite the pleadings of his manager, Heyman. At the '02 Survivor Series, the Big Show got his title opportunity, going after the Smackdown Heavyweight Champion. After the match swung back and forth a few times, Lesnar did the impossible, lifting the Big Show into the air and dropping the 7'2", 500-pounder with the F-5! But just as it seemed that nothing could stop Lesnar, Paul Heyman betrayed him, pulling out the referee before he could finish the count. A furious Lesnar chased after Heyman, but this left him open to a chair shot from the Big Show. A chokeslam on the chair soon followed, and Lesnar was quickly pinned, with the Big Show, for the fourth time, becoming a World Heavyweight Champion.

The Big Show appeared on the next Smackdown with his new manager, Heyman, who told everyone that he now had someone who would actually listen to him. Heyman also said that Lesnar would never get another shot at the title. This led Lesnar to come out and attack the Big Show with a chair. Later on, despite the injury, the Big Show had to defend the World Title against Edge. It was a back-and-forth match, with the Big Show nearly losing after an Edge Spear, with Heyman getting involved to stop the pin. When Edge chased Heyman, the Big Show was able to recover, grabbing Edge and Chokeslamming him. However, Heyman told him not to pin Edge; instead, he was to think of Edge as Lesnar. The Big Show Chokeslammed Edge twice more, but before he could do anymore damage, Lesnar came out again, delivering another incredible F-5 to the champion!

Lesnar was suspended indefinitely by GM Stephanie McMahon the next week, watched with glee by Heyman & the Big Show. However, that didn't stop Lesnar from appearing again later on that night, when the Big Show was threatening to Chokeslam the Fabulous Moolah. Lesnar gave the Big Show a third F-5, putting him through the announce table for good measure! Security then came out to take Lesnar away. The next Smackdown, Lesnar was given permission to talk, via satellite, to explain his side of the story. He was interrupted, though, by Heyman & the Big Show, who taunted him. However, when Lesnar said that he'd be watching the "Four-Way #1 Contendership" Match that night in person, Heyman & the Big Show both looked nervous. Lesnar did not show up, though, even as Kurt Angle won the #1 Contender's spot by beating Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Edge. After the match, the Big Show attacked Angle, Chokeslamming him in the ring to send a message to his new challenger.

The Big Show soon added another ally to his side the next week, with A-Train (aka Prince Albert) joining him & Heyman. But bad news soon came out, as it was announced that Angle was able to lift Lesnar's suspension, in exchange for Lesnar being in Angle's corner at the PPV! Later that night, the Big Show & A-Train took on Angle & Edge, with the Big Show getting a Chokeslam on Angle following a distraction from Heyman, allowing the Big Show's team to get the win. A-Train added to the punishment after the match, giving Angle the Train Wreck Backbreaker. At Armageddon '02, the Big Show was set to defend the Smackdown World Title against Angle, worrying about the presence of Lesnar. It seemed at first, though, that Lesnar was not going to be there, as Angle hadn't been able to find him. The two wrestlers went at it, with Heyman & A-Train in the corner of the Big Show, doing all they could to help him win. With the ref down, it seemed like it would happen, as A-Train attacked Angle. But Lesnar then ran out and attacked both men, once again F-5'ing the Big Show! Angle was able to get the pin, taking away the Big Show's World Title.

On the next Smackdown, Angle's full plot was revealed, as he brought out his new manager: Paul Heyman! It was all a ruse on Heyman's part, to keep Lesnar from getting the title. An angry Big Show came out, obviously unaware of the plan, but Heyman managed to convince him that they would work better as a group, even setting up a rematch between the Big Show and Angle the next week. Later that night, Angle was wrestling a "Non-Title" Match against Chris Benoit, but was caught in the Crippler Crossface. The Big Show came down and attacked Benoit, causing the match to end in a DQ. Lesnar came out to try for the save, F-5'ing Heyman. But the Big Show and Angle soon took Lesnar down, with the Big Show getting a thunderous Chokeslam on him, smashing him into the canvas. However, after the show ended, Lesnar regrouped and attacked again, managing to F-5 Angle into the steel ringpost legs-first, injuring him!

This led to GM McMahon cancelling the Big Show's title shot against Angle the next week, since Angle's knee was injured (Angle actually had to have surgery on the knee, which is why he was put out of action). Instead, the Big Show faced Benoit in a "#1 Contenders" Match, to decide who would face Angle at the next PPV. Surprisingly, even with Team Angle (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, who had been brought in to keep Angle safe) at his side, the Big Show lost the match, as Benoit reversed a Chokeslam into a roll-up pin, keeping the Big Show from being the #1 Contender. An angry giant joined with Team Angle in beating down Benoit, before dragging the semi-conscious wrestler in front of Angle, who taunted him as the Big Show dished out some more punishment, doing his best to injure the new threat to Angle's title reign.

WWE Smackdown: 2003

The Big Show started the new year with a bang, challenging Lesnar to a match at the next PPV, with the winner getting to be in the Royal Rumble. Lesnar accepted the challenge, but was then attacked by Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore, who had been allying with Heyman's group. Lesnar, though bloodied, took out Hardy & Moore in a match later that night, with the Big Show watching as Lesnar F-5'ed both men. The next week, the Big Show used his strength to easily beat another heavyweight, Rikishi. Heyman & the Big Show then talked about giving Lesnar a lesson that night. But, after Lesnar defeated A-Train and called them out, Heyman & the Big Show walked out of the building, laughing. They weren't laughing a week later, though, as Lesnar & his surprise partner, the returning Rey Mysterio, beat the Big Show & A-Train in less than a minute, thanks to Mysterio pinning A-Train. At the '03 Royal Rumble, the Big Show and Lesnar went at it, with the Big Show's goal to eliminate Lesnar's chance of ever getting a title shot. He nearly did, Chokeslamming Lesnar for a close 2 count. But Lesnar came back with an F-5 for the win. Lesnar would go on to win the Rumble match, while the Big Show was forced to watch from the back.

But the Big Show had other things to worry about on the next Smackdown, as it was announced that the Undertaker would be making his return, months after the Big Show threw him off the ramp, putting him on the injured reserve list. When Josh Mathews asked how the Big Show felt about his return, the Big Show grabbed the announcer by the face, shutting him up, then walked away. The Undertaker immediately called out the Big Show upon his return, but the Big Show sent A-Train down instead, with the Undertaker, after a tough match, beating him for his 1st victory since his return. The Big Show didn't appear on Smackdown the next week, as Heyman gave him the night off. Instead, Heyman had Brian Kendrick sing an apology (as a messenger) to the Undertaker, only to have the Dead Man give Kendrick the Last ride. Heyman tried again the next week, giving the Undertaker a present: his old manager, Brother Love. The Dead Man again wasn't impressed, Chokeslamming and Tombstoning Love. One week later, Heyman gave the Undertaker one more gift, having "Boy George" sing to him. "George" was actually Chris Kanyon, who attacked the Undertaker, only to be taken out.

On the following Smackdown, the same routine went down, as two crates were put in the ring for the Undertaker. In one was a puppy dog, which, for once, the Undertaker didn't beat up. As the Undertaker opened the other, however, the Big Show finally reappeared, attacking the Dead Man and Chokeslamming him in the ring, before leaving in a limo. The two wrestlers faced off at No Way Out '03, with the Big Show having help at ringside from A-Train. The Big Show also had his size to aid him, as the Undertaker failed repeatedly trying to Chokeslam him. The Big Show didn't have this problem, though, Chokeslamming the Undertaker for a close pin. But the Undertaker came back with a Triangle Choke, forcing the Big Show to submit. After the match, the Big Show at least had the satisfaction of watching A-Train Powerbomb the Undertaker, leaving him out on the mat.

On the next Smackdown, Heyman protested that the Undertaker had used an illegal chokehold to beat the Big Show. Heyman also led out A-Train & the Big Show to attack the Undertaker, beating him down in the ring, with Nathan Jones making the save. A week later, the Big Show was in A-Train's corner as he took on the Undertaker, who had Jones in his corner. Naturally, the Big Show and Jones both became involved, getting the match thrown out. The heels once again tried a beatdown, but this time Jones & the Undertaker cleared the ring. It was soon announced that the two teams would be facing off at Wrestlemania in a Tag-Team Match. The Big Show & A-Train 'trained' before the event, facing several tag-teams over the next few weeks, including Funaki & Tajiri and Chris Benoit & Rhyno. They also kept up a war of words with their two opponents, preparing to take them out and end the Undertaker's vaunted Wrestlemania winning streak.

At Wrestlemania X-9, the Big Show & A-Train showed up ready to dish out some destruction. Thanks to Heyman, they also had a plan. Before the match, during the Sunday Night Heat portion of the event, Nunzio stole Nathan Jones' wallet, causing a chase. Later on, though, when Jones caught up with Nunzio in a closet, the Big Show & A-Train were waiting, beating down Jones and taking him out the match! This made it a "Handicap" bout, pitting the Big Show & A-Train against the Undertaker. Things nearly went disasterously for the team, though, right at the beginning, as the Dead Man took exception to A-Train touching his motorcycle, Chokeslamming him for a close 2 count! The two large men eventually got the advantage, beating down on the Dead Man. Although the Undertaker kept fighting back, near the end, A-Train gave him the Big Boot, followed by the Big Show's Chokeslam. However, Jones then came out, running down the aisle, where the Big Show tried to intercept him. Jones took out the Big Show, though, with a spinkick, even as the Undertaker caught A-Train with a Tombstone Piledriver to get the win, continuing his Wrestlemania winning streak (while the Big Show dropped to 0-4 at the big event).

The Big Show & A-Train looked to get back on track on the next Smackdown, when they both entered into the Smackdown Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Tournament. However, neither faired well, as first A-Train lost to Chris Benoit, then the Big Show was Gored twice by Rhyno, which led to A-Train's interference causing the DQ, eliminating the Big Show from the tournament as well. The Big Show got a little satisfaction by getting a Leg Drop on Rhyno, but his title shot was still gone. After taking a week off, the Big Show & A-Train got back to work, taking on Rey Mysterio & Tajiri in a tag-team match. The large duo got the victory, squashing Tajiri, but after the match, Tajiri surprised A-Train with the Green Mist. Meanwhile, the Big Show, while going after Tajiri, got caught by a Mysterio 619 around the ringpost, knocking him on his rear! A bitter Big Show was furious in the back later on, after being humiliated by a cruiserweight.

The next week, the Big Show caught Tajiri & Funaki watching a replay of his embarrassment on tv, causing the big man to smash the tv in a rage. The Big Show faced Tajiri in a match later on, trying to crush the much-smaller wrestler. But when Mysterio showed up, taunting the Big Show, he chased the much-faster wrestler, causing himself to be counted out! The Big Show planned to get his revenge at Backlash '03, getting a match signed with the cruiserweight. It was a David-vs-Goliath battle, with Mysterio putting up a good fight, landing multiple 619's. But the Big Show managed to catch Mysterio with a huge Chokeslam, pulling out the victory. Mysterio was hurting after the match, causing the EMTs to come out with a stretcher. However, after Mysterio was placed on the stretcher and secured, the Big Show came back and attacked, picking Mysterio (and the stretcher) up and swung him, baseball bat-style, into the ringpost, then sending him falling, helpless, to the floor. Mysterio landed headfirst, a sickening sight, as his arms were pinned to his sides by the harness. It was later revealed that the Big Show wasn't supposed to drop Mysterio, but couldn't hang on after the swing. Mysterio, fortunately, wasn't badly injured, but did take a few weeks off after the incident.

The Big Show bragged about his destruction of Mysterio on the next Smackdown, as well as talking about how everyone had been telling him to "pick on someone your own size". The Big Show didn't listen, bringing out Funaki to fight. Not surprisingly, the Big Show dominated Funaki, not even bothering to Chokeslam him. Instead, he Clotheslined Funaki for the win. The entire locker room seemed to be against the Big Show after this, but none more than the champion, Brock Lesnar, who called the Big Show out for a fight. The Big Show refused, though, saying he'd only do it with the title on the line. A week later, the Big Show & A-Train were set to face Lesnar & Chris Benoit, but the Big Show worked out a plan, having the Full-Blooded Italians trick Lesnar into getting locked in a room, allowing the Big Show to face Benoit in a singles match. Thanks to A-Train on the outside, the Big Show got the win. The duo set out, after the match, to add Benoit to the Big Show's "stretcher list" (he had written names of victims on a stretcher), but Lesnar finally came down to prevent the Big Show from slamming Benoit into the ringpost. Lesnar F-5'ed A-Train, but the Big Show caught him with a Chokeslam, sending another statement to the champion.

When Mysterio made his return on the next Smackdown, giving an interview about his future return to the ring, the Big Show interrupted, grabbing Mysterio and taking him to the ring! The Big Show was set to end Mysterio's career, bringing a stretcher with him, but Lesnar again made the save, this time F-5'ing the Big Show! Afterwards, a hurting Big Show glared at Lesnar, but this left the giant open to a Bulldog from Mysterio, who got some revenge for his injuries. The Big Show and Lesnar met at Judgment Day '03 in a "Stretcher" Match for the Smackdown Heavyweight Title. The Big Show seemed to have an advantage, as he didn't fit on the stretcher provided. He came close to winning several times, but each time he brought the stretcher down, Lesnar managed to get off in time. Late in the match, Mysterio appeared, going after the Big Show. The giant took him out, but this gave Lesnar a chance to go get a fork lift, bringing it to the ring! Lesnar then jumped off the top of the lift, smashing into the Big Show. Lesnar later gave the Big Show the F-5, then put him on the lift and drove to the back, causing the Big Show to lose the match, keeping him from becoming champion again.

The Big Show took a week off after the defeat, but returned in a shocking way a week later, as he replaced an 'injured' Nunzio in a "Handicap" Match, pitting himself, Chuck Palumbo, & Johnny Stamboli against Lesnar & the Undertaker! Late in the match, the Dead Man caught the Big Show in a Dragon Sleepr, but Nunzio broke it up with a chain shot behind the ref's back. The match broke down, with Lesnar taking out the FBI, only to be Chokeslammed by the Big Show, who pinned the Smackdown Heavyweight Champion! This gave the Big Show a lot of momentum going into June '03. On the first show of the month, the Big Show interrupted Kurt Angle's return speech, telling Angle to wait in line for a title show, since the Big Show would be facing Lesnar the next week. The two men came to blows, with Lesnar coming out to chase off the Big Show, saving Angle. The Big Show and Lesnar went at it for the Smackdown Championship the next week, but the match ended shockingly, as Lesnar landed a Superplex off the turnbuckle on the Big Show, which caused the ring to collapse! The match was ruled a No-Contest, as personnel came out to check on both men (as well as a shaken referee).

The two wrestlers faced off again for the Smackdown Heavyweight Title a week later, with the Big Show once again trying to 'reclaim' the gold. But when things started to look bleak for the Big Show, Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas), who had broken ties with Kurt Angle the week before, ran down to cause the DQ, attacking Lesnar and allowing the Big Show to Chokeslam him. Angle tried to make the save, Angle Slamming the Big Show, but the Big Show recovered during Angle's fight with his former allies, and came back to Chokeslam Angle as well. The Big Show finished the night by Chokeslamming Mr. America (Hulk Hogan) as well, when he tried to help out. This led to a Six-Man match signed for the following week, between the Big Show, Benjamin, & Haas and Lesnar, Angle, & Mr. America. The Big Show made a huge statement in the match, giving Lesnar & Angle a Double Chokeslam at one point. The Big Show then went at it with his long-time foe, with Mr. America getting distracted by Vince McMahon (who had Mr. America's ally, Zach Gowen, held hostage), allowing the Big Show to get another Chokeslam for the victory.

Going into July '03, the Big Show opted to be Mr. McMahon's personal hitman, taking on Gowen & Stephanie McMahon in a "No Disqualification Handicap" Match, with Gowen's WWE contract on the line. The Big Show had an easy time of it with both the one-legged wrestler and the female McMahon. However, just when the Big Show was looking to end it, Lesnar and Angle ran down to get involved, eventually taking out Mr. McMahon. This left the Big Show open to an F-5, an Angle Slam, and then a One-Legged Moonsault from Gowen, who pinned the Big Show to earn his WWE contract! It was soon announced that it would be the Big Show vs. Angle vs. Lesnar for the Smackdown Title at the next PPV, allowing the Big Show to cause some friction between the two friends, with Mr. McMahon helping by arranging a "Falls Count Anywhere Handicap" Match that night, with the Big Show, Benjamin, & Haas going against Lesnar. Mr. McMahon kept Angle from being a factor, keeping him away from ringside. Although Lesnar fought hard, the Big Show was able to reverse an F-5 into a Chokeslam through the announce table, getting another pinfall on the World Champion.

The same match was arranged the next week, only with Angle being the one against the three men, with Lesnar kicked out of the building. But Angle got some help in the form of Gowen, giving him a hand against the numbers. The Big Show still took out Gowen, dropping him on the guardrail, but this allowed Angle to KO the Big Show with the ringsteps. With the giant out of the way, Angle then made Benjamin tap out to the Ankle Lock, surprisingly winning the match. The Big Show, Benjamin, & Haas took on Lesnar, Angle, & Gowen a week later, with the Big Show almost tapping out to Angle's Ankle Lock. But miscommunication caused Lesnar to accidentally hit Angle while performing the F-5, allowing the Big Show to recover and Chokeslam Angle for another big victory. Afterwards, Lesnar knocked the Big Show out of the ring with a steel chair, then F-5'ed Haas. But Lesnar and Angle then became distracted with each other, arguing over the loss, which allowed the Big Show to return and Chokeslam both of them, laying them out!

At Vengeance '03, all three wrestlers came in thinking that they had a chance to win. At the beginning, Lesnar & Angle double-teamed the Big Show, returning the favor for the various handicap matches they'd been in put in. At one point, Angle put the Big Show through the Spanish Announcer's table with the Angle Slam, an unbelievable maneuver. With the Big Show down, Lesnar and Angle went at it, each exchanging some heavy blows. The Big Show finally returned to the ring and attacked, but suffered another Angle Slam for his trouble. When Lesnar charged in, though, Angle delivered an Angle Slam to him as well, and made the pin, winning the World Title away from Lesnar and keeping it, once again, from the grasp of the Big Show.

The Big Show & A-Train took on Lesnar & Angle the next week, with the Big Show looking for some redemption. It didn't happen, though, as Lesnar landed the F-5 on the Big Show, with Angle blind-tagging himself in to get the pinfall victory. Lesnar and Angle fought after the match, but it was little consolation to the giant, who was out of the title picture. The Big Show continued to team with A-Train afterwards, working as Vince McMahon's thugs against the Undertaker (who was angry about the treatment of Stephanie McMahon). At one point, the Big Show took on the Undertaker, and with the help of A-Train, the Big Show won via countout. Later that night, A-Train 'wrestled' Stephanie, with the Undertaker trying to interfere, only to be taken out by several chair shots from the Big Show. A-Train then took out Stephanie for the win, much to the satisfaction of Mr. McMahon. A week later, Mr. McMahon put the Big Show in an "Anything Goes Street Fight" Match against Angle (who was feuding with McMahon, due to Lesnar joining McMahon's team). Although the Big Show tried to put Angle away, he couldn't manage it, with Angle giving the Big Show an Angle Slam through a table for the victory. It was a tough defeat for the Big Show, who later had insult added to injury when he didn't have a match at Summerslam '03.

The Big Show got another shot to return to the top on the Smackdown following the PPV, as he faced off against Lesnar and the Undertaker in a "Triple Threat" Match to decide the new #1 Contender to Kurt Angle's newly-won title. Late in the match, Lesnar tried to Superplex the Big Show off the turnbuckle again, but the Undertaker blocked it, then gave Lesnar the Last Ride for the win, keeping the Big Show from the main event. For the next few weeks, the Big Show stayed with Mr. McMahon, basically being his bodyguard as Mr. McMahon managed to push Lesnar back up to the World Title (he defeated Angle in an "Iron Man" Match). The Big Show also appeared on Velocity, winning a couple of squash matches, without much of a story behind them.

Near the end of September '03, the Big Show began to resurface, attacking the United States Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Guerrero, before Guerrero's match with Charlie Haas (Guerrero still won). This started a feud between the two men, with the Big Show telling Guerrero that he had attacked him simply because he didn't like him. Later that show, the Big Show intercepted an order of burritos for Eddie, eating most of them while sending a spit-in burrito for Eddie. It was all a set-up by Latino Heat, though, as the Big Show had to be counted out of his match with Orlando Jordan, as he ran for the bathroom! Guerrero taunted the Big Show in the bathroom, saying that the delivery man was his cousin. A week later, the Big Show got some revenge, attacking Eddie during an interview. Chavo then called the Big Show to the ring in his uncle's honor, taunting the Big Show when he came out in his nice clothes. The Big Show eventually came to the ring for a match, but as soon as the bell rang, Chavo ran out, leading to a Countout. A confused Big Show was then caught in the ring, as Eddie drove out a sewage truck, eventually spraying the Big Show with sewage! On the Smackdown before the PPV, though, the Big Show got some major revenge, attacking Guerrero after he had won a match with Rhyno, slamming him into the car windshield, then Chokeslamming him on top of the car.

At No Mercy '03, the angry giant went after Guerrero again, this time with the United States Heavyweight Title on the line. The Big Show worked to use his brute strength and size advantage, but he also had to deal with Guerrero's trickery. At one point, Guerrero brought a chair out, which the ref confiscated. As he did so, Guerrero got a trash can lid instead, smacking the Big Show with it. Guerrero later used the US Title on the Big Show, then got the Frog Splash, but only got a 2 count from the woozy referee. Eventually, the Big Show shrugged off Guerrero's offense and got a huge Chokeslam, destroying Latino Heat. The Big Show quickly made the pin, winning the match and, for the first time (despite all his time spent in WCW and WWE), becoming the WWE United States Heavyweight Champion.

On the next Smackdown, the Big Show joined the Smackdown Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, against the Undertaker in a "Handicap" Match. If the Undertaker won, he would get his choice of match-ups. The match was set up by the new General Manager, Paul Heyman, in order to keep Heyman from being destroyed by the Dead Man. At first, Lesnar & the Big Show dominated the Undertaker due to the numbers, but then Lesnar made the mistake of ordering the Big Show to go to the top rope for a spike piledriver. The Undertaker knocked down Lesnar, then chokeslammed the Big Show from the turnbuckle, getting the victory. However, Paul Heyman then came out and announced that, due to his 'mistake', he forgot to mention that the match was 3 Falls. Later on, the Big Show was counted out, but once again Heyman changed the rules. It happened a third time after the Big Show hit the Undertaker with a chair. No Disqualification was enforced. This, though, worked into the Undertaker's favor, as he got his biker chain and managed to knock out Lesnar before Brock could land the F-5. After taking out the Big Show, the Undertaker made the pin, and somehow got the victory (he chose to face Mr. McMahon in a "Buried Alive" Match at the next PPV).

The Big Show and Lesnar each blamed the other for the loss the next week, nearly coming to blows, but this was stopped when Heyman called both men to the ring. There the majority of Lesnar's Survivor Series team was brought together, with Lesnar & the Big Show teaming up with newcomers Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones, making a giant team. Kurt Angle soon started putting together his own team, consisting of Chris Benoit & the APA. But the Big Show & Lesnar changed that, when they faced the APA in a match. The Big Show & Lesnar got themselves deliberately DQ'ed by attacking with chairs, eventually injuring Faarooq's knee and taking him out of the equation. The next week, Lesnar's team offered their final spot to John Cena, who turned it down with insults. However, Cena was then taken out by A-Train, who rejoined the Big Show and became the fifth member of the team.

Meanwhile, it was announced that Hardcore Holly would be taking the place of Faarooq, since Holly had a personal grudge against Lesnar, since Brock injured him due to a powerbomb a while back. Cena also joined Angle's team, finalizing the line-up. At the '03 Survivor Series, the two teams went at it. The first elimination came seconds into the match, as Hardcore Holly attacked Lesnar, shoving the ref out of the way. Holly was quickly disqualified. Shortly thereafter, Bradshaw eliminated A-Train with the Clothesline From Hell. The Big Show then grabbed Bradshaw and chokeslammed him, with the third quick elimination of the match. Angle brought his team back by eliminating Matt Morgan with the Angle Slam, then took out Nathan Jones with the Ankle Lock. But Lesnar took advantage of a distracted Angle and hit the F-5, eliminating him. Unfortunately, Lesnar then fought Benoit, who put on the Crippler Crossface. Lesnar was forced, once again, to tap out. This left the Big Show against two men, and although he fought hard, he fell to a huge F-U from Cena, with Cena & Benoit becoming the sole 'survivors.

The Big Show faced Cena on the next Smackdown, using the steel steps to attack him. This backfired in the end, though, as Cena kicked the Big Show in mid-shot, making the steps fall on the Big Show's head! Cena followed up with another steps shot, then made the pin, again defeating the Big Show. A week later, the Big Show competed in a "20-Man #1 Contender Battle Royal". The Big Show was strong at first, sending a lot of people over the ropes. Unfortunately, this worked against the giant, as the rest of the contenders decided to ally together and overwhelm him, sending the Big Show from the match (Cena & Benoit came out on top). Going into December '03, the Big Show continued to stay aligned with Lesnar's group along with his long-time partner, the A-Train. However, when A-Train placed bets against Lesnar, the Big Show later joined with Matt Morgan in turning on A-Train after he was upset in a match by Shannon Moore.

Later that same night, the Big Show challenged Cena to a battle rap, with the Big Show even wearing 'hip-hop' clothes for the event. Although the Big Show's rap wasn't bad, the fans were firmly behind Cena, especially when Cena ended his rap with a low blow to the Big Show! The two wrestlers continued to feud throughout the rest of the year, including wrestling in a "Non-Title" Match at the Christmas In Iraq show. With the troops watching, the Big Show fell to Cena's F-U, ending the year on a losing note, yet still going into the new year as a champion.

WWE Smackdown: 2004

On the first Smackdown of the new year, the Big Show made his presence known, interrupting Rey Mysterio Jr, who was talking on the mic in the ring after winning the Cruiserweight Title. The Big Show thought he had something more important, as he revealed the "hottest" new thing, the Big Show t-shirt, with the slogan "Chicks Dig It Big!" Mysterio, not happy about the interruption, grabbed the shirt from the Big Show and, after a few teasing moments, threw it to the crowd, causing the Big Show to attack the champ. Hardcore Holly (who was feuding with Show's ally, Lesnar), though, made the save, sending the Big Show from the ring. A furious Big Show was calmed by Heyman in the back, who arranged a match that night between Show and Holly in a Non-Title Match. During the bout, Mysterio came down to the ring to get involved, hitting Show with a chair when the ref was distracted. The Big Show came back, though, and was prepared to Chokeslam Holly, when Holly landed a low blow! The Big Show won via disqualification, not exactly the win he had in mind. It got worse as Holly attacked the Big Show with a chair, busting him open!

The Big Show got his wish on the next Smackdown, as Heyman set up a "Street Fight" Match between Show and Holly. Lesnar came down to ringside to watch as the two men went at it, which caused a distraction of sorts, due to Holly going after Lesnar at one point. Despite being able to use weapons and having Lesnar nearby, the Big Show couldn't get the win, as he was Choked with a chair to the throat by Holly and forced to tap out. A week later, an injured Big Show (wearing a neck brace) announced that he had a 50-feet Restraining Order against Holly. Lesnar said he'd stay by the Big Show to protect him, although obviously Lesnar just wanted to be safe from Holly himself. Despite the neck injury, the Big Show came through in his Royal Rumble Qualifying Match, easily squashing Funaki.

It didn't take long for the Big Show to grow tired of Lesnar following him around, in order to use the restraining order to his advantage. He told Lesnar off, saying that if Holly beat Lesnar, it'd just give the Big Show a different Wrestlemania opponent once he won the Rumble. Later that night, the Big Show was scheduled to team with Lesnar, Matt Morgan, & Rhyno in a "Handicap" Match against John Cena & Chris Benoit. The Big Show missed the start of the match, though, as he was locked in his dressing room by a forklift! Lesnar was later taken out of the match as well, when he was attacked by Holly. This left Morgan & Rhyno vs. Cena & Benoit, with Cena FU'ing Rhyno for the win. After the match, Cena & Benoit tried to take it to Heyman, but the Big Show finally reappeared, furiously Chokeslamming both men to get some revenge for being locked away.

At the '04 Royal Rumble, the Big Show was certainly considered one of the favorites in the main event match, due to his size and strength. He also received a great number coming down as the 24th entrant. The Big Show was a powerful force in the ring, although he was almost Jackhammered by Bill Goldberg (Lesnar ran down to F5 Goldberg instead, helping him to be eliminated). The Big Show soon found himself in a "Handicap" Match of sorts near the end, as all of the other wrestlers left opted to team up against him. But the Big Show surprisingly proved to be up to the challenge, fighting them off, then eliminating John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle to reach the final two against the #1 entrant, Chris Benoit. The Big Show seemed to have everything going his way, but Benoit continued to fight back, even getting the Big Show to tap to the Crossface! But the Big Show couldn't be eliminated that way. He eventually came back and tried to toss Benoit over the top rope. But Benoit landed on the apron and held onto the Big Show's head, pulling with all his might. After a long struggle, the Big Show fell over the ropes to the floor, allowing Benoit to take away the victory. For the second time in his career, the Big Show was the runner-up, and not the winner, in the Rumble.

The Big Show got a break, though, on the next Smackdown, as Benoit had opted to jump to Raw to challenge for the World Title there. Instead, Heyman arranged for a 15-Man Rumble Match that night, with the winner getting the title shot against the Smackdown Champion. However, there was still a target on the Big Show's head, as, when he entered at #9, everyone in the ring stopped fighting and waited to attack him! The Big Show still was dominating, managing to fight off his foes and eliminate Tajiri and Bradshaw. The Big Show then hung around, fighting off assaults from men like Kurt Angle, John Cena, and even a Stinkface from Rikishi to keep in the match. The Big Show even managed to toss out one more, Cena. But again the crowd in the ring attacked the Big Show en masse, and, with Cena pulling from the outside, the Big Show had no leverage, falling out of the ring to again lose his chance to fight the champion! Eddie Guerrero went on to win the shot, as the Big Show blamed Cena for his defeat.

On the 1st Smackdown of February '04, the Big Show defended the United States Title, surviving a Fameasser to beat Billy Gunn with a Chokeslam. Later that night, both the Big Show and Kurt Angle appealed to GM Heyman for the Wrestlemania Smackdown Title shot (since Guerrero was challenging Lesnar at No Way Out). Heyman's announcement was then interrupted by Cena, who insulted both Angle & the Big Show. Both offended wrestlers wanted Cena in the match, and although Heyman didn't want to do it, he reluctantly made it a Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match at the next PPV! The next week, the Big Show was set to team with Lesnar against Angle & Guerrero. However, when Angle was mysteriously taken out in the back, Cena took his place. It was a tough fight, with the Big Show putting all his power into winning the match. However, Angle's return negated both the Big Show and Cena, as Angle attacked both men with chairs! Meanwhile, Guerrero rolled up Lesnar to get the pin, stealing the match.

At No Way Out '04, the Big Show, Angle, and Cena fought it out for the title shot at Wrestlemania. It was a tough match for all three, as several close pinfalls took place. At different points in the match, the Big Show felt the FU and the Angle Slam, but still came back to get Chokeslams on both men. In the end, though, the Big Show was suprisingly caught by Angle and Angle-Slammed out of the ring, taking him out of the equation. Angle then put the Ankle Lock on Cena's injured leg (he injured it falling out of the ring at the Rumble) to get the victory, becoming the #1 Contender at Wrestlemania. In the meantime, things weren't settled between the Big Show and Cena.

On the next Smackdown, the Big Show retained the US Title, beating down Hardcore Holly. Afterwards, though, the Big Show was challenged by Cena for a match at Wrestlemania, with Show's US Title on the line. The Big Show accepted, claiming that he was the most dominant US Champion ever. A week later, the Big Show teamed with Chavo Guerrero Jr against Cena & Rey Mysterio (a replacement for Eddie Guerrero). Cena's team won, with Mysterio pinning Guerrero after the 619. After the match, Chavo Guerrero Sr entered the ring and attacked Mysterio, but Cena intervened, hitting the FU on the veteran. However, this left Cena open to a clothesline from the Big Show, who then Chokeslammed Mysterio, followed by Cena, getting some measure of satisfaction. The Big Show watched a week later as Cena had to wrestle against the Big Show's ally, A-Train. Cena got the win, but injured his wrist, allowing the Big Show to have the momentum going into the PPV.

The Big Show and Cena finally had their long-built US Title Match at Wrestlemania XX. The Big Show controlled the beginning of the match, using his size and strength to dominate the challenger. Cena had to fight out of several painful submission holds to keep in the match, dealing with both his injured wrist and his recovering knee. Cena finally got the momentum back in the match with a dropkick that sent the Big Show facefirst into the turnbuckle. Cena then got a huge FU on the 500-pounder, but Show kicked out at 2. A frustrated Cena then went for his chain, but was stopped by the referee. While the ref was getting rid of the chain, though, Cena slipped on another foreign object and clocked the champ with it. He then picked up the Big Show for a second FU, then pinned him, taking away the Big Show's United States Championship.

On the following Smackdown, a furious Big Show said that Cena had stolen the title from him. However, the Big Show was able to work out a deal with Paul Heyman, getting himself put in as the last entrant in a "Gauntlet" Match to decide who would face Smackdown Champion Eddie Guerrero that night. The Big Show came out for that match to take on Rey Mysterio, who had already beaten Shelton Benjamin. The giant dominated the cruiserweight, but a distraction from Cena, who was taunting the Big Show, caused him to leave the ring to chase Cena, with the ref counting him out! Once more, Cena had cost the Big Show his opportunity. The Big Show didn't appear on the following Smackdown, after the WWE Talent Draft, although he did stay with Smackdown (instead of being drafted or traded to Raw). He did, though, lose a major ally, as Heyman, after being drafted to Raw, quit instead.

Going into April '04, the Big Show was entered into new GM Kurt Angle's Great American Trophy contest. The person whom Angle gave the trophy to would become the #1 Contender to the WWE Title. The Big Show defeated Rikishi to earn his place as one of the nominees, along with Booker T, John Cena, Charlie Haas, John Bradshaw Layfield, & Rob Van Dam. A week later, the Big Show & Haas faced Booker T & Van Dam in a tag match. Thanks in large part to Booker T leaving RVD on his own, the Big Show got the Chokeslam on Van Dam. Haas then snuck in and got the quick pin, making himself look better. At the end of the night, Angle came out to announce his choice. Surprisingly, though, Angle selected John Bradshaw Layfield, after Layfield showed a footage of himself stopping illegal immigrants. Angle revealed the trophy for Layfield, but Guerrero had switched it out for a fake. When Angle ordered Guerrero to bring down the real one, Guerrero did, only to break the trophy in the ring after chasing off Angle & Layfield.

The next week, Guerrero told Angle that he wanted his match against JBL that night. Angle was ready to accept, but Layfield turned it down, saying that he was too tired from 'campaigning', so Guerrero would fight the Big Show instead! The Big Show wasn't too pleased that the match against Guerrero was Non-Title, but he did promise to beat the champion down, even saying that he would quit if he lost. During the match, the Big Show dominated, but he got caught off-guards when the sneaky Guerrero planted a wrench in his boot, causing the referee to threaten to DQ him. While the Big Show argued, Guerrero came off the ropes with a Tornado DDT, then got the Frog Splash, pinning the Big Show 1-2-3! Afterwards, Guerrero had the fans sing goodbye to the crying Big Show, who walked slowly to the back. The night wasn't over for the giant, though, as he caught Torrie Wilson laughing (presumably at something else) and assumed she was laughing at him. The Big Show caught up to Torrie later on, smashing her car, then chasing her into the building! The Big Show eventually grabbed hold of Torrie on top of a ledge, about to throw her off, as GM Angle pleaded with him not to do it. For a second, the Big Show seemed willing to listen to reason, as he let Torrie go. But he then grabbed Angle and Chokeslammed him off the ledge instead! With Angle lying in a bloody pool below him, the Big Show walked off, leaving Smackdown behind for a time (as he needed knee surgery).

In September '04, vignettes began to run showing the return of the Big Show to Smackdown. It seemed that he would be coming back in a few weeks. However, on the September 9th edition of Smackdown, the Big Show returned early, surprising everyone when he came down during the aftermath of a "Lumberjack" Match between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero. The Big Show was dominating, as he destroyed most of the locker room in attendance, including Chokeslams to Guerrero, Angle, and Angle's ally, Luther Reigns. A week later, the new GM of Smackdown, Teddy Long (who had replaced Angle), offered the Big Show two contracts: a match against Guerrero and a match against Angle. Although Angle tried to get the Big Show to accept the Guerrero match (which Guerrero was for as well), the Big Show signed Angle's contract, renewing the feud between the two men.

On the next Smackdown, the Big Show teamed with Guerrero against Angle & Reigns. The match ended surprisingly, as Mark Jindrak appeared and attacked Guerrero, causing the DQ. It turned out that Jindrak had joined Angle & Reigns, with the three beating down both wrestlers. Angle used a tranquilizer gun to take down the Big Show, then shaved him bald, getting some revenge for his injuries. Of course, this also fully focused the Big Show on decimating Angle and his allies for the loss of his hair. At No Mercy '04, the Big Show used his contract, furiously going after Angle. After some time, a worried Angle tried to leave, willing to be counted out. But GM Teddy Long stopped him, ordering him back to the ring. Angle then tried to use the tranquilizer gun, but the Big Show destroyed it, then got Angle with a Chokeslam, getting the victory.

The Big Show was willing to fight Angle again the next Smackdown, but Angle claimed that the doctors wouldn't clear him. Instead, Angle sent Jindrak against the giant. The Big Show still had to worry about both Angle and Reigns at ringside, although he got some help when Guerrero took out Reigns. The Big Show was then able to knock away Angle's attempted chair shot and Chokeslam Jindrak for the win. A week later, the Big Show returned the favor to Guerrero, keeping Angle's group from shaving Guerrero's head by clearing the ring. The next week, though, the Big Show didn't appear on Smackdown, instead easily defeating Akio on Velocity. The Big Show returned to Smackdown the next week at the end of October '04, getting involved with the Tough Enough contestants by giving them a Bodyslam Challenge, including dropping a knee on one of the cocky trainees.

Later on that same night, the Big Show approached Guerrero, who was working on putting together a 4-Man Team to take on Angle's squad at the next PPV. The Big Show demanded to be put on the team, and Guerrero quickly accepted, causing panic in the Angle locker room. Angle tried to have the Dudley Boyz take out the Big Show the next week, but the plan backfired, as the Big Show instead Chokeslammed both men through tables (while Spike Dudley ran away). The Big Show took on Angle in a match a week later, with Guerrero & Rob Van Dam on the Big Show's side, while Reigns, Jindrak, & Carlito helped Angle. Late in the match, with the rest fighting on the outside, the Big Show went for the Chokeslam on Angle. But Reigns & Jindrak entered the ring and took the Big Show down, causing the DQ. With Guerrero & RVD down outside the ring, Angle's team beat down the Big Show, trying to injure their biggest threat with a variety of submission holds.

Going into the '04 Survivor Series, the Big Show, Guerrero, & RVD were ready to take on Angle, Jindrak, Reigns, & Carlito. They also got a boost as John Cena, returning from injuries, joined their squad to get a piece of Carlito (the man who had supposedly injured him). Cena's effect was immediate, as Carlito was the first eliminated, running away from a fighting-mad Cena and driving away from the arena. Later, after Guerrero managed to make a tag, Van Dam scored his Five Star Frog Splash on Jindrak, but was then rolled up by the legal man, Angle, bringing it to 3-on-3. This didn't last long, as Guerrero rolled up Jindrak to eliminate him as well. The Big Show took care of Reigns with a Chokeslam, leaving Angle against 3 men. Angle tried to leave, but was stopped by RVD, who sent him back to the ring, where the Big Show caught him and tossed him in. Cena then got the FU on Angle, followed by a Guerrero Frog Splash. The Big Show then made the cover, finally ending the match.

On the Thanksgiving edition of Smackdown '04, the Big Show catered a spread out to the ring along with Joy Giovanni. He thanked several people, including the Smackdown announcers Michael Cole & Tazz, then started the serving of the food. Luther Reigns, though, interrupted the festivities, bashing the holiday. He came down to the ring and threw some mashed potatoes into Giovanni's face, causing the Big Show to attack Reigns, eventually kicking him out of the ring in the midst of a food fight (with Giovanni playfully throwing a pie into the Big Show's face later on). A week later, Angle, Reigns, & Jindrak asked Giovanni to the ring, with Angle making Reigns apologize for his actions. But when Reigns asked Giovanni to go out to dinner later on, Giovanni said that she had plans with the Big Show! When Angle's group threatened her, the Big Show came down for the save, taking out both Reigns & Jindrak, with Angle running to the outside.

Angle hosted his "Hometown Invitational" the next Smackdown in Greenville, South Carolina. Since it was the Big Show's home state, he came out as the hometown hero, only to have Angle refuse to fight him. Instead, the Big Show went at it with Jindrak, dominating the wrestler until Angle attacked the Big Show from behind, causing the DQ. The three wrestlers then beat down the Big Show, with Angle dropping the ring steps onto him, injuring his back! The three heels left the injured Big Show laying in the ring, with a match later being signed to have the Big Show take on all three at the next PPV.

At Armageddon '04, the Big Show was ready for the "3 On 1 Handicap" Match against Angle, Reigns, & Jindrak. The odds seemed to be in favor of Angle's squad, but the Big Show continually fought off the triple-team, and shockingly got the victory after using the F-5 on Jindrak, showing how strong he really was. On the following Smackdown, Angle took on John Bradshaw Layfield for the WWE Smackdown Heavyweight Title. It was a wild match, with Orlando Jordan (JBL's aide) causing the DQ when Angle appeared to have JBL ready to tap to the Ankle Lock. Afterwards, Angle and JBL's two stables fought it out, with the Big Show surprisingly coming out and taking out everyone, including an F-5 to Jordan! With one move, the Big Show had pushed himself into the main event slot, wanting a shot at JBL's Championship.

As the year wound down, the Big Show joined the Smackdown superstars as they traveled to Iraq to hold their Christmas show. When JBL came out at the show in a biohazard suit, talking down about several things in the area, the Big Show came out and interrupted, saying that the show was about the troops, not JBL. He then beat down JBL, taking off his mask and punching him. On the final Smackdown of '04, GM Teddy Long set it up as a "Night of Champions", saying that all champs would put the titles on the line. The Big Show wanted to be the one to face JBL, but JBL 'randomly' chosen Shannon Moore instead, easily defeating the cruiserweight. Afterwards, though, when Long found out JBL had rigged his bowl, putting Moore onto every slip of paper, he set up a match for the next PPV: The Big Show vs. Angle vs. JBL for the WWE Championship!

WWE Smackdown: 2005

On the first Smackdown of '05, Angle was tricked into entering Joy Giovanni's locker room by Amy Webber (JBL's personal assistant). Angle, thinking that it was Webber's dressing room, stripped down, only to flash Giovanni, who was in the shower. The Big Show soon came to the aid of his girlfriend, chasing a flustered Angle to the ring. Although Jindrak & Reigns tried to make the save, the Big Show took out all 3 men, as JBL & Webber laughed in the back. A week later, Giovanni disappeared before a scheduled match with Webber, causing the Big Show to believe that JBl and his men had something to do with it. Giovanni was later found in the trunk of JBL's limo, and although JBL claimed to have had nothing to do with it, the Big Show attacked, once again laying waste to a stable. Meanwhile, in the back, Angle bragged about being behind the kidnapping.

GM Teddy Long made Angle come out to the ring a week later to apologize to Joy, which he did. Right after the apology, the Big Show came to the ring, wanting a piece of Angle. When Angle tried to escape, JBL and his Cabinet (who had talked to the Big Show about aligning earlier) came out, apparently to stop Angle from escaping. But it was all a plan by Angle & JBL, as both factions surrounded the ring and attacked the giant, bloodying him with several shots. The union lasted only a week, as Angle's group again began fighting with JBL's stable, leading to a "Last Man Standing" Match getting booked by GM Long between Angle and JBL. Neither wrestler wanted the match, since it would put them at a disadvantage for the coming PPV, but Long refused to change it. Both Angle and JBL used every move they could think of to win, even as their factions fought it out at ringside, getting themselves ejected. Finally, in the end, the two men knocked each other out, causing the Draw. Meanwhile, the Big Show stood in GM Long's office, getting in his own gloating for playing the two against each other.

At the '05 Royal Rumble, the Big Show took on JBL and Angle for the WWE Championship in a "Triple Threat" Match. Angle had Jindrak & Reigns at ringside, while JBL had Jordan. The Big Show didn't need anyone, as he dominated several portions of the match. But in the end, the Big Show was out of the action, as JBL got the Clothesline From Hell on Angle (after a Jordan distraction) for the victory, retaining the title. JBL and his crew celebrated afterwards. The celebration ended soon after, though, as GM Teddy Long announced that JBL would be facing the Big Show again at the next PPV in a "Barbed Wire Cage" Match!

Going into February '05, the Big Show continued to be dominant, winning a "Handicap" Match over JBL's Cabinet members, the Basham Brothers. A week later, during the Smackdown in Japan tapings, JBL tried to hatch a plan to deal with the Big Show. He had a tranquilizer gun, but Webber accidentally fired it, apparently hitting JBL! JBL, acting completely out of it, wandered around the arena for the rest of the show, then came to the ring, where the Big Show confronted him. It was all a trap, though, as JBL was just acting delirious. The Cabinent attacked him, but the Big Show managed to fight everyone off, escaping the trap. The Big Show then called Japanese Yokozuna Akebono into the ring, where the two massive men shook hands.

During this time, JBL was also having problems with Raw's Batista, who was nearly run down by JBL's limo on a Raw taping (Batista, having won the Rumble, could choose to come after JBL's title if he wanted). JBL claimed to have had nothing to do with it, but this didn't stop Batista from coming to Smackdown and smashing up JBL's limo! As the rest of the Cabinet ran to the back to try to find Batista, JBL stayed in the ring, only to have the Big Show come out! As the Big Show started to dominate the champion, though, the Cabinet returned to quadruple-team the challenger. Batista came out for the save, and, after a brief staredown between the Big Show & Batista, they both turned and stared at JBL, who looked more concerned than ever.

At No Way Out '05, the Big Show got his title opportunity against JBL, this time inside the Barbed Wire Steel Cage. It was a brutal match, as the only ways to win were pinning your opponent, making him submit, or escaping over the top through the barbed wire. Both men were bloody as the match went on, with the cage being used regularly as a weapon. Late in the match, Orlando Jordan & the Bashams tried to interfere, only to be tossed from ringside by GM Teddy Long. They did leave behind bolt cutters, though, that JBL used to smack the Big Show in the head with! JBL then hit the Clothesline From Hell, but the Big Show kicked out at 2, shocking the champion. The Big Show later got a Chokeslam, but JBL managed to kick out at 2 as well. Near the end, the Big Show caught JBL at the top of the cage (trying to cut his way out with the bolt cutters) and delivered a thunderous Chokeslam, sending JBL through the ring!! The Big Show then climbed down and broke the chain from the door, preparing to walk out and become the champion. Before he could, though, JBL crawled from under the ring to the outside. Since he technically 'escaped' first, he won the match, keeping the Big Show from winning the gold. A frustrated Show attacked JBL after the match, then got attacked in turn by the Cabinet, with Batista (and later John Cena) making the save.

The Big Show went for revenge on the next Smackdown, attacking JBL during his Celebration Dinner and trashing several tuxedo'ed guests. The Cabinet eventually got the upper hand, but John Cena (who had won the #1 Contendership the night before) made the save. Later that night, the Big Show & Cena wrestled against JBL & Jordan, with Cena getting the FU on Jordan for the win. A week later, the Big Show was the surprise partner for Michelle McCool in a Mixed Tag Match against Rene Dupree & Dawn Marie, much to the chagrin of Dupree. After a short match, the Big Show came through, Chokeslamming Dupree for the win. Afterwards, in the back, the Big Show relaxed with Giovanni, only to hear from Funaki that people in Japan were debating whether the Big Show could defeat Akebono. The Big Show quickly replied, saying anytime, anywhere. It was later announced that the Big Show would face Akebono at a "Sumo" Match at the next PPV.

After weeks of preparing for the match, including pushing over a jeep with sheer strength (after Luther Reigns failed to do it) and watching Akebono win a wrestling match, the Big Show met Akebono in the "Sumo" Match at Wrestlemania 21. It was a short match, as, although the Big Show tried to power up at one point, Akebono was too good at his craft, sending the Big Show flying out of the sumo ring. Afterwards, the Big Show, with no hard feelings, shook Akebono's hand, knowing that he had competed in something unique to Wrestlemania. On the following Smackdown, the Big Show happened to overhear Reigns talking about how the Big Show had embarrassed the company at Wrestlemania. This led to the Big Show calling Reigns to the ring, where he easily defeated him in a match. The Big Show also learned that he was going to be one of the entrants in the WWE Smackdown Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Tournament.

A week later, Booker T was fighting the US Champion, Orlando Jordan. However, the Basham Brothers attacked Booker T, causing the DQ, with the Big Show running out to make the save. Shortly thereafter, GM Teddy Long made a "Handicap" Match between Booker T & the Big Show and the Cabinet. Despite the numbers, the Big Show's team won out, with Booker T rolling up one of the Bashams for the win. On the next Smackdown, the partners became competitors, as the Big Show and Booker T faced off in the #1 Contenders Tournament. But during the match, both Kurt Angle and JBL (the other two remaining members of the tournament) attacked the men, causing the Double Disqualification! GM Long quickly stopped that, though, stating that all four men would face off the next week to decide the #1 Contender, and in the meantime, the two teams would fight in a "Tag" Match that night! Thanks to Angle leaving JBL high and dry, the Big Show & Booker T got the win, taking out JBL.

On the next Smackdown, the Big Show faced off against JBL, Booker T, and Angle for the #1 Contendership. Unfortunately for Show, he was quickly singled out as the biggest threat, as everyone went after him, including Booker T. After a brief flurry, trying to hold off the competition, the Big Show was caught, with each wrestler hitting their finisher on him. The Big Show wouldn't stay down for the count, though, leading Angle to take the Big Show to the outside, Angle Slamming him through the announce table! The Big Show couldn't recover, and was counted out, leaving three. JBL later got the win, earning the title shot.

Going into May '05, the Big Show appeared briefly on Velocity, winning a "Handicap" Match over the SAT's. He then returned to Smackdown the next week, where he appeared on Carlito's Cabana. Carlito wanted the Big Show to be his ally, but the Big Show refused, even stealing Carlito's apple and taking a bite. But Carlito had been one step ahead of the Big Show, having poisoned the apple! Carlito then dumped the rest of the apples on the downed Big Show before leaving the ring. On the next Smackdown, Carlito found a new ally in Matt Morgan. The Big Show then came out and confronted Morgan, taking him down, then trying to Chokeslam Carlito! But Morgan stopped him with a chair shot, helping Carlito escape the Big Show's rage. He managed to get his hands on Carlito at Judgment Day '05, where he dominated the match. But Carlito had Morgan in his corner, who helped swing the momentum by dropping the top rope, sending the Big Show toppling to the outside. This was about the only momentum for Carlito, as the Big Show came back and dominated again, only to accidentally take out the ref. This allowed Morgan to get involved, catching the Big Show and landing a massive F-5! Carlito then got the pin and the upset win.

The Big Show was granted a rematch with Carlito on the next Smackdown, with Morgan barred from ringside after he once again tried to interfere. This gave Carlito nowhere to run, as the Big Show Chokeslammed him for the victory. However, afterwards, as the Big Show celebrated, Morgan returned, taking the Big Show out of the ring and giving him an F-5 through a table! The injuries from the maneuver caused the Big Show to miss out on the "Winner's Choice Battle Royal" later that evening (which was won by Kurt Angle). However, it didn't stop the Big Show, bandages and all, from showing up the next week in the beginning of June '05 to join John Cena in a Tag-Team Match against Carlito & Morgan. Although the Big Show took a beating in the match, his team still got the win, as Cena FU'ed Carlito and pinned him.

After taking a week off to recover some more from his injuries, the Big Show returned to Smackdown to take on Morgan. The Big Show was in firm control when Carlito caused the DQ, hitting the Big Show with a chair! Morgan then attempted to further the damage to the giant by going for another F-5 through a table. But the Big Show blocked it, then countered into a Chokeslam, sending Morgan through the table instead! A week later, at the end of June '05, the Big Show joined JBL, Booker T, Chris Benoit, and the newest draftee to Smackdown, Muhammad Hassan, in challenging for the vacated Smackdown Championship (John Cena had been drafted to Raw). It was later announced by GM Teddy Long that the 5 men, along with the Undertaker, would fight the next week for the vacated title. That night, the Big Show took on Hassan, with Hassan surprisingly using a steel chair when the ref was distracted to score the upset on Show. The Big Show was expected to get his revenge on Hassan the next week. But plans soon changed.

WWE Raw: 2005

On the last Raw of June '05, Kane was set to wrestle against Gene Snitsky & Edge, with Kane teaming with the most recent draftee from Smackdown. Kane, however, immediately went after Edge, with the two brawling to the back. With Snitsky still in the ring, Raw GM Eric Bischoff came out and made it officially a singles match, bringing out the Big Show! It was a short match, as the Big Show dominated Snitsky, eventually putting him away with the Chokeslam to make a significant return to Raw. A week later, the planned tag-team match took place between Kane & the Big Show and Snitsky & Edge. With Kane having chased Lita away from the ring, it was a clean contest, with the two monsters dominating. Kane finished things with a Chokeslam to Snitsky, getting the Big Show's second win in a row. However, the Big Show then failed to appear at the next Raw, taking a week off.

On the next Raw, Chris Masters held his "Masterlock Challenge", putting some serious money on the line for anyone who thought they could break his submission hold. Rosey gave it a try, but ultimately failed, leading Masters to brag about how it didn't matter how big they are. This brought out the Big Show to the cheers of the crowd, as the giant came down and sat in the chair, wanting his shot at the challenge. However, Masters opted to leave the ring instead of going for the hold, using the excuse that he had already had an opponent. A week later, Masters & Snitsky won a "Handicap" Match over Shelton Benjamin, with Masters refusing to release the Masterlock after the match. The Big Show came out to make the save, beating down Snitsky and sending Masters running from the ring.

At the beginning of August '05, the Big Show teamed with Benjamin in a Tag-Team Match against Masters & Snitsky. Show's roll on Raw continued, as he helped his team get the victory over the heels. After taking another Raw off, the Big Show dominated again, this time winning a "Handicap" Match over the Heartthrobs, Double Chokeslamming the team for the victory. Despite his powerful run, though, the Big Show's feud with Masters cooled off, and he failed to make an appearance at Summerslam '05. Although the Big Show seemed a cinch to be the one to finally win the Masterlock Challenge, he was not given the opportunity.

On the Raw following Summerslam, the Big Show had a confrontation in the back with Snitsky, who was admiring the feet of Maria Kanellis. The Big Show called him a pervert, leading to a match between the two. But Snitsky apparently wasn't ready for the match, as he left during the bout and walked away, losing via Countout as the Big Show was too strong. A week later, the Big Show won a "Handicap" Match over two indy wrestlers, Buck Quartermain & Steve Madison. Afterwards, however, Snitsky returned, attacking the Big Show with a ring bell! Snitsky did the same thing to Matt Hardy the next Raw, with the Big Show coming to the ring to prevent any further damage. A week later, while the Big Show was wrestling against Edge, Snitksy attacked again, causing the DQ. Hardy ran out to even the odds, leading to a tag-team match between the two groups. Unfortunately for the Big Show, Edge managed to knock him out with his briefcase, taking Show out of the match. Hardy was later pinned by a Spear from Edge, causing the Big Show's first loss on Raw since his return.

The Big Show got his shot at Snitsky at Unforgiven '05. The two big men went at it, with both having their moments during the match. But the Big Show's size advantage proved to be too much, as he was able to pin Snitsky after a massive Chokeslam. The Big Show wasn't satisfied after the match, though, as he opted to leave the ring and grab the ring bell! He struck Snitsky with the bell, knocking him down, then started to leave. But the Big Show then changed his mind, re-entered the ring, and this time clocked Snitsky from behind with the bell, just like Snitsky had done to him! Finally satisfied, the Big Show walked away, leaving the brutally-beaten Snitsky to be helped from the ring.

The next night on Raw, the Big Show joined with Matt Hardy, Shawn Michaels, & the WWE Champion, John Cena, in an Eight-Man Tag against Snitsky, Kurt Angle, Chris Masters, & Edge. During the bout, the Big Show took a bad bump to the outside courtesy of Angle, and stayed down for several minutes. However, when he returned, he was a fighting-mad giant, getting the tag and single-handedly taking down all four opponents! When the numbers finally started to get to the Big Show, a massive brawl took place, which ended with Edge getting left in the ring with all of the faces. He was soon squashed, with all four men pinning Edge to the mat for the win. A week later, the Big Show faced off against Snitsky again, this time in a "Street Fight", where weapons were legal. Several foreign objects were used, but the Big Show found the most off-beat weapon of all, as he used a kitchen sink to knock out Snitsky for the victory.

The Big Show didn't have a match at WWE Homecoming (which was Raw's return to the USA Network), but he did make an appearance, joining in the wild Raw/Smackdown brawl at the end of the show. A week later, the Big Show threw his hat into the ring during the discussion about the #1 Contender spot to the WWE Championship, which was also coveted by Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Carlito, and Edge. John Cena responded to all the challengers with a rap, then arranged a match in the main event: Cena, Michaels, & the Big Show vs. Angle, Carlito, & Edge. During the night, the Big Show had another confrontation, this time with Triple H, who had brutally beaten down his former friend (and legend) "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. The Big Show warned Triple H that he would get what was coming to him someday. In the match, the Big Show was, as usual, a dominant force, but he was outside the ring when Angle managed to reverse Cena and get the pin, taking away the victory.

On the next Raw, Vince McMahon announced that the fan's choice PPV, Taboo Tuesday, would be returning in November. He and GM Eric Bischoff set up Qualifying Matches to decide which Raw stars would be available to be selected to join in the WWE Title Match at the event, which already had Cena & Angle penciled in. The Big Show took on Edge in his Qualifying Match, and, thanks in part to Smackdown's John Bradshaw Layfield's music playing at one point, the Big Show got the Chokeslam on Edge for the victory, earning his spot. Shawn Michaels and Kane earned the other two spots in the voting. A week later, the three competitors went at it in a "Triple Threat" Match to try and impress the voters. The Big Show used his strength, but he was unprepared for Kane's heel tactics, as Kane nailed him with a chair shot. A semi-conscious Big Show then walked into some Sweet Chin Music from Michaels and was pinned, taking the loss. On the Raw before the PPV, the Big Show teamed with Kane against the Heartthrobs in a "Texas Tornado" Match, easily defeating them, while Michaels faced Cena in the main event, with Angle becoming involved. It was pretty clear where the fans stood on the subject.

At Taboo Tuesday '05, the results were in, and, not surprisingly, Shawn Michaels won the other spot in the Triple Threat WWE Championship Match. The Big Show only received 16% of the votes, the lowest of the three. Still, the Big Show & Kane were able to capitalize on their lost opportunity with another one, as they were placed in a Raw Tag-Team Title Match against Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. Although Cade & Murdoch did get some double-team maneuvers on Kane at one point, the two monsters proved to be too strong, with the Big Show getting the hot tag and destroying the champions. It all ended with Kane & the Big Show landing a Double Chokeslam on Cade for the victory, earning them the WWE Raw World Tag-Team Titles, the Big Show's first title reign since March '04.

Cade & Murdoch cashed in their rematch clause on the next Raw, facing the Big Show & Kane in a "Hardcore" Match for the tag straps. Even with weapons involved, though, the Big Show & Kane were a great team, as they were able to Double-Chokeslam Cade through an announce table for the victory, retaining the titles. Meanwhile, at the time, the Raw/Smackdown feud was hitting full-steam, as teams were being chosen for an Elimination Match at the next PPV. Team Smackdown was already in shape, as the Smackdown Champion, Batista, was set to be leading Eddie Guerrero, Bobby Lashley, John Bradshaw Layfield, & Rey Mysterio. On the next Smackdown, Batista was set to wrestle Raw's Edge in a "Street Fight" Match. Before the bout could take place, though, Raw's Eric Bischoff showed up in the back. As Smackdown's GM, Teddy Long, tried to get him to leave, Chris Masters showed up and attacked Long, causing the rest of the Smackdown squad to give chase. This left Batista alone in the ring, where the Big Show & Kane surprisingly came out! The tag champs were too much for Batista, eventually beating him down and giving him a huge Double Chokeslam, laying him out!

Things were set now for the war to fully break out between the two brands, but everything was put on hold for the next show, as Eddie Guerrero shockingly passed away. A tribute show was quickly put together, with many superstars, including the Big Show, deeply distressed. The Big Show was seen, tears in his eyes, during the 10-bell salute to Guerrero. Despite the emotions, the Big Show still smiled a little when they rolled one of Guerrero's old clips: the sewage incident involving Show. The Big Show & Kane then went out and won a "Non-Title" Match against the Smackdown Tag Champs, M-N-M. On the Smackdown tribute, the Big Show spoke out about his friend Eddie, saying through the tears that his only comfort was that Eddie was now with God. He also said there would never be another Eddie Guerrero.

On the next Raw, things went back to normal, with Team Raw (The Big Show, Kane, Carlito, Chris Masters, & team leader Shawn Michaels) coming together in the ring. They were then called out to the parking lot by Team Smackdown (with Guerrero's place taken by Randy Orton), and, despite Bischoff not wanting them to go, Team Raw headed out there, having a wild brawl between the two teams. Everything ended, though, when the Big Show & Kane struck again, Double Chokeslamming Batista on the top of a car! Batista was taken to a hospital, as JBL challenged Michaels to a match that night. The two had a "Lumberjack" Match, with all members of the two teams at ringside. The match broke down into chaos, though, as the two teams went at it! During the brawl, the Big Show & Kane took out Lashley with a Double Chokeslam, but then surprisingly got attacked by a bandaged Batista, who took out both men with a steel pipe before delivering a Spinebuster to the Big Show! On the following Smackdown, however, Team Raw reappeared along with the rest of the roster, leading to another brand-wide brawl. This one ended with the Big Show & Kane isolating Batista, giving him yet another Double Chokeslam, this time through an announce table!

At the '05 Survivor Series, the two teams were set to go at it in the "Elimination" Match. It was the Big Show, Michaels, Masters, Carlito, & Kane vs. Batista, Orton, JBL, Rey Mysterio, & Bobby Lashley, with Team Raw the apparently favorites, due to Batista still suffering from the Chokeslams. The first to be eliminated was Lashley, as he was caught by a Chokeslam from Kane from the outside, then pinned by HBK. Batista worked to lead his team back, though, getting the tag from Mysterio and taking out Kane with a Spinebuster, evening the odds. However, Kane refused to leave, instead joining with the Big Show to get another Double Chokeslam on Batista, allowing the Big Show to eliminate the World Champion. However, that was about the extent of good new for Show, as he was later hit by JBL's Clothesline From Hell(twice), Orton's RKO, and Mysterio's 619 and Drop the Dime, finally getting pinned by all three men. Team Smackdown later won the contest, with Orton being the sole 'survivor'.

Another match at the PPV had Triple H defeating Ric Flair in a bloody "Last Man Standing" Match, with Triple H nailing Flair with the sledgehammer for the victory. Triple H came out on the next Raw to brag about his treatment of Flair, only to have the Big Show come out! Show got in Triple H's face and called him a piece of s#$%, then knocked Triple H's mic out of his hands, wanting to fight! However, Triple H didn't go for it, instead walking way. Later that night, the Big Show & Kane defended the World Tag Titles, beating Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko. Only one night later, the Big Show participated in a special Tuesday night Smackdown, where he faced off against Rey Mysterio. Late in the match, Mysterio got the Frog Splash (in honor of Guerrero) on the giant. However, this brought out Show's tag-team partner, Kane, who joined the Big Show in getting a Double Chokeslam on Mysterio! Right afterwards, though, the Undertaker's gong sounded, and the Dead Man appeared in the ring, taking down the Big Show, then Chokeslamming Kane, to the roar of the fans (the Dead Man was soon attacked himself by Orton, who tastelessly drove Guerrero's lowrider, with the Undertaker in the back, through the stage wall).

Three days later, on Friday Night Smackdown, the Big Show & Kane came over from Raw to go against Smackdown's Mysterio & JBL in a "Tag" Match. During the match, it appeared that the referee accidentally got JBL in the eye. JBL then surprisingly left the ring, heading to the back and leaving Mysterio on his own. The Big Show & Kane didn't take long to capitalize on this, giving the cruiserweight a Double Chokeslam for the victory. They didn't stop there, wanting to take out Mysterio, but Batista, injured back and all, came down and made the save with a steel chair, sending the Raw Tag Champs out. On the next Raw, the Big Show & Kane let out some aggression from the assault, winning a "Fatal Fourway" Match for the Raw Tag Titles over Val Venis & Viscera, Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko, and the Hearthrobs, with the champs basically dominating all three other teams. Later that night, a cocky Triple H was seen in the back after defeating Tajiri. However, the Game ran into the Big Show, who again threatened Triple H.

On the next Raw, it was announced that the Big Show & Kane would be facing Smackdown's Mysterio & Batista at the next Smackdown PPV. The Big Show had other things on his mind, though, as it was also announced that Qualifying Matches would be held that night, with the winners to be entered into Raw's Elimination Chamber Match at their PPV. The Big Show faced off against Shawn Michaels in a grueling match that ended unexpectedly, as Triple H came to the ring with a steel chair and struck Michaels, causing the Big Show to lose the match! The Big Show, though, returned the favor later on, as he attacked Triple H during his Qualifying Match with Kane, helping his tag-team partner earn the spot.

At Armageddon '05, the Big Show & Kane took on Batista & Mysterio in a "Non-Title" Match. Things seemed even bigger now, since Batista & Mysterio had managed to win the Smackdown Tag-Team Titles from M-N-M the Smackdown before the Pay-Per-View, making it a Champions vs. Champions bout. It was a tough fight, with the Big Show & Kane looking to do even more damage to Batista, while the World Champion wanted some revenge on the two big monsters. Near the end of the match, the Big Show was clotheslined to the outside by Batista, with the two men fighting near the announce table. Meanwhile, in the ring, Kane caught Mysterio in mid-air and delivered a devestating Chokeslam, enabling the Big Show & Kane to get the victory.

Nearing the end of the year, the Big Show participated in a "Christmas In Afghanistan" show, with the Raw superstars taking their act to the US troops stationed overseas. The Big Show gave them what they wanted, as he defeated Carlito with a huge Chokeslam. He also mingled with the troops at various locations, showing his patriotic side. On the final Raw of the year, the Big Show and Triple H came to the ring with the Coach to participate in the contract signing for their match. The Big Show didn't hesitate, more than willing to sign to face the Game. But Triple H stalled, then got into a brawl with the Big Show, using his sledgehammer to injure the Big Show's hand! Triple H then signed the contract, leaving while the Big Show got help for his injury.

WWE Raw: 2006

Triple H bragged about the damage done to the Big Show's hand on the next Raw, only to get a nasty surprise when the Big Show came out with a massive cast on. The cast was hard enough that the Big Show was able to smash a chair out of Triple H's arms, as well as destroying a monitor with it. It seemed that the Big Show now had a sledgehammer of his own to use on Triple H! At New Year's Revolution '06, the Big Show wasted no time trying to use his new 'weapon' on the Game. However, Triple H was able to dodge a punch, with the Big Show splitting the cast on the ring post! Triple H then focused on the Big Show's unprotected hand, doing as much damage as possible to it. It paid off later, as the Big Show couldn't manage a Chokeslam on the Game. Near the end, with the ref down, Triple H smashed the Big Show's hand again, this time with a steel chair. Triple H then got his sledgehammer (or what was left of it, as the Big Show had destroyed the handle earlier in the match) and hit the Big Show with it, before landing the Pedigree for the victory.

The Big Show didn't appear on the next Raw, nursing his injured hand. He did come back, though, a week later on Raw, facing Shelton Benjamin in a match. Shelton's mother, Mama Benjamin, for once was not involved, simply telling her son to do his best while looking in frightened awe at the size of the Big Show. During the match, the Big Show dominated the much-smaller wrestler. But when Triple H came out, the Big Show became distracted, brawling with the Game on the outside! Meanwhile, Benjamin stayed in the ring, getting the victory via Countout. On the final Raw before the next PPV, the Big Show faced off against three other men (Lance Cade, Rob Conway, & Gregory Helms) in a "2nd Chance Qualifying" Match for the Rumble. The Big Show didn't have any problems tossing out all three men, keeping his spot in the big-time match.

At the '06 Royal Rumble, the Big Show had a mini-confrontation with Smackdown's Rey Mysterio in the back. The two seemed to have put their differences behind them, as the Big Show mentioned how Mysterio was fighting for Eddie Guerrero that night. Later on, in the match, the Big Show got a bad draw, coming out at #6. He immediately went after Triple H, renewing their feud in the middle of the Rumble. Show also attacked Mysterio, having the upper hand on both wrestlers. He soon got attacked himself, though, by #7: the Coach! The Big Show unsurprisingly shrugged off the Coach's hit and, angry, grabbed the Raw announcer and threw him out of the ring, easily eliminating him. #8 proved to be more of a challenge, as Bobby Lashley came out, causing a staredown between the two big men. They went at it, with Lashley getting the upper hand. However, #9, Kane, soon gave the Big Show the advantage, as the tag-team later double-teamed Lashley and got the Double Chokeslam on him before eliminating him. This didn't stop the Big Show and Kane from also going at it in the "Every Man For Himself" atmosphere. As they were going at it, though, Triple H snuck up and eliminated both men, ending the Big Show's run in the Rumble. Mysterio later got the win.

The next night on Raw, the Big Show & Kane put the Rumble behind them, staying a team and defeating Chris Masters & Carlito to retain the Raw World Tag-Team Titles. The Big Show then began concentrating on who would get the Wrestlemania title shot, since Mysterio was using his on Smackdown. The Road To Wrestlemania Tournament was set up to decide the winner, with the Big Show facing Shelton Benjamin in the first round. During the match, Mama Benjamin began swinging her purse at the Big Show, trying to help her son. The Big Show snapped, turning and yelling at Mama, who collapsed to the floor outside. The Big Show, meanwhile, continued in the ring, winning with a Chokeslam to Benjamin. Afterwards, however, the Big Show noticed the downed Mama and, with the referee, called for help, apparently stunned that his actions had caused Mama to collapse. Mama was carted out of the building on a stretcher, with Shelton following behind.

The Big Show shook off the incident on the next Raw (after it was announced that Mama was doing ok), intent on his Second-Round match with his old foe, Triple H! The two went at it in a rough affair, with the Big Show being cut open early. Late in the match, the two men ignored the referee and continued fighting, going to the outside. The ref, unable to keep the two foes in the ring, eventually counted BOTH men out, ending the match. This didn't stop the fight, as the Big Show eventually Speared Triple H through the safety barrier, laying him out! In the back, when Vince McMahon was asked about what this meant to the tournament, he talked about having seen two men who didn't lose, and moved both men on to the tournament finals to face other semi-final winner, Rob Van Dam, in a "Triple Threat" Match.

The Big Show, Triple H, and RVD had it out a week later, with each giving a speech beforehand about how important the title shot was. The match soon seemed to turn into a "Handicap" Match, as Triple H & Van Dam had to work together against the major threat of the Big Show, who still managed to get a Double Chokeslam on both men. Eventually, though, when Van Dam knocked the Big Show to the outside, Triple H and Van Dam went at it, each trying to get the quick pin on the other. Van Dam was powerful during the match, landing the Five Star Frog Splash on Triple H at one point. Later on, RVD got the Frog Splash on the Big Show as well. However, Triple H then came in, broke up the pin, then Pedigree'd RVD to get the pin and the victory, keeping the Big Show from the main-event spot at Wrestlemania.

On the final Raw of February '06, the Big Show & Kane stayed dominant, keeping the Raw Tag-Team Titles by beating Val Venis & Viscera. It seemed nothing could stop the two monsters from staying the champs for a very long time. A week later, two Wrestlemania Rewind matches were held, with Kane going against Triple H, while the Big Show took on John Cena (a rematch from Wrestlemania XX). Kane lost his match due to interference from Chris Masters & Carlito, who wanted the tag-team titles. Masters & Carlito also wanted to interfere in the Big Show's match, but Kane took them out, keeping them from getting involved. Later on, near the end of the match, Triple H came down to distract Cena. But it didn't help the Big Show, as Cena caught him with a huge FU for the victory.

On the next Raw, Triple H and Cena had a contract signing, with the Big Show & Kane coming out, possibly to attack either man. But Masters & Carlito intercepted the two men, causing another brawl between the teams. Vince McMahon then made a 6-Man Match for that night, making it the Big Show, Kane, & Cena against Triple H, Masters, & Carlito. Late in the match, the Big Show & Kane had Triple H alone in the ring, as they set him up for a Double Chokeslam. But Masters & Carlito then entered the ring and hit both big men with chair shots, ending the match. The Big Show & Kane both shook off the shots and fought with Masters & Carlito to the back, continuing their feud. At Saturday Night's Main Event #32, the Big Show made an appearance before the show, defeating Carlito in a Dark Match.

A few days later on Raw, Kane defeated Carlito in a singles match. The Big Show then took on Masters later on, with the Big Show dominating again, causing Masters to use a chair to get DQ'ed. The Big Show took a few good shots from Masters, including getting rammed into the ringpost, injuring his shoulder. The same matches were scheduled for the next week on Raw, with Kane again taking on Carlito. Kane was again the stronger man, as Carlito got DQ'ed for pulling the ref into the way of a Kane strike. Kane then chased Carlito to the back, where Masters, Lance Cade, & Trevor Murdoch all ambushed him, locking him behind a door with a forklift! The Big Show appeared and got rid of the heels, then attempted to move the forklift, even as Kane walked out from the nearby hallway! Apparently, the room that Masters & Carlito had locked him in had another door! The Big Show then made his way to the ring, with Kane taking care of Carlito, while the Big Show was set to take up the Masterlock Challenge. However, Masters couldn't even get the Masterlock on the Big Show, causing him to cheap-shot the giant. The Big Show came back, though, and Chokeslammed Masters, leaving him out cold in the ring.

The two teams met again for the Raw Tag-Team Titles at Wrestlemania 22, with the Big Show & Kane obviously having the momentum. The two giants dominated at first, but Carlito used an exposed turnbuckle on the Big Show to turn things to their favor. However, the Big Show later got a Double Suplex on both Carlito & Masters, then made the hot tag to Kane, who cleaned house until he missed a Flying Clothesline. Masters then got the Masterlock on Kane, but the Big Show made the save. Near the end, the Big Show was knocked to the outside, allowing the heels to double-team Kane. But Masters accidentally hit Carlito, allowing Kane to come back and get the Chokeslam, keeping the titles around the huge waists of the Big Show & Kane for one more night.

The next day on Raw, the Big Show & Kane were put in a Tag Title Match against Vince McMahon's new favorites, the Spirit Squad. While they faced Kenny & Mikey in the match, the rest of the Spirit Squad soon got involved, giving the Big Show an enormous Spirit Slam before getting the pinfall victory, shockingly upsetting the two monsters and taking away the Raw World Tag-Team Titles! The Big Show & Kane arranged for their rematch the next week, but the Big Show also had some concerns about his partner, who was starting to hear voices about "May 19th". During the match (where they faced Johnny & Nicky), the Big Show worked hard to regain the Tag-Team Titles. However, everything fell apart when Kane lost it, throwing chairs into the ring, then Chokeslamming the referee! Needless to say, the Big Show & Kane were DQ'ed. Afterwards, the Big Show tried to reason with his tag-team partner, but Kane grabbed the Big Show by the throat! The Big Show responded in kind, with both men struggling for control until Kane won out, getting the Chokeslam and breaking up the tag-team with one great impact!

A week later, after Kane had won over Rob Conway, he tried to attack the ring announcer, Lillian Garcia, claiming that she had mentioned the dreaded "May 19th" date. The Big Show came down to make the save, arguing with his former partner. The two grabbed throats again, but this time the Big Show won, landing the Chokeslam on Kane. He then walked off in disgust, as Kane rose back up in the ring with an evil smile on his face. On the next Raw, the Big Show again confronted Kane, this time in the back, wanting to know what was going on with him. When Kane told him not to mention the date, the Big Show said "May 19th?", causing Kane to attack him, badly injuring his eye and causing blood to flow from his face! Officials came up to help the Big Show, getting him medical attention, as his former friend and ally walked away with blood on his hands.

At Backlash '06, the Big Show and Kane were set to go at it. During the night, the Big Show gave an interview, where he talked about how he had done movies in the past and hadn't gone crazy like Kane had. He also promised an eye for an eye, pointing to his bandaged face. The two monsters went at it that night with several power moves, with each looking for that decisive win. Late in the match, Kane took control with an eye rake, then sent the Big Show to the outside. Right afterwards, however, red lights appeared throughout the arena, with "May 19th" being clearly heard by the fans. A distraught Kane stayed in the ring, as the Big Show started to check on him, then rolled to the outside, got a chair, and came back in, nailing Kane in the head! The Big Show then threw down the chair and left, the match having been thrown out, with Kane once again rising up in the ring afterwards.

The Big Show didn't appear on the next Raw, instead wrestling in a dark match (where he defeated two Indy wrestlers in a "Handicap" Match). He did return the next week on Raw to once again wrestle Kane, with the two doing some scientific wrestling, something you don't often see from big men. But when the voices started again, Kane lost it, grabbing a chair and nailing the Big Show in the head for the DQ, laying the giant out! The Big Show then missed another Raw, possibly due to the head injury he sustained from the chair shot. He reappeared at the end of May '06 to compete against Edge in a "#1 Contenders" Match. Unfortunately for the Big Show, after taking a low blow from Lita and a chair shot/Spear from Edge, he was pinned, losing his chance to go after the WWE Title once again.

A week later, the Big Show was placed in a match against Triple H. It was a stipulations match, in that if Triple H won, he didn't have to participate in Mr. McMahon's Kiss My Ass Club later that night. The match didn't take that long, unfortunately, as the Big Show was knocked to the outside by the Game. Before he could recover, the Spirit Squad surprisingly ran out and attacked the Big Show right in front of the referee, forcing the disqualification victory for the Big Show! Afterwards, the Spirit Squad quickly ran to the back, showing that it was all a set-up from Mr. McMahon.

ECW: 2006

A few days later, at the WWE vs. ECW special, the Big Show seemed to be rallying the WWE troops, leading the 10 WWE wrestlers down for the "Team Battle Royal" against ECW. The Big Show was one of the dominant wrestlers during the match, although he did take an Angle Slam from ECW's Kurt Angle. Near the end, Angle managed to eliminate WWE's Finlay and Edge, but Randy Orton managed to toss him out, leaving just Orton & the Big Show. It seemed that WWE had won. However, the Big Show suddenly tore off his WWE Raw t-shirt, revealing an ECW t-shirt underneath! A shocked Orton couldn't recover, as the Big Show tossed him out, giving the victory to ECW! The Big Show celebrated with Angle after the match, as well as drinking beers with the rest of the ECW group in the back, becoming one of the biggest signings yet for the returning Extreme Championship Wrestling.

At ECW One Night Stand '06, The Big Show didn't have a match, but he did have an impact, attacking The Full Blooded Italians and taking them out at one point. The Big Show then worked to prove he deserved to be in ECW, feuding with Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and others. The Big Show's power led him to be given an ECW World Title shot against Rob Van Dam on the "ECW On Sci Fi" show. During the match, The Big Show attacked the referee, taking him out. Van Dam was able to put The Big Show down, with Paul Heyman running down to make the count. But Heyman only counted to 2, screwing over Van Dam! The Big Show then recovered and destroyed RVD with a chair shot, with Heyman making the pin count to make The Big Show the ECW World Champion!

The Big Show, with Heyman as his ally again, defended the title several times over the next few weeks, against competitors like Ric Flair and Sabu. He also found himself thrown into another feud with the Undertaker when The Great Khali was unable to compete, which had The Big Show take his place at The Great American Bash '06. The two fought in a "Punjabi Prison" Match, with no gold on the line. It was a brutal cage match that left both men blood-covered by the end of it. At the end of the match, The Undertaker dove off the inside cell and smashed into The Big Show, causing both to fall through the outer cell! The Undertaker, though, escaped first, getting him the win, as The Great Khali watched from the outside.

The Big Show kept defending the ECW World Title after this defeat, taking down Kane and surviving a bout with Batista (with Batista winning via DQ). In August '06, a "#1 Contenders Ladder" Match was set up between Van Dam and Sabu, with The Big Show getting involved to help Sabu win (just to screw over Van Dam again). At Summerslam '06, Sabu tried every hardcore trick he could in the Extreme Rules match, but The Big Show could not be kept down. At the end, The Big Show chokeslammed Sabu through a table for the pin, continuing his reign at the top of the division. The Big Show and Sabu would face off again on the next ECW On Sci Fi show, this time in a 'normal' match. This didn't work for Sabu, who got disqualified by using the ring bell and a table.

On the next Monday Night Raw, The Big Show surprisingly showed up, attacking both members of Degeneration-X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) at the behest of Vince & Shane McMahon. The Big Show continued to ally with the McMahons for the next month, leading up to Unforgiven '06, where The Big Show & The McMahons fought DX in a "Hell In A Cell" Match. It wasn't the greatest night for The Big Show, as he got knocked senseless at one point, allowing DX to pull his pants down! They then made Vince McMahon kiss The Big Show's exposed ass, adding insult to injury. Later on, McMahon got taken out by a sledgehammer shot and was pinned, losing the match for their team.

Going into September '06, The Big Show kept up his defenses of the ECW World Heavyweight Title, winning matches over ECW alumni like Sabu and The Sandman. He didn't wrestle at the next pay-per-view, but soon was involved in the October one, as it was announced that the three champions (WWE/World/ECW) would be facing off at Cyber Sunday! The fans would vote on which belt would be on the line in the contest. The Big Show had ECW concerns at the time as well, though, as Rob Van Dam was able to beat The Big Show in a "Ladder" Match to earn a future title shot against him! The Big Show kept feuding with RVD, while also preparing for the pay-per-view. At Cyber Sunday '06, the fans chose for King Booker's World Title to be on the line, giving The Big Show(ECW) and John Cena(WWE) a chance to win more gold. Unfortunately for The Big Show, involvement from Kevin Federline allowed King Booker to nail a distracted Cena, retaining his title.

Next up for The Big Show was to put together a team for the Survivor Series to take on Cena's squad. The Big Show found some powerful members, including Test, Fit Finlay, MVP, and Umaga, while Cena went with The Big Show's biggest enemies, grabbing RVD, Sabu, Kane, and Bobby Lashley. At Survivor Series '06, the two teams went at it. The Big Show's team took some hits early on, as Umaga (via DQ), MVP, and Test all got eliminated. The Big Show struck back hard, though, eliminated both Sabu and Kane to even things up (RVD had also been eliminated). That was about it for The Big Show, though, as Lashley managed to eliminate Finlay, and Cena got The Big Show up for an FU, winning the match.

To this point, despite some losses, The Big Show had continued his successful reign at the top of ECW. This would all end in December '06, though, as The Big Show was put in an "Elimination Chamber" Match with Hardcore Holly, Bobby Lashley, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, and Test at December To Dismember. In a match hated to this day by ECW fans, Lashley came out the winner, last eliminating The Big Show to win the match and the ECW Championship. The Big Show would use his rematch clause on the next ECW On Sci Fi show, but Lashley once again won out, defeating him.

Afterwards, The Big Show opted to leave WWE going into the next year, as he was training to become a professional boxer instead. He would be gone from mainstream wrestling for more than a year.

WWE: 2008

At No Way Out '08, Rey Mysterio competed against Edge for the World Heavyweight Title in WWE. Mysterio came out on the losing end, thanks to a spear from Edge. After the match, surprising music hit, as The Big Show made his return! It was clear that he had been training, as he had lost over 100 pounds. The Big Show got on the mic and talked about his return, wanting to become a champion again. He was also there to make a point, as he left the ring and attacked Mysterio, dragging him back in. Along the way, The Big Show taunted a professional boxer at ringside, Floyd Mayweather. When The Big Show was set to chokeslam Mysterio, Mayweather jumped the rail and came into the ring along with his entourage. The Big Show, annoyed, decided to make things more 'equal' and got down on his knees, daring Mayweather to attack him. Mayweather did, breaking The Big Show's nose!! A bloody Big Show attacked the entourage, until Shane McMahon showed up, trying to restore order.

On the next Raw, The Big Show was sent out to apologize for his actions. But The Big Show had another plan in mind, challenging Mayweather to a match at Wrestlemania! Surprisingly, Mayweather accepted, and for the next few weeks, the two prepared for their match. At the weigh-in, Mayweather was 159 lbs, while The Big Show was 441. The Big Show then mocked Mayweather, asking him if it was really worth it (while bringing out WWE wrestlers to surround the ring). Mayweather answered that while he respected what The Big Show had done, he did not respect him as a human being. Mayweather then tossed some money around the ring. A furious Big Show reacted by picking Mayweather up and throwing him over the top rope, into a crowd of his entourage & wrestlers!

Around this time, The Big Show began using a new finisher, knocking people out with a single punch. It was a sign of his boxing training, as well as a message to Mayweather. At Wrestlemania 24, The Big Show and Mayweather squared off, with all the odds seemingly in The Big Show's favor. When Mayweather didn't seem serious enough, joking around with an ally, The Big Show ko'ed the ally, and then went to work on Mayweather, landing several crushing blows. It was bad enough that Mayweather's entourage tried to carry him from the ring and to the back, only to have The Big Show stop them and bring Mayweather back. However, soon after, chairs became involved, with Mayweather allies attacking The Big Show. Although he fought them off, The Big Show then took chair shots from Mayweather himself, followed by a brass-knuckle right hand that knocked The Big Show out! He was counted out, giving the Wrestlemania victory to Mayweather.

A day later on Raw, The Big Show congratulated Mayweather, his posse, chairs, and a pair of brass knuckles for beating him. During this, though, The Great Khali came out and had a staredown with The Big Show, displaying that he was just as big before leaving. The Big Show seemed to push for a confronation the next few weeks, with Khali going as far as to offer gifts to placate the big man, only to have The Big Show knock him out! The feud between the two led to Backlash '08, where The Big Show came out victorious, chokeslamming The Great Khali and getting a much-needed victory.

The Big Show also found other large athletes to feud with, as he began having problems with both Mark Henry and the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Kane. At One Night Stand '08, The Big Show won a "Five-Way Singapore Canes #1 Contenders" Match over Tommy Dreamer, Chavo Guerrero Jr, John Morrison, and CM Punk to earn another shot at the gold that had once been his: the ECW World Heavyweight Title. However, Henry soon became involved again, starting a three-way feud with The Big Show and Kane that built towards Night of Champions '08. Unfortunately for The Big Show, Henry came out on top, securing the gold.

Over the next month, The Big Show appeared to be feuding with Edge and his 'girlfriend', General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Vickie was doing everything in her power to keep The Big Show away from Edge, denying him chances even at #1 Contendership matches to keep him away. He was kept off the Summerslam '08 When The Big Show was later denied a shot in the "Scramble" Match for the World Title at Unforgiven '08, he came out to the ring to talk about how he wanted Mike Adamle to take over for Vickie, who came out and walked to the ring to talk about the 'disruption' he was causing. Vickie threatened The Big Show with fines and suspensions, but that all changed when the gong sounded, signalling that the Undertaker was coming for her. The Big Show kept her from running, as The Undertaker brought a coffin to the ring. But when the Undertaker grabbed Vickie, The Big Show leveled him with a right hand, and then beat him down, eventually laying him out! The Big Show then held The Undertaker, so that Vickie could slap him, with the two leaving together.

The Big Show later spoke about the turn, saying that it was strictly business between himself and Vickie. If he can get an apology from The Undertaker (that Vickie wanted), he would get the title shot he's been wanting. Over the next few weeks, The Big Show & Vickie demanded the apology, but The Undertaker instead assaulted Vickie's brother-in-law, Chavo Guerrero Jr, in the back. When The Big Show ran to help him, The Undertaker appeared in the ring and Tombstoned Vickie, taking her out. A match was set up between The Big Show and The Undertaker at No Mercy '08. Amazingly, The Big Show overpowered The Undertaker, using an exposed turnbuckle to daze him, followed by a series of knockout punches to the head, causing the referee to call the match via knockout to stop The Big Show from doing any further damage.

On the next Smackdown, The Big Show got the title shot he had been wanting, taking on the WWE Champion, Triple H. But just as The Big Show seemed to be winning, the lights went out, and The Undertaker appeared in the ring, assaulting The Big Show and costing him his shot! The Big Show demanded another match with the Undertaker on the next PPV, and said that the fans would choose the match. He then demonstrated the choices on three hapless young wrestlers: a Knockout Match, an I Quit Match, or a Last Man Standing Match! A week before the PPV, The Big Show interrupted a Triple H/Undertaker match, smashing The Undertaker repeatedly with a chair. At Cyber Sunday '08, The Big Show took on The Undertaker in a "Last Man Standing" Match (which barely beat out I Quit in the fan voting). The match featured many big hits, including The Big Show chokeslamming The Undertaker through a table! But even The Big Show's knockout punch wouldn't keep him down, with the Undertaker getting his Hell's Gate submission hold on The Big Show to force him unconscious, keeping The Big Show from answering the count, losing the match.

With one win apiece, the two men still had something to settle going into the next month, leading The Big Show to challenge The Undertaker to one more match: a Casket Match! The Undertaker accepted, even giving The Big Show's career 'last rites' on a Smackdown (which ended up with Vickie inside a casket). The Big Show, for once, seemed afraid, not wanting to get placed inside, but he still was willing to fight. At Survivor Series '08, the two went at it once more, with the casket sitting at ringside a reminder of what could possibly happen to The Big Show. After several attempts to get The Undertaker in and get the win, The Big Show had a close call of his own, leading him to destroy the casket. The plan didn't work, though, as a wall of flames kept The Big Show from leaving, while the druids brought out another casket. At the end, The Undertaker was able to toss The Big Show into the casket, which fell over, closing the lid, ending the match with another loss for The Big Show.

The Big Show faced The Undertaker once more before the year was out, taking him on in a "Steel Cage" Match on Smackdown. Things once again didn't go The Big Show's way, though, with The Undertaker making The Big Show tap out to Hell's Gate once again. The Big Show didn't wrestle at Armageddon '08, instead taking the night off. Meanwhile, Vickie's husband, Edge, returned to WWE after a stay on the injury list. The Big Show made sure to remind Edge that while he was gone, he had protected his wife, but that it had all been strictly business. There seemed to be tension between the two as the new year started.

WWE Smackdown: 2009

While The Big Show kept with Vickie Guerrero (and, thus, partnering with Edge), he also had other feuds going on, including fighting against Triple H during the first month of '09. The Big Show beat Triple H in a "Last Man Standing" Match on Smackdown, but a week later lost another "Last Man Standing" Match, this one to MVP (thanks to Triple H's sledgehammer attack). The Big Show would get some revenge a week later, thanks to Vickie making a Big Show/Victor Koxlov vs. Triple H handicap match. At Royal Rumble '09, The Big Show got a great benefit by coming in as #30. He did eliminate CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, and Mike Knox, having a major effect at the end of the Rumble. He then fought with The Undertaker, with the two going to the apron. Unfortunately, Randy Orton took advantage of their fight, nailing The Big Show with an RKO to send him out of the match! An infuriated Big Show came back to grab The Undertaker and pull him down as well, with the two brawling to the back. Orton went on to win the Rumble.

On the next Smackdown, The Big Show and WWE Champion Edge had another confrontation, with Vickie trying to get them to work together. But later in the night, during the Big Show/Edge vs. Triple H/Undertaker match, The Big Show turned on Edge, knocking him out with a punch and leaving him to get Tombstoned. This led to The Big Show and Edge feuding, along with the other competitors, leading up to No Way Out '09. In the Smackdown "Elimination Chamber" Match, The Big Show took on Edge, Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov, Triple H, and The Undertaker, with Edge's WWE Title on the line. Surprisingly, Edge went out first, guaranteeing a new champion. Unfortunately for The Big Show, it wasn't going to be him, as he was attacked by all the remaining wrestlers and finally pinned by Hardy. Triple H won the WWE Championship.

On the same night, though, Edge earned himself another championship, the World Title, by jumping into the Raw Elimination Chamber match. On the next Smackdown, John Cena showed up for his rematch on Smackdown, but instead, Vickie put him in a match with The Big Show. Thanks to Edge's distraction, The Big Show beat Cena with a Chokeslam, winning a big match. A week later on Raw, Cena and Edge went at it for the championship, but Edge saved his title by hitting Cena with it, causing the disqualification. After the match, as Edge went to leave, Vickie came out and shockingly announced that the new #1 Contender was The Big Show!

Just when it seemed that The Big Show had the title shot in the bag, though, the contract signing on Smackdown was interrupted by Cena, who attacked both men and whispered something to Vickie, causing her to panic. On the next Raw, the contract signing took place again, with both putting their names on the contract. Cena again interrupted, though, this time apparently invited by Vickie to be placed in the match as well! Cena claimed he said he loved Vickie to get in, but that didn't last, as later on, Cena told the truth, saying that he had blackmailed Vickie. He then showed a secret video of Vickie and The Big Show making out!! The truth was out, as the affair between Vickie and The Big Show had been revealed.

The three men feuded for the next few weeks, with a lot of the violence being caused by the 'love triangle' between The Big Show, Edge, and Vickie. It was also reported at one point that Vickie might be pregnant, leading to the question of who the father was. At Wrestlemania 25, the three wrestlers went at it for Edge's World Title, with Vickie (in a wheelchair due to an accidental hit) watching from ringside. This proved to be bad for Vickie, as she accidentally got speared by Edge at one point. At the end of the match, The Big Show got FU'ed by Cena, who then threw Edge on top of him (with another FU) before pinning The Big Show to get the win and the World Title.

WWE Raw: 2009

A few weeks after Wrestlemania, The Big Show was drafted to Raw, although he still regularly appeared on Smackdown over the next month. At Backlash '09, The Big Show wasn't assigned a match, but he still had a major part to play. During the John Cena/Edge Last Man Standing World Title match, The Big Show came out onto the stage and attacked Cena. In a stunning moment, The Big Show chokeslammed Cena off the stage and into electronics, causing Cena to lose the title! On Raw, Vickie thanked The Big Show for his help, but when The Big Show went for a kiss, Vickie stopped him, saying that it had to be professional between them. Later on, The Big Show was granted a #1 Contenders match against Batista, but a hurting Cena managed to distract him, causing The Big Show to be counted out.

The Big Show and Cena continued to meet up over the next few weeks, with The Miz also getting involved due to his disdain of Cena. At Judgment Day '09, The Big Show tried to put Cena away, but once again came up short, as Cena landed the FU and won the match. On the next Raw, while The Miz and Jerry "The King" Lawler were arguing in the ring about Cena, The Big Show came out and proclaimed that the feud wasn't over, announcing the two were signed for a Submissions match at the next PPV. The Big Show then took out Lawler, putting him in a camel clutch submission.

For the next few weeks, The Big Show bragged that Cena couldn't make him submit, because he was too large for Cena to put on his STFU finisher. At Extreme Rules '09, it seemed to be true, as The Big Show kept fighting free of the submission and going for his own. But at the end, Cena used the ropes (briefly) and got on a version of the STFU, managing to make The Big Show tap out. A week later, Cena was wrestling The Miz, when The Big Show got involved, going after Cena. The Miz, angry, hit The Big Show with a chair, only to have it have little effect, causing The Big Show to chase The Miz away. The Big Show then attacked various wrestlers over the next few weeks, upset over what had happened.

At Night of Champions '09, Chris Jericho was set to defend the WWE Unified Tag-Team Titles against Legacy members Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr. Jericho's partner, Edge, had to vacate his portion of the title, so Jericho was needing a partner. He surprised the Legacy by bringing out The Big Show, making him a co-tag champion in WWE once again. The team managed to work well together, with The Big Show forcing DiBiase to tap out to a submission to retain the belts. On the next Raw, The Big Show & Jericho defended the belts again, against Cryme Tyme. There was a special referee for the match, basketball star Shaquille O'Neal. After the match ended in a DQ, The Big Show and Shaq went at each other, with both getting choke holds on the other before Shaq was able to knock The Big Show from the ring.

The two teams continued to feud with the next few weeks, with The Big Show still incensed about Shaq's actions and taking it out on Cryme Tyme. At Summerslam '09, they fought it out with the belts on the line. While Cryme Tyme was known more for stealing matches, this time it was The Big Show's turn. While Jericho distracted the referee, The Big Show nailed JTG with his WMD punch, knocking him out! Jericho then got the pin for the victory, keeping the belts for their team. The Big Show & Jericho next started feuding with another tag-team, Mark Henry & MVP. It was an even pairing, with two powerhouses (TBH and Henry) and two skilled wrestlers (Jericho and MVP). At Breaking Point '09, The Big Show & Jericho put the belts up again, with a similar result to the month before: as Jericho had the referee's attention, The Big Show came in and knocked out Henry, with Jericho getting the pin to retain.

On the next Raw, The Big Show & Jericho finished off their feud with Henry & MVP, with Trish Stratus returning for one night to be part of the angle. A few days later, Jericho fought in a match against Batista, coming up on the losing end. The Big Show immediately challenged Batista for the next week, but the match ended in a DQ due to Jericho's assault. The feud continued leading up to Hell In A Cell '09, with Batista challenging the tag-team champs to a match. Batista then revealed his tag-team partner, the returning Rey Mysterio. The two teams put on a strong performance, with Batista & Mysterio nearly taking away the belts. Mysterio even got the 619 on The Big Show. But when Mysterio sprang off the top rope for his finisher, The Big Show nailed him with his knock-out punch, and then pinned him, keeping the titles.

Problems started to grow between The Big Show and Jericho on the next Raw, after a confrontation with guest host Ben Roethlisberger (and his Steelers offensive line) brought them into a feud with DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H). It was later announced that, at the next PPV, there would be a match between Team Raw and Team Smackdown. Jericho was named the Smackdown captain, while Triple H was the captain of Team Raw. Due to Jericho insinuating that he had been the one to 'restore' The Big Show's career and was carrying the team, The Big Show surprisingly joined Team Raw, beating Jericho (via countout) to win a spot on the team. The two tag-team partners feuded over the next month, leading up to the PPV.

At Bragging Rights '09, Team Raw (The Big Show, DX, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, & Jack Swagger) took on Team Smackdown (Jericho, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Kane, R-Truth, & The Hart Dynasty [Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith]). During the match, it seemed that The Big Show was working hard for his squad. That all changed at the end, though, when The Big Show knocked out Triple H, and then chokeslammed Kingston. Jericho quickly made the pin, getting the victory (and the trophy) for Team Smackdown. The Big Show revealed why he did that the next week on Raw, as he had made a deal with GM Teddy Long in order to get a title shot against The Undertaker. In revenge, though, Triple H beat him that night in a "Lumberjack" Match (with all the lumberjacks being the Team Raw members).

Interestingly, Jericho didn't take the title shot very well, thinking that he deserved one as well. He managed to arrange it, meaning that it would be The Undertaker(c) vs. Jericho vs. The Big Show at Survivor Series '09. Despite issues between them, The Big Show and Jericho worked together at first, trying to take out The Undertaker. But the chasing of the gold was too much, pitting partner against partner and making it a true Three-Way match. At the end, Jericho got taken out by The Big Show's knockout punch, and the Undertaker then got The Big Show in his Hell's Gate submission, forcing The Big Show to tap out. The Undertaker retained the belt, keeping both partners from getting more gold.

The Big Show & Jericho pulled back together over the next few weeks, as they were signed in a "Tables, Ladders, & Chairs" Match against DX at the next pay-per-view. They battled leading up to TLC '09, where the two teams faced off in one of the most dangerous matches around. At one point, The Big Show displayed his power, chokeslamming Shawn Michaels into Triple H, and putting both through a table. But late in the match, when a ladder wasn't available, The Big Show was made vulnerable by trying to lift Jericho up to get the titles. Michaels nailed The Big Show with his Sweet Chin Music, knocking him out (and throwing Jericho from the ring). DX then got up a small ladder to grab the belts, ending the long reign of Jericho & The Big Show (who won the Slammy for 2009 Tag-Team of the Year the next week).

Due to losing the belts, Jericho (who was on Smackdown) and The Big Show (who was on Raw) could no longer partner together. They had another opportunity to regain the belts, but DX quickly got themselves disqualified, ruining the rematch. As the year came to a close, The Big Show was forced to work on his own, even as Jericho protested his inability to be on Raw.

WWE Raw: 2010

On the first Raw of 2010, Jericho & The Big Show got one final opportunity at the belts, taking on DX. Unfortunately for the contenders, Hornswoggle got involved, helping DX to help them retain the titles. After the match, Jericho was sent off of Raw forever, fully breaking up the tag-team. The Big Show went back to concentrating on his singles career for a time, focusing on the '10 Royal Rumble. The Big Show entered at #22 and went to work, eliminating Chris Masters. But The Big Show's night was pretty brief, as he battled mostly with Mark Henry. The two, distracted, were then eliminated together by R-Truth, ending another try at a Rumble victory. Edge went on to win the Rumble.

In February '10, The Big Show found himself another partner to replace Jericho, teaming up with The Miz. It paid off, as ShowMiz won the Unified Tag-Team Titles, winning a "Three-Way" Match over DX and CM Punk & Luke Gallows on Raw. The team seemed to work well together, although they still had some single obligations to get past. At Elimination Chamber '10, The Big Show helped The Miz retain his United States Title, knocking out MVP when the ref wasn't looking. ShowMiz kept defending the belts regularly over the next month, taking on teams like Mark Henry & MVP and DX, They had beaten so many teams that they claimed they had no competition to wrestle against them at Wrestlemania. This was answered by John Morrison & R-Truth fighting them to a No-Contest. The two teams feuded going up to Wrestlemania 26, where The Big Show was able to surprise Morrison and knock him out for the victory, retaining the belts for his team.

Also at Wrestlemania, Bret Hart and his family (The Hart Dynasty) got some revenge on Vince McMahon. On the next Raw, Hart was celebrating, only to be interrupted by ShowMiz, which led to a battle between ShowMiz and The Hart Dynasty. On the next Raw, ShowMiz defended the Unified Tag-Team Titles twice, both against John Cena and his partners (Batista and David Otunga). Unfortunately for Cena, both partners walked out on him, allowing ShowMiz to get the wins. At Extreme Rules '10, ShowMiz was put into a "Gauntlet" style match, where the first team to beat them would be granted a title shot in the future. ShowMiz won, via DQ, over John Morrison & R-Truth due to Morrison using an illegal Tarantula submission. They then took down Mark Henry & MVP, with Show knocking out MVP. However, the team was then distracted, with The Hart Dynasty running down and knocking The Big Show off the apron. They then immediately took out The Miz and pinned him, earning a title shot.

On the next Raw, ShowMiz had to defend the belts against The Hart Dynasty. Unfortunately, there were major problems brewing between The Big Show and The Miz, and it exploded in the match, as The Big Show knocked out The Miz and left. The Hart Dynasty easily capitalized and took away the Unified Titles, as ShowMiz came to an end. Later that night, The Big Show was once again drafted, this time heading over to Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown: 2010

Appearing on the next Smackdown, The Big Show went on a rampage, knocking out both Chris Jericho and Edge in the backstage area. He then came out at the end of the night, being announced as the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title, held by Jack Swagger! The Big Show made it a trifecta, knocking out Swagger, and showing that he was going to be a force on Smackdown. For the next few weeks, The Big Show destroyed Swagger, including chokeslamming him through the announce table and smashing some of the trophies of the "All-American American". At Over The Limit '10, The Big Show was the overwhelming favorite, but Swagger chose the cheap way out, hitting The Big Show with the title to cause the disqualification. A furious Big Show annihilated Swagger afterwards, even using a steel chair to take him out.

Due to the disqualification victory, The Big Show was given another shot for the next PPV, which was set up around fatal four-way matches. The Big Show was set up against Swagger, Rey Mysterio, and CM Punk at Fatal Four-Way '10. The Big Show and Mysterio discussed things before the match, both being fan favorites, with The Big Show stating that while he respected Rey, he would be taking him out. Mysterio responded that while The Big Show's fist was huge, Mysterio's heart was bigger. Mysterio proved it later that night, nailing Swagger with a 619/splash combination to win the championship while The Big Show was down (and CM Punk was in a casket, courtesy of Kane).

For the next few weeks, The Big Show continued a feud with Swagger, especially after Swagger refused to release his ankle lock submission at one point. The feud changed, though, when The Big Show was put into one of the "Money In The Bank" Ladder matches at the next PPV. The Big Show revealed a massive ladder before the match, suited for someone his size. It came into play at Money In The Bank '10, with many of the wrestlers utilizing it for some major spots. Unfortunately, The Big Show was too much of a threat, causing the rest to attack him en masse, getting him under a pile of thrown ladders. At the end, Kane was able to chokeslam Drew McIntyre off of a ladder and got the briefcase, winning the match.

The Big Show's next feud was with the Straight Edge Society, a group run by CM Punk. The Big Show went through the members of the group during the month, beating Joey Mercury (who was masked at the time) and Luke Gallows, but also was injured when the Straight Edge Society ganged up on his hand, trying to injure it. At Summerslam '10, The Big Show fought in a "3-on-1 Handicap" Match against Punk, Gallows, & Mercury. Even with the injured hand, The Big Show proved to be too much for the Society, with Punk having to escape to the back at one point with Serena. The Big Show then chokeslammed Mercury onto Gallows and pinned both, getting the victory.

Since Punk had escaped, The Big Show continued to go after the Society, mainly battling Gallows over the next few weeks. After The Big Show won a 2-on-1 Handicap match over Gallows & Punk, Punk turned on Gallows, giving him the Go To Sleep (and basically ending their run). It all led up to Night of Champions '10, where The Big Show faced Punk in a grudge match in Punk's hometown of Chicago. Punk actually came out strong early in the match, landing some moves, but in the end, it only took one monster move from The Big Show, the knock-out punch, to put Punk out for the pinfall victory.

The Big Show's power displays led him to be named the team captain for Smackdown in the Bragging Rights match at the next PPV. The Big Show put together the team, including choosing Kaval after the young wrestler lasted 5 minutes with him (Kaval later lost his spot in a match with Tyler Reks). At Bragging Rights '10, Team Smackdown (The Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Tyler Reks, Jack Swagger, & Edge) took on Team Raw (The Miz, Ezekiel Jackson, Santino Marella, John Morrison, CM Punk, R-Truth, & Sheamus) in an Elimination match. The Big Show, ultimately, didn't get to be as much of a force in the match, as he was counted out along with Sheamus after Sheamus went after Hornswoggle (Team Smackdown's mascot). Thankfully for The Big Show, he chose good teammates, as Rey Mysterio & Edge were the sole survivors, bringing the Bragging Rights back to Smackdown.

The Big Show continued to be a leading face on Smackdown into the next month, even allying himself with guest host Pee Wee Herman at one point (beating The Miz via DQ). He also joined in a battle against The Nexus. At the '10 Survivor Series, The Big Show joined another team, Team Mysterio, to take on Team Alberto. The Big Show went wild, knocking out Alberto Del Rio (who had to be carted out) and later knocking out Cody Rhodes and pinning him. At the end, The Big Show and Mysterio proved to be the best team, taking out Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger to be the sole 'survivors'.

On the next Smackdown, The Big Show competed in a "King of the Ring Qualifying" Match against Alberto Del Rio. While The Big Show dominated at first, the involvement of Ricardo Rodriguez (Del Rio's ring announcer) caused The Big Show to be counted out, costing him a spot in the tournament. Around this time, The Big Show was promoting his new movie, "Knucklehead", which kept him from having a running feud in the last month of the year. He did make an appearance at TLC '10, dressed as Santa Claus and handing out DVD copies of his movie to the fans, along with his elf (Hornswoggle). Cody Rhodes, though, got involved, attacking Hornswoggle and then running. The Big Show and Rhodes fought on the last Smackdown of the year in a grudge match, with The Big Show winning due to Rhodes walking away and getting counted out.

WWE Smackdown: 2011

To start off the year, The Big Show was put in a "#1 Contenders Fatal Four-Way" Match against Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, and Dolph Ziggler. During the fight, The Big Show surprisingly got attacked by Wade Barrett, taking him out of the match. Ziggler went on to win the match. The Big Show then concentrated on Barrett and his new group, The Corre (broken off from The Nexus). With Ezekiel Jackson joining the Corre, the odds were actually against The Big Show in his battles with the group. At Royal Rumble '11, The Big Show entered the expanded Rumble at #35, tossing out Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. But he was then double-teamed by Barrett & Jackson, with Jackson throwing The Big Show out. Alberto Del Rio won the Rumble.

The Big Show's battles with The Corre continued over the next few weeks, with the numbers still against the giant. At Elimination Chamber '11, The Big Show was part of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match against Edge(c), Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio, and Kane. The Big Show was a late substitute, having replaced a fired Ziggler in the match. He came in last, getting some revenge on Barrett by putting him through a glass pod and later eliminating him. Every remaining wrestler then concentrated on The Big Show, landing all of their finishers to eliminate him. Edge retained his title, being the last survivor.

The Big Show and The Corre battled it out going into March, gaining a surprising ally in Kane due to the Corre's attacks. The former tag-team partners joined up again in the war against the Corre, looking into the WWE Tag Titles they were holding. At Wrestlemania 27, The Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston, & Santino Marella fought the Corre (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Ezekiel Jackson, & Heath Slater). It was a pretty short match, with Marella catching Slater with the Cobra, followed by the WMD from The Big Show that knocked Slater out, ending the contest triumphantly for his squad.

The momentum continued for The Big Show & Kane in their war against The Corre after Wrestlemania, with the duo managing to beat Gabriel & Slater late in April to win the WWE Tag-Team Titles. It was yet another reign for The Big Show in the tag ranks, adding to his collection. A week later, The Big Show was drafted back to Raw, although by this point, wrestlers were regularly appearing on both brands.

WWE Raw: 2011

Even with changing brands, The Big Show & Kane continued to work together as the WWE Tag-Team Champions, battling against the Corre and other teams. At Extreme Rules '10, The Big Show & Kane met up against Barrett & Jackson in a "Lumberjack" Match, with the gold on the line. Although Gabriel & Slater were both part of the lumberjacks, the Corre still wasn't able to get the belts back, as The Big Show won the match after a chokeslam on Barrett. Ironically, the next battles were against the other stable split from the Nexus: The New Nexus. The Big Show & Kane worked together against them, leading up to Over The Limit '11, where they took on CM Punk & Mason Ryan. The New Nexus members had Kane on the ropes for a moment, but a missed flying elbow from Punk allowed Kane to tag in The Big Show. Soon after, Punk was thrown from the ring and Show & Kane double chokeslammed Ryan, pinning him afterwards.

The next night on Raw, The Big Show & Kane defended the belts again, this time against the rest of the New Nexus (Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga). Unfortunately for The Big Show, Punk was at commentary, close enough to interfere. When Mason Ryan distracted the ref, Punk nailed The Big Show from behind with a kick, leaving him open to a double DDT and a pin, costing The Big Show & Kane to lose the belts. A furious Big Show was confronted in the back by Alberto Del Rio, who laughed at the misfortune. When Del Rio then struck The Big Show, the giant chased him through the halls, with the camera going out during the chase. When it came back on, we found The Big Show having been run over by Del Rio's car (driven by his ally, Ricardo Rodriguez). Even Del Rio seemed shocked, as they backed the car off of The Big Show's leg. The Big Show would be out for almost a month due to the injury.

In the middle of June '11, Del Rio was in a match with Kane, with Del Rio applying his cross armbreaker submission. Kane made it to the ropes, but Del Rio refused to release it, getting disqualified. It took the return of The Big Show to break the hold, with The Big Show actually RUNNING to the ring and beating Del Rio down. When Rodriguez sacrificed himself to allow Del Rio to escape, The Big Show beat him down severely, with Kane actually having to use a sleeper hold to stop the assault, yelling "You'll kill him!". The guest GM at the time, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, came out and announced that The Big Show would be fighting Del Rio at the upcoming PPV.

At the Smackdown before the PPV, The Big Show again lost it, going after Del Rio, only to have Mark Henry get involved. The Big Show didn't care, injuring Henry in his quest for vengeance. At Capital Punishment '11, The Big Show was desperate for revenge, attacking Del Rio during his entrance. However, Henry then appeared and attacked The Big Show, giving him The World's Strongest Slam through the announce table. The Big Show managed to beat the countout, but he was hurting, allowing Del Rio to be in control, attacking his injured leg. Eventually, the ref called the match, giving Del Rio the win, even though The Big Show hadn't given up.

The Big Show got another crack at Del Rio a few weeks later in a "Steel Cage" Match, but Henry again got involved, ripping the door off the hinges and helping Del Rio escape for the win. The feud quickly shifted from Del Rio to Henry, leading to Money In The Bank '11, where the two men fought. The Big Show fought valiantly, but his leg wasn't up to the challenge, and two World Strongest Slam's put him away. But Henry wasn't satisfied, putting The Big Show's leg in a steel chair and jumping off the top rope with a splash!! The Big Show, screaming, had to be stretchered out, and would be out of wrestling again for the next four months.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (73 - 94, 3 NCs, 1 DCO)
- WCW Halloween Havoc '95 = The Giant won via DQ over Hulk Hogan. Due to a "contract clause", he won the WCW World Title.
- WCW World War III '95 = The Giant was involved in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXII (January '96) = The Giant and Ric Flair defeated Hulk Hogan and the "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
- WCW Superbrawl VI ('96) = The Giant lost to Hulk Hogan in a Steel Cage Match.
- WCW Uncensored '96 = The Giant easily pinned Lock Ness.
- WCW Slamboree '96 = The Giant retained his WCW World Title by defeating Sting.
- World Wrestling Peace Festival '96 (June '96) = The Giant again defeated Sting.
- WCW Great American Bash '96 = The Giant defeated Lex Luger in another World Title defense.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '96 = The Giant and Kevin Sullivan defeated Chris Benoit and Arn Anderson.
- WCW Hogg Wild '96 = The Giant lost the WCW World Title to Hollywood Hogan.
- WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIII (August '96) = The Giant destroyed Chris Benoit.
- WCW Fall Brawl '96 = The Giant defeated "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '96 = The Giant won, via DQ, over Jeff Jarrett.
- WCW World War III '96 = The Giant defeated Jeff Jarrett. Later in the night, the Giant won the "3 Ring Battle Royal".
- WCW Starrcade '96 = The Giant was pinned by Lex Luger.
- WCW/nWo Souled Out '97 = A No-Contest between the Giant and Hollywood Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, which Hogan retained.
- WCW Superbrawl VII ('97) = The Giant and Lex Luger defeated the Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) for the WCW Tag-Team Belts (later reversed by Eric Bischoff).
- WCW Uncensored '97 = The Giant teamed with Lex Luger and Scott Steiner to form Team WCW, who wrestled Team nWo (Hollywood Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall) and Team Piper ("Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Chris Benoit, Steve McMichael, and Jeff Jarrett). The Giant was the first one eliminated.
- WCW Spring Stampede '97 = The Giant was involved in a "Four Corners" match with Lex Luger and Harlem Heat. Lex Luger was the winner.
- NJPW Strong Style Evolution (May '97) = The Giant and Lex Luger were beaten by Vicious and Delicious.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '97 = The Giant and Lex Luger defeated Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman.
- WCW Road Wild '97 = The Giant pinned "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
- WCW Fall Brawl '97 = The Giant defeated Scott "Flash" Norton.
- WCW World War III '97 = The Giant was involved in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by Scott Hall.
- WCW/nWo Souled Out '98 = After being powerbombed, the Giant was pinned by Kevin Nash.
- WCW Uncensored '98 = The Giant beat Kevin Nash via DQ.
- WCW Spring Stampede '98 = The Giant and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper lost a "Bat" Match to Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash.
- WCW Slamboree '98 = The Giant and Sting won the WCW Tag-Team Belts from The Outsiders when Scott Hall betrayed Kevin Nash.
- WCW Great American Bash '98 = The Giant lost to Sting, who then was allowed to choose his own partner to be the tag-team champs.
- WCW Bash At The Beach '98 = The Giant defeated Kevin Greene.
- WCW Road Wild '98 = The Giant was involved in a Battle Royal with Bill Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Sting, Lex Luger, Konnan, Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, and Scott Norton. Goldberg was the winner.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '98 = The Giant and Scott Steiner lost the WCW Tag Belts to Rick Steiner, despite Buff Bagwell's betrayal.
- WCW World War III '98 = The Giant competed in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by Kevin Nash.
- WCW Starrcade '98 = The Giant was defeated by Diamond Dallas Page.
- WWF IYH: St. Valentine's Day Massacre (February '99) = Paul Wight made his 1st appearance, attacking "Stone Cold" Steve Austin during his fight in a Steel Cage match with Vince McMahon. Wight threw Austin through the cage, giving Austin the win.
- WWF Wrestlemania XV ('99) = Wight was DQ'ed after chokeslamming Mankind through two chairs.
- WWF IYH: Backlash (April '99) = Wight lost a Boiler Room Match to Mankind, when Foley left the room first.
- WWF Over The Edge '99 = The Big Show fought in an Elimination match, teamed with Mankind, Ken Shamrock, and Test, against Viscera, Farooq, Bradshaw, and the Big Bossman. The Big Show DCO'ed with Viscera. Mankind was the 'Survivor'.
- WWF King of the Ring '99 = The Big Show was pinned by Kane.
- WWF Fully Loaded '99 = The Big Show defeated Kane. Hardcore Holly was the referee.
- WWF Summerslam '99 = The Big Show and the Undertaker defeated Kane and X-Pac to win the Tag-Team Titles.
- WWF Unforgiven '99 = The Big Show was involved in a Six-Man Battle for the vacated World Title. The winner was Hunter Hearst Helmsley. The other competitors were the Rock, Mankind, Kane, and the British Bulldog.
- WWF Rebellion (October '99) = The Big Show was beaten by Kane in a No DQ match.
- WWF Survivor Series '99 = The Big Show won a Handicap Elimination Match, defeating the Big Boss Man, Mideon, Prince Albert, and Viscera. Later in the night, the Big Show beat the Rock and Hunter Hearst Helmsley to become the WWF World Champion.
- WWF Armageddon '99 = The Big Show retained the World Title, defeating the Big Boss Man.
- WWF Royal Rumble '00 = The Big Show competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by the Rock.
- WWF No Way Out '00 = The Big Show defeated the Rock.
- WWF Wrestlemania 2000 = The Big Show, in a Four Corners Elimination match for the World Title, was the first eliminated, getting beat by the Rock. The other competitors were Mick Foley and Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who won the match.
- WWF Backlash '00 = The Big Show got the victory over Kurt Angle.
- WWF Insurrection (May 6th, '00) = The Big Show and Rakishi defeated the Dudley Boys.
- WWF Judgment Day '00 = The Big Show was pinned by Shane McMahon in a Falls Count Anywhere match.
- OVW Night of the Demons (October '00) = The Big Show was beaten by Leviathan.
- WWF Royal Rumble '01 = The Big Show competed in the Rumble, which was won by Steve Austin.
- OVW Christmas Chaos (January '01) = The Big Show defeated Mark Henry.
- WWF No Way Out '01 = The Big Show defeated Raven to win the Hardcore Title.
- WWF Wrestlemania XVII = The Big Show lost to Kane in a Triangle Hardcore match, with Kane winning the Hardcore Title. Raven was the other participant.
- WWF Backlash '01 = The Big Show was defeated in a Last Man Standing match by Shane McMahon.
- WWF Insurrextion '01 (May) = The Big Show was pinned by Bradshaw.
- WWF Judgment Day '01 = The Big Show lost to the Hardcore Champion, Rhyno. Test was the other participant.
- OVW "The Last Dance" (June 27, '01) = The Big Show & Mark Henry beat Mr. Black & Prototype.
- WWF Invasion (July '01) = The Big Show, Billy Gunn & Albert fell to Hugh Morrus, Shawn Stasiak & Kanyon.
- HWA Covington Show (August 30, '01) = The Big Show & the Haas Brothers defeated Mike Sanders, Mark Jindrak & Kanyon.
- WWF Unforgiven '01 = The Big Show & Spike Dudley lost an Elimination match to the WWF World Tag-Team Champs, the Dudley Boyz. The other participants were the Hardy Boyz and Lance Storm & Hurricane Helms.
- WWF No Mercy '01 = The Big Show & Tajiri were beaten by the WWF Tag Champs, the Dudley Boyz.
- WWF Rebellion (November 3, '01) = The Big Show pinned Diamond Dallas Page.
- WWF Survivor Series '01 = The Big Show, the Rock, Chris Jericho, Kane & the Undertaker fought in an "Elimination" match against Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, Rob Van Dam & Booker T. The Big Show was eliminated by Shane McMahon. The Rock was the sole 'survivor'.
- WWF Vengeance (December '01) = The Big Show & Kane were defeated by the WWF Tag Champions, the Dudley Boyz.
- WWF Royal Rumble '02 = The Big Show competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWE Backlash '02 = In a dark match, the Big Show won a "Handicap" match over Steven Richards & Justin Credible.
- WWE Insurrextion '02 (May 4) = The Big Show fell to Steve Austin. Ric Flair was the special referee.
- WWE Judgment Day '02 = The Big Show & Ric Flair lost a "Handicap" Match to Steve Austin.
- WWE Vengeance '02 (July) = The Big Show was beaten by Booker T.
- WWE Survivor Series '02 = The Big Show won the WWE Smackdown World Title from Brock Lesnar.
- WWE Armageddon '02 = The Big Show dropped the WWE Smackdown World Title to Kurt Angle.
- WWE Royal Rumble '03 = The Big Show lost a "Winner Advances To Royal Rumble" Match to Brock Lesnar.
- WWE No Way Out '03 = The Big Show fell to the Undertaker.
- WWE Wrestlemania X-9 (March 30, '03) = The Big Show & A-Train lost a "Handicap" Match to the Undertaker.
- WWE Backlash '03 = The Big Show defeated Rey Mysterio Jr.
- WWE Judgment Day '03 = The Big Show lost a "Stretcher" Match to the WWE Smackdown Champ, Brock Lesnar.
- WWE Vengeance '03 = The Big Show lost a "Three Way" Match to Kurt Angle, who won the WWE Smackdown World Title. Brock Lesnar was the other participant.
- WWE No Mercy '03 = The Big Show won the United States Title from Eddie Guerrero.
- WWE Survivor Series '03 = The Big Show, Brock Lesnar, Matt Morgan, Nathan Jones & A-Train competed in an "Elimination" Match against Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Hardcore Holly & Bradshaw. The Big Show was eliminated by Cena, who 'survived' along with Benoit.
- WWE Royal Rumble '04 (January 25) = The Big Show competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Chris Benoit.
- WWE No Way Out '04 (February 15) = The Big Show lost a "#1 Contenders Triple Threat" Match to Kurt Angle. John Cena was the other participant.
- WWE Wrestlemania XX (March 14, '04) = The Big Show lost the United States Title to John Cena.
- WWE No Mercy '04 (October 3) = The Big Show pinned Kurt Angle.
- WWE Survivor Series '04 (November 14, '04) = The Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, & Rob Van Dam fought in an "Elimination" Match against Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, & Carltio Caribbean Cool. The Big Show, Guerrero, & Cena 'survived'.
- WWE Armageddon '04 (December 12, '04) = The Big Show won a "Handicap" Match over Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, & Mark Jindrak.
- WWE Royal Rumble '05 (January 30) = The Big Show lost a "Triple Threat" Match to the WWE Smackdown World Champ, John Bradshaw Layfield. Kurt Angle was the other participant.
- WWE No Way Out '05 (February 20) = The Big Show lost a "Barbed Wire Steel Cage" Match to the WWE Smackdown World Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield.
- WWE Wrestlemania 21 (April 3, '05) = The Big Show lost a "Sumo" Match to Akebono.
- WWE Judgment Day '05 (May 22, '05) = The Big Show was beaten by Carlito.
- WWE Unforgiven '05 (September 18) = The Big Show defeated Gene Snitsky.
- WWE Taboo Tuesday '05 (November 1) = The Big Show & Kane won the Raw Tag-Team Titles from Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.
- WWE Survivor Series '05 (November 27) = Team Raw (The Big Show, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters, & Carlito) fought in an "Elimination" Match against Team Smackdown (Batista, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley, & John Bradshaw Layfield). The Big Show was eliminated by Mysterio. Orton was the sole 'survivor'.
- WWE Armageddon '05 (December 18) = The Big Show & Kane (Raw Tag Champs) won a "Non-Title" Match over Rey Mysterio & Batista (Smackdown Tag Champs).
- WWE New Year's Revolution '06 (January 8) = The Big Show fell to Triple H.
- WWE Royal Rumble '06 (January 29) = The Big Show competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Rey Mysterio.
- WWE Road To Wrestlemania Tournament (February '06) = The Big Show defeated Shelton Benjamin, then fought to a Double Count-out with Triple H. In the finals, the Big Show lost a "Triple Threat" Match to Triple H. Rob Van Dam was the other participant.
- WWE Saturday Night's Main Event #32 (March 18, '06) = In a dark match, the Big Show pinned Carlito.
- WWE Wrestlemania 22 (April 2, '06) = The Big Show & Kane retained the WWE Raw Tag-Team Titles, beating Chris Masters & Carlito.
- WWE Backlash '06 (April 30) = The Big Show fought to a No-Contest with Kane.
- WWE vs. ECW (June 7, '06) = The Big Show (who left WWE and joined ECW during the match) won a "20-Man ECW/WWE Team Battle Royal" for ECW.
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '06 (June 16) = The Big Show beat the Miz.
- WWE Great American Bash '06 (July 23) = The Big Show (replacing the Great Khali due to medical reasons) lost a "Punjabi Prison" Match to the Undertaker.
- DSW Six Flags Park Slam (August 11, '06) = The Big Show kept the ECW Heavyweight Title, beating Rob Van Dam.
- WWE Summerslam '06 (August 20) = The Big Show retained the ECW World Title, winning an "Extreme Rules" Match over Sabu.
- WWE Unforgiven '06 (September 17) = The Big Show, Shane McMahon, & Vince McMahon lost a "Handicap Hell In A Cell" Match to D-Generation X.
- WWE Raw Family Reunion (October 9, '06) = The Big Show stayed the ECW Heavyweight Champ, beating Jeff Hardy.
- WWE Cyber Sunday '06 (November 5) = The Big Show, as the ECW World Champion, lost the "Champions of Champions" Match to WWE Smackdown World Champion, King Booker. WWE Raw Champ John Cena was the other participant. Only King Booker's title was on the line (per the votes of the fans).
- WWE Survivor Series '06 (November 26) = The Big Show, Finlay, MVP, Test, & Umaga competed in an "Elimination" Match against John Cena, Kane, Bobby Lashley, Sabu, & Rob Van Dam. The Big Show was eliminated by Cena, who 'survived' along with Lashley.
- ECW December To Dismember '06 (December 3) = The Big Show lost the ECW World Heavyweight Title, losing an "Extreme Elimination Chamber" Match to Bobby Lashley. Hardcore Holly, CM Punk, Test, and Rob Van Dam were the other participants.
- WWE Wrestlemania 24 (March 30, '08) = The Big Show lost a "Wrestler vs. Boxer" Match to Floyd Mayweather.
- WWE Backlash '08 (April 27) = The Big Show defeated the Great Khali.
- WWE One Night Stand '08 (June 1) = The Big Show won a "Five Way Singapore Canes On Poles ECW #1 Contenders" Match over Tommy Dreamer, Chavo Guerrero, John Morrison, and CM Punk.
- WWE Night of Champions '08 (June 29) = The Big Show lost a "Triple Threat" Match to Mark Henry, who won the ECW World Heavyweight Title. Kane was the other participant.
- WWE Summerslam '08 (August 17) = In a dark match, the Big Show defeated Bam Neely.
- WWE No Mercy '08 (October 5) = The Big Show won, via Knockout, over the Undertaker.
- WWE Cyber Sunday '08 (October 26) = The Big Show lost a "Last Man Standing" Match to the Undertaker.
- WWE Survivor Series '08 (November 23) = The Big Show lost a "Casket" Match to the Undertaker.
- WWE Royal Rumble '09 (January 25) = The Big Show competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Randy Orton.
- WWE No Way Out '09 (February 15) = The Big Show lost an "Elimination Chamber" Match to Triple H, who won the WWE Title. Edge, Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov, and the Undertaker were the other participants.
- WWE Wrestlemania XXV (April 5, '09) = The Big Show lost a "Triple Threat" Match to John Cena, who won the World Title. Edge was the other participant.
- WWE Judgment Day '09 (May 17) = The Big Show was beaten by John Cena.
- WWE Extreme Rules '09 (June 7) = The Big Show fell to John Cena.
- WWE Night of Champions '09 (July 26) = The Big Show & Chris Jericho retained the WWE Unified World Tag-Team Titles, beating Legacy (Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes).
- WWE Summerslam '09 (August 23) = The Big Show & Chris Jericho stayed the WWE Unified World Tag-Team Champions, defeating Cryme Tyme.
- WWE Breaking Point '09 (September 13) = The Big Show & Chris Jericho kept the WWE Unified World Tag-Team Titles, winning over Mark Henry & MVP.
- WWE Hell In A Cell '09 (October 4) = The Big Show & Chris Jericho retained the WWE Unified World Tag-Team Titles, taking down Rey Mysterio & Batista.
- WWE Bragging Rights '09 (October 25) = The Big Show, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, & D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H), representing Raw, lost to Team Smackdown (Chris Jericho, Kane, Finlay, Matt Hardy, R-Truth, & the Hart Dynasty).
- WWE Survivor Series '09 (November 22) = The Big Show lost a "Triple Threat" Match to the World Champion, the Undertaker. Chris Jericho was the other participant.
- WWE TLC '09 (December 13) = The Big Show & Chris Jericho lost the WWE Unified World Tag-Team Titles, losing a "TLC" Match to D-Generation X.
- WWE Royal Rumble '10 (January 31) = The Big Show competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Edge.
- WWE Wrestlemania XXVI (March 28, '10) = Show Miz (The Big Show & The Miz) retained the WWE Unified Tag-Team Titles, defeating John Morrison & R-Truth.
- WWE Extreme Rules '10 (April 25) = Show Miz competed in a "Tag-Team Gauntlet" Match, which was won by the Hart Dynasty. The other participants were Mark Henry & MVP and John Morrison & R-Truth.
- WWE Over The Limit '10 (May 23) = The Big Show won, via DQ, over the World Champion, Jack Swagger.
- WWE Fatal Four Way '10 (June 20) = The Big Show lost a "Fatal Fourway" Match to Rey Mysterio, who won the World Title. CM Punk and Jack Swagger were the other participants.
- WWE Money In The Bank '10 (July 18) = The Big Show competed in a "Money In The Bank Ladder" Match, which was won by Kane.
- WWE Summerslam '10 (August 15) = The Big Show won a "Handicap" Match over the Straight Edge Society (Luke Gallows, Joseph Mercury, & CM Punk).
- WWE Night of Champions '10 (September 18) = The Big Show defeated CM Punk.
- WWE Bragging Rights '10 (October 24) = Team Smackdown (The Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Tyler Reks, & Jack Swagger) won a "Bragging Rights Elimination" Match over Team Raw (The Miz, Ezekiel Jackson, Santino Marella, John Morrison, CM Punk, R-Truth, & Sheamus).
- WWE Survivor Series '10 (November 21) = Team Mysterio (The Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Chris Masters, & MVP) won an "Elimination" Match over Team Del Rio (Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks, Cody Rhodes, & Jack Swagger).
- WWE King of the Ring '10 Tournament (November) = The Big Show lost in the first round, via countout, to Alberto Del Rio. Sheamus won the tournament.
- WWE Royal Rumble '11 (January 30) = The Big Show competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Alberto Del Rio.
- WWE Elimination Chamber '11 (February 20) = The Big Show lost an "Elimination Chamber" Match to the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Wade Barrett, Kane, Drew McIntyre, and Rey Mysterio were the other participants.
- WWE WrestleMania XXVII (April 3, '11) = The Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella, & Kane defeated the Corre (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Ezekiel Jackson, & Heath Slater).
- WWE Extreme Rules '11 (May 1) = The Big Show & Kane retained the WWE Tag-Team Titles, winning a "Lumberjack" Match over The Corre (Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson).
- WWE Over The Limit '11 (May 22) = The Big Show & Kane stayed the WWE Tag-Team Champs, beating the New Nexus (CM Punk & Mason Ryan).
- WWE Capital Punishment '11 (June 19) = The Big Show fell to Alberto Del Rio.
- WWE Money In The Bank '11 (July 17) = The Big Show was beaten by Mark Henry.
- WWE Vengeance '11 (October 23) = The Big Show fought to a No-Contest with the World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry.
- WWE Survivor Series '11 (November 13) = The Big Show won, via DQ, over the World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry.
- WWE Tables, Ladders, & Chairs '11 (December 18) = The Big Show won the World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Chains" Match over Mark Henry. Later on, the Big Show lost the World Heavyweight Title to Daniel Bryan.
- WWE Royal Rumble '12 (January 29) = The Big Show lost a "Triple Threat Steel Cage" Match to the World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. Mark Henry was the other participant. Later on, The Big Show competed in the "Royal Rumble" Match, which was won by Sheamus.
- WWE Elimination Chamber '12 (February 19) = The Big Show lost an "Elimination Chamber" Match to the World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. Wade Barrett, The Great Khali, Santino Marella, and Cody Rhodes were the other participants.
- WWE WrestleMania XXVIII (April 1, '12) = The Big Show won the WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, defeating Cody Rhodes.
- WWE Extreme Rules '12 (April 29) = The Big Show lost the WWE Intercontinental Title, losing a "Tables" Match to Cody Rhodes.
- WWE No Way Out '12 (June 17) = The Big Show lost a "Steel Cage" Match to John Cena. Due to the loss, John Laurinaitis was fired by Vince McMahon.
- WWE Money In The Bank '12 (July 15) = The Big Show competed in a "Money In The Bank Ladder" Match, which was won by John Cena.
- WWE Summerslam '12 (August 19) = The Big Show lost a "Triple Threat" Match to the WWE Champion, CM Punk. John Cena was the other participant.
- WWE Hell In A Cell '12 (October 28) = The Big Show won the World Heavyweight Title, beating Sheamus.
- WWE Survivor Series '12 (November 18) = The Big Show, as the World Heavyweight Champion, lost, via DQ, to Sheamus.
- WWE TLC '12 (December 16) = The Big Show retained the World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Chairs" Match over Sheamus.
- WWE Royal Rumble '13 (January 27) = The Big Show lost a "Last Man Standing" Match to the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio.
- WWE Elimination Chamber '13 (February 17) = The Big Show again lost to the World Heavyweight Champ, Alberto Del Rio.
- WWE WrestleMania 29 (April 7) = The Big Show, Randy Orton, & Sheamus fell to The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & Seth Rollins).

Title Summary:
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion (10/29/1995 - 11/6/1995)
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion(2) (4/22/1996 - 8/10/1996)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Sting (5/17/1998 - 6/04/1998)
- WCW World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Scott Hall (7/20/1998 - 10/25/1998)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion w/ the Undertaker (8/22/1999 - 8/30/1999)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ the Undertaker (9/07/1999 - 9/20/1999)
- WWF World Heavyweight Champion (11/14/1999 - 1/03/2000)
- WWF Hardcore Champion (2/25/2001 - 3/19/2001)
- WWF Hardcore Champion(2) (5/21/2001 - 5/28/2001)
- WWE Hardcore Champion(3) (7/12/2002)
- WWE Smackdown World Heavyweight Champion(2) (11/17/2002 - 12/15/2002)
- WWE United States Heavyweight Champion (11/19/2003 - 3/14/2004)
- WWE Raw World Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Kane (11/01/2005 - 4/03/2006)
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion (7/04/2006 - 12/03/2006)
- WWE (Raw) World Tag-Team Champion(4) w/ Chris Jericho (7/26/2009 - 12/13/2009)
- WWE (Smackdown) Tag-Team Champion w/ Chris Jericho (7/26/2009 - 12/13/2009)
- WWE Raw World Tag-Team Champion(5) w/ The Miz (2/09/2010 - 4/26/2010)
- WWE Smackdown Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ The Miz (2/09/2010 - 4/26/2010)
- WWE Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Kane (4/19/2011 - 5/23/2011)
- (WWE) World Heavyweight Champion (12/18/2011)
- WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion (4/01/2012 - 4/29/2012)
- (WWE) World Heavyweight Champion(2) (10/28/2012 - 1/08/2013)

PWI Achievement Awards: (2 wins, 1 1st RU, 0 2nd RUs, 3 3rd RUs)
- 1996 Rookie of the Year
- 1996 Most Hated Wrestler, 3rd Runner-Up
- 1996 Wrestler of the Year
- 1997 Tag-Team of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up (The Giant & Lex Luger)
- 1998 Feud of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (nWo Hollywood vs. nWo Wolfpac)
- 2006 Tag-Team of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up (The Big Show & Kane)