Mike Awesome

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 285 lbs

Real Name: Mike Alfonso

DOB: 1/24/1965

DOD: 2/17/2007

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Other Names: The Pro (PWF), The Gladiator (FMW), "Awesome" (ECW), "That 70s Guy" (WCW), "The Canadian Career-Killer" (WCW), Mike Awesome (ECW/WCW/WWF)

Wrestler Since: 1989

Finishing Maneuver: Awesome Bomb, Awesome Splash

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #28(2001), #7(2000), #418(1995), #390(1993)

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History: (Last Updated: 2/20/2007)

The Beginning
FMW: 1990-1993
ECW: 1993-1994
FMW: 1994-1997
FMW/ECW: 1998
ECW: 1999 / 2000
WCW: 2000 / 2001
WWF: 2001-2002
AJPW: 2002-2003
TNA: 2003
MLW: 2003
ECW: 2005

The Beginning

Mike Alfonso had connections to wrestling at an early age, although you have to look hard to find the connection. Alfonso's cousin was Michael Bollea, otherwise known in the wrestling world as Horace Hogan. Bollea, of course, is the nephew of Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan. While this doesn't necessarily make Alfonso and the Hulkster related, it wasn't that much of a stretch for the cousins to become interested in professional wrestling. Alfonso and Bollea entered wrestling around the same time, but in different training facilities, as Bollea trained in the Malenko camp, while Alfonso worked with Steve Keirn in the Pro Wrestling Federation. Alfonso teamed some with Brett Sawyer in the PWF in '89, but eventually moved on, gaining experience in various organizations, including a brief stint in the United States Wrestling Association under the tutelage of manager Nate the Rat. Alfonso also appeared occassionally as a masked jobber in what would soon become World Championship Wrestling, known as the Pro.

FMW: 1990-1993

In 1990, Alfonso headed overseas to Japan, joining up with Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling as the masked Gladiator. Wrestling some with his cousin Bollea, now known as Horace Boulder, the Gladiator began to grow in stature in the FMW. It didn't take long for the Gladiator to make an impact, as he teamed with Mr. Pogo to win the FMW Tag-Team League '90. Soon, the Gladiator joined up with Boulder, Big Titan, & Mike Starr to form the Puerto Rican Army, a powerful stable in the organization. The Gladiator would routinely join up with Big Titan (himself 6'6") in tag-team competition, forming a monster duo. The team competed in the FMW Tag-Team League '91, but couldn't get past Tarzan Goto & Atsushi Onita, the winners of the league. For the next few years, the Gladiator & Big Titan stayed a strong team, but did not find a way to win any gold.

ECW: 1993-1994

In late '93, as part of a talent exchange, Alfonso came back to the United States and joined up with Eastern Championship Wrestling. While also still regularly wrestling as the Gladiator in FMW, a new gimmick was created for him when he arrived in ECW: Mike Awesome. At Holiday Hell '93, Awesome got to debut his skills to the ECW faithful, beating down Randy Starr. Awesome would continue to wrestle for ECW going into the new year, as he took on J.T. Smith at The Night The Line Was Crossed. Awesome got to showcase his power and destructive skills in the match, but was surprisingly pinned by a small package by Smith. An absolutely furious Awesome annihilated the referee with multiple powerbombs, letting out his rage after the match. Awesome would wrestle a few more months for ECW before returning to his home territory, and his Gladiator mask, in late Spring '94.

FMW: 1994-1997

In January '94, the Gladiator finally struck gold in FMW, teaming with long-time partner Big Titan to defeat Atushi Onita & Katsutoshi Niyama in the finals of the FMW Brass Knuckles Tag-Team Title Tournament. The duo would hold the belts for three months before finally dropping them to Mr. Pogo & Hisakatsu Ooya. After a few more months of work, the Gladiator returned to the top of the Tag-Team division in October '94, when he began teaming with his former nemesis, Mr. Pogo. They won the belts from Onita & Mr. Gannosuke, after Onita had split up with Mitsuhiro Matsunaga, vacating the titles. This reign was slightly longer, as the Gladiator & Mr. Pogo didn't lose the belts until February '95, when Onito & Gannosuke came back.

The Gladiator next focused his attention on the singles brackets, finally climbing the ladder in September '95. The FMW World Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Title was vacant, so the Gladiator faced and defeated Hayabusa for his first major singles title. After holding the belt for 5 months, though, the Gladiator had to put the belt back on the vacated list, due to injuries. After recovering for a time, the Gladiator returned to the FMW as a major contender once again, and regained the Heavyweight Title in May '96, beating Super Leather. The Gladiator then became almost super-human, keeping the belt for more than a year. He also unified it with the FMW Independent World Title, beating W*ING Kanemura in December '96. Gladiator added a third title for a short time in August '97, teaming with Hisakatsu Ooya & Mr. Gannosuke to win the vacated FMW World Street Fight 6-Man Tag-Team Titles over Hiromichi Fuyuki, Gedo, & Jado in the finals. But a month later, everything began falling apart, as the Gladiator lost all of the titles in September '97, due to his epic feud with Masato Tanaka. This feud would quickly become the biggest highlight of Alfonso's career.

FMW/ECW: 1998

The Gladiator continued to wrestle regularly in FMW going into '98, but his home country once again beckoned, as Alfonso was once again considering coming back to ECW, which was now Extreme (instead of Eastern). Over the summer of '98, Mike Awesome once again appeared in ECW, showcasing his long-honed skills in the squared circle. Awesome was joined in ECW by Masato Tanaka, as their FMW rivalry traveled overseas. The two faced off at Heat Wave '98, putting on what many considered the match of the night. Awesome got several close falls, but couldn't put Tanaka away, eventually getting Powerbombed to the outside through a table, then given a Tornado DDT onto a set-up of chairs to take the loss. Awesome seemed to be on his way to great things in ECW, but his journey was de-railed a short time later, as, during an FMW match with Super Leather, he seriously injured his knee, putting Awesome/Gladiator on the shelf for nearly a year.

ECW: 1999

At ECW's Anarchy Rulz '99 in September, Masato Tanaka, who had left the FMW to wrestle fully in ECW, was set to go at it with the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Taz. At the beginning of the show, Tanaka roughed up Jeff Jones, who later told reporters that Tanaka would pay an "awesome" price for attacking him. Later that night, after Tanaka and Taz had come out for their match, Jones reappeared, bringing "Awesome" Mike Awesome with him! Awesome was eventually inserted into the World Title Elimination match. The first to fall was Taz, after Tanaka hit his Roaring Elbow, followed by an Awesome Frog Splash. Both men covered Taz, eliminating him and ending his Heavyweight Title run in ECW. Awesome & Tanaka then continued their long rivalry, battling in and out of the ring. In the end, Tanaka was Awesome-Bombed through a table and eliminated, getting Awesome, shockingly, the ECW Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Taz came back out to the cheers of the crowd and gave the title to Awesome, then enticed an Awesome chant from the fans.

Awesome and Tanaka continued to feud over the belt for the next few months, with Awesome remaining the dominant champion. Awesome and Tanaka faced off again at November To Remember '99, with many tables being destroyed throughout the course of the match. In the end, Awesome retained the ECW Heavyweight Title, getting a Top-Rope Powerbomb on Tanaka to get the victory. A few weeks later, Awesome and Tanaka faced off again at the ECW Arena. This time, Tanaka got the victory, taking away the gold. But Awesome quickly initiated his rematch clause and managed to defeat Tanaka a week later, becoming a two-time ECW Heavyweight Champion at the end of '99.

ECW: 2000

Awesome continued to defend the ECW Heavyweight Title going into '00, as he faced off against a surprising challenger in one of the smallest wrestlers in the company, Spike Dudley. At Guilty As Charged '00, Awesome pitted his brute strength and size against Dudley's ability to take pain and his heart. Unfortunately for Dudley, his heart wasn't enough, as, after many different tables were turned into kindling, Awesome gave Dudley a Top-Rope Powerbomb through a final table for the victory, retaining the gold. Awesome's reign on top of ECW soon extended into other divisions, as, in March '00, Awesome teamed with Raven to win the ECW Tag-Team Titles from Masato Tanaka & Tommy Dreamer, becoming a two-belt champion for the company.

At Living Dangerously '00, Kid Kash was set to face off against Simon Diamond, but Awesome came out instead to send Diamond running. Awesome then took on Kash in a singles match, squashing the young star and ending it within minutes after a Powerbomb through a table. Later on, Awesome joined Rave in a Tag-Team Title defense against Tanaka & Dreamer and the Impact Players (Justin Credible & Lance Storm). The match took a sudden turn soon into it, as Awesome was caught by Tanaka's Roaring Elbow and pinned, ensuring that Awesome & Raven lost the belts! The Impact Players went on to win the elimination match, becoming the Tag-Team Champions. Meanwhile, Awesome still concentrated on being the ECW Heavyweight Champ. However, things were changing in the backstage area, as Awesome was considering other options.

WCW: 2000

In April '00, Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo returned to WCW, taking it over as the two top powers. They soon united the younger, less experienced wrestlers, forming them as the New Blood. The group faced off against the Millionaire's Club, the veterans of WCW. On the first Nitro of the new ownership, Mike Awesome shockingly appeared, aiding the New Blood by attacking Kevin Nash, who was still on crutches due to previous injuries. This caused a slight contract problem, as Awesome was still signed with ECW as their champion. It was worked out that WCW bought out Awesome's contract, while he returned to ECW for one night to lose the belt to Tazz (who was loaned back to ECW by the WWF). Awesome then became an official wrestler with WCW, becoming the "mystery" wrestler in the vacant United States Title Tournament at Spring Stampede '00.

Early on that night, Awesome gave an interview, but was interrupted by Bam-Bam Bigelow, causing a brawl between the two. Awesome was scheduled to face Ernest "The Cat" Miller in the first round of the tourney, but Bigelow took out Miller in the back and came in his place, causing a good fight between the two in the ring. However, Miller came out before the match was complete and got rid of Bigelow, reclaiming his spot. This left him open, though, and Awesome was eventually able to get an Awesome Splash for the victory, moving to the Semi-Finals. Awesome faced Scott Steiner in the next match, and was giving the man a good run for his money, before Nash returned, hitting Awesome with his crutch to give Steiner his opening, latching on the Steiner Recliner and forcing Awesome to tap out. Steiner won the tournament and the US Title later on in the night.

Awesome continued to be a major factor with the New Blood for the next month, teaming with Billy Kidman occassionally, to help Kidman against Hulk Hogan. Awesome also continued his on-and-off feud with Kevin Nash, while starting to get into it with Kanyon. After various skirmishes between Awesome and Kanyon, they decided to face off at Slamboree '00. During the match, the two wrestlers fought in and out of the ring, using anything in their reach to take the advantage. Eventually, they fought their way up the ramp, where they were met by Nash, who wanted another piece of Awesome. The rest of the New Blood and the Millionaire's Club poured out, causing the No-Contest. Later that night, Diamond Dallas Page, David Arquette, and Jeff Jarrett fought in a Ready To Rumble Cage match. During the fight, Awesome came out to interfere, only to be Diamond Cut by DDP. However, due to Arquette turning on Page and joining the New Blood, Jarrett got the World Title from the top of the cage. When Kanyon came out to try and help his ally, Page, Awesome grabbed him and threw him from the second level, sending him smashing into the ground below!

Since Awesome's actions put Kanyon in the hospital, Awesome and Page began a major feud for the next month, which included Awesome threatening to do more damage to Kanyon whenever possible, making DDP have to come to the man's aid. They finally decided to have an Ambulance Match at The Great American Bash '00. With Kanyon watching from a wheelchair, Awesome and Page fought it out back and forth, with DDP taking the advantage near the end with a Diamond Cutter off the top rope. But before he could get Awesome into the ambulance, Kanyon suddenly rose out of the wheelchair and attacked, showing that it was all a swerve. Awesome & Kanyon double-teamed the surprised Page, and got him into the ambulance, winning the match for Awesome.

Mike next feuded with Scott Steiner, after Steiner left the New Blood behind to wrestle on his own. The two men had some wicked brawls leading up to the next PPV, with Ernest "The Cat" Miller being a factor, using his New Blood Commissioner powers to outlaw the Steiner Recliner, Steiner's main finishing maneuver. Awesome and Steiner fought at Bash at the Beach '00, with Steiner's United States Title on the line. The Cat became a factor in the match early on, preventing the Steiner Recliner on more than one occassion. In the end, Steiner locked on his submission hold anyway, and Miller DQ'ed him, stripping him of the US Title. Awesome got another PPV victory.

In July '00, a one-day tournament for the vacant United States Title was set up by the Cat, with Mike Awesome figuring to be a favorite in it. Awesome first took out his old adversary/ally, Kanyon, despite Kanyon's antics (Kanyon was dressing like DDP at the time). Awesome then squashed the Great Muta, but lost in the final round to Lance Storm, who made the US belt the Canadian Title. Awesome, unhappy with the way he lost to Storm, continued to challenge the man, eventually getting his shot at the next PPV, New Blood Rising. Awesome looked to be the odds-on favorite going into the match, until it was announced by Storm that Jacques Rougeau would be the special guest referee, as the fight was being held in Canada. Awesome took control early in the match, and got a Ligerbomb for the 3 count, but Rougeau quickly announced that Canadian Rules were in effect, and that a 5 count was required. Awesome later made Storm tap out to a Dragon Sleeper, but was informed by the ref that submissions didn't count. Texas Death rules were later enforced, once again to save Storm. In the end, after Awesome and Storm had both fallen through a table, Rougeau said that the first man up would be the winner. He then proceeded to knock Awesome down, to make sure that Storm retained the "Canadian" Title.

It was around this time that Awesome began changing his gimmick slightly, coming out as "That 70s Guy". He dressed in various throwback outfits, hosted his own "Lava Lamp Lounge" show, and even drove a painted bus around to arenas. He also began to become infatuated with "heavyset" women. This led to a feud with Jeff Jarrett, who scoffed at Awesome's love of larger women, even having a valkyrie-type come to the ring at one point. This led to a signed "Bunkhouse Brawl" match at Fall Brawl '00. While Jarrett insulted some Buffalo Bills football players at ringside, Awesome had his own ally, bringing with him Gary Coleman (star of the '80s, not the '70s, but who cared?). During the fight, Jarrett again insulted the Bills players, who nearly came into the ring, climbing onto the apron. As the ref tried to get rid of them, Jarrett got his guitar and planned to ko Awesome. He was blocked, though, by Coleman, who then took the guitar shot instead. Jarrett was then taken out by Sting, who came to the ring and hit the Scorpion Deathdrop on him. Awesome got the quick pin, winning the crazy match.

Awesome next had a minor feud with Vampiro, which had many brawls between Awesome and Vampiro's allies in the Insane Clown Posse. At one point, Awesome battled Shaggy 2 Dope & Violent J in a Handicap match, which led to Awesome Powerbombing one of them on top of his van (the ICP member then slid off, injuring himself). The week before the PPV, Awesome won a title shot at Nitro, finally getting a chance at the big-time. At Halloween Havoc '00, Vampiro taunted Awesome into putting his title shot up for their match. The battle went into the stands at one point, where both Awesome and Vampiro punked out an overzealous fan who tried to get involved. They went back into the ring, where Vampiro did get his Nail in the Coffin, but was not able to put Awesome away. Awesome later won with his Awesome Bomb off the turnbuckle, preserving the title shot. The next Nitro, Awesome used his shot, but was unable to get past the World Champion Booker T, partially due to interference from Scott Steiner.

In November '00, Awesome renewed his earlier feud with Bam-Bam Bigelow, which included Bigelow attacking Awesome at WCW Mayhem '00. Due to the attacks, Awesome dropped the "70s" gimmick. He then set up his favorite bout, an Ambulance match, against Bigelow at Starrcade '00. Both former ECW wrestlers gave it their all, taking a few serious bumps here and there, and ended up fighting around the ambulance, where Bigelow missed a punch, breaking one of the windows instead. They fought onto the roof, where Awesome nailed Bigelow with a huge punch, sending him toppling backwards and falling through the roof of the ambulance. This got the win for Awesome, albeit in one of the most sudden endings in Ambulance match history.

WCW: 2001

Going into 2001, Awesome changed sides, for some reason joining with Lance Storm & Elix Skipper in Team Canada after assaulting "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Awesome then joined in on Team Canada's feud with the Filthy Animals, challenging Billy Kidman to a Hair-vs-Hair match. Before the bout could take place, Team Canada took out Kidman in the back. However, Konnan (with no hair) took his place, and surprisingly got the win. The Filthy Animals then cut off Awesome's long-time "mullet" haircut, making him look even more like his ally, Storm. Awesome & Team Canada tried to get revenge by cutting Kidman's hair, but they were later stopped by the Animals. This all led up to a Penalty Box match at WCW Sin. With "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, a former member of Team Canada, acting as the referee, different wrestlers were sent to the Penalty Box for infractions, sometimes causing 3-on-1 battles. In the end, with everyone else in the Penalty Boxes, Storm was wrestling with Rey Mysterio Jr. Awesome was the first one allowed out of the box, and quickly took advantage, Awesome-Bombing Mysterio. Storm then got his Canadian Mapleleaf submission hold for the win.

Awesome later faded into the background for a time, helping to aid Storm in his battles against Ernest "The Cat" Miller. With Awesome & Skipper's aid, Storm defeated Miller at one point to become the WCW Commissioner, allowing Team Canada to run with a lot of power for a few weeks. However, at Superbrawl: Revenge, Storm lost to Miller, who regained his Commissionership. Meanwhile, Team Canada had continued its feuds with both Konnan (of the Filthy Animals) and Hugh Morrus(General Rection). When the two teamed up, aiding each other, Awesome & Storm quickly became a team as well, to combat them. The two newly-formed tag-teams faced off at WCW Greed in a well-orchestrated bout, which saw a Running Awesome-Bomb on Morrus win it for Team Canada in the end.

The victory led Awesome & Storm to proclaim themselves the top contenders for the World Tag-Team Titles, going after Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire. As they made their challenge, though, it was announced that Vince McMahon had purchased WCW, which meant that the company was coming to an end. At the Season Finale in April '01, Awesome & Storm had their shot to take the WCW belts at the end of the company's run. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful, with Palumbo & O'Haire leaving with the belts. With WCW no more, the wrestlers began concentrating on other things: namely, leading an Invasion of the World Wrestling Federation!

WWF: 2001-2002

Near the end of June '01, the WWF Hardcore Title was on the line between the champion, Test, and the challenger, Rhyno. Rhyno managed to get the Gore, taking out Test and winning the belt. However, while he was celebrating, Mike Awesome appeared, grabbing Rhyno and powerbombing him onto a ladder. Awesome then made the pin, and, due to the 24/7 Hardcore Title rule, the ref made the count, giving Awesome his first WWF victory and, shockingly, the WWF Hardcore Title! Awesome became the first WCW Invader to gain gold in the WWF, stealing away with the Hardcore belt before any WWF wrestlers could catch him. It struck a blow against the WWF, as well as giving Awesome his first gold in more than a year. Awesome stayed one of the main members of the WCW force for the next few weeks, as he aided other WCW wrestlers in their attacks. On one night, he was part of the WCW ambush set up by Diamond Dallas Page on the Undertaker, as Awesome speared the dead man into a garage door.

At the next Raw, Awesome & Lance Storm teamed up to fight Kane & Chris Jericho in a tag-team match. During the match, when the WWF faction started to take control, Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam surprisingly appeared from the crowd, attacking Kane & Jericho. A large number of WWF wrestlers rushed out, but it turned out to be a swerve, as all the wrestlers who came out belonged to the resurrected Extreme Championship Wrestling! Awesome and Storm, with their ECW connections, quickly joined the others to badly assault the WWF duo. "Announcer" Paul Heyman then entered the ring, proclaiming that the Invasion had just become Extreme! Thus, Awesome, with Storm, had apparently left WCW to rejoin E-C-Dub! It grew even larger later on that night, though, when it was revealed that ECW had actually joined with WCW, with the two factions badly beating down the WWF's team. Awesome, meanwhile, stayed under the ECW banner (which was announced as being owned by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley), which boosted the Invasion. However, things went bad for Awesome at the next Smackdown, when, due to interference from Edge & Christian, who took offense to Mike calling himself "the Awesome one", Awesome lost the WWF Hardcore Title to Jeff Hardy. Soon after, Awesome & Lance Storm challenged Edge & Christian to a match at WWE Invasion, which was quickly accepted.

When the PPV rolled around, Awesome & Storm took on the 7-time WWF Tag Team Champions in a melee. Awesome's team did well in the early going, mainly using Awesome's brute strength and Storm's athletic abilities to keep Edge & Christian on the defensive. However, when things started to break down at the end, the WWF team's experience in tag-team matches proved to be the key. When Awesome went for the Running Powerbomb on Edge, Christian managed to stop it with a spear, crushing Awesome to the ground. Edge, who landed on top, made the pin and got the victory, taking one away from the Awesome One.

On the next Raw, Awesome helped his teammate get some revenge, as Storm was able to win the WWF Intercontinental Title from Albert, thanks in part to Awesome distracting the referee (so that Hugh Morrus could nail Albert). However, soon afterwards, Awesome started appearing less and less for the WCW/ECW Alliance, as he seemed to be barely involved in the storyline. Rumors started that Paul Heyman, Awesome's former ECW boss and now a writer for the WWF, might be working against Awesome, due to Awesome's WCW signing while still the eCW Heavyweight Champion a few years before. When the Invasion storyline concluded, Awesome faded from sight, wrestling only occasionally for Velocity (after being drafted to Smackdown) and other small-time events going into '02. Awesome would not appear, wrestling-wise, at another WWF PPV, and was released from the company in September '02.

AJPW: 2002-2003

After the release, Awesome opted to head where he first made his career, going back overseas to wrestle in Japan. He soon made an impact in All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he joined up with PJ Friedman in the '02 Real World Tag League. While Awesome & Friedman made a good team, they weren't good enough, as Taiyo Kea & Satoshi Kojima ended up winning the league. Going into '03, Awesome decided to adopt his old angle to earn the respect of the Japanese fans, once again becoming the Gladiator. The crowd got behind it, but the Gladiator's success rate didn't rise, as he lost in the first round of the '03 Champion Carnival tournament to John Tenta. Satoshi Kojima went on to win the tournament.

TNA: 2003

In April '03, Mike Awesome came back to the states, appearing in NWA: Total Nontstop Action. His first match was against another old ECW rival, Perry Saturn. The match ended in controversy, though, as Awesome won via DQ, after New Jack and the Sandman rushed the ring. The New Church (Brian Lee & Slash) made the save. A week later, Awesome & the New Church took on Saturn, New Jack, & the Sandman in a "Baseball Bat, Barbed Wire, Tables & Ladders" Match. Awesome had some of the biggest moves of the match, including hitting Saturn with a Powerbomb onto a garbage can, as well as a Powerbomb through a table for the Sandman. Unfortunately for Awesome, though, there was once again outside involvement, as Justin Credible appeared (after a blackout in the arena) and got the baseball bat, giving it to Saturn, who knocked out Slash for the pin and the victory.

Awesome would appear again at the TNA shows a few weeks later, competing in the Anarchy Battle Royal that took place to decide a #1 Contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Awesome lasted quite a while in the match, but got taken out by a non-competitor, Mike Sanders, who ran down and Superkicked him to the outside and through a table! Glen Gilbertti (usually better remembered as WCW's the Disco Inferno) won the match and tht title shot. Awesome went for revenge on Sanders the next week, trying to take out the member of Sports Entertainment Xtreme. Interference once again plagued Awesome, however, as he was first attacked by the Harris Brothers, then, later on, when Awesome was going for the Powerbomb off the turnbuckle, Gilbertti nailed him with a chair to send Awesome through a table, making him easy pickings for Sanders to get the pin. It was Awesome's last match in TNA.

MLW: 2003

Awesome soon returned to the independent circuit, where he had already earned some respect in Major League Wrestling. At MLW Revolutions, Awesome got to renew acquaintances with his long-time rival, Masato Tanaka, in a #1 Contender's Match for the MLW Heavyweight Title. After another great match, Awesome came out on top, putting Tanaka away. This led to MLW Hybrid Hell in June '03, where Awesome took on the MLW Champion, Satoshi Kojima. The two had a tough match, with Awesome managing to come out on top, becoming the MLW Heavyweight Champion! However, Awesome let his ego get the best of him, as he quickly accepted the challenge of Steve Corino for the title. Corino won out, making Awesome a one-day champion.

ECW: 2005

In the middle of '05, the World Wrestling Federation was preparing a tribute show regarding Extreme Championship Wrestling, refering to the show as One Night Stand. Many of the wrestlers planned for the show were either part of Raw or Smackdown or were known by the fans. One of the biggest surprises of the night, though, was the return of Mike Awesome, who took on Masato Tanaka in what is generally considered to be the match of the night. While announcer Joey Styles wasn't happy with the return of Awesome (as Styles, and many fans, still blamed Awesome for his departure to WCW in '00), he still called the match well, watching the furious action between the two major rivals. In the end, Awesome got an Awesome Bomb on Tanaka, sending him out of the ring, then got a Slingshot Awesome Splash, pinning Tanaka for the explosive victory. Afterwards, Awesome continued the destruction, Powerbombing the referee. The fans gave Awesome an ovation afterwards, seemingly forgiving him for his ECW actions.


Awesome announced his retirement from professional wrestling in 2005, as he wanted to concentrate more on spending time with his family. He became employed in selling real estate with Coldwell Banker, earning a living away from the fans that had chanted for years for his wrestling ability. Little word was heard about his life after wrestling, as many assumed that he was living happily in retirement. However, on February 17th, 2007, a group of his friends came to his Tampa, Florida home and found Mike Alfonso hanging, apparently having committed suicide. An investigation is still ongoing as of this writing. Mike Alfonso was 42 years old.

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (45 - 32, 1 NC, 1 DCO)
- FMW Tag Team League '90 (January) = The Gladiator & Mr. Pogo won the league.
- FMW Fall Spectactular '91 (September 23) = The Gladiator & Big Titan took down Sambo Asako & Ricky Fuji.
- FMW Tag Team League '91 (November/December) = The Gladiator & Big Titan competed in the league, which was won by Tarzan Goto & Atsushi Onita.
- FMW Fall Spectacular '92 (September 19) = The Puerto Rican Army (the Gladiator, Big Titan, & Horace Boulder) won a "Street Fight Stretcher" Match over Sambo Asako, Great Punk, & Ricky Fuji.
- FMW 4th Anniversary Show (May 5, '93) = The Gladiator, Ricky Fuji, & Big Titan defeated Katsuji Ueda, Great Punk, & Tarzan Goto in a "Loser Leaves Town No Rope Barbed Wire Tornado Street Fight Death" match.
- FMW Summer Spectacular '93 (August 22) = The Gladiator & Big Titan won a "Street Fight" Match over Sambo Asako & Katsuji Ueda.
- FMW Year End Spectacular '93 (December 8) = The Gladiator, Big Titan, & Ricky Fuji won a "Street Fight" Match over Sambo Asako, Katsuji Ueda, & Gregori Veritchev.
- ECW Holiday Hell '93 (December 26) = Mike Awesome pinned Randy Starr.
- ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed (February 5, '94) = Mike Awesome was beaten by J.T. Smith.
- ECW Arena (March '94) = Awesome lost to the ECW Television Champion Sabu.
- FMW 5th Anniversary Show (May 5, '94) = The Gladiator, Ricky Fuji, & Big Titan beat Hiromichi Fuyuki, Gedo, & Jedo.
- FMW Summer Spectacular '94 (August 28) = The Gladiator took down Big Titan.
- FMW 6th Anniversary Show (May 5, '95) = The Gladiator & Horace Boulder were defeated by Katsutoshi Niiyama & Masato Tanaka.
- FMW Heavyweight League '95 (September) = The Gladiator pinned Hayabusa in the finals to win the league.
- FMW 7th Anniversary Show (May 5, '96) = The Gladiator, Horace Boulder, & Hisakatsu Oya fell to Super Leather & the Headhunters, who became the first FMW Six Man Tag Street Fight Champions.
- FMW Summer Spectacular '96 (August 1) = The Gladiator competed in a "Royal Rumble" Match, which was won by Hidoh.
- FMW Year End Spectacular '96 (December 11) = The Gladiator retained the FMW Independent Heavyweight Title and won the FMW Brass Knuckles Title, beating Wing Kanemura.
- ECW Crossing the Line Again (February '97) = Awesome lost to Louie Spicolli.
- FMW 8th Anniversary Show (April 29, '97) = The Gladiator, Cactus Jack, & Terry Funk lost a "Texas Tornado Street Fight Death Match" to Atsushi Onita, Masato Tanaka, & W*ING Kanemura.
- FMW Six Man Tag Title Tournament (August 5, '97) = The Gladiator, Hisakatsu Oya, & Mr. Gannosuke defeated Daikokumbo Benkei, Keisuke Yamada, & the Great Kabuki and Hiromichi Fuyuki, Gedo, & Jado to win the tournament.
- FMW Fall Spectacular '97 (September 28) = The Gladiator lost the FMW Unified Title to Masato Tanaka.
- FMW Entertainment Wrestling Live (April 30, '98) = The Gladiator & Tetsuhiro Kuroda were beaten by Horace Boulder & Super Leather.
- AJPW Showdown At The Egg (May '98) = The Gladiator, Hideki Hosaka, & Tetsuhiro Kuroda were beaten by Akira Taue, Takao Omori, & Masao Inoue.
- FMW Korakuen Hall (May 19, '98) = The Gladiator defeated Hisakatsu Oya.
- FMW Korakuen Hall (June 19, '98) = The Gladiator won over Jedo.
- FMW Korakuen Hall (July 10, '98) = The Gladiator beat Yukihiro Kanemura.
- ECW Arena (July '98) = Awesome & Justin Credible were defeated by Masato Tanaka & Jerry Lynn.
- ECW Arena (August '98) = Awesome was pinned by Masato Tanaka.
- ECW Heat Wave '98 (August) = Mike Awesome lost to Masato Tanaka.
- FMW Welcome To The Darkside (August 22, '98) = In three straight matches, the Gladiator defeated Naohiko Yamazaki, Yoshinori Sasaki, & Mr. Pogo.
- ECW Arena (September '98) = Awesome was beaten by Balls Mahoney.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (September '99) = The Gladiator was pinned by Kenta Kobashi.
- ECW Anarchy Rulz '99 (September 19) = Mike Awesome won the ECW World Title, defeating Taz & Masato Tanaka in a Three-Way Elimination Match.
- ECW Arena (October '99) = Awesome defeated Mikey Whipwreck to stay the ECW World Champion.
- ECW November To Remember '99 (November 7) = Awesome retained the ECW World belt, taking down Masato Tanaka.
- ECW Arena (November '99) = Awesome won over Justin Credible to stay the ECW World Champion.
- ECW Arena (January '00) = Awesome retained the ECW World belt, taking down Spike Dudley.
- ECW Guilty As Charged '00 (January 9) = Awesome kept the ECW World Title by again defeating Spike Dudley.
- ECW Arena (March '00) = Awesome & Raven won the ECW Tag-Team Titles from Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka.
- ECW Living Dangerously '00 (March 12) = Awesome retained the ECW World Championship, winning over Kid Cash. Later that night, Awesome & Raven lost the ECW Tag-Team Titles to the Impact Players in a Three-Way match. Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka were the other participants.
- WCW Spring Stampede '00 (April 16) = Awesome defeated Ernest Miller (with some wrestling with Bam-Bam Bigelow), then lost to Scott Steiner in the US Title Tournament.
- WCW Slamboree '00 (May 7) = Awesome fought to a No-Contest with Kanyon.
- WCW Great American Bash '00 (June 11) = Awesome defeated Diamond Dallas Page in an Ambulance Match.
- WCW Bash at the Beach '00 (July 9) = Awesome won, via DQ, over Scott Steiner.
- WCW New Blood Rising (August 13) = Awesome was beaten by the US Champion, Lance Storm. Jacques Rougeau was the referee.
- WCW Fall Brawl '00 (September 17) = Awesome defeated Jeff Jarrett in a "Bunkhouse Brawl".
- WCW Halloween Havoc '00 (October 29) = Awesome pinned Vampiro.
- WCW Millenium Final (November 16, '00) = Awesome won a Battle Royal. Later that night, Awesome lost a Triangle match to Kevin Nash. Alex Wright was the other participant.
- WCW Starrcade '00 (December 17) = Awesome beat Bam-Bam Bigelow in an Ambulance match.
- WCW Sin (January 14, '01) = Team Canada (Awesome, Lance Storm, & Elix Skipper) won a "Penalty Box" match over the Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio Jr, & Konnan). Jim Duggan was the referee.
- WCW Greed (March 18, '01) = Team Canada (Awesome & Lance Storm) defeated Hugh Morrus & Konnan.
- WWF Invasion (July '01) = Awesome & Lance Storm were beaten by Edge & Christian.
- AJPW Real World Tag League 2002 (November/December) = Awesome & PJ Friedman competed in the league, which was won by Taiyo Kea & Satoshi Kojima.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (December 6, '02) = Awesome & PJ Friedman won over Shigeo Okumura & Ryuji Hijikata.
- MLW King of Kings (December 20, '02) = Awesome won a "Number-One Contenders" Match over Jerry Lynn.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (February 23, '03) = The Gladiator pinned Nobukazu Hirai.
- AJPW Champion Carnival '03 (March) = The Gladiator lost in the first round to John Tenta. Satoshi Kojima won the tournament.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #40, April 16, '03) = Mike Awesome won, via DQ, over Perry Saturn.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #41, April 23, '03) = Awesome & the New Church lost a "Baseball Bat, Barbed Wire, Tables & Ladders" Match to Perry Saturn, New Jack & the Sandman.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #43, May 7, '03) = Awesome competed in the "Anarchy in the Asylum" Battle Royal, which was won by Glen Gilbertti.
- MLW Revolutions (May 9, '03) = Awesome won a "Number-One Contenders" Match over Masato Tanaka.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #44, May 14, '03) = Awesome lost a "Tables" Match to Mike Sanders.
- AJPW World Tag-Team Title Tournament (June 8, '03) = The Gladiator & Gigantes fell in the first round to the eventual winners, Keiji Mutoh & Arashi.
- WWC Universal Title Tournament (July 18, '03) = Awesome and Thunder fought to a Double Countout. Lightning won the tournament.
- WWC 30th Anniversary Show (July 19, '03) = Awesome lost to Carly Colon.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (September 6, '03) = The Gladiator lost to Toshiaki Kawada in the semi-finals of the AJPW Unified Triple Crown Tournament.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (February 22, '04) = The Gladiator, TAKA Michinoku & Bull Buchanan beat Arashi, Hi69 & Masayuki Kono.
- Zero-One Third Anniversary Show (February 29, '04) = The Gladiator lost to the NWA United National Champion, Masato Tanaka.
- Zero-One Hustle II (March 7, '04) = The Gladiator, Justin Credible & Sabu fell to Masato Tanaka, Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda.
- Zero-One Hustle III (May 8, '04) = The Gladiator, Kintaro Kanemura & Sabu won a "Dynamite Hardcore Hustle Weapons Death" Match over Masato Tanaka, Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Tomoaki Honma.
- NOAH Budokan Hall (March 5, '05) = The Gladiator, Bison Smith, & Ace Steel defeated Yoshinari Ogawa, Go Shiosaki, & Akira Taue.
- ECW One Night Stand (June 12, '05) = Awesome beat Masato Tanaka.

Title Summary:
- FMW World Brass Knuckles Tag-Team Champion w/ Big Titan (1/18/94 - 4/21/94)
- FMW World Brass Knuckles Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Mr. Pogo (10/28/94 - 2/24/95)
- FMW World Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Champion (9/26/95 - 1/05/96)
- FMW World Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Champion(2) (5/27/96 - 9/28/97)
- FMW Independent World Heavyweight Champion (12/11/96 - 9/28/97)
- FMW World Street Fight 6-Man Tag-Team Champion w/ Hisakatsu Ooya & Mr. Gannosuke (8/05/97 - 8/31/97)
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion (9/19/99 - 12/17/99)
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion(2) (12/23/99 - 4/13/00)
- ECW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Raven (3/04/00 - 3/12/00)
- WWF Hardcore Champion (6/25/01 - 7/10/01)
- MLW Heavyweight Champion (6/20/03)