Are we on? Ok, hey folks, yep, it's me, the Narrator, back on your television screen, talking about current events. I'm sure all of you have been following the supernatural story of Anthony "Lightning" Logan and his compatriots from the last couple of days. It's been unusual, to say the least. We've been getting live broadcasts on and off all day today, as Austin somehow got the picture working again after yesterday. There was one moment where there was some kind of explosion, and the camera blinked out, which made us once again fear for the lives of our intrepid explorers into the great unknown. Fortunately, this wasn't the case, as the camera came on a little while later. We've seen all sorts of weird pictures: Anthony battling with some bright force of light; Michelle and Austin side-by-side, installing some circuitry, probably some stolen from the camera itself; Anthony actually talking with someone who wasn't there, some sort of relative apparently that everyone there could see, but we couldn't; et cetera, et cetera. Basically, you can definitely say that this has been a landmark experience when it comes to paranormal activities. But just a few minutes ago, we were shown another live shot, of the camera seemingly plunging towards a grassy surface, then rolling over and over and over again. A few of the people in the station had to leave because of motion sickness. Anyway, once it stabilized, we got shots of Anthony, Michelle, and Austin all happily celebrating, and immediately took steps to get them on the air. Let's go to them now, live!

As you can see, all three aren't quite themselves yet. Anthony's still unshaven and is wearing slightly-worn clothing, hell, it's basically draped over him. Michelle's not even wearing the same thing she was before. Now she's in a kind of robe, covering up who knows what. Don't drool on the remote too much, guys. Austin, well, we can't see much of him still, he's behind the camera, but I'm willing to bet he's in about the same shape. But all three aren't acting like they're hurt. It's a very joyous occassion. After Anthony gives Michelle another hug, nearly causing her to drop some sort of sophisticated equipment, he turns back to the camera.

Anthony Logan: I can't believe it! Home at last! Damn, I feel like the Skipper finally getting off that boring island and away from Gilligan! Wow, and the camera still seems to be rolling, too, even after that lovely tumble we took earlier. That's an amazing testiment to the equipment that ODJ buys. Then again, it IS built to withstand whatever us wrestlers can throw at it. I guess it's living up to its reputation. Well, fans at home, if you're still receiving this, we're back! You don't have to scalp your Friday Night Heat tickets! Or, wait, do you? Crap. Hey, Michelle, do you still have your portable phone?

Michelle: Afraid not, Tony, I had to use a couple of components for this gate-opening superconnection we made. The thing probably won't even ring now.

Anthony Logan: Yeah, but if it helped us get back, it was worth it. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to.... oh, thanks, Austin, I didn't know you had a cell phone!

Michelle: What?? You mean that I cannibalized my phone when you had yours hidden away from me??

Anthony Logan: Calm down, Michelle. He's an ICWF cameraman. He's trained to protect his technology. Ok, what's that number... hmmm... oh, yeah, I remember.

Anthony starts dialing, then brings the phone up to his ear. He waits, looking around, as the call gets transfered to wherever it's.... huh? Wait, that's my phone! Where is it? Damnit, I know I put it over here, I can hear it, oh, there it is! *click* Hello?

Anthony Logan: Hey, narrator dude! Guess what? We're baa-ack! Are you receiving our feed?

Ummm, yes, yes we are, in fact, we're broadcasting you live right now!

Anthony Logan: Oh, cool, good to hear. Hi, Andrew! Hey, Ma! Anyway, what day is it? What time?

Well, it's Wednesday evening here, actually.

Anthony Logan: Wednesday evening? You mean I haven't missed the Milo Decacards fight, right?

Yep, that's exactly what I mean, you're still on and everything. ODJ basically said that you either escape from that parallel dimension and wrestle in the non-title bout, or you'd be fined.

Anthony Logan: Oh, good, I'm glad I'm back, I hate those fines. Cool, then we'll start making our way back to civilization. Thanks for your help, dude!

No problem, Anthony, good to see you back! *click* Ok, then, wow, what a wild segment that was! I'm starting to get into these live feeds! Anyway, let's get the camera back off of me and focus it on the three people walking through that grassy plain.

Michelle: Hey, Austin, do you mind if I borrow your phone to make a couple of calls? I don't know if my parents and siblings will be watching this network right now. Besides, you owe me for allowing my phone to be ripped apart.

The camera nods up and down, and Michelle walks to the right, still moving next to the two men, but being far enough away to have a semi-private conversation, if she keeps her voice down. Meanwhile, Anthony is glowing now, no, not like that spirit was, I mean an inner glow. He's pretty estatic that he's still got the chance against Milo Decadent, despite all he's been through this week.

Anthony Logan: This has to be the longest I've ever been anticipating a match. Ok, so it wasn't any longer for most people, but it seems like it's been weeks for us! It's wild to think that after all this time, I'm finally going to get that shot against Milo Decadeca. I don't even care anymore that the belt's not on the line, and I'm no longer concerned about Milo's nationality! It's just great to know that I AM going to be kicking his ass inside and outside the ropes only two days from now! Of course, we still need to get in some serious walking to make sure I'm in the arena at the right time. Honestly, I'm not really sure where that thingamajig of Michelle's has landed us. Any clue, Austin? You helped build it.

Austin: Not sure, boss.

Anthony Logan: Oh well, wherever we are, we'll find our way back to the place we belong. Michelle can go back to her job at Hooter's, while Austin and I hit Friday Night Heat and party like there's no tommorrow! So, Milo, did your heart just hit the bottom of your chest? That's right, big boy, it wasn't easy, but we beat the odds, and we're here, now, on Earth, just in time for me to come do some much needed dental work on your cranial cavities! There is now very little chance that I won't be there on the other side of the squared circle when the little guy running the bell bangs his gavel on it. Your prayers for a miracle forfeit victory have gone unanswered! Well, that's the way the spirit crumbles, I'm afraid.

So what have you been doing while I've been trapped in an alternate dimension? Have you been lifting weights, or just pumping women? Have you trained against amateur wrestlers, or paid off professionals? Have you been watching tapes of me, or simply surfing the UK Internet for the spiciest footage this side of the White House? Forgive me if I'm mistaken in my assumptions, Decadoo, but I just can't help but think that you've probably been spending more time with booze, drugs, and women, rather than getting in the training that you so desperately needed to stand a chance against me. Oh, I know what you're going to say. You probably think that my battles with ghostly apparitions probably didn't help me that much, either. But, hey, I think it's given me a different perspective on the way things are working. I think I'm even more ready to get another victory for the ICWF. After all, once you've battled a few demons, what's the big deal about a minor Brit?

As Anthony says this, Michelle can be seen on the side, hanging up the phone and calling to them. She points forward, and the camera turns, to show a cloud of dust coming towards them. Anthony takes a defensive posture, getting in front of Michelle and Austin. Can this be some final attack from that evil force they were battling? Man, this is just like from the Mummy! Oh, wait, that's not just a dustcloud, that's a truck! And hanging out the back are some of the drunkest guys I think I've ever seen! The car shifts back and forth, as it pulls up near the trio and stops, grinding a gear while doing so. All four of the people hanging in and out of the truck grin towards Anthony and the rest, especially Michelle. They're all dressed sort of, well, let's just say that Anthony, Michelle, and the cameraman are probably dressed better at this moment in time.

Drunk Driver: Hey *hic*, you guys out here, too, huh? Goin' for the money? Hey, don't I know you? Yah, from television, you're that wrassler, right?

Anthony Logan: You could say that.

Hey, girl, what's your sign?

Michelle: "Do not disturb."

Anthony Logan: You guys look like you've been having a lot of fun. What's going on?

Drunk Driver: Oh, we're, uh, leading a *hic* search party. Some group of para, para, *hic*, ghost guys got lost, but we're gonna find them and collect tha re-ward. Have you three seen 'em?

Anthony looks over at his two compatriots, then glances back at the truck, with the four drunk hillbillies.

Anthony Logan: Nope, haven't seen them.

Drunk Driver: Damn, oh well, if you do *hic* see them, get in touch with us, so that *hic* we can get some money, too! Bye! *hic*

The car fishtails away from the three, sending up a cloud of dust that momentarily obscures the view of the camera. After a few seconds, it clears, to show Michelle holding a hand to her head while Anthony, grinning, stares after the departing truck.

Anthony Logan: Ahh, reality. It's good to be back.

Michelle: Yeah, no wonder no one found us.

The group, laughing slightly, move on down the now-more-obvious roadway. It's not paved, and it's barely even different from the rest of the landscape, but it's a good path to follow, nonetheless.

Anthony Logan: So, anyway, back to what I was saying about good old Milo. I tell you, Michelle, I'm really looking forward to this.

Michelle: What, you're still going on about your fight with that Decadent guy? That's almost all you've talked about the past few weeks, even after all we've been through! Don't you think we should have bigger concerns on our minds, like, say, what the press is going to think about our findings?

Anthony Logan: The press? Bigger than a wrestling match? Hell, no! I'm fighting a bonafied lower-ranked champion, for pete's sake! Nothing means more to me right now than getting my arms around Milo's neck and squeezing like he's a packet of ketchup. I want to see some blood flowing, and I want to hear him give a few yelps of pain, in that high-pitched nasually voice of his. I want a lot of things, really. But most of them will have to come later. I'll be satisfied with just having Milo in front of me, or even lying on the mat, unconscious. Just so I get the 1-2-3 followed by the great party that I'm going to throw! I was thinking, maybe we could lease that McBannion place again...

Michelle: Oh, no, don't even think it!

Anthony Logan: What, what'd I'd say? It was a fun place to hang out at, right? And we need to go back for the van sooner or later, right? Oh well, at any rate, things are going just like I'd hoped they would. Boy is my brother going to be proud when he sees the damage I'm going to do to this USA-wannabe. There's not going to be a queen waiting to pardon you, Milo! Nope, all we got is our boy George, and I can tell you that he's surely dying to see another execution! You know what "dubbya"'s favorite method of seeing someone die is, Milo? Electrocution. I just hope he's watching Friday night, because what he wants, ICWF is going to deliver! I've got the Strike ready to fly, especially after the zero-gee training I've received in the past week, er, two days. I'm going to fly higher than ever before, because I want to be sure you remember this encounter. You'll be forced to remember that I'm the better wrestler of the two of us. I'm the one destined for greatness in the ICWF. I'm the one who's got a future here. Got all that? If not, I'm sure we can arrange a tape of the violence on Friday to be sent to your place in England, for you to view over and over again, with whatever women you want. Your record's about to get slashed, Milo. Get ready for the Strike.

Anthony looks away from the camera then, and walks onward, taking a long stride that Michelle and Austin are hard-pressed to keep up. They go over a rise, looking around, then start to march towards what looks to be a small town. After going down the hill and covering a fair distance, they walk into the suburb of the place, where a few individuals stop and stare. At first you think it must be because they've been missing. But then you see the fright in some of their eyes, and realize that, yep, this is where the Logans visited last month, where havoc seemed to follow them around. Anthony's smile grows larger, and he walks straight into the city, as the other people glance away, not wanting to see him. Ahh, what a country. We'll see you again sooner or later, true believers!