Well, boys and girls, welcome back from commercial. See any toys you might like? That's nice. Guess what? Yep. No intro again. Apparently Anthony just doesn't feel like doing it right now. I sent him a memo yesterday, but he never responded. Probably hasn't even checked his e-mail recently. Oh well, we'll make do. Just imagine lots of loud music, flying bodies, blood-soaked scenes, and anything else that you link with the Logan brothers. We'll see what I can do about it for tommorrow, ok? Let's get this rolling. Ok, the picture... is out of focus. C'mon, people, who am I not paying around here?? Well, FIX IT!!!


*sigh* There is no such thing as good help these days. Ahh, there we go. Alright, start it rolling again, guys, if you please. There. As you can now FINALLY see, we're standing in the outdoors. It's a little dark, as the sun sets behind some mountains. It looks like a pleasant view, really. The camera turns to the right, to showcase a cream-colored van. Inside the van, lifting up two packs, is a guy that we all know, and of course were expecting to see. It's Anthony "Lightning" Logan. He drops out of the car and tosses one of the packs to a beautiful lady. She starts to hook it around her shoulders and waist, and you can't help but admire her, uh, muscles. The camera goes back to Anthony, as he gets his own pack on. He sees the red light on the side of the camera and immediately grins.

Anthony Logan: Oh, hey, man, you finally get that camera working? Cool, I wasn't happy about possibly having to drive all the way back into the town down the mountain. You're a whiz, you know that, Austin? Kick ass.

Well, what do you know? Austin's reappeared! I was starting to wonder what happened to the Logan brothers' regular cameraman. Maybe he just took a vacation, spending some of that hazardous duty pay he's gotten for being in charge of taping Electricity. Whatever the reason, he's back. He stays focused on Anthony as he finishes adjusting his backpack. The co-holder of the Hardcore Tag-Team Championship looks into the lens with his usual finesse, smiling like a hyena after a good meal. In the meantime, the lady slips past him and goes into the van, looking for something. Anthony barely notices, as he keeps his attention on the rolling tape.

Anthony Logan: So, how's everyone doing out there in television land? This should be a live feed, as we've got this mini satellite dish all set up and running through the van. It should be shooting this back to the ICWF Headquarters, then immediately rebroadcast out. At least, that was the deal. Sometimes you just can't trust those executives to come through for you. Anyway, we're rolling, and you're watching, so it must be working!

Well.... not quite. There is a tape delay. Hey, we can't be sure that Anthony's going to watch his language, and we're REALLY not sure what he's planning to do with that lady of his. You can't be too careful. But it's as live as it's going to get, so enjoy it!

Anthony Logan: Well, as you can see, we've come all the way out here to show you guys a really cool tradition in these parts. Hey, Austin, turn the camera around and show them what I mean.

The camera obediently spins, to gives us a shot of the structure nearby. It's big, it's dark, and it's got a lot of gargoyles on it. In other words, it's a haunted house. You can see the dim outline of dark clouds above the house, as the sun continues to disappear over the horizon. The camera comes back to Anthony, whose smile is even bigger.

Anthony Logan: Yep, that's right, I'm out here ready to do some ghost hunting! It's something I've been wanting to do for a long while now, but for some reason Andrew just isn't that fond of the supernatural. But now that he's out of commission for a few weeks, I thought I'd get my kicks in while I'm still able. Ok, so it probably won't help me that much in my fight with Milo Decadent, but who cares? It's good clean fun! Right, Michelle?

Michelle: I'm looking forward to it, Tony. We get to see how much courage you've really got under that bod.

Anthony Logan: What, you think my courage is in question? After all I've been through? Sheesh. Some women you just can't impress. Anyway, I wanted to say a few things to Milo before we went in and started exploring. I caught Decacard's interview from yesterday. Interesting stuff. Something about how Milo's a criminal or something, but let another guy take the rap for him? Talk about a great North American Champion. I love it when these guys commit a crime and fail to get blamed for it. I guess we can put Milo up there with Ray Lewis and O.J. Simpson. Nah, forget that, I like Ray Lewis. He doesn't deserve to be with those scumbags.

Then, of course, we saw Milo beating up on the guy who went to jail for him. I know, Milo will claim self-defense, and could probably get off. He's good at avoiding prosecution, or so I've heard. But really, did you have to goad the guy on, by inviting him in the first place? It was obvious to me that this Eric guy hated your guts, yet you immediately bring him to a violent soccer game, yes, soccer, it ain't football unless you're wearing pads, and then you laugh at his misfortunes. Some friend. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I don't like you that much. You haven't shown any redeemable qualities. The only thing you've got going for you is your undefeated record, and, well, that isn't going to last much longer.

Anthony's about to continue on, but Michelle's hand lands on his shoulder, stopping him. He looks back curiously at the bombshell on his side.

Michelle: I know this is something you have to do for your job, Tony, but can we at least go on inside? I want to get a look around before the sunlight is completely gone. You know this house doesn't have any modern conveniences.

Anthony Logan: Hmmm, a place with no Electricity? (superhero voice) Sounds like I'm needed! Let's go find Casper and the other poltergeists and see what their lives, er, deads, er, whatevers are like.

The group turns and marches up the short driveway towards the apparently deserted house. It's pretty rundown, and probably hasn't seen repair work since Ted Kennedy was last sober. They enter through the front door, shoving open the rusty hinges, and make their way into the dark foyer. Both Anthony and Michelle are equipped with bright flashlights, showing they at least came prepared, while Austin reaches a hand across the lens, switching on the camera's internal light. We can see relatively well around the wooden floors, but there isn't that much activity. Michelle pulls some sort of gadget out of her bag and switches it on, scanning around the place. She shakes her head and moves off, looking carefully from place to place. Anthony, meanwhile, seems more interested in the camera than the haunted house, paying it little attention.

Anthony Logan: Ok, so we're inside. Spooky, huh? I bet Milo would be paying someone to take his place right now. He acts like a rich Brit at least. Of course, he's still a comparative rookie in the ICWF, so maybe he's just spending his checks before they've arrived. Whatever. Let's get back to what he was saying about me in his time on the air. I still can't believe that he bashed the Transformers. I mean, what are you thinking, Milo? The Transformers were awesome! Especially that movie that they put out! You know, with Unicron, and Cybertron's moons getting destroyed, and all that? I agree with you that He-Man wasn't bad, but it just doesn't compare with the Autobots and the Decepticons! Besides which, it's just harmless fun. Will it affect our match that I like the Transformers instead of, say, G.I. Joe? No, I don't think so. At least, I hope not.

And as far as the bit about me having trouble in the singles division, well, the only trouble I'll have is wanting to tag in my brother after I've floored you to give him his shots. That 'might' slow me down slightly, I'll grant you. But I've wrestled singles enough to know that I'm on my own in this one. I'm not going to be that thrown off, so if you're counting on me making simple mistakes for you to win, well, you're in for a hell of a night, because whether the title gets to be mine or you get to keep it, I'm still leaving the arena with a smile on my face and another victory in my record. You see, Milo, you may not like to admit it, but I think somewhere in the back of your mind, you're underestimating me. Oh, I know, you like to say that I'm hungry and all, and that I'm a champion as well, but you just don't see a tag-team competitor as that much of a threat to your streak. That'll be your downfall, because I'm going to twist you into a Picasso sculpture and make you a piece of psychosomatic art!

Anthony smiles again at the images coming to his mind, of poor Milo Decadent unconscious on the mat, in the perfect position for the Strike. The smile fades slightly, though, as a noise from the 2nd floor can be heard. It bangs for a few seconds, then is silent again. Anthony is looking up, finally observing his whereabouts, as Michelle walks back in, still smacking around the gadget she brought out.

Michelle: I don't know, Anthony. Either this thing belongs on the bottom of a junk heap, or this house just doesn't have any paranormal activity. It's so frustrating!

Anthony Logan: Wait, you mean that you didn't just hear those noises?

Michelle: What noises?

Anthony Logan: The ones from upstairs, of course! It's probably just some homeless vagrant, but hey, let's go check it out!

Anthony turns and hurries up the stairs, with Michelle, still puzzled, right behind. The cameraman hesitates, but then, probably thinking of all the overtime he'll be getting for this, Austin steps up and moves after them. He catches up at the top of the stairs, where another dark room is being scanned by the flashlights. Inside, there are many pieces of furniture covered by various white cloths. It's a typical haunted room, right? Well, we'll see. Personally, I don't believe in all this mumbo-jumbo, but Anthony can do whatever he wants to. They continue to look around, with Anthony pulling up a few sheets to check out the old-fashioned furniture underneath.

Anthony Logan: Hey, my grandfather had a chair like this! Wicked! I don't think they make them anymore! I wonder if the owner of this house would sell it to us?

Michelle: I don't know, what'd the owner look like?

Anthony Logan: Uh, I don't know, you were the one that met him, after all.

Michelle: Me? I thought you got this all set up??

Anthony Logan: Nah, never heard of this place until you sent me that fax. Anyway, you keep searching around, I've got to finish up my stuff for Milo Decacard to watch.

Michelle seems very uncertain, but she walks away, pulling out another fancy thingamabob and tracking something. She disappears around the corner as Anthony faces the camera.

Anthony Logan: I'm starting to think this place is a dud. I was really hoping for some real spooks to mess with. Then I could unmask them and be as big a hero as Scooby & Shaggy. But oh well, I'll just have to be satisfied with taking down one of the lower-ranked champions of the ICWF. I have no problem with that, of course. I love fighting guys who think they're better than me and have no real clue what they're up against. The expressions that cross their faces are always priceless. Milo, you're right. I know more about you now, although I still haven't done much into the North American belt, because why research something that's not available? But at least I know the basics. I can thank my brother for that. So I know about your victories, and I know that they weren't all over wimps and geeks. But then, of course, don't forget that I've beaten the Party Animals, both in singles and in tag, I've taken down Looks 2 Kill multiple times, and hell, our hardcore champion, Titan 3? We kicked his ass all over the place, and if I ever get the chance, I'll be doing it again!

So you see, Decahydron, you need to be sure to start taking note of what I can do. I'm not my brother's shadow. I haven't been dragged up the ladder on his shoulders, because I'm just as good, if not better, than he is. Hell, I've beaten the guy numerous times in our training sessions. He's gotten in a few himself, of course, because he is a fantastic wrestler. But I'm egotistical enough to believe that I'm even better. You're going to find that out sooner rather than later, Milo. You're number-one on the way to showing everyone that Anthony Logan is a serious singles threat. I have some grand plans for my future. Some involve my brother and the tag-team circuit. Others involve doing things for myself, like possibly taking a singles title or two from the dudes who are wearing them now. So what do you think, Milo? Think I can have a crack at that gold around your waist after I floor you in this non-title bout? We'll just have to see. The future is bright, buddy, because of the Lightning that's travelling towards it. Prepare yourself, Deck. Prepare for the....

A scream from the other room startles Anthony, ruining his famous catchphrase. He looks back to where Michelle disappeared earlier, then turns and sprints in that direction. Austin follows, either out of misguided loyalty to the Logans, chivalry towards Michelle, or utter terror at what the Owner would do to him if he didn't cover the story. They come around to see an explosive lightshow going on. Anthony steps into the thick of it, darting left and right, looking for Michelle. Austin stays on the periphery, keeping the camera rolling.

Anthony Logan: Michelle? Where in the hell are...

The sound cuts out for a second, as Anthony continues to search. Then the picture begins flickering, in and out. We see different pictures: a shot of the camera knocked crooked, with Austin apparently staggering to the left; a quick view of Anthony yelling out a warcry and diving at something; a picture of Michelle's backpack, lying on the floor, with many of the items from it scattered forward; a final shot of something extremely bright, blanking out the camera's visual sensors; and then silence. A blank screen. Ummm.... is this some kind of joke? Guys? Did we lose the feed, or what? Technical difficulties?? You're kidding, right? Oh, man. Is anyone else a little bit freaked out right now? I mean, did we just see the end of one of the Logans? Oh, *bleep*, I sound like that announcer from that campy '60s Batman show! Look, folks, I honestly don't know what's going to happen next, if anything. We'll keep track of it and let you know if we find out what's going on. Hey, Roy! Roy! Get on the phone, send someone out there to find out what's going on! What? Don't give me that attitude, this guy's worth a fortune to the ICWF, and ODJ will have our heads if he doesn't come back! Hey, why haven't we cut transmission?? Kill it, god *bleep* it!