Welcome, once again, to another stunning edition of Anthony Logan Speaks! Ok, so that's not very funny. I'm doing my best here! Until either Anthony gives me permission to use one of the old intros, or until he makes us a new one just for himself, there's little I can do. You'll just have to forget about the usual intros for now. Let's just hope this change in routine doesn't cost Anthony. You know what they say about sticking to your usual movements when on a winning streak. Anyway, the camera comes on from blackness, dull and boring, but at least we're getting some music this time. We're shown a large church choir loft, where an energetic choir is swaying back and forth, pounding out the notes with great fervor. Considering how early in the morning it is, they're really stunning. The camera locks onto one person in particular, Anthony Logan, who is in the midst of the choir. He's got on the same red robe that the rest are wearing, and he's swaying back and forth to the organ music, putting his voice into the mix. Let's just say that we're lucky we can't hear it. The piece comes to an end, and the choir has a seat, as a prologue begins. Whoever is playing it obviously has had a lot of practice tickling the ivories. Everyone in the audience filters out the side exits, except for two people. One, of course, is the cameraman. The other is a familiar face to the ICWF viewing public. Of course, I still don't know his name. He's not big enough yet in the Owner's eye to become a public figure, I suppose. He steps up and waits as the choir comes single-file out of the pews. Anthony spots the cameraman and the interviewer on the way down, and continues on anyway, showing his bravery in the face of boredom. Then again, he did just survive the sermon, so maybe he's in the mood for speaking.

Anthony Logan: Hey, cameradude, question-guy, wazzup?

Interviewer: Nice to see you again, Anthony. I was sent over here by the head office to get a few words out of you, as usual. Apparently they're treating this match-up with Milo Decadent as a major moment in your career, so they want me to get as many comments from you about it as possible.

Anthony Logan: What? A major moment? But the title isn't even on the line. The only reason it's even got me interested is because of Milo's record in the ICWF.

Interviewer: I think that's one of the major reasons that people are looking forward to this one, Anthony. Anyway, where can we go to talk?

Anthony Logan: Ummm, well, you see, I kind of need to get to the hospital. I promised Andrew I'd stop by after participating in the church festival here. I love Sunday services, even though I don't get to attend much. Nothing wrong with praising God, y'know?

Interviewer: Personally, Anthony, I think we should stay away from religious issues when the camera's rolling. Some fans are sensitive about that.

Anthony Logan: What do I care? Hey, religious gurus out there, I'm Methodist and I'm proud!

Interviewer: Ok, ok, don't push your luck, kid. Look, how about we drive over to the hospital with you? Then we can take care of business while we're there.

Anthony Logan: If that's what floats your boat. Oh, wait, I can't go to the hospital yet. Andrew asked me to pick up some stuff for him. That hospital food is terrible, according to him.

Interviewer: Alright, wherever you're going, we'll just tag along. Let's get moving, shall we?

Anthony Logan: Whatever.

Anthony takes a moment to hand off his robe to another fellow singer, showing that he's wearing regular street clothes underneath. He's even got a sleeveless ICWF t-shirt on. Apparently Anthony doesn't believe in wearing Sunday best when coming to church. Maybe he knew the interviewer would put in an appearance. Anyway, the three go out the door to the Logan automobile and get in, with the cameraman taking his place in the back seat. We still don't know if it's Austin or not. Hmmm. The engine starts, and the car peels out, heading down the road. As we drive, the interviewer starts to ask questions.

Interviewer: Let's get down to business. First off, the most important thing that's happening with you right now, your brother's injury. Has there been any other information concerning when he'll be able to return?

Anthony Logan: Well, he's definitely not in the best of shape at the moment. The doctors think he sustained a slight concussion when we were jumped by the Party Animals, Titan 3, and John Steel. Then by ignoring it, he didn't receive the proper medical treatment, so the shots he took from Looks 2 Kill made it worse. Now it's become a question of how much can he take? The guy's gotta stay in the hospital for a while, where there's not much excitement to get into his head. But I'm sure he'll be out of there in a few weeks, ready to stomp some 'blokes' into the ground.

Interviewer: Ok, well, tell him that I wish him a speedy recovery. The Logan brothers make an awesome team together, after all.

Anthony Logan: Well, yeah, we do, but we're also great athletes on our own. Y'know, I'm tired of people saying that I'm only good with my brother at my side. I'm undefeated in singles battles!

Interviewer: While that's true, Anthony, most people have trouble taking a 2-0 record that seriously. Many superstars have won their first two matches in the singles division. Honestly, you'll have to do much better than that for anyone to really take you seriously as a one-on-one performer.

Anthony grumbles under his breath, which the camera's mic can't quite pick up. He suddenly swerves around a slow-moving volkswagon, darting into the oncoming lane, then swerves around it, barely missing a truck that was coming in the other direction. The volkswagon honks its horn, but Anthony pays no attention, thinking about something else.

Anthony Logan: I just hate hearing stuff like that. I may love my brother, but we don't need each other to be victorious. I'll show that this Friday, when I take down that other champion, Milo Decadent. By the way, do you happen to know which belt he holds?

Interviewer: Ummm, as a matter of fact, that was in my notes for this interview. He currently retains the North American Championship.

Anthony Logan: The North American? Ok, I thought that was it. Too bad I'm not allowed to go for that one. It's kind of prestigious, isn't it? Well, I mean, when you don't compare it to the Heavyweight Title, the Lightweight strap, the Tag-Team belts, the Hardcore Championship, or the Intercontinental gold. But once you stop thinking about all that other stuff, the North American title is worth having, right?

Interviewer: I'm sure Milo takes great pride in being the possessor of that belt. He did manage to hang onto it at the pay-per-view, with his win in the Four Corners match.

Anthony Logan: Oh, yeah, the babes! How could I forget them! That was a great match. Anyway, as for his gold, I just hope Milo cherishes it. He'll have to think about how close he came to losing it this Friday. Maybe he'll remember to send some thank you notes to the guys upstairs in the ICWF. Then again, maybe he won't. He's from the UK, you know, so who knows how he feels about thanking someone.

Interviewer: Ok.... let's get back on track here. Have you started any special training for your fight with Milo? He is a champion, after all, which means he cannot possibly be taken lightly.

Anthony Logan: Well, I was thinking about just heading off to the beach for a few days and getting some sun, but Andrew kind of griped at me for that idea. He's been in a really foul mood since the Miami Street Fight, let me tell you. So on his orders, I've rented a few of Milo's tapes from the ICWF offices. I guess I'll watch them tonight, see what I can see. And I'll keep training as I always do, sans partner. As I told Milo earlier, don't worry, I'll be in shape for our fight.

Interviewer: I'm sure Milo will be happy to hear that, Anthony.

Anthony Logan: Why would he be happy? If I'm in shape, I win. Plain and simple. So if Milo hears that I'm going to be fully prepared to send him screaming like Linda Blair, I just can't see a smile being anywhere near his face. At any rate, we're here.

The car pulls up in front of a small chinese establishment. Anthony gets out and walks in, looking content to be there. The cameraman and interviewer, after a slight double-take between them, follow behind. Anthony doesn't stop at the front desk, instead choosing to go straight to the back room. The other two follow behind, waiting for the yell that singles their getting tossed out. Nothing happens, though, as they push through the curtains. In the back, a frail-looking elderly man sits in a small seat. He sees Anthony and says something in Chinese, which only our Chinese listeners can know. Sorry, people, but we don't have it in the budget to get subtitles. Anthony answers in Chinese, surprising pretty much everyone. Who knows what lurks in that brain of his? Anyway, they talk back and forth for a minute or two, then the old man hands over a paper bag, which looks pretty heavy. Anthony hefts it in one arm, does a bow, then backs out, signaling the others to follow. They get back to the car and get in, as Anthony turns the key and pulls away from the curb. The interviewer looks extremely curious, and after a short while of silence, he can't help himself.

Interviewer: So what's in the bag, Anthony? Special herbs? A secret recipe of some sort? Oh, maybe a fast-acting cure for your brother?

Anthony Logan: Nah, it's Chicken Chow Mein, some fortune cookies, and a few other things that Andrew likes. We come here a lot, that's why the owner recognized me. He's a good guy, gives us stuff at a discounted price. It's pretty good food, but sorry, you can't have any, it's all for the Logans this time.

Interviewer: Awww, damn. Oh well, I'll just get some take-out on the way home. Let's get a few more questions about your opponent out, ok?

Anthony Logan: Alrighty then.

Interviewer: Good, good. Let's see, about Milo Decadent, do you think that his apparent teamwork with Havok, Skyler, or Canon could have an effect on your bout?

Anthony Logan: Oh, he's part of some stable, huh? I hadn't heard much about that. Well, then, yeah, it could have something to do with the way the match goes. I mean, it's not like I have anyone right now still in the ICWF who has said they're going to watch my back. Handy Man's taken a powder, Andrew's in the hospital, and I don't have a clue whose side Kingpin is on. So, really, if he wants to cheat, then I'll just have to figure out a way on my own to combat it.

Interviewer: So it doesn't worry you any?

Anthony Logan: Nah. If there's nothing I can do about it until Friday night, why obsess over it? It's just a match. There's nothing on the line. So why would Milo even bother to cheat? Maybe he'll be a nice Brit and keep things on the straight and narrow. You never know, I've seen it happen before. Whether anything happens or not, though, you can be sure that I'm going to deal with it in my own unbelievable style.

Interviewer: Well, if you say so. One final question before we reach the hospital, since I know you're going to want to get this food up to your brother while it's still hot. Are you going to have any prevailing strategy in your battle against Milo Decadent, or are you just going to show up and fight?

Anthony Logan: Hell, guy, you know me. I'm going to do both. I'm going to spend a little time working up a good gameplan to fight this dude. I'll study his old films, seeing what he loves to do the most. I'll look into how to counter his finisher as always. Then when I get to the ring, I'll throw most of my strategy out and just pound on him until he breaks. That's the way a Logan fights, or at least this Logan. I may not be methodical, and I may not be known as one of the most intelligent wrestlers to hit the squared circle in the ICWF, but I know how to make a person wish for his momma five seconds into a match. Milo Decadent is good, but we're just going to have to see what he can really do against a true upcoming star in this sport. He's got to deal with Lightning, which is never a good position to be in. The storm clouds are growing. The static electricity is building. I'm ready to shock the world, baby!

As the interviewer thanks Anthony for his comments, the car pulls into the hospital parking lot and stops. Anthony nods to the guys as they all get out of the automobile, then lifts the bag of Chinese delicacies into his arms and moves towards the entrance. The cameraman then looks back at the interviewer, since they now have no mode of transportation. The cameraman has been in this predicament before. Fortunately, so has the interviewer, as he walks over to where the ICWF mobile van is waiting, having been notified via remote where the two individuals were going with Anthony "Lightning" Logan. So, are we feeling more interested in this fight? Think it'll make the main event? No, probably not, but it could very well be the best match of the night. We'll just have to see, won't we? Until next time, true believers!