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Blood On The Battlefield IV is just around the corner!! It's the oldest GCWA pay-per-view on the books, and it's still thought of as one of the great shows of the year, so don't forget to get your orders in now!
This past Inferno, the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, was able to put one over on the President, the Accelerator, by not only defeating Adrian Rockwell despite distractions, but also by chasing the President out of the building! What effect will this have on this weekend's World Title match against The Big Bifford? The two men have already been placed in a "Scaffold" Match at the pay-per-view. Could this cause Ace to make things even worse for the World Champion?
In a moment that blew the roof off of the GCWA Arena, the veteran Lurrr made his return, finally answering the challenge of outsider Mario Maurako! Lurrr stopped Maurako from injuring a young fan, and then accepted his challenge, setting up a "Last Man Standing Hell In A Cell" Match!! It seems guaranteed that this is Lurrr's last match with the GCWA, but will it be his last match, period? And will Maurako be able to handle what he has unleashed?
The Ultimate X Match at Blood On The Battlefield IV took a surprising twist on Friday, as the Accelerator announced that he was accepting Dangerous Dan's request to be placed in the match! This means that Dan will be facing his brother, the Unified X Division Champion Crazy Chris, as well as Jaiden Rishel and Robert Santana, in the contest. Will brothers collide? Is this the end of the Danger Boiz? And will Rishel or Santana be able to capitalize on this new development and get themselves some gold?
It was announced on Inferno that Warrick Hill and Marcus Ka'Derrion will be facing in a "Ladder" Match at Blood on the Battlefield, with a very special prize up for grabs! Inside the briefcase that will be hanging above the ring is a contract, already signed by Marcus Ka'Derrion. If Marcus wins the match, the contract will be destroyed. But if Warrick can win, his partner, Derek Mobley, will finally be able to sign his name to the contract and get the rematch he's been so desperately wanting with the young Ka'Derrion! Will Warrick be able to come through for his partner, or will Marcus have the last laugh?
The pressure is building for The Lost Soul, as he will be defending his Intercontinental Title against the Newcomer of the Month for March, Chris Cortez! Cortez seemingly got the better of TLS this week, as he attacked TLS after the end of their tag-team match, laying out the champion. Can Cortez use this momentum to take himself all the way to his first championship in the GCWA?
Reports are still sketchy as to the condition of Chucky Johnson, who took a nasty jolt of electricity on Friday. It was apparently a wired trap set by Xtreme, although no evidence fully exists to prove that it was him. Bucky Johnson will, of course, be taking on Xtreme in a "200 Lighttube Death" Match this Sunday. Now that Chucky is injured, Bucky may have to go it alone against the man who enjoys hardcore more than anyone else in the GCWA.
Speculation is rampant as to who the 'unknown wrestler' could be that has been appearing over the last three weeks on GCWA television. First the Accelerator, followed by Derek Mobley, attempted to convince the wrestler to come back to pro wrestling, with the wrestler being noncommital. But on this past Inferno, after receiving airplane tickets to Atlanta, Georgia (the site of the PPV), the wrestler seemed to have a different tune. Will the mystery finally be solved this Sunday?
It's a newcomer's dream come true, as four wrestlers will be making their first appearances in the GCWA by debuting at Blood On The Battlefield IV! Ruslan Koslov, Tommy Gunn, Mr. Itt, and Drake Hudson will all be competing in a Battle Royal, with the winner becoming the most likely 'break-out' star of the group. Which one will show that they are deserving of being a GCWA wrestler?
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