Join the returning revolution of the Global Championship Wrestling Association! . . . . . . . Capping off a great night of wrestling action, Marcus Ka'Derrion proved that his World Heavyweight Title reign is no joke, decisively winning his "Hell In A Cell" Match over Derek Mobley at Capital Punishment. While pro-Roman Empire forces will claim that the Accelerator, as referee, was the key factor, Ka'Derrion still showed that he can wrestle as hardcore as any other opponent. What challenge is next for the World Champion? And will Derek Mobley be able to bounce back from his missed opportunity? . . . . . . . A new champion was crowned on Sunday, as The Lost Soul managed to come out on top after an exciting Fatal Fourway Match for the Intercontinental Championship. Shane Donovan (the champion going in), The Big Bifford, and Draco all gave it everything they had, with Draco almost getting the win at the end when he pinned the Big Bifford while TLS pinned Donovan. Unfortunately for Draco, Bifford managed to get an arm on the rope, which meant that only TLS' pin counted. Things won't get any easier for The Lost Soul, though, as you can expect all of his opponents to be gunning for him in the near future. . . . . . . . The hospital records have still not been released for "Twiztid" Arryk Rage. On Sunday at Capital Punishment, Rage, despite having previous injuries, joined Scott Caine in an attempt to defeat the Roman Empire pairing of Warrick Hill and the GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr. As expected, the Empire focused on Rage's injuries, expanding the damage and causing some internal bleeding. Rage was later pinned, denying Caine his last chance to win the X Division Title from Lurrr. After the match, Rage was taken to the back and placed inside the ambulance, which rushed him to a hospital in San Antonio. More news on this as it develops. . . . . . . . Soon after their successful World Tag-Team Titles defense, the powerful team Stranger Danger exploded, due in large part to the interference of Marie Danger. Marie, the mother of Harvey Danger, appeared to push the Stranger too far, causing him to finally unmask himself. To the joy of all, it turned out that the original Stranger was none other than The Lost Soul! TLS took out Harvey with a flying clothesline, apparently ending their team, and also told Marie that they could keep the tag-team titles. It's unclear, though, if this is a legal decision or not, as the President has yet to rule on the matter. . . . . . . . It was the return no one saw coming. After Robert Santana retained his GCWA Television Title, winning over Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn, the legendary Dynamic Dynamite reappeared, making his first appearance in the GCWA in many years! Dynamite immediately challenged Santana for the title, with the two having a harsh brawl before ending up outside the ring, with both men being counted out. Rumors had filtered out of the GCWA offices of a veteran signing a "Legends" contract with the company. If this signing is Dynamic Dynamite, then it means that he will have the right to wrestle when he wants, and also will be paid for his use in various wrestling endeavors. . . . . . . . Tommy Crimson was said to have been on a warpath after his defeat to Draco at Capital Punishment. Reports of damage to the Alamo Dome's locker room area have surfaced, as well as 'injury reports' to a few members of the GCWA staff. With Crimson once again being denied a chance to be a champion, what will his wrath bring onto the GCWA in the coming weeks? . . . . . . . Glowing reports continue to filter in about one of the newest signees to the GCWA, PIC. PIC was successful in his first GCWA Pay-Per-View performance, easily beating Seth Eldritch at Capital Punishment. With only two matches under his belt in the GCWA, PIC may not seem to be a contender yet, but word has it that the Accelerator has taken a shine to him. This might expediate his title opportunities in the near future. . . . . . . . Speculation has already begun about July's Pay-Per-View, which has been tentatively announced as GCWA Crescendo. Word has it that the Accelerator has been in negotiations with an out-of-state arena, which might mean the federation will make its first steps out of the Texas area since its closure years ago. Stay tuned to find out where the GCWA is coming next, and don't miss the special Awards show coming up this Friday! . . . . . . . Be sure and read up on the history of the GCWA, including match results, recorded Pay-Per-Views, and tournaments. Also, check out the members of the GCWA Hall of Fame! Could you be the next inductee? . . . . . . . If you're new to the roleplaying world, take some time and read through the Training section. I've added as many tips as I could come up with to help out the 'newbies' of the GCWA.

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