Monthly Power Rankings, 4/2010

Rank Name(Title) Description Change
1st The Big Bifford(HW) How could our new World Champion not be number one? With such an impressive World Heavyweight Championship win over Draco at Blood on the Battlefield, Biff is looking like he will have that title for a very long time. +7
2nd Crazy Chris(X) Chris definitely earns the number two spot. First he defeated our former World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, in a “Champion vs. Champion” match. Then at Blood on the Battlefield, Chris won an “Ultimate X” match against three other men, one of them being his brother. Can Crazy Chris continue to demolish his opponents? +2
3rd Chris Cortez(IC) Cortez takes a huge jump up the rankings after defeating The Lost Soul at Blood on the Battlefield for the Intercontinental Championship! Who will be the next to challenge Cortez for his title? +3
4th Derek Mobley Mobley had a nice month, with three wins. One against Chucky Johnson, another against Arachne, and the last against Robert Santana. And now that he has his rematch against Marcus Ka’Derrion, Mobley is a happy man. NR
5th Bucky Johnson Bucky had an excellent month, as he showed Xtreme that he could also get extreme. Bucky started the month with a tag-team match with TLS against Cortez and Xtreme, with Bucky’s team coming out on top. And after Bucky’s win over Xtreme at Blood on the Battlefield, he and his brother, Chucky, won their first tag-team match. Can Bucky keep it up? +5
6th Warrick Hill Warrick had a decent month, as he went 2-0. His first win came at Friday Night Inferno, when Hill beat Santana and Xtreme in a “Triple Threat” match. And then at Blood on the Battlefield, Warrick won his friend, Mobley, a rematch against Marcus Ka’Derrion after Warrick beat Marcus. What is next for Warrick Hill? NR
7th Jaiden Rishel The son of the CWF president crashed onto the GCWA show with a win over Bucky Johnson. He then defeated Robert Santana, but lost at the PPV in the “Ultimate X” match. What will the son of the CWF president bring to the GCWA? NR
8th Draco The former World Champion falls way back in the ranks after losing his title to The Big Bifford at Blood on the Battlefield. And to make matters worse, he lost a “Champion vs. Champion” match to Crazy Chris. And on last Friday Night Inferno, Ace fired Draco! This may be the last time we see Draco on these rankings… -5
9th The Lost Soul Our former Intercontinental Champion sadly lost his title to Chris Cortez at Blood on the Battlefield. Earlier in the month, The Lost Soul fought in a Double Disqualification with Arachne. The only reason TLS made the Top 10 was because of his tag-team win with Bucky Johnson against Chris Cortez an Xtreme. How will The Lost Soul compete after losing his Intercontinental Title? -7
10th Kid Dynamo Dynamo made his debut in GCWA at Blood on the Battlefield. He competed in the “Rookies Battle Royal” which he came out on top in. Could this be the start to a great career for Kid Dynamo? NR