Monthly Power Rankings, 3/2010

Rank Name(Title) Description Change
1st Lurrr The fans of GCWA will surely miss Lurrr. He was forced to retire after losing his "Lose and Retire" match to Crazy Chris. Even though he was a heel, I'm sure the fans will miss him. --
2nd The Lost Soul(IC) What a month it was for this guy! First successfully defending his Intercontinental Title against Angelica, then winning the GCWA/CWF Lumberjack match over Elijah ant Darkness Falls, then defeating Chris Winters at Friday Night Inferno, and finally retaining his title against Chris Cortez and Robert Santana! What is next for March Wrestler of the Month? --
3rd Draco(HW) The World Heavyweight Champion won a huge match at Darkness falls against his former friend, Shane Donovan in a "Bloodbath" match! And then on Friday Night Inferno, he beat Arachne in a Non-Title match. Will the World Champ continue his run as the Champ? --
4th Crazy Chris(X) The Unified X Division Champion had a solid week. First, him and his brother defeated the Retarded Midgets, and then Chris retired Lurrr after defending the Unified X division Championship against him! Coming off a great month, will Crazy Chris be able to keep it up? --
5th Marcus Ka'Derrion Ka'Derrion had a decent month, with the highlight being him beating Bucky Johnson in a "Grudge" match at Darkness Falls. Marcus also beat Justin Hale at Friday Night Inferno. Who will be Ka"Derrion's next victim? --
6th Chris Cortez This guy has to have one of the best starts of a career in GCWA history! In his first match, he defeated the former Intercontinental Champ, Mr. Excellent! And then at Darkness Falls, he won a Triple Threat match against Chris Winters and The Little Guy! Who will be next to face this newcomer's wrath? --
7th Robert Santana The former TV Champion and X Division Champion didn't have his best month. He defeated Arachne on Inferno, but then lost a #1 Contender's match To Lurrr. He then beat Ka'Derrion, but lost a Triple Threat match to The Lost Soul the next week. Will this fan-favorite bring things back to the way they used to be? --
8th The Big Bifford Biff only had one match this month but it was a big one. At Darkness Falls, he beat Dangerous Dan, with Biffords's Warrior of the Ring Title on the line. Is this only the start to The Big Bifford's World Title climb? --
9th The Accelerator Our President defeated Arryk Rage in a "Twizted's House of Terror" match at Darkness Falls. It's always great to see the Boss in the ring! --
10th Bucky Johnson Bucky had a tough match, as he lost 2 out of the three matches he had in March. His one win was beating Warrick Hill on Friday Night Inferno. What will Bucky have to do to prove the rest of GCWA that he is a force to be reckon with? --