Weekly Power Rankings, 6/25/2009

Rank Name(Title) Description Change
1st Marcus Ka'Derrion(HW) Back on top after outshining Mobley 2 weeks in a row. +1
2nd Lurrr(X) Beat Danger to retain X title, then beats up a senior citizen the week after. Lurrr is pure evil. +2
3rd Derek Mobley Mobley seems a little different as of late and the fans are picking it up, maybe he has second thoughts about joining the Empire, doesn't look good for him if this trend continues. -2
4th The Big Bifford Picks up a huge tag win last week and has been entertaining the fans with his quirkiness. +3
5th The Lost Soul TLS is on a roll with four straight victories. But fans will wait to see at the PPV if TLS still has it, or if he's just been facing sub-par competition. +3
6th Dangerous Dan Loses his title to Santana sees a slip in the rankings. Needs to pick up a tag win to prevent from falling out of top 10. -4
7th Robert Santana(TV) Two BIG wins. One against Dan for the title then a good defense against Caine. I see big things for the Sensei. +7
8th Warrick Hill Has positioned himself for a chance to steal the X title. Snoochy Boochies. +7
9th Harvey Danger(TT) Stop or my mom will shoot. Hard luck wrestler having a tough time keeping his momma away. Fans wanna see her get beat up. Harvey can't seem to get a singles win, but he's undefeated in tag title defenses. NC
10th Shane Donovan(IC) Got owned by Bifford and TLS in tag match. It's been a rollercoaster ride for Donovan the last month. -4
11th Draco A win against warrick Hill would have been huge, but unfortunately he failed to secure a victory, then loses tag match. has a chance to redeem himself by winning not one but two matches at the PPV. -6
12th The Stranger(TT) Titan 3 was the Stranger? But he was the 2nd one. There is a 1st Stranger. Ace wrestled a match last week. Ace=Stranger? Hmmmm... +1
13th Scott Caine Although Santana was champ, fans saw it as an upset when Caine lost. Caine is obsessed with Lurrr and the Empire. It all comes to an end at the PPV. -1
14th Tommy Crimson He's confused the hell out of the fans. First he becomes leader of the OC and plans to have a war on the Empire, then he is hell bent on winning the IC title, then he's siding with the Empire. -4
15th Crazy Chris If he's been on the card the last couple of weeks, fans hardly noticed him. Not a good sign. -4
16th Arryk Rage made a splash upon his return, but seems to be drowning as of late. +1
17th PIC A little mix up as a PIC impersonator loses to Danger last week, but that wasn't he real PIC, some fans were fooled by it and others weren't. PIC is still 1-0 and looking to make an impact at the PPC. Unranked
18th Seth Eldritch he has good weeks and bad weeks, so the fans are still undecided about him. A win against former ICWF Hardcore Champ PIC would be huge. -2
19th The Accelerator The old man showed some of the young guys what courage and heart is all about. Unranked
20th Mikey Willis Secures the 20 slot, but has been in a bit of s slump lately. -2