Weekly Power Rankings, 6/08/2009

Rank Name(Title) Description Change
1st Derek Mobley Mobley secures top spot knocking off Marcus after beating Bifford MarcusK losing to Lurrr with a lot of Empire action. +1
2nd Dangerous Dan(TV) Another win by DD and also wins wrestler of the month, which means not only do fans like him but wrestlers respect him. +1
3rd Marcus Ka'Derrion(HW) Dropped from the top spot. Mobley pretty much owned him, and Lurrr stole a victory. It's a bad feeling when you have the Empire against you, and the guys who wanna back you up, want nothing more than to take your title. maybe Marcus needs some new friends. -2
4th Lurrr(X) Jumps back in to the top 5, being first guy to beat Marcus K, made the fans hate him even more. Only a matter of time until he reaches that #1 spot in the rankings and in the World Title picture. +5
5th Draco Big win over arch rival Crimson, but that feud is far from over. Had a hand in the main event, some fans actually cheered him when he came down to fight Empire. +2
6th Shane Donovan(IC) Beat Crazy Chris for title, but he was the favorite going in. Didn't do a good job protecting MarcusK from the Empire. What does this mean for his World Title hopes? +2
7th The Big Bifford The Great Bifford had an opportunity to position himself for a move up the rankings and to be in the title hunt, but unfortunately Mobley got the best of him again. -3
8th The Lost Soul Keeps on rolling with a win over James Thrash, but it was a dark match, so fans at home didn't see the carnage. Except for him walking backstage, he was barely on TV. -2
9th Harvey Danger(TT) Out of the top 5. Harvey's mom is a nasty one. What will this mean for the tag champs? And will Harvey stick up for his mom after Stranger put his hands on her? -4
10th Tommy Crimson Let one slip away. Draco is owning him in this feud. Then attacks MarcusK. What does this all mean? Is he joining the roman empire? NC
11th Crazy Chris Gave Donovan a good fight. would have been awesome to have both Danger Boiz with singles titles. But alas wasn't meant to be. +1
12th Scott Caine Couldn't protect Marcus K from the Empire. Caine finds himself in a good spot as he's been involved in many main event segments, now he just needs to string together some wins. -1
13th The Stranger(TT) Everyone watching wanted Stranger to smack the hell outta Harvey's mom. He almost did. But what's with this whole Stranger being able to speak? And there's a first guy? What? +1
14th Robert Santana Had to give this guy a huge jump for wining a #1 contender match against two good opponents. He just needs to show fans that he can work the mic as well as the ring. Unranked
15th Warrick Hill The Enforcer? That seems to be Warrick Hill's job, to protect Mobley and Empire. -2
16th Seth Eldritch Couldn't pull off a victory to secure #1 contender TV title spot. +1
17th Arryk Rage Like the rest of the MarcusK protection company, couldn't do the job. -2
18th Mikey Willis Guy just can't seem to string two good performances together. next week with TLS will be a true test. NC
19th James Thrash Loss to TLS in Dark match. could be the last we see of Thrash. -3
20th Joey Truxell Another loss. Looked good at the beginning, but is losing steam. NC