Weekly Power Rankings, 6/01/2009

Rank Name(Title) Description Change
1st Marcus Ka'Derrion(HW) Marcus explains himself and the fans love him again. But next week could see a shift if Marcus loses and Mobley wins at FNI. NC
2nd Derek Mobley Mobley is knocking on the door of the #1 spot. Mobley gets closer and closer each week. NC
3rd Dangerous Dan(TV) Dan once again defends the title again successfully. Reclaiming the #3 spot. +2
4th The Big Bifford Biff jumps upwards with a thrilling victory over James Thrash and good stuff to keep fans engaged. Ludwig will be VP soon enough. +2
5th Harvey Danger(TT) Successful defense of tag titles in the main event. He has the nerve to distract the ref so he can get his mom on the phone. Love him or hate him, Harvey Danger never ceases to amaze with his silly antics. +2
6th The Lost Soul Had his first big win in GCWA over former champ Donovan. Threw Kenny out of a car and threatens Willis. Reminiscent of days of old. +5
7th Draco Draco, with some help from Donovan, lays out Crimson. So far Draco has gotten the better of the feud. But next week Crimson can put that all to rest with a victory. +1
8th Shane Donovan Donovan loses to the old timer TLS after TLS uses Donovan's dirty tactics against him. Donovan and Draco a team? Donovan for the IC title next week? A lot of fans don't think Donovan deserves an IC title shot. -5
9th Lurrr(X) Lurrr got owned this week by Caine. Look for the champ to get some revenge on Marcus K from last week. -5
10th Tommy Crimson Crimson drops a slot, so far Draco has gotten the better of him. Crimson got skipped over the IC title shot, but he's 3rd in line for a world title shot. We'll see how he handles it. Should be good. -1
11th Scott Caine Nearly cracked the top 10. Caine with a good bounce back week. Got some help from unlikely friends. +1
12th Crazy Chris Gets an IC title shot next week. So far hasn't capitalized on his opportunities. Beating Donovan would be a major step upward for the young guy. -2
13th Warrick Hill Major squash on new comer Kevin Kage. Looks as if it was too easy for him. Fans don't understand why Hill is relegated in the undercard. +3
14th The Stranger(TT) Throws phone away, Harvey pushes him away and steals the pin. Could be some dissension for Stranger Danger a la the Rockers. +1
15th Arryk Rage Biggest surprise of the night. Fans were shocked to see him show up. Fights alongside Caine and MarcusK against Roman Empire. Fans interested to see where he goes from here. Unranked
16th James Thrash Showed up for Bifford, but unfortunately couldn't pull out a win. Another good showing against TLS and Thrash can see himself up the ranks. +4
17th Seth Eldritch Was close to beating Dan for the TV title. Fans are excited about this guy though, as already had a title shot in his second match. NC
18th Mikey Willis Wins easily but was nowhere to be found when TLS beat up his friend Kenny. -5
19th The Malvados Got owned by Stranger Danger, then owned agained by the Danger Boiz. Not a good week for the masked mexicans.. I mean Salvadorians. -5
20th Joey Truxell Woulda been bumped out, but Robert Santana was nowhere to be found on Tv last week. -2