Weekly Power Rankings, 5/25/2009

Rank Name(Title) Description Change
1st Marcus Ka'Derrion(HW) I was this close to putting him at number 2 this week. Fans were perplexed at the celebration ceremony. Confused a little about what leaving the title in the ring meant. also showed no appreciation to the fans. NC
2nd Derek Mobley Strong showing by Mobley this week, had a lot to say about MarcusK. Mobley showing that he wants the title bad. Even heard some fans cheering for him. NC
3rd Shane Donovan Donovan also had a strong showing, loks like a man on a mission to win back world title. Giving Lurrr a run for his money as #1 heel. +1
4th Lurrr(X) Another beat down of Scott Caine, fans starting to get bored with his antics. But it seems Lurrr might also be bored with the competition. +1
5th Dangerous Dan(TV) Dropped a couple slots as fans were disappointed with the no contest against his brother. Instead of fighting each other, Danger Boiz should be fighting Malvados. -2
6th The Big Bifford Bifford making crazy demands. Fans want Ludwig to have his own office as well. They also want to see Bifford in a world title match. +1
7th Harvey Danger(TT) Harvey's segment had fans laughing but also had them wanting to buy some Mikey Willis headgear. Harvey's relationship with his mom is pretty creepy. +2
8th Draco Draco came off looking a little better than Crimson in their segment. Draco gave Crimson his money back and told him to shove it. How many of us have wanted to say that to our bosses? NC
9th Tommy Crimson Yeah, there was one point in the exchange where Crimson tells Draco to look into his eyes. The fans thought for a moment Crimson was going to ask Draco for a kiss. -3
10th Crazy Chris Showed that he can go toe to toe with his brother. +3
11th The Lost Soul Getting a beat down by Mikey Willis wasn't good for his character, fans thought TLS should have Hulked Up and destroyed Willis. -1
12th Scott Caine Some fans are staring to think Caine is in way over his head and should drop down to TV title contention and leave Lurrr alone. -1
13th Mikey Willis Willis with a huge jump. Big statement from the young guy as he calls out TLS. Fans took notice. We'll see where he takes this. +5
14th The Malvados Moving back up after dropping last couple of weeks. Need to do more of these sneak attacks, for some reason fans like seeing these guys mess up other people's matches. +1
15th The Stranger(TT) Strange segment by the Stranger. Fans unsure of what went on and what the poem means. Some have read it multiple times but still don't get it. If somebody does, let me know. +4
16th Warrick Hill Other than the flashback video. we didn't see much from Warrick Hill. -3
17th Seth Eldritch Great debut by the new guy, fans are excited and look for big things from him. Unranked
18th Joey Truxell Another good debut. Won easily over Kevin Kage. Unranked
19th Robert Santana Drops a couple slots after losing to eldritch, but fans still think he has a lot of potential. -3
20th James Thrash Biggest disppaointment of the night. Fans were looking for big things from him after his performance at Ultimate Survival, but he disappointed. We'll see how the fans react the next time he comes down to the ring. -6