Weekly Power Rankings, 5/19/2009

Rank Name(Title) Description Change
1st Marcus Ka'Derrion(HW) Can this guy be stopped? Faced his toughest competition in Shane Donovan and beat him. The fans went crazy when he won. But things ain't gonna be easy, Mobley is waiting in the wings. NC
2nd Derek Mobley Don't call it a comeback. Mobley's back in the title hunt. He survived Bifford, then outlasted 4 others to win his shot at the title. Will be interesting to see what goes down on Inferno. +2
3rd Dangerous Dan(TV) Had a good showing at Ultimate Survival making it to the Finals. He's been on a roll. But this week against his brother should be interesting. NC
4th Shane Donovan He put up a valiant effort and looked to run away in the Iron Man match, but couldn't close the deal. +1
5th Lurrr(X) Champ was eliminated by Bifford in the qualifier. Fans were expecting to see him last a bit longer, and would have loved to see a Mobley/Lurrr showdown in the finals. But for now still has a strangle hold on X division. -3
6th Tommy Crimson Jumps up 6 slots and almost broke the top 5. He had a great showing at the pay-per-view. Looking to get his hands on the IC title. also looks like a match with Draco could be in the works. +6
7th The Big Bifford Eliminated Lurrr and pushed Mobley to the brink before getting eliminated. People figured the winners of the BBH/Roman Empire would be the favorite going in. Bifford probably would have won if he beat Mobley. -1
8th Draco Jumps 7 slots after the pay-per-view. Draco impressed the fans with his performance and should look to be in some sort of title contention. +7
9th Harvey Danger(TT) Gets a one up on the Malvados after eliminating Hector. But no way he would have overcome Crimson and Draco. We have yet to see a Stranger Danger tag title defense. -1
10th The Lost Soul Looked good out there after almost 2 months away from the ring, especially in a match with some of the best in GCWA. Now that he's reinstated, what's his plan? NC
11th Scott Caine Scott Caine showed that he has what it takes to play with the big boys with a strong showing at the Pay-per-view. All that experience in the ring should rub off on him. -2
12th Warrick Hill Finally shows up to wrestle. Got counted out with TLS, but was integral in helping Mobley advance, it could have easily been TLS/Bifford left with Mobley. and we saw what happened to Lurrr. +2
13th Crazy Chris Looking to step out of Dan's shadow. Will have his chance this Friday. +6
14th James Thrash After his performance at PPV, I'm looking for big things to come out of this guy. +4
15th The Malvados Eliminated by Harvey Danger. Slowly dropping down the ranks since their debut. -5
16th Robert Santana Gave the Danger Boiz a good fight after his partners had been eliminated. He would have fared better with a better team. +1
17th Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn He was looking to clean up the competition, but got swept right out of the ring. Unranked
18th Mikey Willis After steady improvement the last couple weeks, suffers a major setback, not because he didn't perform well, just others performed better. -3
19th The Stranger(TT) Major drop for this guy. Did not impress at the PPV. Got eliminated early and left his partner hanging. -11
20th Mr. Excellent Stays where he's at but for how long? NC