Weekly Power Rankings, 5/08/2009

Rank Name(Title) Description Change
1st Marcus Ka'Derrion(IC) No match this week but had much air time. Ironman Match? Should be an awesome read. NC
2nd Lurrr(X) Didn't do much last week, but no one else did enough to move up past him. Was featured in final segment of the show which means he's relevant. NC
3rd Dangerous Dan(TV) Another successful tv title defense against an improving Mikey Willis in the main event. The kid is making waves. +2
4th Derek Mobley Quick win against a weak Mon-E, explains why he did what he did in final segment. Biggest heel heat of the night. NC
5th Shane Donovan(HW) Champ's segment was way at the beginning of the card. Doesn't make sense to me. -2
6th Harvey Danger(TT) Once again had some great segments after a lackluster last week. The crowd actually starting to like this guy. +4
7th The Big Bifford Good segments, featured in final attack at the end. Martin Ka'Berryon? What? -1
8th The Stranger(TT) Stranger has someone paying him? Got infiltrated by T3? But still manages to cost Malvados the match. Looking forward to seeing the Stranger's promos. NC
9th Scott Caine Good win over James Thrash. Steadily improving every week. Looked good in the final segment. +3
10th The Malvados Back in top 10 after good showing against Organized Chaos. Interested to see which Malvado will represent at Ultimate Survival. +1
11th The Lost Soul Rather quiet week from the loose cannon after a couple weeks of craziness. Featured in final segment, but didn't do enough to stay in top 10. -1
12th Tommy Crimson Fell some spots, teaming up with Draco and Malvados is interesting. With the exception of Harvey, other two opponents are unproven so he should be able to take advantage. -3
13th Mikey Willis much improved, getting major air time. Featured in main event match, that accounts for something. +2
14th Warrick Hill Shows up in final segment and actually gets in some action. NC
15th Draco Not much from Draco. Should look for him to move up once he starts getting into the swing of things. -2
16th Robert Santana Another improving "new" guy. But his Ultimate Survival team doesn't look so good. +1
17th James Thrash Another young prospect with potential. +1
18th Jobe Severity Replaced in tag match and his team wins. Jobe's on the steady decline. -2
19th Crazy Chris Moves up because others guys starting to drop. Unranked
20th Mr. Excellent Another disappointing performance from him. -1