Weekly Power Rankings, 5/01/2009

Rank Name(Title) Description Change
1st Marcus Ka'Derrion(IC) Chooses ambulance match, but flip flopped it, and had a weak opponent last week. But still #1 because he's still unbeaten. NC
2nd Lurrr(X) Huge jump from 5 to 2. Lurrr regains the X title by beating a top 5 competitor in Bifford and with Mobley joining Roman Empire, these guys are stealing some of the spotlight away from the World Title match. +3
3rd Shane Donovan(HW) Slight dip in rankings due to Lurr winning against Bifford, also Donovan hasn't wrestled in awhile. But made his presence felt in MarcusK match. we could be seeing a fresh and rested Donovan against a fatigued MarcusK going in to Ultimate Survival. -1
4th Derek Mobley Dropped because fellow stable mate Lurrr had a huge night on Friday. But biggest surprise of the night was the swerve. Needs to destroy Mon-E next week to move up. -1
5th Dangerous Dan(TV) Jumps into the top 5 with another victory last week. Hardest working man in the fed finally getting his due. +2
6th The Big Bifford Disappointing loss to Lurrr drops him out of the top 5. Looks the big man was injured, but we'll see if he shows up next week. Teaming with TLS and Caine, could do more harm than good for his ranking. -2
7th Tommy Crimson Jumps a couple spots for his actions last Friday. Crimson looks to be the leader of Organized Chaos, beating Malvados will push him even further up the rankings. +1
8th The Stranger(TT) Whoever the Stranger is, he/she is making for some good drama. No one knows who the man behind the mask really is. With dozens of Strangers showing up last Friday, it was absolute mayhem, and the fans loved it. +1
9th The Lost Soul Jumps in to the top 10. Stole Malvados mask, and somehow ended up being a part of the Strangers madness. Ace reinstates him and puts him with Biff and Caine to go against Roman Empire at Ultimate Survival. He's been unpredictable, and the fans can't seem to get enough of the craziness. +6
10th Harvey Danger(TT) almost dropped out of top 10. Not a good showing last week, he doesn't know if he can trust his partner. he doesn't even know who his partner is. I don't envy his situation. -2
11th The Malvados Couldn't capitalize on a handicap match. They were utterly owned by the Strangers and even had TLS steal their identity. Drops out of top 10. Needs to beat Organized chaos to get back in the top 10. -1
12th Scott Caine Fell for the Okie Doke. Mobley swerved him. Just a pawn in the Roman Empire's chess game. Wrestling against former Eagles receiver James Thrash next week, and should be an easy win for him. -1
13th Draco Needs to find his niche in the fed. -1
14th Warrick Hill Staying relevant in the Roman Empire but, only relevant because of Roman Empire. NC
15th Mikey Willis High profile match with Marcus K made fans notice him. Inactivity of others gives him a huge jump. +4
16th Jobe Severity Crimson dethroned him as leader of OC. But jumps one spot due to lackluster performance from others. +1
17th Robert Santana Loses in TV title match. But is showing a lot of potential. +3
18th James Thrash Win over Mon-e in his debut match. Unranked
19th Mr. Excellent Where has he been? -1
20th Mon-E Lost to newcomer Santana. Unranked