Weekly Power Rankings, 4/24/2009

Rank Name(Title) Description Change
1st Marcus Ka'Derrion(IC) Holds the number spot, for being undefeated. A lackluster performance against Mikey Willis could drop him from the top spot. --
2nd Shane Donovan(HW) Been quiet since winning title. --
3rd Derek Mobley Former Champ looking to regain top spot. Will have his troubles with Roman empire. But that feud is keeping him relevant. --
4th The Big Bifford(X) Always good segments always good matches puts him at #4. --
5th Lurrr Top heel in the fed. Feud with Mobley and match with Bifford next week places him in the top 5. --
6th Harvey Danger(TT) Good segments over the last couple of week. Loss to Draco hurts and needs to rebound with a strong showing next week. --
7th Dangerous Dan(TV) Best of the "young guys". More relevant segments will push him in top 5. --
8th Tommy Crimson Good win over Ice Man. been in a couple high profile matches as of late places him in top 10. --
9th The Stranger(TT) I have a feeling Stranger is gonna end up being someone we don't know. Harvey's just playing us all along. But the fact that I wanna know who he is, places him inside top 10. --
10th The Malvados Haven't wrestled a match, but making big waves for their segments. Build up to Malvados vs Stranger Danger is awesome. Rounds out top 10. --
11th Scott Caine A lot of lost opportunities for this guy. But pairing with Mobley could be a good thing for his career and his ranking. --
12th Draco Beat Harvey Danger. Made a huge splash when he first appeared at BOTB ppv. --
13th The Ice Man Could be higher, but after PPV hasn't been a major presence. --
14th Warrick Hill Second fiddle to Mobley now playing second fiddle to Lurrr. Plus haven't seen him in a match in awhile. Or has he? --
15th The Lost Soul Skills on the decline. Will he or won't he be able to wrestle? Unless Ace decides he can wrestle, don't see him moving up. --
16th Crazy Chris Dangerous Dan winning the TV title pushes him back. Had some opportunities, but seems like Dangerous Dan will be the Jeff Hardy to his Matt. --
17th Jobe Severity Didn't think of him until now, which means he's losing appeal to the fans. --
18th Mr. Excellent Needs to be more consistent. --
19th Mikey Willis If he beats Marcus, could see a major jump. --
20th Robert Santana Could drop out of Top 20 if he loses next week. --