GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 12/07/00
(The Pyramid, Birmingham, Alabama)

- The night begins with President Shag-Nasty coming to the ring with the Bastards of Oblivion. Shag-Nasty tells the crowd that it was the "third power" who made the O'Connor-Dynamite match for later that night, pitting two BOO members against each other. Shag-Nasty then announces that the winner of the match will be the new #1 Contender. The President also adds that he now knows who the "third power" is, and that the extra security around the ring is to keep him from interfering.

- As the BOO leave the ring area, Rockdaddy comes out of the entrance, only to get knocked off the ramp by Adrian Rockwell. Rockdaddy injures his arm and can't wrestle, giving a free win to Lan Ragus.

- The match between Silverfreek and "The Star" Steven Mysterio doesn't officially happen, since the Freek took out the referee with a Back Body Drop at the very beginning, before Mysterio reached the ring. Mysterio and the Freek did fight for a long while, with the Freek taking control and smashing Mysterio down with his own version of the Short Sensation. Silverfreek 'won' the match, but without a referee, it was unofficial.

- President Shag-Nasty, "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor, and Shag-Nasty's wife, Chloe Barnes, are all pictured in the President's office. O'Connor tells the President that he doesn't have to get the #1 Contender shot if it caused too many problems with the Committee, but Shag-Nasty insists, saying that O'Connor deserves the shot more than anybody. He then tells O'Connor to go get ready for his match. Chloe tries to talk to her husband about something, but Shag-Nasty sends her away to get him coffee.

- During the hardcore match between Jesse "The Fish" Fitzgerald and Gabriel "Wild Man" Morse, Morse landed the Gambit kick, but Fitzgerald somehow kicked out. Morse got back up to add to the damage, but was hit from behind by a steel chair held by Ice Breaker! With Morse about out, Fitzgerald put on the Baited Hook submission hold and got the victory. After the match, Fitzgerald got into Ice Breaker's face, with the two getting into a heated discussion over the interference.

- After the break, The Great One and Ice Breaker came out for their scheduled match. Instead of fighting, however, the two men joined together, and the match was called a draw. Shortly thereafter, the Great One left the GCWA.

- Kevin "The Dragon" O'Connor defeated Dynamic Dynamite to become the #1 Contender to the Heavyweight Title. O'Connor landed the Dragon Bomb to get the victory. Postmatch, a humiliated Dynamite began yelling at the ref, while O'Connor headed towards the back, with what could only be described as a smirk on his face.

- The World Heavyweight Champion, Punisher, defeated Michael "The Man" Breaker in a Hell in a Cell match. Afterwards, the Bastards of Oblivion charged the ring to get in some free shots on the champion (Kevin O'Connor did not go with them). Titan 3 came down from the rafters, avoiding the added security, to fight off all of the stable. After the match, T3, Breaker, and Punisher all shook hands.

GCWA Wreck The Halls (PPV), 12/17/00
(MCI Center, Washington D.C.)

- The Accelerator is shown in the CEO Office, talking on the phone. He tells someone that he wanted the people there by the start of the show, then complains about the airline delays over the holidays. He then makes sure that the person on the other end of the line put the two people in separate limos, because of some past problems between them, then tells the person to get them there as fast as possible. Ace hangs up the phone and smiles.

- The announcers come on, talking about who the Accelerator could be bringing to the arena. They also speculate about the many matches upcoming.

- Lance "Yung Wun" Washington, in his first match of two scheduled that night, dominated the Saint in their Future Stars match. Washington finished the match with his finisher, the Buzzkiller.

- The announcers read a note that adds Tommy Flamer to the growing list of wrestlers returning to the OCW. This list included the Great One, Silverfreek, et cetera.

- The Rookie's Chance Match was scheduled to be Lance "Yung Wun" Washington, Tommy Flamer, Willy O. WOW, Kyle Kidd, and Johnny "Roastbeef" Canoli. With Flamer's departure, it was down to four. After WOW made his way to the ring, where Washington already was, BreakDown came out and attacked both Kidd and Canoli, throwing them off the ramp and injuring them, taking them out of the match. In the ring, the final two remaining participants started to fight. Willy WOW took advantage for most of the match, since he was fresher. But in the end, when WOW grew distracted by the audience reactions to him, the "Yung Wun" got a small package and walked out with a European Title shot, his second win of the night.

- The Bastards of Oblivion are pictured inside the President's office. Kevin O'Connor paces back and forth, anxious about getting the Heavyweight Title. President Shag-Nasty tells him to go see his girlfriend, and Kevin agrees, leaving the room. After he departs, Dynamic Dynamite gets up and tells Shag-Nasty that he's still the BOO's best chance to get the World Title back, not O'Connor. Shag-Nasty says that Dynamite should just concentrate on getting the Intercontinental Title later that night.

- David Penzer, the ring announcer, tells everyone that since Silverfreek has left the GCWA, the Heavyweight Contendership match has been canceled. X-Dog then walks out and gets the mic, badmouthing Silverfreek for leaving the fed. X-Dog then says a few words about both Punisher and O'Connor, telling them that whoever wins will have to fight him. X-Dog finishes by saying that he'll face anyone from the back, since he came there to fight. Surprisingly, Kevin O'Connor comes out of the back and heads to the ring, only to be stopped by a running Shannon Shag-Nasty. The President tells O'Connor to go backstage again, then tells X-Dog to be happy with his free victory and to head home, rather than cause more problems.

- Just before the first break of the evening, we see a limo pull up out back of the arena. The driver gets out and opens his cell phone, calling the CEO and telling him that one of the men Ace wanted to see has arrived.

- After the break, another car pulls up in the parking garage, with the World Heavyweight Champion, Punisher, inside. He gets out and heads into the building.

- In the Intercontinental Title match, Dynamic Dynamite falls behind due to his apparent disinterest for the match, giving "The Star" Steven Mysterio the early edge. A low blow gets Dynamite back into the bout, but only briefly. J.Y. Kidd and Lan Ragus start to come from the back to help out, only to be nailed from behind by Punisher! In the ring, Mysterio hits the Short Sensation on Dynamite, knocking him down and getting the pinfall victory. Mysterio retained the IC strap.

- Much to the surprise of the announcers, the Dopeman, who had been gone for almost a month, walks out of the back to his music. The announcers believe him to be the first guy snuck into the arena by the Accelerator, and the Dopeman confirms it when he starts talking on the mic. The Dopeman tells everyone that he was in long negotiations with the CEO the past week, and that he got what he wanted. He then pulled a brand new Hardcore Title out of his bag, saying that he has been proclaimed the new champ, since no one else seemed to want it. The Dopeman got interrupted when Joshua Curtis, another returnee, stepped out and said that he should be the champion, since he defeated "Richter" (who was actually Titan 3 at the time) for the belt but got screwed out of it. Curtis and the Dopeman start brawling, and have to have security break them up. The announcers assume that Curtis was the second man spoken of by the Accelerator, but there is no confirmation.

- We return to the BOO offices, where Shag-Nasty angrily berates Dynamite for his poor performance against Mysterio. Dynamite tries to defend himself, saying that he's still the best thing the BOO has going for them, but Shag-Nasty won't hear it. He tells Rage is Reality to get Dynamite out of the office, and the tag-team does, throwing Dynamite through the window and to a dumpster 3 floors down. Shag-Nasty laughs and says that the door would have been fine. Dynamite's medical condition from such a horrific fall was unknown.

- Adrian Rockwell and Michael "The Man" Breaker continued their epic feud in a Last Man Standing Match for the Television Title. The bout went all over the arena, eventually heading towards the back. Both men utilize any weapons that they can find, from electric tasers to numerous tables. They work their way up a couple of flights of stairs, and continue their battle in the upper balconies, amid the fans. Rockwell and Breaker both get pinfalls throughout the match, but the other wrestler always manages to get up before the 10 count is complete. Up top, the two men engage in one more battle of fists, before each tries to fling the other off of the edge of the balcony. They both succeed, as the wrestlers fall from the high altitude, crashing through a few set-up tables before hitting the ground. Breaker landed on top, getting the pin, and after the ref rolls him off of Rockwell, he makes the 10 count, making Michael Breaker the new Television Champion. After the match, both men are given serious medical attention and are taken out.

- The limo driver from earlier is seen pacing out in the parking area, when a second limo pulls up nearby. The driver goes over to see it, wanting to know why it took them so long, since the Accelerator wanted them there earlier. We do not get to see who has arrived.

- Shannon Shag-Nasty and Titan 3 faced off in a 'Mandatory' Match, with the winner getting the right to make the January pay-per-view. They fought long and hard, with Titan 3 having the edge for most of the match. The President managed to fight his way back into it, however, and seemed to be in good shape until his wife, Chloe Barnes, came out and spoke over the mic, telling Shag-Nasty that since he wouldn't listen to her in the back, he'd have to here. She then said that she was pregnant, and that Shag-Nasty definitely wasn't the father. The President, badly distracted, gets hit from behind by Titan 3, who then gets the Ground Zero and the victory.

- The next match featured Jesse "The Fish" Fitzgerald, Gabriel "Wild Man" Morse, and Ice Breaker. It was a 3-Way ladder match for the vacated European Title. All three men wanted the belt, doing whatever they could to get themselves closer to the gold. At one point during the match, all three men were on different ladders, fighting high above the ring area, with the European Title hanging above them. In the end, Gabe Morse managed to knock his ladder into Ice Breaker's. While Ice Breaker fell out of the ring, Morse jumped to the only-standing ladder and made his way up, getting the European Championship.

- We're shown a series of shots. The first has Kevin O'Connor and a hurting Shannon Shag-Nasty leaving the Presidential Office to go to the ring. The second shows Punisher already on the way, with the World Title around his waist. The third shot is of the Accelerator in his private booth, watching O'Connor on television. The unknown arrival to the arena is in the room, as well. Ace tells him that this is what he's been talking about, as the shot goes to the final break.

- The Main Event was between "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor and the World Heavyweight Champion, Punisher. The two men gave everything they had in this one, each using his own specialties to get close pins on his opponent. At one point, Punisher puts O'Connor into the PainKiller. O'Connor tries to fight to the ropes, with Shag-Nasty on the outside cheering him on. Punisher drags him back to the center of the ring, though, which causes Shag-Nasty to come in and knock out the referee! Punisher released the hold and stood, grabbing Shag-Nasty and PunBombing him out to the floor. O'Connor recovered during the break, though, and got on Punisher, taking him down. O'Connor then landed the Scorcher and got the pin, but the ref's pain caused a slower count, and Punisher managed to kick out. Punisher makes a comeback and gets O'Connor on the turnbuckle for a maneuver, but somehow Shag-Nasty gets on the apron and knocks him off to the mat, before collapsing again himself. O'Connor leaps off with the Dragon Bomb, and covers, with the hurt ref making the slow count that works this time. O'Connor becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion. Postmatch, as O'Connor is celebrating, a familiar tune starts over the PA, and Blade (aka Garrett Jax), who hasn't been seen since he 'retired', walks out. He just stares at the shocked O'Connor as the credits for the PPV roll.

GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 12/21/00
(Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland)

- The opening shot is of the Bastards of Oblivion, or what is left of them after the PPV. Lan Ragus, J.Y. Kidd, and a heavily-bandaged Adrian Rockwell stand around in the room. At the desk is former wrestler Devo Croz (also known as Reizrok). Croz tells them that with him at the helm, since President Shag-Nasty is in the hospital, the BOO will rule again.

- The announcers, Heenan and Ross, talk about the pay-per-view, mainly focusing on the main event. Heenan contends that Shag-Nasty wasn't interfering, while Ross assures the fans that he was the cause of Punisher losing the Heavyweight Title. They also talk about the three men who returned at the PPV, the Dopeman, Joshua Curtis, and Blade.

- The first match was between BreakDown and Johnny "Roast Beef" Canoli, a bout signed after BreakDown attacked Canoli at the pay-per-view. Canoli keeps control throughout the short match, ending it with his finisher, Sleeping With The Fishes.

- A furious Punisher is seen skidding to a halt in his automobile in the parking garage. Punisher gets out, glares at the cameraman, and walks on.

- Titan 3 comes out to the ring, with the fans cheering him. He talks about how he now has control over the January PPV, thanks to him beating President Shag-Nasty at the PPV. He also mentions Chloe Barnes, leaving a slight implication that he might be the father of the baby. Titan 3 then starts in on matches for the PPV, but is interrupted when Devo Croz comes out. He congratulates Titan 3 on his victory, but then informs him that, due to an 'error' involving arena use, there will not be a January Pay-Per-View, thus denying Titan 3 the right to make the matches. The Accelerator then comes on the 'Tron, and announces that Croz is partially correct, and that there will not be a January PPV. Instead, the PPV will be on February 1st, 2001, which is the GCWA's Founder's Day. Ace also extends Titan 3's PPV contract one day, making him still in charge of the PPV's scheduling. An angry Croz stormed backstage, while Titan 3 celebrated in the ring.

- We come back from the commercial break with the announcers still talking about what happened earlier between Titan 3, Croz, and Ace. There's a lot of speculation about why the Accelerator would help his own nemesis, Titan 3.

- Lance "Yung Wun" Washington fought Gabe "Wild Man" Morse for the European Title, since he earned the shot. Morse, however, dismantled the young rookie, and after several 'close' pins that Morse lifted Washington out of, he hit the Gambit and got the victory, staying the European Champion. Postmatch, Jesse "The Fish" Fitzgerald entered the ring and attacked Morse, putting on his Baited Hook submission hold. The rest of the BOO made the save.

- Michael Cole, in the back, interviews Punisher, who takes the mic from him and talks on his own. Punisher sends a message to Kevin O'Connor, telling him that now that the "puppet master", Shag-Nasty, is in the hospital, there's no one to save O'Connor from his wrath.

- Michael "The Man" Breaker, wearing the Television Title, comes out to the ring and tells everyone that his scheduled opponent, Ice Breaker, did not show up to the arena. He then tells the fans that he plans on staying with wrestling for a long time to come, defending the Television Title, then working his way up to where he was before, the Heavyweight strap. Before he can go on, an incensed Adrian Rockwell charges into the ring and attacks from behind, getting Breaker up in a version of the Man-Breaker maneuver! Rockwell then gets his finisher, the Stone-Cutter, which lays the big man out. Rockwell gets the mic and tells the unconscious Breaker that their fight isn't over, and that he will get the TV Title back. Rockwell goes to stomp on Breaker some more, until security comes down, late, to get him to the back.

- In the main event of the evening, the Dopeman defended his Hardcore Title for the first time against Joshua Curtis, this time with the two fighting in a sanctioned match. Both men used hardcore maneuvers to try and take advantage. The match was decided when the Dopeman put Curtis through a table with the Deadly Dope Drop, getting the pin and staying the champion.

- The final segment showed Chloe Barnes talking on the phone to someone. She tells the person on the other end that she hasn't talked to Shag-Nasty since the PPV, since he's been in the hospital. She then says that any money the person sends is fine, and that she loves him.

GCWA "Monday" Night Sixpack, 12/25/00
(Reunion Center, Dallas, Texas)

- The show starts off the same way Torrent ended, with a shot of Chloe Barnes on the phone. She tells the other person that she won't be staying in town, that she doesn't feel right. She then starts to talk about Devo Croz, but a lead pipe appears, cutting off the phone call. Barnes is heard screaming as she is dragged away.

- The announcers welcome all viewers to a special Christmas edition of Sixpack. Both men talk about the potential matches that night, as well as an announcement from the CEO, the Accelerator, due later in the night.

- The first match, between Jesse "The Fish" Fitzgerald and Johnny "Roastbeef" Canoli, ends in a No-Contest when the Bastards of Oblivion enter the ring, attacking both wrestlers. Gabe Morse takes special pleasure in hitting the Gambit on Fitzgerald.

- After the two wrestlers are cleared out of the ring, Devo Croz gets on the mic, announcing several upcoming matches. Before he can finish, the Accelerator comes back on the 'Tron, and gives his own announcement. The CEO talks about the way the titles have been defended during Shag-Nasty's reign, specifically looking at the Television, Tag-Team, and Heavyweight Titles. The Accelerator announces that he is stripping Kevin "The Dragon" O'Connor and Shannon Shag-Nasty of the tag straps, and that there will be a special Sixpack with a Righteous Rumble. The winner of the Rumble will get to choose his tag-team partner. Ace also makes sure to tell Kevin O'Connor that he'll need to defend the World Title more often. After Ace goes off-screen, Croz, still in the ring, announces a few new matches 'in favor' of Ace's new Title Defense policy, putting together a vacated Cruiserweight Title match and a bout between Michael Breaker and Steven Mysterio for the TV Title.

- The vacated Cruiserweight Title was on the line between Joshua Curtis and J.Y. Kidd in the next match. Surprisingly, after one punch, Kidd hit the mat and didn't move. A suspicious Curtis stayed back at first, then moved in and made the cover, getting the unbelivably easy victory. Curtis then headed to the back with the Cruiserweight Title, while Lan Ragus came to the ring and checked on his partner. The announcers wondered if it was all a BOO trick.

- In a non-title match, the European Champion Gabe Morse, with Devo Croz at ringside, fought Hardcore Champ the Dopeman. The two fought a bloody hardcore match, with neither taking the edge for long. As the fight continues, Jesse Fitzgerald came back out and knocked out Croz with an STO, then got the ring bell. He accidentally knocked out the Dopeman due to a reversal by Morse, then hit Morse as well, leaving the two wrestlers out cold on the outside. Despite the Hardcore rules, the ref counted out both men (he was later fined and suspended).

- After the first hour, Michael Breaker is seen talking with Punisher, who warns him that Adrian Rockwell is looking for the TV Champ. Breaker tells Punisher not to worry, that he can handle Rockwell.

- The IC Champion Steven Mysterio faced off against Television Champion Michael "The Man" Breaker, with the TV Title on the line. After a furious battle, Adrian Rockwell came to ringside and was forcably stopped from entering by the referee. However, while the ref was distracted, Killa B returned, entering the ring from the other side and attacking Mysterio with a reverse brainbuster. Rockwell then got past the ref and hit his Stonecutter on Breaker. A Double Disqualification was awarded. After the match, the two BOO members continued to attack Mysterio and Breaker until Punisher made the save. Breaker kept the TV Title.

- The assigned match between Misfit and Lan Ragus doesn't occur, as an unhurt J.Y. Kidd reappeared and attacked with his partner. Misfit and his tag-team partner, Marcus Fernandez, launched a counter-attack, and the two teams fought to the back.

- Michael Cole interviewed "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor at the hospital. O'Connor talked about his happiness at being the Heavyweight Champion, either ignoring or not knowing about the interference that led him to get the belt from Punisher at Wreck the Halls. He also doesn't care about the CEO stripping him and the President of the tag-team belts, as he's more interested in the World Title. Cole then asks a question about Blade's return, but O'Connor doesn't answer the question, instead quickly ending the interview and departing.

- The main event featured Punisher vs. X-Dog, in an 'unofficial' #1 Contenders battle. Neither man backed off, fighting as hard as could be expected. X-Dog nearly got the win after reversing the PainBomb into the X-Factor, but couldn't make the pin in time. Punisher later returned the favor, reversing the Triple X finisher into the Painkiller. Before X-Dog can escape the hold, the lights suddenly went out. When they came back on, X-Dog, Punisher, and even the ref were out cold in the ring, while Chloe Barnes, tied and gagged, was suddenly there with a note attached to her. Titan 3 came down to the ring to free her as the night came to an end. (Titan 3 later revealed in an interview that the note said "Merry Christmas, I run with the BOO").

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