November 2000

(Since the information for November '00 has been lost, at least temporarily, listed below is a brief summary of the events leading up to Knockout in November.)

The Third Power: The biggest angle of the month was the building pressure of a mysterious "third power", who kept changing President Shag-Nasty's plans. The World Heavyweight Champion, Punisher, seemed to have a direct line to this "third power", using various contracts and other items against the Bastards of Oblivion, including multiple chances to face and beat Shag-Nasty in the ring. Suspicions flew back and forth between the President and the CEO, each believing the other was behind the changes.

Main Event Picture: Since Punisher had a contract from the "third power" that kept him from having to defend the belt until the Knockout in November, Shag-Nasty was unable to get his BOO shots at the title. Meanwhile, Derek "Thrilla" Mobley grew angrier and angrier at the lack of respect he thought he should be given. He told this at one point to the President, who set up a two-match night for Mobley. The first match, against J.Y. Kidd, was a fake, getting Mobley beat down by the BOO. But Mobley rallied at the end of the night, defeating President Shag-Nasty to become the #1 Contender to the title. The President would later institute his own rules to the PPV Main Event, saying that he would be the referee, and that HE would decide the winner by the amount of pain that was dished out. This would change later on (see below).

Television Title: After their encounter at the vacated Hardcore Title match in October, the feud really grew between Adrian Rockwell, the Television Champion, and Michael "The Man" Breaker. Rockwell began calling himself "the Main Man", taunting Breaker due to the way he was no longer at the top, while Rockwell's star was shining. Rockwell claimed that he replaced Breaker in the BOO. The two attacked each other for the better part of the month, leading up to the PPV. Rockwell, with the President's backing, made the PPV fight a Long Way Down match, due to Breaker having long ago broken his back in one of those matches for the GCWA. The psychological warfare even had the scarred Breaker considering retirement.

Hardcore Title Difficulties: With both Handy Man and Gabe Morse holding parts of the Hardcore Title, there was no definite champion. The two looked for ways to go after their adversary, to try to get the other half of the belt back. However, injuries to both men began to pile up, and at the event where they were supposed to settle on one champion, neither showed up. They were rescheduled for the PPV, with the stipulation that if one didn't show, he was fired from the company.

Cruiserweight/European Divisions: The European Title was vacated by Derek Mobley when he defeated President Shag-Nasty to become #1 Contender. It was a hidden clause in Mobley's contract. This left the belt in the air, and a Battle Royale between various members of the BOO and the rest of the GCWA was arranged. Meanwhile, the feud that had been so great between the Dopeman and Garrett Jax spread to Jax's former pupil, Kevin "The Dragon" O'Connor, who held the Cruiserweight Title. The Dopeman and O'Connor met on the night of the European Battle Royale, with the Cruiserweight Title on the line. O'Connor, with a little help from Shag-Nasty (who dismissed a referee's fast count and restarted the match), got the victory and retained his title. Later that night, in the Battle Royale, O'Connor and the Dopeman fought hard enough to make sure that they were the last two in the ring, setting them up to go for the European Title at Knockout in November.

O'Connor's Instability: In relation to the Cruiserweight/European Title fights was the slow change in the personality of Kevin "The Dragon" O'Connor. O'Connor began to grow more used to having President Shag-Nasty and the BOO to hang out with, talking with his tag-team partner constantly. O'Connor also began to show irritation when opponents failed to show for his matches, keeping him from wrestling. There was much concern about O'Connor's future.

BOO Warfare: The Bastards of Oblivion (roster at the time: Shag-Nasty, Dynamic Dynamite, J.Y. Kidd, Lan Ragus, and Adrian Rockwell) had many large brawls with members of the GCWA, mainly including Punisher, Derek Mobley, "The Star" Steven Mysterio, and Michael "The Man" Breaker. The lines were clearly drawn between the two 'groups'.

GCWA Knockout In November(PPV), 11/19/00
(TWA Dome, St. Louis, Missouri)

- The announcers, Michael Cole, Jim Ross, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, talk about the events scheduled for the night. They discuss who the special referee is going to be for the main event, since President Shag-Nasty was taken off the list with the press release that was issued from the Committee's office during the week. The release was supposedly issued by the unknown 'third power' in the GCWA.

- The Accelerator's limo is shown pulling up in front of the Dome, with President Shannon Shag-Nasty right there to meet it. Shag-Nasty accuses Ace of undercutting his power by printing the press release. Ace denies it, and subtly accuses Shag-Nasty of trying a BOO mindgame. He starts to walk away, only to get spun around and punched by the President. The two men brawl, with Heenan and JR betting on the outcome.

- The announcers come back to tell us that neither Handy Man nor Gabriel Morse have shown up to the arena. The ruling stands that if neither man makes an appearance, both will be fired.

- In a Long Way Down match, Michael "The Man" Breaker and Television Champion Adrian Rockwell met on top of a steel cage, with the winner the one who could throw his opponent off the roof. Rockwell tries every dirty trick in the book, but Breaker's rage is hard to combat. In the end, Breaker gets Rockwell up and smashes him with the Man-Breaker. Rockwell rolls in pain to the edge of the cage. As Breaker comes over to finish him, the cage roof suddenly gives way, sending Breaker plunging to the ring below. Rockwell, having hung on to the side of the cage, gets the official win, and retains the Television Title. The announcers speculate about the cage being rigged by the BOO.

- Shannon Shag-Nasty is shown cheering on Rockwell from his office, when "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor bursts in, asking if the Dopeman, his opponent for the night, has shown up yet. O'Connor talks about how hard he's trained for this match. Shag-Nasty tells him that the Dopeman should be around somewhere, and that O'Connor needs to head off so he can make his entrance. We go back to the ringside area, where the announcements for the vacated European Title match start. O'Connor shows up a little late, but makes his way to the ring looking upset. The Dopeman's music plays, but he does not show. David Penzer then announces that since the Dopeman has not appeared for the match, the bout has been canceled. Penzer turns and starts to apologize to O'Connor, but the Dragon reacts badly, Snap DDT-ing the announcer to the mat! O'Connor then goes to the back, as medics check on Penzer. The match is thrown out, meaning that the European Title is still vacated.

- The Accelerator's office door is shown, with a padlock and chains wrapped in front of it. The door shakes from someone trying to get out on the other side, but the chains hold.

- J.Y. Kidd, Lan Ragus, and "The Star" Steven Mysterio met up in a First Blood match for the vacated Intercontinental Title. Ragus and the Kidd, expectedly, doubleteamed Mysterio, trying to make him bleed with a variety of maneuvers. Mysterio fights hard against the double-team, though, not giving up. But the odds seem to be too much, as Ragus gets his Execution submission hold, followed by the Kidd's Buzz finisher from the turnbuckle. Mysterio, though down, still isn't bleeding. Ragus lifts Mysterio up for the Kidd to come in with a kendo stick, but Mysterio ducks, as the Kidd levels his own partner! As the Kidd looks on in shock, Mysterio moves, grabbing the stick and hitting the Kidd, causing the blood to flow and making Mysterio the winner, as well as the new Intercontinental Champion.

- Just before the main event begins, the mystery special guest referee is revealed as the returning legend, Titan 3. Titan 3 climbs the cage and takes in the cheers, then climbs into the cage to await the match.

- The main event was between Derek "Thrilla" Mobley and the World Heavyweight Champion, Punisher. Both men fought hard inside the cage for their right to be the champion. During the match, the steel cage unexpectedly started to rise, and the President, Shag-Nasty, came out with a steel chair, making his way to the ring. He hits Titan 3 in the back with the chair, but Titan 3 barely reacts to the hit. He turns and attacks Shag-Nasty, Powerbombing him. Meanwhile, Derek Mobley was tapping out to the PainKiller, but with Titan 3 distracted, the match continues. Punisher releases the hold and looks at Titan 3 and Shag-Nasty, then turns back, only to get slammed down with the Thrilla maneuver! Mobley makes the pin, but Titan 3 is still distracted, and when he finally gets back to make the count, Punisher kicks out. After some more wrestling, Punisher gets the PunBomb and the pinfall victory, staying the World Heavyweight Champion.

GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 11/30/00

(Only have the second hour of the card, so here's what happened that I know of)

- Gabriel Morse sided with President Shag-Nasty and the BOO, defeating another wrestler (possibly Ice Breaker).

- Jesse "The Fish" Fitzgerald defeated Adrian Rockwell in a non-title match.

- Rage is Reality won over Life is Pain in a tag-team battle.

- Silverfreek was DQ'ed after a long match with the Great One, when he refused to acknowledge the referee while slamming the Great One's head repeatedly into the ringpost. Postmatch, Silverfreek ko'ed the referee and left the ring.

- In the main event, Point Break (Shag-Nasty & O'Connor) faced off against Michael Breaker and Punisher in a tag-team match. The four men fought all over the arena, eventually making their way back to the ring. In the end, right after Breaker put Shag-Nasty in the Man-Breaker, Dynamic Dynamite returned to the GCWA and hit Breaker with a chair. Dynamite followed it up with the Dynamic Pain, knocking Breaker out. He rolled the President on top of Breaker, getting the BOO team the victory. Postmatch, the rest of the BOO attacked Punisher, while Shag-Nasty and Dynamite celebrated in the ring.

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