GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 5/07/2010
(GCWA Arena)

- In a dark match, Jaiden Rishel defeated Ruslan Koslov. It was a bloody match, with Rishel completely dominating Koslov before making him tap out to the Suffering.

- Robert Santana won a "Triple Threat" Match over Mr. Itt and Xtreme. Late in the match, Santana unknowingly sent Mr. Itt into an exposed turnbuckle. Xtreme then tried to attack with a steel rod, only to have Mr. Itt thrown into him by Santana, who then covered Mr. Itt for the win.

- The new Commissioner of the GCWA, Lurrr, is shown in the back talking to someone on the phone about being the special referee that night. Lurrr alluded to the fact that he can't hire or fire anyone, but that this person could still be put into the referee job.

- After a commercial break, the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, and the GCWA World Champion, The Big Bifford, found that Lurrr had taken over the Accelerator's office. Ace and Lurrr had a confrontation, with Lurrr assuring him that he had the power to 'instill order' in the GCWA. Lurrr announced that the loser of the World Title #1 Contender match that night would be the captain of an Ultimate Survival team to go against Jaiden Rishel's team. Lurrr also pointed out that Biffarachnephobia hadn't defended the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles since February. Ace cleared Bifford of 'wrongdoing', but Lurrr quickly announced that a Fatal Fourway Match for the Tag-Team Titles would take place the next week.

- El Linchador & The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) defeated Tommy Gunn, Drake Hudson, & Kirsten Reid. In a one-sided affair, the faces dominated, with Mobley putting Gunn away with the Thriller for the victory.

- After the match, Aaron Styles tried to join El Linchador & the House of Pain, only to get beat down. Mario Maurako then appeared, saying that he told Styles he could join Mobley's team, setting him up. Maurako then tried to find out Mobley's actual fourth member, revealing pictures of Warrick Hill talking with a former OCW wrestler, "The Porn Star" Pete Parker. But Warrick denied it, saying he was just purchasing some adult entertainment. All Mobley would reveal was that their fourth member was a legend in OCW.

- Jaiden Rishel brought his Ultimate Survival team, Team Invincible, to show the Accelerator. It consisted of himself and three CWF wrestlers: Mark Carlton, Colton Mace, and Ian King.

- Lorenzo Demarco defeated Chucky Johnson. After a competitive match, Demarco got in a low blow (which the ref missed), and then got the Paid In Full for the victory.

- After the match, when Chucky started to stand back up, Demarco attacked him, beating him down. Bucky Johnson, Chucky's brother, then came down for the save, with Demarco leaving the ring and walking away with a smile.

- In the back, Cynthia Hall discovered the downed body of Special K, one of Mario Maurako's teammates. He was unconscious and bloodied, with medics showing up to help him.

- Lorenzo Demarco gives a quick interview in the back, talking about how he did Bucky Johnson a favor by leaving (instead of kicking his ass).

- Before the main event, Anthony Logan surprisingly reappeared and took over the special referee duties. Logan, the former ring announcer who was replaced by Rockwell, in turn took over Rockwell's old job of referee'ing the match.

- The Lost Soul won a "World Title #1 Contenders" Match over Crazy Chris. Both wrestlers came to fight, with each scoring several near falls. In the end, after multiple reversals, TLS was able to turn over a roll-up and get the pin himself, earning himself a title shot.

- After the match, Jaiden Rishel & the rest of Team Invincible charged the ring and attacked the weary Crazy Chris, trying to eliminate the newly-crowned team captain before he can even form a team. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, saw The Big Bifford on the stage and chased him to the back, leaving Chris behind. After Chris was taken out by Rishel's Delirium Trigger, Dangerous Dan ran down with a steel chair to clear the ring and save his brother from further harm.

- In the back, TLS continued to run after Bifford, only to have the Accelerator intercede. Ace then congratulated TLS on his win, but then informed him that, as part of the contract, if TLS lays his hands on Bifford before the Ultimate Survival pay-per-view, TLS will forfeit his title shot. Bifford then goaded TLS to hit him, only to have TLS barely manage to resist the temptation.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 5/14/2010
(GCWA Arena)

- In a dark match, Ataxia defeated Jimmy Riot. Although Riot made a fight of it, Ataxia won out with his Peaceful Tolerance finisher for the victory.

- After the match, Ataxia approached Jones & Rockwell at the announce booth, creeping both men out by laughing about being a freak. He then disappeared from ringside after the lights went out.

- In a pre-recorded video, we see Liam Shayde appear in the Accelerator's office, thanking him for the shot. Ace alluded to Shayde's famous wrestling father, which only fired up Shayde more.

- In a dark match, Liam Shayde defeated Mr. Itt. Shayde stumbled at first, tripping while entering the ring and slipping during a submission attempt. But he soon found his footing and got the technical win, forcing Mr. Itt to tap out to the Cat's Cradle.

- Ryan Rage defeated Robert Santana. The two wrestlers had a good match, but Rage soon targeted Santana's still-healing leg and attacked it, working to do serious injury to it. This helped Rage catch Santana at the end and deliver the Career Ender, getting the big victory.

- Commissioner Lurrr and the President, the Accelerator, had another confrontation in the hallways, with Ace bragging that his Ultimate Survival team will surely outlast Lurrr's. Lurrr responded with his own taunts, showing that the animosity is still growing between the two men.

- The Big Bifford, in the back, tried to cause a collision with The Lost Soul, only to have TLS stop in time. Bifford then tried to incite a fight, knocking away TLS' bag. But TLS, knowing that Bifford just wants TLS' title shot forfeited, picks up his bag and simply walks away.

- Jaiden Rishel won a "Hardcore" Match over Xtreme. Rishel accepted Xtreme's offer of a hardcore match before the contest, but it was all a ruse designed to allow Rishel's teammates (Mark Carlton, Colton Mace, & Ian King) to get involved. Xtreme fought hard against the four-on-one odds, but he couldn't survive, with Rishel getting the Hero's Welcome for the win.

- A delivery guy brought a telegram to Mario Maurako from the House of Pain, with Derek Mobley once again giving a few hints to who their OCW teammate could be. The delivery man then broke into the 'singing telegram' portion, with Scoot Time trying to take him out (and failing). Maurako then threw the delivery man out and slammed the door.

- We see Jaiden Rishel walking down the hall, pleased with the victory over Xtreme earlier. Rishel, though, was then ambushed by Bucky Johnson, who revealed that he's joined the Danger Boiz in the fight against Rishel's CWF squad.

- Before the next match could take place, Ataxia suddenly hijacked the broadcast feed, just to say that he was going to be at Ultimate Survival, whether or not someone chose him for a teammate.

- Chris Cortez, as the GCWA Intercontinental Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over El Linchador. After an eventful fight, Cortez won out by making El Linchador tap out to the Roots of Envy.

- In the back, Cynthia Hall was on the scene for another assault scene, as two more of Mario Maurako's teammates, Jedit Omen and Scoot Time, are found badly beaten. Maurako was seen nearby, cursing, before walking away.

- The Big Bifford is seen in the back, threatening a 'woman' and telling The Lost Soul that only he can save 'her'. TLS shakes his head and leaves, refusing to be goaded into it. Bifford then lets the 'woman' down, revealing that it's actually Arachne.

- The Lost Soul won a "Triple Threat" Match over Lorenzo Demarco and Mario Maurako. During the match, Maurako got distracted by a man appearing at ringside, which allowed TLS to get the roll up. Demarco was unable to make the save in time, giving TLS the win.

- After the match, Lorenzo Demarco angrily took out a cameraman, giving him the Paid In Full and leaving.

- Around the same time, the mysterious man at ringside entered the ring and caught a distracted Mario Maurako with the Lethal Injection. The wrestler was then revealed as Silver Cyanide! Cyanide was joined by El Linchador & the House of Pain, showing that he was the unknown fourth member of Mobley's team!

- In the President's office, the Accelerator met with Chris Cortez and Robert Santana, announcing that the two would be team captains for Ultimate Survival. Cortez would be teamed with Lorenzo Demarco, Jimmy Riot, and Ryan Rage, while Santana would be teamed with Liam Shayde, Ataxia, and Xtreme. To sweeten the deal, Ace announced that if Santana lasted longer than Cortez, he would earn a Unified X Division Title shot. If Cortez lasted longer than Santana, he would get $100,000.

- The Lost Soul is shown returning to his locker room, with the door open. He enters the room and finds no one, but, being distracted, he was open to an attack from behind by The Big Bifford! Bifford laid TLS out with a steel chair, saying that he was perfectly happy attacking TLS if TLS wouldn't attack him. Bifford then left, as TLS worked to get back up, murder in his eyes.

- The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, winning a "Fatal Fourway" Match over Biffarachnephobia (The Big Bifford & Arachne), The Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan), and the Johnson Era (Bucky Johnson & Chucky Johnson). During the chaotic match, Referee Logan got taken out by Arachne's Green Mist, which allowed Adrian Rockwell to leave the announce booth to take off the referee duties. Rockwell tried to DQ the House of Pain (which would allow Bifford to keep his belt), only to be taken out by Chucky Johnson's The Chuck. As the fight continued, The Lost Soul appeared and took out The Big Bifford with a broom handle. In the ring, Head Referee Bell appeared and took over the ref duties, as, during the chaos, Mobley was able to get the Thriller on Chucky to get the pin and the belts.

- After the match, The Lost Soul took out Arachne and went to leave, only to be greeted at the entryway by the Accelerator. Ace, announcing that TLS had violated his contract, ended the show by stripping TLS of his World Title shot!! TLS fought through security to go after Ace as Bifford, near ringside, watched with a smile.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 5/21/2010
(GCWA Arena)

- The announcers discuss the stripping of The Lost Soul as the #1 Contender, running a video detailing the previous week's events.

- The Accelerator appeared on the big screen, talking about how TLS screwed TLS. Ace also announced that a new #1 Contender will be determined by the end of the night.

- Robert Santana defeated Mr. Itt. Santana dominated the match, winning after the Sensei-Tion knocked Mr. Itt out.

- In the back, we see Lorenzo Demarco arriving in the parking lot, with the cameraman rushing up to him. However, the cameraman then surprisingly attacks Demarco with the camera, bloodying him, before the cameraman then leaves.

- After the commercial break, Cynthia Hall talks to the trainer in the back, with the trainer revealing that Demarco will still compete tonight against Ataxia, against doctor's orders.

- El Linchador defeated Xtreme. After a hard-fought contest, El Linchador got the win with his 360-flip into a cross-body block, taking Xtreme down for the 3 count.

- In the back, The Big Bifford is seen watching the action with Ludwig the Seal (still supposedly the VP of the GCWA). Bifford discusses whether or not El Linchador or Xtreme should be considered for the #1 Contender spot, as we go to a commercial break.

- Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, and Bucky Johnson came out to ringside, with Chris talking about Ultimate Survival and his two teammates already known. Chris then revealed the final teammate, bringing in the CWF's Angel to fight against Rishel's CWF team!

- After the break, we see Bucky & Chucky Johnson in the back, with Chucky talking about how he's going to be unavailable for the PPV. Crazy Chris then came to the locker room to set up a time to discuss plans for their team. Bucky, though, had to run to his match.

- Bucky Johnson defeated Jimmy Riot. After a long fight, Johnson got the victory by planting Riot on the mat and heading up top, dropping with the Bucking Bronco.

- After the match, as Bucky was heading up the ramp, he was suddenly attacked from all aides by Jaiden Rishel & Team Invincible! As the four men are beating Bucky down, though, Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, & Angel come out, leading to an 8-person brawl around the entryway!

- Team House of Pain came out to the ring to talk about their upcoming match with Mario Maurako's team at Ultimate Survival. After all four men spoke, though, Maurako then came out onto the stage. Maurako first brought out a 'consultant' for his team, The Great One! Maurako then revealed his REAL team, introducing former OCW superstars Jack Sullivan and "Perfect" Paul Paras. Maurako's final teammate was a huge surprise, as Silver Cyanide suddenly nailed Mobley with the Lethal Injection, turning on his team!! A huge brawl then started, with Mobley, Hill, & El Linchador soon beaten down due to the numbers. Cyanide stood tall with Maurako, Sullivan, and Paras, forming a major threat towards Mobley's now out-numbered squad.

- We see The Big Bifford in the back with Arachne, still trying to decide on who the new #1 Contender is going to be. He's looking through a mugshot collection of the biggest jobbers in GCWA history.

- Before the next match between Lorenzo Demarco and Ataxia, Ataxia revealed that he was actually the cameraman who attacked Demarco earlier in the night. Demarco, furious, attacked Ataxia in the aisleway, and the match started violently.

- Lorenzo Demarco won, via DQ, over Ataxia. After an intense brawl between the two hated rivals, Demarco tried to use a gold chain on Ataxia, only to have Ataxia block it and use the chain himself. Unfortunately, Head Referee Bell saw it, causing him to call for the disqualification.

- After the match, Ataxia took out Head Referee Bell with the chain, and then renewed the battle with Demarco. The two men continued to brawl, with security getting involved to try and break them up.

- In the back, Chris Cortez is shown ambushing an unsuspecting Robert Santana, attacking Santana's injured leg. Cortez told him that it wasn't personal, it was just about the money. Cortez then left, saying that he gave Santana 'the night off' for the PPV.

- Cynthia Hall appears in the back, trying to interview Ataxia about his attack on Demarco. Ataxia laughed about it and basically said that he did it to promote his new t-shirt. Demarco then appeared and attacked Ataxia, once again causing the two men to battle, with Demarco getting the Paid In Full.

- The Accelerator and the World Champion, The Big Bifford, came out to the ring to announce the new #1 Contender to the World Title. Bifford, saying that he had reviewed all possible worthy contenders, then announced that he had chosen... his tag-team partner, Arachne! However, Ace was then interrupted in his celebration by the Commissioner, Lurrr, who revealed that he had to sneak his way in after security tried to deny him access. Lurrr then talked about how The Lost Soul used a broom, and didn't actually 'touch' Bifford per the rules. Ace, though, said that it doesn't matter, and that TLS still was stripped of the title shot. Lurrr, in response, announced that the Board had approved a new #1 Contender. The wrestler came down from the ceiling and landed behind the men, showing it to be The Stranger!! The Stranger took out Bifford and Arachne with a baseball bat, clearing the ring even as Jones & Rockwell argued about whether or not the Stranger was, indeed, The Lost Soul this time around. Either way, a loophole was found to allow The Stranger to be the #1 Contender for the World Title at the PPV.

GCWA Ultimate Survival II, 5/30/2010
(American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida)

- The show started off with a segment from Survivor's Jeff Probst, as he talked about surviving. He then was attacked and laid out by The Stranger.

- Before the first match could begin, El Linchador came out to the ring and called out the Accelerator. El Linchador then said that Ace had to make good on his 'deal' to allow El Linchador a special skybox for the event. Ace reluctantly agreed, with El Linchador getting his men to build the portable bleacher seating.

- Ryan Rage was shown in the back, preparing for his match. Rage's manager, Mr. Excitement, then came in and had a surprise for Rage: a former partner in Royal Powerhouse! Powerhouse revealed that he had just signed a contract with the GCWA, and then insinuated that more were coming.

- Ataxia and Lorenzo Demarco appeared, brawling in the back and fighting their way towards the ringside entrance. They came through, still fighting, with the rest of their teammates soon joining in, starting the first match with a bang.

Team Santana (Robert Santana, Liam Shayde, Ataxia, & Xtreme) won an "Ultimate Survival Qualifier" Match over Team Cortez (Chris Cortez, Lorenzo Demarco, Ryan Rage, & Jimmy Riot). Liam Shayde and Ataxia 'survived'.

1) Robert Santana eliminated Jimmy Riot.
2) Lorenzo Demarco eliminated Xtreme.
3) Ryan Rage eliminated Robert Santana.
4) Liam Shayde eliminated Chris Cortez.
5) Ryan Rage was disqualified.
6) Ataxia eliminated Lorenzo Demarco.

- El Linchador was seen in the back, ordering Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill to each lead groups out to his special bleachers.

- Bucky Johnson is shown at the buffet table, where he runs into Robert Santana. Santana, dejected over his loss, angrily snaps off at Johnson, telling Bucky that he won't go on in his match, either.

- The Accelerator and Jaiden Rishel are shown having a discussion in the President's office, with Ace working to fire Rishel up for his match. Ace tells Rishel not to go out there and embarrass him. Rishel leaves the room, and then runs into his father, Justin Rishel, who wants to talk to him about the events of the past week (where it was revealed that Justin was behind his son's abduction of months before). Jaiden refuses to talk, storming off instead.

- Team Invincible (Jaiden Rishel, Mark Carlton, Colton Mace, & Ian King) won an "Ultimate Survival Qualifying" Match over Team Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, Bucky Johnson, & Angel). Rishel was the sole 'survivor'.

1) Bucky Johnson eliminated Mark Carlton.
2) Ian King eliminated Dangerous Dan.
3) Angel eliminated Colton Mace.
4) Ian King eliminated Angel.
5) Crazy Chris eliminated Ian King.
6) Jaiden Rishel eliminated Bucky Johnson.
7) Jaiden Rishel eliminated Crazy Chris.

- In the back, the Accelerator and Commissioner Lurrr confronted each other, with Lurrr wanting to know why the "Ultimate Domination" Match that was signed between Bifford and the Stranger wasn't going to take place. Bifford had a "doctor's note" (apparently written by Arachne) saying he was too claustrophobic for a cage match. Lurrr angrily stormed out, with Ace saying that he was going to try and reveal The Stranger's identity before the match, so he can ensure it doesn't take place.

- The Great One appeared and taunted El Linchador in the hallway, telling him that he should join a "real" team. He gives a card to El Linchador and leaves, with El Linchador surprisingly pocketing the card.

- Before the next match starts, El Linchador brought out all of his special skybox fans, including, among others, former AWA wrestlers, the Dallas Cowboys, and many attractive women to distract their opponents.

- Team House of Pain (Derek Mobley, Warrick Hill, & El Linchador) won an "Ultimate Survival Qualifying" Match over Team Marvelous (Mario Maurako, Perfect Paul Paras, Jack Sullivan, & Silver Cyanide). Derek Mobley was the sole 'survivor'.

1) Warrick Hill eliminated Mario Maurako.
2) El Linchador eliminated Silver Cyanide.
3) Jack Sullivan eliminated El Linchador.
4) Warrick Hill eliminated Jack Sullivan.
5) Perfect Paul Paras eliminated Warrick Hill.
6) Derek Mobley eliminated Perfect Paul Paras.

- After the match, Team Marvelous returned to attack the former owner of OCW, Dean. But Dean was given aid from former OCW legends in Scorpion, Silverfreak, and Scott Syren, fighting off the heels. Dean then spoke about the legacy of OCW in those men, giving OCW one final moment of glory.

- The Accelerator is shown in his office, angrily yelling at security (on the phone) to track down the Stranger. The Great One then comes into the office to talk with Ace, apparently separating himself from Maurako's squad. TGO then said that the two had a common 'enemy' in Lurrr, and insinuated that he was going to approach some board members and buy up stocks.

- Before the World Title match could begin, GCWA Security attacked the Stranger, dragging him into the ring. The Big Bifford then got in to unmask him, expecting to find The Lost Soul (which would void the title match). Instead, he found Anthony "Lightning" Logan, wearing the mask as a disguise. Before Bifford can react, the 'real' Stranger appeared and attacked him, getting the match officially started.

- The Big Bifford retained the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning, via Countout, over The Lost Soul. During the match, The Stranger was unmasked, revealing TLS. As the fight went to the outside, the Accelerator appeared, cursing out TLS and distracting him. TLS took out Ace with a variation of the Soul Buster, then headed back towards the ring, but it was too late, as he was counted out, costing him his title shot.

- We see a shot of Mario Maurako in the back, where he gets badly beaten down by a crowbar-wielding masked man. The man brutally assaults Maurako, badly injuring him, before speaking to the crowd about his future targets.

- The Great One came out to ringside and talked about his future plans with the company. He also invited wrestlers from the back to join him in a hostile takeover of the GCWA.

- Derek Mobley won the "Ultimate Survival Finals" Match, earning his second Ultimate Survival ring. He 'survived' over Ataxia, Jaiden Rishel, and Liam Shayde.

1) Jaiden Rishel eliminated Liam Shayde.
2) Derek Mobley eliminated Ataxia.
3) Derek Mobley eliminated Jaiden Rishel.