GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 4/02/2010
(GCWA Arena)

- Jaiden Rishel defeated Bucky Johnson. In Jaiden's debut match, he was successful, beating Johnson at the end with the No World For Tomorrow.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion is shown arriving at the arena, only to have his tires punctured by a spike track left in his parking space. The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) were shown nearby, having apparently caused it. Mobley then asked Ka'Derrion for the rematch he wanted, threatening more if Ka'Derrion didn't comply. But Ka'Derrion still refused and walked off.

- Bucky and Chucky Johnson talked in the back, with Chucky revealing that he'd been given his official GCWA Contract. Bucky, getting over his earlier loss, then told Chucky to come with him as they went to go 'prepare' for something.

- Warrick Hill won a "Triple Threat" Match over Robert Santana and Xtreme. During the match, when the referee was taken out, Xtreme tried to use hardcore weapons, only to be stopped by Bucky & Chucky Johnson, who attacked him and kept him away from the match. Hill then used the opportunity to knock out Santana with the Joint and get the win.

- After the match, Bucky & Chucky Johnson continued to attack Xtreme, using Xtreme's weapons cart to throw him off the stage. Xtreme was seen after the hard landing, smiling through the pain.

- The Accelerator was shown entering his Presidential Office, only to find the GCWA World Champion, Draco, already sitting there. The two had a confrontation, with Ace admitting that he wanted a more marketable World Champion. Draco threatened Ace and left, causing Ace to get back on the phone to make some more calls.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion was shown unpacking his bag, only to find a blurred out dildo and other items having been placed there. Several wrestlers reacted, telling Ka'Derrion that it's "his business" what he uses. An annoyed Ka'Derrion was then approached again by Derek Mobley, but Ka'Derrion still refused to budge on the rematch. Ka'Derrion left, with Warrick Hill coming in from his match and wanting to know why all his stuff was there.

- A video runs, showcasing all the high points of the retired Lurrr's career. After the video finished, Lurrr's music hit, grabbing everyone's attention. It turned out, however, to be an imposter: Marvelous Mario Maurako!! Maurako talked about what a loser Lurrr was, and told Lurrr that, if he had the guts, he could meet him in the GCWA ring that next week.

- The Big Bifford, in the back, put together a 'present' for Draco, apparently going through with his earlier promise to Ace to take care of Draco (and earn a VP office for Ludwig the Seal). Martin Ka'Berryon attempted to talk Bifford out of it, seemingly succeeding near the end. But before Bifford could do anything about the trap, Draco then came from behind and attacked them, sending Ka'Berryon into the 'present' and releasing the dogs inside to attack him.

- Arachne and the GCWA Intercontinental Champion, The Lost Soul, fought to a Double Disqualfiication in a "Non Title" Match. During the match, Arachne attempted to use his Green Mist on The Lost Soul. TLS hit Arachne to stop it, causing Arachne to accidentally spray Referee Trixie instead! Referee Rockwell then came out and called for the double disqualification, blaming both men for Trixie's injury.

- In a pre-taped segment, the Accelerator is shown taking his limo to an unknown person's house, apparently to try and talk the person to sign on as a GCWA wrestler. Unfortunately, the person (who is never seen) refuses to join and goes back inside.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion is pictured leaving the arena, only to get a bucket of green slime dropped on his head. Ka'Derrion then got in his car to leave, but both front tires came off as he backed out. Ka'Derrion went after Warrick Hill (who had a lug wrench), grabbing the wrench from him and throwing it behind him... breaking one of his car windows. Resigned, Ka'Derrion finally told the two that he would make an announcement the next week about the match and left. Mobley, believing that he'd won, went to celebrate with Warrick.

- Chris Cortez won a "GCWA Intercontinental Title #1 Contenders" Match over Dangerous Dan. After a spirited contest, Cortez was able to get a low blow followed by the Corplex for the win, earning another shot at The Lost Soul.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 4/09/2010
(GCWA Arena)

Arachne won a "Hardcore" Match over Xtreme. Both men used weapons to their advantage during the contest, with Arachne getting the last shot with a golf club, knocking out Xtreme long enough for the win.

- The Big Bifford and the Accelerator were arguing in the Presidential Office, with Bifford still wanting a VP office for Ludwig the Seal, but an angry Ace denying him, since he didn't take out Draco. Surprisingly, Draco then appeared in the office, with Ace telling Bifford that he attacks him now, he'll get the office. But Draco was able to reach Bifford, telling him not to be Ace's lackey. When Ace lost it, cursing Bifford out, Bifford angrily reacted, choking Ace, then throwing him into Draco, who took him out with the Momentum Shift! Bifford made sure to tell Draco afterwards that he was still coming for the World Title, with Draco more than willing to defend it against him. They left Ace laid out in his own office.

- Derek Mobley defeated Chucky Johnson. After a surprisingly competitive match, Mobley got the win with the Thriller.

- After the match, Xtreme came down to attack Chucky, only to be stopped, first by Mobley, and then by Chucky's brother, Bucky Johnson. Xtreme then left the ring and got a mic, challenging Bucky to a "200 Light Tube Death" Match at Blood On The Battlefield IV.

- The Accelerator was seen on the phone, saying that he doesn't care what the Board thinks, he just wants 'him' humiliated. A doctor then checked on Ace, who refused treatment.

- Mario Maurako is shown coming to the ring once again, calling out Lurrr. Unfortunately, the retired wrestler does not show, as, of course, he's retired. Maurako gloated for a time and told Lurrr that he'll give him the next week to appear, then gets escorted out by GCWA Security (since he's not a member of the roster).

- In the back, we see the Intercontinental Champion, The Lost Soul, getting attacked by Chris Cortez, who laid him out with a chair. Cortez then told TLS that there would be no distractions when they fought again, and no other person for TLS to pin to keep the belt.

- In a pre-taped video, we see Derek Mobley visiting the home of the man from the week before (Ace visited him). We still don't see the person's face, as Mobley talks to him about old times, and tries to convince him to sign up with the company. The man is doubtful, but tells Mobley that he'll think about it.

Jaiden Rishel defeated Robert Santana. Late in the match, Rishel countered the Sensei-Tion by clipping Santana's leg, injuring him. Rishel then got the No World For Tomorrow for the victory.

- After the match, the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris, came out and applauded both men, before announcing that, at Blood On The Battlefield IV, he was putting his belt on the line against them, in the first-ever GCWA Ultimate X Match!

- After the break, Derek Mobley came out to the ring and called out Marcus Ka'Derrion, saying that if he doesn't hear about the match, the pranks will once again continue. Ka'Derrion then came out and announced that he had, indeed, agreed to a match... with Warrick Hill. Hill appeared and protested, having not been the one who wanted the match, but Ka'Derrion said that for Mobley to get his rematch, Hill would have to beat him at the PPV.

- In the back, Crazy Chris talked to his brother, Dangerous Dan, who seemed a little upset at Chris' Ultimate X announcement.

- The GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris, won a "Champion vs. Champion" Match over the GCWA World Champion, Draco. During the match, referee Rockwell once again turned on Draco, this time physically attacking him. Rockwell tried to get Crazy Chris to make the easy pin, but Chris took out Rockwell instead with the Crazy Man's Bitch. GCWA Security came to the ring, with Chris confronting them. Draco, seeing this, seemed to think that Chris was working with them and attacked him, only to get caught and nailed with the Crazy Man's Bitch! Chris made the pin, with a new referee (Bell) making the count.

- After the match, GCWA Security came in and attacked Draco (while keeping Chris from being involved). Draco was handcuffed to the ropes and hit with a nightstick from the GCWA Head of Security, Reed M. Shin. He's then left hanging.

- The final shot of the night shows The Big Bifford watching from the back, but not reacting to what just happened to the man he's facing at Blood On The Battlefield IV.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 4/16/2010
(GCWA Arena)

- Bucky Johnson & The Lost Soul won, via DQ, over Chris Cortez & Xtreme. Cortez left the match halfway through, not happy about his tag-team partner. Xtreme then got his weapons and attacked Bucky, causing the DQ.

- After the match, TLS took out Xtreme, but then was attacked from behind by Cortez, who left him laid out.

- Cynthia Hall caught up with the Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris, who was looking for his brother. Chris gave a few words about how he was going to be the first man to defend the X Division Title in an "Ultimate X" Match, but then spotted Dangerous Dan and went over to him, asking where he had been. Dan didn't seem to want to talk about it, instead going to prepare for his match.

- The GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, showed up at the arena and was directed to his 'new' locker room (a much smaller one than the World Champion locker room). The nervous attendant also gave Draco a note from the President.

- Dangerous Dan defeated Robert Santana. In what was a surprisingly short contest, Dangerous Dan dominated Santana, looking extremely determined. Dan got a Super Danger Zone off the turnbuckle for the victory.

- After the match, Crazy Chris celebrated with his brother, but the celebration was interrupted by the Accelerator. The President said that he'd been considering Dangerous Dan's request (which was apparently made previously), and, after seeing him win with such fire, decided to allow it, putting Dangerous Dan into the Ultimate X Match! Chris and Dan argued due to this, but the argument was broken up by an attack from Jaiden Rishel, hitting Chris from behind with a chair! Rishel tried to hit Dangerous Dan as well, but was stopped by Santana, who put him out of the ring. Dan then grabbed Santana and hit a version of the Crazy Man's Bitch, before grabbing the Unified X Title and helping his brother out of the ring.

- The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) were talking in their locker room about Warrick's scheduled match with Marcus Ka'Derrion at the pay-per-view. They were interrupted by Marcus, who came by to show them a briefcase with a signed contract inside. Ka'Derrion then told the two men that if Warrick could beat him in a ladder match, the contract would be Derek's. If not, the contract would be destroyed.

- In the ring, Mario Maurako once again appeared, again calling out Lurrr. He went as far as to grab a child from the audience and threaten to put him in a full nelson, which finally brought out the retired legend!! Lurrr came to the ring and accepted Maurako's challenge, coming out of retirement for one night to face Maurako in a Hell In A Cell Last Man Standing Match!

- The Big Bifford and Ludwig the Seal were sitting in the back when Martin Ka'Berryon delivered a letter from the President to them (apparently the same one that Draco received earlier). It said that the Draco/Bifford match at the pay-per-view would be a Scaffold Match! Bifford joked about the match, even as Ka'Berryon seemed nervous.

- Derek Mobley defeated Arachne. Before the match got underway, Arachne changed the rules, stating that the men would flip a coin and then get to land their finisher, and the first one to get pinned would lose. Arachne won the first toss and tried the Punch of Doom, but it was very unsuccessful. When Mobley won the next toss, Arachne tried to attack him early, but Mobley still got the Thriller for the victory.

- Bucky and Chucky Johnson were shown walking down the hallway, with Chucky helping his brother after his match earlier. Chucky grabbed the doorknob to their locker room, but was surprisingly electrocuted, with Bucky taking care of him afterwards, and finding a note on the battery inside the door that read "In hardcore, anything goes." Bucky yelled for a medic as the shot ended.

- The unknown wrestler from previous vignettes was shown again, this time talking on a phone to someone, who had sent him something in the mail. The unknown wrestler promised to make a decision very soon. The camera then focused on the 'gift', showing it to be plane tickets to Atlanta, Georgia (the site of Blood on the Battlefield IV).

- Draco, as the GCWA World Champion, won a "Non Title" Match over Adrian Rockwell. Before the match got going, the Accelerator made an announcement, apparently saying he would take Rockwell's place in the match. But this was all a distraction, allowing Rockwell to take the early advantage. It didn't last long, as the referee was soon put down by Draco's Momentum Shift and pinned.

- Afterwards, Draco threatened to come after Ace, with the President calling for security to come out. However, none appeared, as the Big Bifford had seemingly taken them out in the back with another of his traps. Ace then ran, barely making it to his limo ahead of Draco, who followed him by stealing Rockwell's motorcycle as the show ended.

GCWA Blood on the Battlefield IV, 4/25/2010
(Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia)

- Draco, as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, and The Big Bifford surprisingly started the show. However, before the two could begin their Scaffold Match, GCWA Security attacked The Big Bifford, while the scaffold ladder collapsed under Draco as he tried to climb down, making him fall all the way to the ground.

- Afterwards, the Accelerator came out and changed the match, making it a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match between the two men later in the night, with the GCWA World Title still on the line. Ace also said that if Bifford couldn't make it, another wrestler would take his place, and if Draco couldn't make it, the belt would be vacated.

- The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) ran into the 'mystery' wrestler from the last few weeks, saying that they were glad he showed up. The mystery wrestler said that fans sent him tickets to the show, and he decided to show up.

- Kid Dynamo won the "Newcomer's Battle Royal" over Tommy Gunn, Ruslan Koslov, Mr. Itt, and Drake Hudson. In order, Mr. Itt was eliminated by Koslov & Kid Dynamo; Hudson was eliminated by Dynamo; Gunn was eliminated by Koslov; and Koslov was eliminated by Kid Dynamo.

- Draco was seen in the back, getting worked on by the medics. Draco was furious, wanting to leave to find the Accelerator, but had to be kept there to get worked on. He told them to hurry up, he had business to take care of.

- An attendant tried to get the briefcase with the contract from Marcus Ka'Derrion. Ka'Derrion kept the man from opening it, assuring him that the contract is inside. He then handed over the briefcase.

- Bucky Johnson won a "200 Light Tubes Death" Match over Xtreme. After a long, bloody match, Johnson got the win with a Bucking Bronco onto Xtreme (and onto the light tubes covering the man).

- Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill talked in the back, with the two discussing the recent signing of a female wrestler, and the reminder about the sexual harrassment policy that was sent out.

- Warrick Hill won the "Contract Briefcase Ladder" Match over Marcus Ka'Derrion. Late in the match, Ka'Derrion took a horrendous fall to try and grab the briefcase. With him down, and with Derek Mobley holding the ladder, Warrick was able to climb and get the case, winning the match.

- In the Presidential office, the Accelerator is confronted by the injured Draco, who said that once he was through with Bifford, he was coming for Ace.

- Chris Cortez won the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, winning a "First Blood" Match over The Lost Soul. During the match, Cortez was cut on his chest, but managed to get a t-shirt on before the referee could see it. Later on, Cortez' forehead was bloodied by a dropkick sending the chair into his head, but he shoved TLS into the referee to keep him from making the ruling. With the ref down, Cortez hit TLS with the ring bell, causing him to bleed. Cortez then woke up the ref and hid himself, causing the ref to give the win to Cortez.

- After checking on Warrick Hill about his injuries from the Ladder match, Derek Mobley took the signed contract to the Accelerator and handed it over, expecting to get his rematch with Marcus Ka'Derrion. However, the Accelerator informed him that it wasn't Marcus, but Mario Maurako, on the contract. It set up an Ultimate Survival Match between Mobley's team and Maurako's team at the next pay-per-view.

- Crazy Chris retained the GCWA Unified X Division Title, winning an "Ultimate X" Match over Dangerous Dan, Jaiden Rishel, and Robert Santana. It was a furious match, with every man coming close to the belt. A big part of the match was Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris fighting it out, throwing their brotherly bond to the wind. At the end, Crazy Chris made a huge leap from the top of the structure to grab the belt, keeping his title.

- After the match, Crazy Chris was helped out by medics, who made sure to keep Dangerous Dan back away from him. It was unclear whether or not Dan was trying to help Chris, or do more damage.

- Soon after Chris and Dan left, El Linchador shockingly appeared in the GCWA, coming to the ring and revealing himself as the 'mystery man'. El Linchador let the others know that he had his eyes on the Unified X Title, and was going to make a big impact on the GCWA.

- The Big Bifford is shown in the back with Martin Ka'Berryon and Arachne. Bifford was wrapped up around the waist due to his apparent injuries. Arachne and Ka'Berryon argued about what was worse, Ace's actions or Arachne killing Ka'Berryon's father. Bifford then got attacked by "Smokey The Bear" (Loser-rr in a costume).

- Lurrr won his final match, winning a "Last Man Standing Hell In A Cell" Match over Mario Maurako. After the two men fought inside and outside the cage, bloodying each other, they eventually made their way to the top. Lurrr then got a Wake Up Call that knocked Maurako off the top of the cage, sending him through the announce tables and keeping him down for the count.

- Afterwards, Lurrr stayed on the top of the cage, with the fans cheering for him, before finally descending.

- A merchandise salesman was attacked in the back by Mr. Good and Tad O. Minor, who then stole fake titles and called them the GCWA Handicap Titles.

- The Big Bifford won the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match over Draco. During the brutal match, Draco got in control, climbing to the top of the stage to come down on Bifford. However, he was then attacked, first by Arachne, and then by GCWA Security. The Accelerator then came out, with The Big Bifford coming towards him... and shaking his hand!! Bifford then took out the bloodied Draco with the Biff End, getting the 3 count and becoming the new World Champion.

- Afterwards, The Big Bifford and the Accelerator celebrated together, leaving behind the downed champion. Anthony Logan, of the announce team, walked out on Edward Jones during the celebration.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 4/30/2010
(GCWA Arena)

- A review runs of Blood On The Battlefield IV.

- The Accelerator came out and talked about how Bifford (the hero) defeated Draco (the snake). A clip was run, showing an Ace/Bifford-skewed version of the events of the night before. Ace then dramatically fired Draco from the company, now that he was no longer 'protected' by the championship.

- After this, the Accelerator invited out the new World Champion, the Big Bifford, who talked about how he hated the fans and was looking out for himself. He praised the Accelerator, and also mentioned the Ludwig The Seal had gotten a 'promotion' and become the V-P of the GCWA.

- In one final twist, the Accelerator then announced that Bifford would be defending his title that very night, against a surprise returnee: Aaron Styles.

- Edward Jones was joined in the announce booth by Adrian Rockwell, who was taken the place of Anthony Logan (who had not returned since walking out).

- In a dark match, Xtreme won a "Hardcore" Match over Drake Hudson. Xtreme won with the Xtreme Measures into the ring post on the outside, before making the pin.

- In a dark match, Lorenzo Demarco defeated Kirsten Reid. Demarco won by making Reid tap out to a full nelson. After the match, Demarco attacked Reid again, knocking her out with the Paid In Full.

- In a dark match, Ruslan Koslov and Mr. Itt fought to a Double Countout. They both fought to the outside late in the match, ignoring the referee's orders to get back into the ring as they kept fighting.

- Crazy Chris, as the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, won a "Non Title" Match over "The Future" Tommy Gunn. Chris dominated the match, nailing Gunn with the Crazy Man's Suicide to get the victory.

- The Accelerator's celebration in the Presidential office was cut short when The Lost Soul showed up. TLS told Ace that he had crossed the line (due to his actions against Draco). He promised that there would be a reckoning.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Lorenzo Demarco about his assault on Kirsten Reid after their match earlier. Demarco said he did it because Reid got back up afterwards. He put the rest of the GCWA "on notice".

- Mario Maurako was joined in the ring by his friend and colleague, Commish D-Rock (who worked for OCW). Maurako then introduced the rest of his planned team for Ultimate Survival: Scoot Time, Special-K, and Jedit Omen, three OCW jobbers.

- Arachne defeated Mario Maurako. During the match, Maurako's teammates kept trying to help him win, only to have it backfire. At the end, Maurako was running off the ropes but was tripped by Jedit Omen, who thought it was Arachne. This allowed Arachne to get a roll-up victory, getting the major upset.

- The Accelerator was once again confronted in his office, this time by the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris. Chris complained about fighting rookies, and also hoped that Ace would reconsider Draco's firing. An angry Ace threatened to put Chris in a fight with a fat fan or an old-timer the next week, just to embarrass him more.

- Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill met up with El Linchador to talk about him joining Derek's team at Ultimate Survival. El Linchador agreed, giving Derek a teammate. Warrick then complained about not being officially on the team, and after a few comments back and forth, Warrick joined up as well.

- The Johnson Era (Bucky & Chucky Johnson) defeated N.U.T.S. (Mr. Good & Tad O. Minor). Near the end, Mr. Good was knocked from the ring, allowing Bucky to dominate Minor. He landed the Bucking Bronco for the victory.

- Cynthia Hall tried to interview Aaron Styles about his upcoming match with the World Champion, only to have Styles say "No comment". He would only say "No rest for the wicked".

- The Accelerator was approached by Jaiden Rishel, with Ace assuming it was another complaint. But Rishel agreed with Ace's actions, and then said he was willing to be an ally. Ace, pleased, set Rishel up as the leader of a team at Ultimate Survival. Rishel promised that he knew exactly who to get on his team.

- Derek Mobley won a "GCWA Intercontinental Title #1 Contenders" Match over Robert Santana. Santana, still injured from Ultimate Survival, left himself open, allowing Mobley to get the Thriller for the victory. Afterwards, a frustrated Santana pushed Mobley away, not wanting his help.

- The Big Bifford was seen in the back, talking to Ludwig the Seal about his chances against Aaron Styles.

- Crazy Chris was leaving the arena when he was approached by Dangerous Dan. Dan said that they needed to talk.

- The Big Bifford retained the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, defeating Aaron Styles. Bifford easily won, taking down Styles and getting the Biff End for the victory.

- After the match, the Accelerator came out to praise Bifford, as well as to name Styles the #1 Contender for Ultimate Survival. However, he was interrupted by Lurrr, who surprisingly came out and announced that he had been named the new GCWA Commissioner!! Lurrr then set up a #1 Contenders match for the next week, between Crazy Chris and The Lost Soul, to decide who would officially face Bifford at Ultimate Survival.

- Lurrr told the fans that he had not been granted the ability to give Draco his job back. He was, however, given permission to give out "Guest Passes". Lurrr then left, only to have Draco come out! Draco destroyed the Accelerator, dropping him in a heap, with Bifford deciding to stay in the ring. Draco had one last moment of celebration with the fans, as the show ended.