GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 3/05/2010
(The GCWA Arena)

- The Insurgency (Elijah, Angel, Omega, & Cain) from the CWF appeared in an opening video, with the group visiting the GCWA offices and defacing them with spray paint.

- Chris Cortez defeated Mr. Excellent. Cortez won quickly by making Mr. Excellent submit to the Roots of Envy.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Marcus Ka'Derrion's manager, Paco, in the back, with Paco talking about how he was upset about Ka'Derrion's recent actions. Ka'Derrion is seen watching the interview on TV.

- After a commercial break, Ka'Derrion finds Paco and shows him his tequila bottle... then smashes it over Paco's head! EMT's took care of Paco after the assault, with Ka'Derrion showing mixed feelings over his actions.

- The Danger Boiz (Dangerous Dan & Crazy Chris) defeated the Retarded Midgets (Bucky Johnson & The Little Guy). With TLG outside the ring, Dangerous Dan was able to take Johnson out with the Danger Zone, getting Chris to cover him for the win.

- The Accelerator is shown talking to GCWA Security, seemingly sure that Twiztid is going to attack him before their match at the pay-per-view. When Ace finds out that the Presidential Office isn't being guarded, they rush over there.

- After a commercial break, the Presidential Office is shown, with The big Bifford and Ludwig the Seal inside. The Accelerator then came in to find them there. Bifford then pushed for Ace to make Arachne the special guest referee for the Bifford/Dangerous Dan match at the PPV. Just to get the seal off of his desk, Ace agreed.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion defeated Justin Hale. Ka'Derrion won with the PainKiller submission hold, making Hale tap out.

- After the match, Ka'Derrion refused to release the hold, wanting to permanently injure Hale. He was then attacked himself by Bucky Johnson, who was out for revenge (Ka'Derrion had ambushed him weeks before, costing Johnson the X Division Title). Johnson then challenged Ka'Derrion to a match at Darkness Falls II.

- Another video of the CWF's Insurgency is shown, focusing on the banner Elijah had hung over the GCWA Offices: "Insurgency 1, GCWA 0".

- A quick clip shows Arachne talking to a man in a leopard costume about being the special guest referee of the Bifford/Dangerous Dan match. Arachne surprisingly mentions how it would be better served for him to cause Bifford to lose the WOTR contract to Dan, so that Arachne could win it for himself. Arachne then apparantly splashed gasoline on the leopard and set him on fire.

- The GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, came out to the ring, apparently being ordered to give a statement about his World Title match by the President. Draco seemed barely holding it together, as he called out Shane Donovan. The wild Draco then announced that he and Donovan would be fighting in a Bloodbath Match at the PPV.

- Angelica (with Angel in her locker room) was confronted by CWF Lawyer Jason Biggs. The CWF was enforcing her contract, with a clause that said that Angelica could not legally sign with anyone else. This was going to be her last night with the GCWA if she didn't win the title.

- The Accelerator is in his office, expecting a Twiztid attack any minute now. He thinks it's happening, but it turns out to just be an angry Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris. Dan is livid about Arachne being announced as the special guest referee for his match. To placate him, Ace announces Crazy Chris as the special enforcer.

- Robert Santana defeated Arachne. Arachne blinded Santana with his Green Mist near the end, but Santana was still able to hit an unseeing Sensei-tion for the victory.

- The Accelerator is shown with security, deciding that he should leave now, instead of waiting for Twiztid to strike. He's then confronted by Lurrr, who is furious about his "set-up" loss to Angelica at the most recent CWF show. Lurrr then attacked and took out the security, before hitting Ace with the Wake Up Call, knocking him out.

- The House of Pain (Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill) are shown, speaking at a Las Vegas airport about current events in the GCWA. Most notably, they said that they would be at Darkness Falls II... and that they still had a score to settle with Lurrr.

- The Lost Soul retained the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, winning, via DQ, over Angelica. After an epic match, the CWF's Insurgency members appeared, attacking TLS and causing the disqualification, much to Angelica's unhappiness. GCWA wrestlers, including Robert Santana and the Danger Boiz. A massive brawl between the factions ensued.

- An aching Accelerator was seen getting into his limo, demanding to be taken away from the area. He gets in, only to discover that Twiztid has been waiting in the limo the whole time. The car drives off, with the sounds of violence heard from within.

GCWA Darkness Falls II, 3/14/2010
(The United Spirit Arena, Lubbock, Texas)

- Chris Cortez won a "Triple Threat" Match over Chris Winters and The Little Guy. In the end, TLG caught Winters with his Big Man Killa finisher. However, Cortez capitalized on that by throwing TLG out of the ring and taking the pin, getting the victory.

- GCWA Head of Security Reed M. Shin was shown talking to the Accelerator about his match with Twiztid, with Ace assuring him that he wouldn't back down. Ace then got on the phone and called someone, making sure that whoever it is was in the arena.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion won a "Grudge" Match over Bucky Johnson. Late in a great match, Johnson grabbed Ka'Derrion in the corner, only to get caught by a low blow (that the referee missed). Ka'Derrion then got the Punisher to get the win.

- After the match, Ka'Derrion applied the PainKiller submission, trying to injure Johnson, with The Little Guy breaking it up.

- In the back, Harvey Danger is shown talking to the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, who looked worse off than before. Danger asked if he should help in the Bloodbath match, but Draco didn't seem to want it.

- Lurrr won a "GCWA Unified X Division Title #1 Contenders" Match over Robert Santana. During the match, the House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) came out and walked around the ring, distracting him. Hill even went so far as to trip Lurrr up, which, unfortunately, caused Santana to miss his finisher. Lurrr then got the Wake Up Call for the victory.

- After the match, Lurrr tried to attack Warrick, only to get smoke blown in his face. Coughing from that, Lurrr was easy pickings for Mobley, who landed the Thriller to knock out the veteran.

- A maintenance man in the back is pictured on the phone, talking about all the crazy things going on that night at Darkness Falls. He notices a room with no light in it and goes in, apparently to fix a bulb, only to get knocked out. Twiztid then comes out, walking away.

- The Accelerator won a "Twiztid's House of Terror" Match over Twiztid. In an extraordinary violent affair, the two men finished their long feud with each other. Twiztid used several dangerous weapons, including explosives and weed whackers, while Ace made do with whatever he could get from the crowd. Ace also got help, as GCWA Security, led by Reed M. Shin, came down and attacked Twiztid. Twiztid managed a comeback later on, getting Ace with the Fallen Star maneuver, but Referee Rockwell refused to count the pin. Twiztid was then attacked by long-time GCWA employee Titan 3, who gave Twiztid an A-Bomb on the edge of the ramp! Ace then pinned Twiztid for the victory.

- After the match, security carried Twiztid out of the arena, with nobody knowing where they went.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed the House of Pain (Mobley & Hill) about their attack on Lurrr. While goofing around, the two men also said that they weren't done with Lurrr.

- The Lost Soul(GCWA) won an "Interfed Lumberjack Weapons" Match over Elijah(CWF). Not surprisingly, the lumberjacks all got involved in this one, resulting in a massive brawl. At one point, Crazy Chris (one of the lumberjacks) was able to hit Elijah with a chained steel rod, injuring him. TLS took advantage of that by getting the weapon Chris had dropped and hitting Elijah again, this time in the head. TLS then went up and landing the Souled Out to get the win.

- In the President's office, the Accelerator is shown getting some medical treatment after his match. He then is met by the CWF Owner, J. Rish, who wanted to talk to him about private business. The cameraman was told to leave the room.

- The Big Bifford retained the Warriors of the Ring title & contract, defeating Dangerous Dan. Arachne was the special referee, and Crazy Chris was the special enforcer. Late in the match, Arachne was able to hit Chris with the Green Mist, blinding him and taking him out. Dan, distracted, was then hit by a low blow from Bifford, who then took Dan out with the Biff End for the victory.

- Cynthia Hall confronted GCWA Head of Security, Reed M. Shin, about Twiztid's whereabouts, since he was carried out after his match by security. Shin refused to say anything about it.

- Draco retained the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Bloodbath" Match over Shane Donovan. In a very violent match, involving fighting all over the arena (and taking out several referees, including Arachne, and the announcer, Edward Jones), Draco was able to land the Hellacious in the ring. Donovan was unable to get up after a 10 count, losing the contest.

- Afterwards, The Big Bifford, the #1 Contender, came down to the ring to check on Arachne (who Draco had taken out). The two men stared at each other as the night ended.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 3/19/2010
(GCWA Arena)

- An intro video went over a few of the outcomes from Darkness Falls II.

- The Lost Soul defeated Chris Winters. TLS won pretty easily, getting the Souled Out at the end and making the pin.

- The Accelerator was shown talking with the GCWA World Champion, Draco, who had been attacked by Ryan Storm on a recent CWF Tuesday Night Massacre. Draco didn't believe that Ace had nothing to do with it, telling Ace that he wasn't going to forget this. In response, Ace made a phone call to the CWF President, J. Rish.

- The Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan) are shown in the back, with Dan watching his loss to the Big Bifford over and over. Dan seemed to be in a bad mood, making comments about Chris being the Unified X Division Champion. Cynthia Hall then came in and interviewed Chris about his match the next week with the #1 Contender, Lurrr. Chris talked about taking Lurrr down, then left with Dan, having other 'business' to take care of.

- Bucky Johnson defeated Warrick Hill. During the match, Lurrr came out to distract Hill, and got the upper hand on Derek Mobley as well. With Hill distracted, Johnson was able to get a quick victory roll, taking the win.

- After the match, Lurrr simply walked away from Mobley, laughing about how easily he made Warrick lose. Warrick checked on Mobley as Lurrr left.

- The Big Bifford is shown in the back with Martin Ka'Berryon and Arachne, setting a violent cement-block trap for Dangerous Dan. Ka'Berryon tried to talk Bifford out of it, with no success. Unfortunately, the GCWA World Champion, Draco, stepped into the trap instead, getting injured. When Bifford ran in, trying to explain that the trap was meant for someone else, Draco attacked him, brawling with the men.

- The Danger Boiz are seen sneaking out of Lurrr's locker room (with Dan having to cover briefly for Chris). They put a note on the door, stating "Act Your Age" before leaving.

- Robert Santana defeated Marcus Ka'Derrion. After a back-and-forth match, Santana got the Sensei-Tion for the win.

- In the Presidential office, the Accelerator applauded the wins of Johnson and Santana. He also talked to an attendant, having apparently passed on a message where the answer was "Ok". Ace then got a call from CWF President J. Rish, and started to talk with him about Draco.

- Lurrr returns to his locker room, finding the note that the Danger Boiz left for him. He also finds that all his furniture has been replaced with older gear, including wheelchairs, an old television, and a cassette player.

- Draco won a "Non-Title" Match over Arachne. Despite Referee Rockwell's apparent bias against Draco, the World Champion was still able to hold his own against Arachne, getting the Hellacious for the victory.

- After the match, Draco threatened to attack Rockwell, which surprisingly caused The Big Bifford to come to the ref's aid. The two men brawled, with GCWA Security coming in to try and break things up. At one point, security held Draco while Bifford was able to run into him, splashing him in the corner (it was unclear if this was intentional or not). The fighting continued as the show ended.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 3/26/2010
(GCWA Arena)

- Derek Mobley defeated Chris Winters. In a short match, Mobley took Winters out with the Thriller.

- Cynthia Hall was shown interviewing the #1 Contender to the GCWA Unified X Division Title, Lurrr, asking him how he felt about the match that night with the champion, Crazy Chris. Lurrr was so confident that he would win, he proclaimed that if he didn't become champion, he would retire.

- In the President's office, the Accelerator met with his newest recruit, the son of CWF President J. Rish, Jaiden Rishel, who guaranteed that he would become the youngest World Champion the GCWA had ever had.

- Bucky Johnson came out to the ring, saying that he was there for a fight. His match with Shane Donovan had been cancelled (due to Donovan's medical reasons), and Johnson had been told he would have a mystery opponent. Entrance music went off, grabbing Johnson's attention, but he was then attacked from behind by the newcomer, Xtreme, who broke a light tube across Johnson's back and laid him out with a chair shot. Xtreme then introduced himself to the fans before telling Johnson he didn't know hardcore, but that he would soon.

- The Big Bifford met with the Accelerator in his office, with Ace working hard to convince Bifford that Draco needed to be eliminated. He pushed Bifford to set up another risky trap for Draco, saying that if he did, Ludwig The Seal might get that Vice-Presidential office he had been wanting. Bifford agreed to the deal and left, with Draco, having overheard, taking it to mean Bifford was an ally of the President's now.

- The Lost Soul retained the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, winning a "Three Way" Match over Chris Cortez and Robert Santana. TLS won the match by knocking Cortez out of the ring, then getting Santana with the Soul Buster for the victory.

- The GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris, talked with his brother, Dangerous Dan, about how no one picked him to win over Lurrr that night. Dan, meanwhile, seemed distracted by looking at the championship.

- The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) are seen discussing Lurrr's possible final match that night, leaving them with no one to feud with. Marcus Ka'Derrion then walked by, with Mobley & Hill insulting him, causing Ka'Derrion to remind Mobley of how he beat him to retain the championship last year. Mobley, thinking about it, wanted a rematch, but Ka'Derrion refused and left. This left Mobley thinking about how to get the rematch he wanted.

- Crazy Chris retained the GCWA Unified X Division Title, defeating Lurrr. After a tremendous match, Crazy Chris got the Crazy Bitch and got the 3 count, winning the match and sending Lurrr into retirement.

- After the match, an emotional Lurrr was cheered by the GCWA fans for the first time, with a "Thank You Lurrr" chant. He gave a quick speech about his time in the company, leaving with his head held high.