GCWA Warriors of the Ring IV, 2/07/2010
(The Pit, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

- The announcers reviewed the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament to this point, talking about the final four wrestlers involved.

- In his locker room, The Big Bifford is shown sitting with Arachne and Barry Ka'Berrion (Martin Ka'Berryon's father). Bifford was making a poison drink for Dangerous Dan. However, while Bifford was distracted by Martin being at the door, Barry accidentally drank the potion and died. Bifford, in a panic, ran out of the room to distract Martin, while Arachne got rid of the body.

- Bucky Johnson won the GCWA X Division Title, winning an "Xscape" Match over Harvey Danger, Mr. Excellent, Marcus Ka'Derrion, and Aaron Styles. During the match, Styles threw Mr. Excellent into one of the cage walls, causing it to fall down. Since Excellent was on top of the cage (with no feet touching the floor), the match continued, with Styles taking out Ka'Derrion and Danger, but then getting speared by Johnson, who then got out of the cage to win the match and get his first GCWA championship.

- In the back, Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris were shown talking things out, working out their recent differences with each other. Chris wished Dangerous Dan the best of luck in his tournament match.

- Arryk Rage and Grimm fought to a No-Contest in a "Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification" Match. During the wild brawl, the two men fought back to the stage area. Surprisingly, they were then both attacked by a CWF wrestler, Angelica, who sent Rage & Grimm both off the stage and into the electrical set-ups with her finisher, the Shadow's Whisper!! Neither Rage nor Grimm was able to continue after the fall and the shocks they had received, forcing the refs to end the match to allow them to get medical attention.

- Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn showed up in the Accelerator's office, wanting a match at the PPV to continue his 'streak'. The Accelerator turned him down, however, instead surprisingly firing him! Vaughn was escorted out of the room by security, with Ace saying that the GCWA will get along fine without him.

- The Big Bifford won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Semi-Finals" Match over Robert Santana. Bifford won with the Biff End, despite an injury to his leg which would hamper him the rest of the night.

- In the World Heavyweight Champion's locker room, Draco prepared himself for his match. When a man came into his room, Draco grabbed him, only to realize that it was Harvey Danger. Harvey insinuated that he would get Draco the win in the match, since he was the special referee. But Draco refused, telling Danger that he would only count the pinfalls, and do nothing else.

- The Lost Soul won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Semi-Finals" Match over Dangerous Dan. After a great back-and-forth contest, The Lost Soul got the win with the Soul Buster, moving on to the finals.

- The Accelerator is seen in his office, talking with Angelica, who wanted a contract with the GCWA. She talked about how the CWF, and J.Rish, screwed her out of a win, and how she wouldn't be held down in a company of failures. Intrigued, the Accelerator signed her to the GCWA, at the very least seemingly pleased that she had injured Arryk Rage.

- Shane Donovan won a "Non Title" Match over the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco. Harvey Danger was the special referee. Donovan used all his cheating ways in this match, eventually managing to escape a Sharpshooter by using a choloform-soaked rag to knock Draco out. He then applied his finisher, the Clincher, with a shocked Danger having no choice but to call for the bell, giving the win to Donovan.

- Lurrr met with Derek Mobley in the back, with Lurrr thinking that Mobley had accepted his invitation to reform the Roman Empire. Mobley, however, turned him down, saying that he wouldn't go back to what he was when he was partnered with Lurrr. Lurrr then landed the Wake-Up Call on Mobley in response, laying him out.

- The Big Bifford won the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament, defeating The Lost Soul. The match was made "No Countouts, No Disqualification" by the Accelerator before the contest, to ensure a winner. During the match, Bifford's tag-team partner, Arachne, interfered, attacking TLS. Although TLS was able to fight him off early on, Arachne interfered again later, tripping up TLS during a chair swing to cause him to fall face-first onto the chair! Bifford took advantage by getting the Biff End, winning the tournament.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 2/12/2010
GCWA Arena

- Note: During the week, Arryk Rage and Shane Donovan appeared at the CWF Tuesday Night Massacre show. Rage was there looking for Angelica, while Donovan set up a match with CWF World Champion Jarvis King for the next week.

- The Big Bifford came out to the ring as the 2010 Warriors of the Ring winner. However, Bifford was in a bad mood, due to having found out that a contractual loophole made Shane Donovan the #1 Contender, pushing Bifford's title shot back. Bifford then challenged Dangerous Dan to a match at the next pay-per-view, wanting to finish their long-running feud.

- The Accelerator met with his Head of Security, Reed M. Shin, making sure that security is ready for any CWF problems coming their way.

- CWF wrestlers Elijah and Omega are spotted in the backstage area, with Omega 'interrogating' staff members about the location of "Jellybaby", aka Angelica.

- Justin Hale defeated Aaron Styles with the Inhaler.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Arryk Rage in the parking lot, where Rage talked about still searching for Angelica. Rage blamed Ace for Angelica's interference, and called out Ace for a match at 'his' show, Darkness Falls. While he was talking, Rage's bag opened, and The Little Guy (a CWF wrestler) popped out wearing Rage's clothing. He ran into the arena, leaving two startled people behind.

- Footage from Warriors of the Ring IV is played, showing the first appearance of CWF's Angelica and her subsequent signing with the GCWA. We see clips from CWF Tuesday Night Massacre, covering Omega's search for Angelica, Arryk Rage's surprise appearance during a President Rish interview, and Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn's signing with the CWF.

- Angelica defeated Mr. Excellent with the Shadow's Whisper. Angelica seemed to be supported by Referee Trixie during the match, although Trixie did nothing illegal to help her win (Angelica did it all on her own).

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Marcus Ka'Derrion in the back, with Ka'Derrion saying that he needed to find something to give him a spark. When Hall made a derogatory comment about Ka'Derrion getting beat by Aaron Styles, Bucky Johnson, and Harvey Danger, Ka'Derrion lost it, going after a nearby Aaron Styles and attacking him! After a short brawl, Ka'Derrion knocked out Styles with a chair shot, leaving him bloodied and out cold.

- The Accelerator, in his office, talked to Reed Shin on the phone, wanting him to find the CWF individuals wandering around the arena.

- Arachne won, via DQ, over Arryk Rage. During the match, the lights surprisingly went out, and a video was shown on the big screen. A hand was seen, coming out of a grave marked "Twiztid". When the lights came back up, Arachne knocked Rage out of the ring. But when Rage returned, he was wearing the facepaint of his alter-ego, Twiztid, and carrying a steel chair! Referee Rockwell tried to stop him, but Twiztid hit him with the chair, knocking him out and causing the DQ, while Arachne escaped.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Shane Donovan, who revealed that he had put a clause in his contract against Draco that, if he won, he would become the next #1 Contender. Bifford's contract, in contrast, just said that Bifford would get a title shot, but not necessarily when. Donovan then talked about winning the World Title back, but Draco interrupted, challenging Donovan to a tag-team match: Draco & Harvey Danger (D & D) vs. Donovan and a partner of his choice.

- The announcers reviewed Lurrr laying out Derek Mobley at the PPV, after Mobley rejected his offer to rejoin the Roman Empire.

- Lurrr came out to the ring and talked about taking out Mobley, as well as referencing Angelica, insulting the newcomer.

- Elijah and Omega are seen finding Angelica and talking with her, trying to convince her to come back to the CWF, calling it "the best fed in history". The Lost Soul, overhearing this, came to the GCWA's defense, and after a few exchanged words, TLS attacked Elijah with a punch to the eye, triggering a brawl.

- The Little Guy is seen in the back, still dressed as Arryk Rage (and acting like him). He threw food from the cafeteria buffet at employees, demanding to see the Accelerator.

- Crazy Chris won the GCWA Television Title, defeating Robert Santana. After a high-octane match, Santana went for a bridge suplex pin. However, while Chris got a shoulder up, Santana did not, leading to Chris getting the victory.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 2/19/2010
GCWA Arena

- During the week, at the CWF Tuesday Night Massacre taping, Shane Donovan took on Jarvis King for the CWF World Title. Donovan lost when Draco appeared, distracting him and helping King get the victory. Also during the night, Lurrr had a meeting with President Rish and agreed to take out Angelica for him; later on, Lurrr superkicked Angelica's sister by mistake.

- Lurrr defeated Aaron Styles. After a strong match, Lurrr got the victory with the Wake Up Call.

- Shane Donovan confronted the Accelerator in his office, angry about Draco's interference in the CWF match. Donovan, as restitution, wanted the winner of the tag-team match to get to choose the stipulations for the match at Darkness Falls II, which Ace agreed to.

- Angelica had The Little Guy deliver a message to Lurrr, basically telling him he attacked the wrong sister.

- Angelica defeated Justin Hale. Angelica won with the Shadow's Whisper, getting another clean victory in the GCWA.

- After the match, Lurrr was seen waiting for Angelica to appear so that he could take her out. But the Accelerator and GCWA Security intervened, with Ace refusing to let Lurrr take out his new 'asset' that he got from the CWF. Ace let Lurrr know that, if he attacked Angelica on GCWA turf, Ace would make sure that Lurrr never got another title opportunity in the company.

- Dangerous Dan came out to the ring to talk about The Big Bifford's challenge. Dan accepted his challenge, and added one of his own, challenging Bifford to what he called a "Danger Zone" Match, aka a steel cage match with weapons.

- A woman was seen, searching the back halls for Angelica's location. When a GCWA employee tried to take advantage of her, she quickly took him out with a superkick, then promptly got instructions on where Angelica was.

- After the break, the woman (Angel) was seen again, finding Angelica. The two talked about their group (AA Industries), with Angel apparently agreeing to hang around the GCWA with her!

- The Lost Soul, as the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over The Little Guy. The match was surprisingly competitive, with TLS and TLG going at each other full-bore. But in the end, TLS got the win with the Soul Buster.

- In the back, the Danger Boiz were met by a 'fan' calling himself Mitch Hall. This fan turned out to be the CWF's Blue Scorpion, with Scorpion laying out Dan after Chris had left, attacking Dan with a steel chair. He then insulted Dan for recently talking bad about the CWF before leaving.

- After the break, Crazy Chris came back to find out what had happened. He came to the ring to challenge Blue Scorpion to a match the next week: Blue Scorpion vs. Dangerous Dan.

- Angelica was once again met by a friend from the CWF, Chris Andrews, who was Angelica's tag-team partner over there. Angelica tried to convince him to come over as well, but Andrews refused to commit.

- D & D (Draco & Harvey Danger) defeated Shane Donovan & his mystery partner, The Black Phoenix. After a furious tag-team match, Draco got the win with the Hellacious on Donovan, evening the series between the two.

- In the back, Bucky Johnson, the GCWA X Division Champion, was seen heading down for his match. Surprisingly, though, he was attacked by Marcus Ka'Derrion, who laid Johnson out with chair shots! Ka'Derrion talked about 'building the spark' before departing, leaving Johnson to try and recover for his match.

- Twiztid gave a dark interview, talking about how while the Accelerator defeated Arryk Rage, he hadn't beaten Twiztid. He also talked about Ace being the 'sacrifice' at Darkness Falls II.

- Crazy Chris, as the GCWA Television Champion, unified the belt with the GCWA X Division Title, defeating Bucky Johnson. Johnson, still injured from the Ka'Derrion assault, still put up a good fight, but Crazy Chris proved to be too much, winning with the Crazy Man's Suicide and becoming the first GCWA Unified X Division Champion.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 2/26/2010
GCWA Arena

- The Little Guy defeated Justin Hale with his finisher, the BMK (Big Man Killer)

- The Big Bifford appeared in an interview, refusing to face Dangerous Dan in a "Danger Zone" Match because he thought that Dan could only win with weapons. Instead, Bifford said that it would be a one-on-one match, but with Bifford's tag-team partner, Arachne, as the special referee!

- Harvey Danger talked to the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, letting him know that the Accelerator said that either Draco came and saw him, or Ace would strip him of the title. Draco reluctantly went.

- Cynthia Hall went to investigate a strange disturbance, which turned out to be The Little Guy in a snack cart. He spilled orange juice all over Cynthia, then, when she was railing against him, he looked under her dress. Cynthia slapped TLG and stormed off, while Bucky Johnson, who witnessed the whole thing, offered to buy TLG a beer.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion defeated Aaron Styles with the PainKiller.

- After the match, Ka'Derrion, apparently unhappy with how easy the match turned out to be, got a steel chair and attacked Styles with it, opening his earlier wounds with a head shot, then placing the chair around Styles' ankle and leaping off the turnbuckle, stomping on it!! Security finally arrived, with Ka'Derrion leaving the ring with a smile.

- Draco and the Accelerator met in the President's office, with Ace wanting to know why Draco interfered, causing the GCWA's Shane Donovan to lose a CWF Massacre match to the CWF World Champion, Jarvis King, a few weeks before. Ace threatened Draco not to get in the way of any further battles with the CWF, with Draco leaving an ominous threat about coming after Ace after all is said and done.

- Angel and Angelica were seen in their locker room, talking over their future with the company.

- Angelica defeated Robert Santana with the Shadow's Whisper. It was a back-and-forth contest between two good competitors, but Angelica won out in the end, staying undefeated.

- The Accelerator got a phone call in his office from the CWF President, J. Rish. Rish told Ace he made a big mistake in signing Angelica, causing a breach of contract. Rish also invited Ace to the CWF Modern Warfare match between Lurrr and Angelica, with Ace confirming that he would be there (in a box seat).

- Lurrr attacked The Little Guy in the back with the Wake Up Call, knocking him out. Lurrr then carried TLG and threw him into Angelica (not physically touching her, and thus not breaking Ace's orders) to knock her out as well.

- The GCWA's Dangerous Dan defeated the CWF's Blue Scorpion. After a tough contest, Dan took over near the end with punches and kicks, followed by the Danger Zone for the victory.

- In what almost seemed like a political ad, the Accelerator talked about facing Twiztid at Darkness Falls. Ace talked about Twiztid (when he was Arryk Rage) walking out on their last match, an I Quit Match. Because of that, Ace was making this match a "Twiztid's House of Terror" Match, to make sure that he would actually compete.

- The CWF's Elijah and Omega are again seen in the back, with Omega (dressed in a dog costume) guarding the door, while Elijah went in to confront The Lost Soul. The two brawled, with Elijah taking the advantage by using barbed wire that he had brought. Omega, meanwhile, tried to block the door, but was soon knocked aside, as Bucky Johnson, Crazy Chris, and Robert Santana made the save, leading to an even greater brawl.

- Biffarachnephobia (The Big Bifford & Arache) retained the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, winning over D & D (Draco & Harvey Danger). During the match, Shane Donovan came out to ringside, which immediately caused Draco to abandon his partner and attack Donovan instead! While those two brawled, Danger, with no one to tag in, was soon double-teamed and taken out with the Biff End, ending the match.