GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 1/08/2010
(The GCWA Arena)

- The show was a "Year In Review" show, handing out the yearly Ace Awards

2010 Ace Award Winners

GCWA Angle of the Year Award: The Mystery of Blake Ka'Derrion
Runner-Up: The Investigation of Steve Wilson's Assault

GCWA Prime Time Award: Lurrr
Runner-Up: Dangerous Dan

GCWA Hard Luck Award: Dangerous Dan
Runner-Up: Shane Donovan

GCWA Mr. PPV Award: Draco
Runner-Up: Marcus Ka'Derrion

GCWA Garrett Jax Role Model Award: Marcus Ka'Derrion
Runner-Up: The Lost Soul

GCWA Shannon Shag-Nasty Villainy Award: Lurrr
Runner-Up: Shane Donovan

GCWA Feud of the Year: Draco vs. Lurrr
Runner-Up: Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. "Twiztid" Arryk Rage

GCWA Match of the Year: 2009 Righteous Rumble
Runner-Up: Shane Donovan(c) vs. The Big Bifford vs. The Lost Soul vs. Draco, GCWA Intercontinental Title Match

GCWA Tag-Team of the Year: The Danger Boiz
Runner-Up: Stranger Danger

GCWA Wrestler of the Year: Lurrr
Other Nominees: Marcus Ka'Derrion, Derek Mobley, Draco

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 1/15/2010
(The GCWA Arena)

- Dangerous Dan won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Qualifying" Match, via forfeit, over Grimm. Grimm had not arrived at the building yet, giving the ref no choice but to end the match and move Dan on in the tournament.

- In the back, Derek Mobley is confronted by Lurrr, who wants to know why Warrick Hill got the WOTR tournament spot, instead of Mobley, the previous year's winner. Lurrr berates Mobley for always allowing Warrick to walk over him, then walks away, with Derek having no response.

- Dangerous Dan was seen in his locker room, celebrating moving on in the tournament, with his brother, Crazy Chris, not giving him much respect for winning via forfeit. Chris also stated that he plans to win the tournament, which might pit the brothers against each other in the future.

- Draco, as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over Peter Vaughn. Draco appeared drunk (or at least hungover) in the match, with Vaughn almost winning. But when Draco was busted open, his own blood fired him up, helping him come back to win with the "When All Else Fails" submission hold.

- The Big Bifford and Arachne talked in the back, with Bifford still showing his hatred for Dangerous Dan, even talking about killing him.

- Grimm & the Hitmen are shown coming into the arena, with Grimm feeling ready for his match with Dangerous Dan (which had already taken place). Cynthia Hall came over to interview Grimm, informing him that he had lost via forfeit, sending a furious Grimm heading towards the President's office.

- Arachne won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Qualifying" Match over Aaron Style, winning with the Spider Bite.

- Grimm bursts into the Accelerator's office, wanting answers for why his match was 'taken away'. Ace wouldn't change the match ending, but he did say that he could offer Grimm another opportunity, in exchange for a favor. The cameraman was then asked to leave the room before more could be revealed.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Marcus Ka'Derrion on his way to his car to get his wrestling gear. Marcus talked about the different sides of his year, going 12-1 in the first half of 2009, and only 3-4-2 in the second half. He also talked about his opponent that night, Scott Caine. During the interview, though, Caine attacked Ka'Derrion in the parking lot, leading to a brawl. The Accelerator then came out as security tried to separate the two, saying that, since the two men can't help but brawl, they might as well make their match a Parking Lot Brawl, and tells security to let them loose.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Qualifying Match Parking Lot Brawl" over Scott Caine. As expected, it was a violent match, with many cars taking damage during the fight. In the end, Ka'Derrion applyed the PainKiller on the concrete, forcing Caine to tap out for the victory.

- Harvey Danger brought the dazed Draco to the President's office, where Ace is waiting, along with Draco's other tag-team partner, Shane Donovan, making his first appearance in some time. Donovan said that they were only interested in getting Draco sobered up and back into championship shape. As soon as Danger left to take Draco home, though, Donovan turned around and insulted him to Ace, explaining that Draco shouldn't be trusted as the World Champion. He also said that he should get a title match.

- Arryk Rage was seen going after GCWA Security, particularly Reed M. Shin. But before he could get to them, he was attacked from behind by Grimm & the Hitmen, getting beat down! Grimm landed the Grimm Reaper in the hallway on the man, with security only then separating them. It was later speculated that Ace might have put Grimm up to the attack, as part of the 'favor' he mentioned earlier.

- The Lost Soul won the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, winning a "Warriors of the Ring IV Qualifying" Match over Mr. Excellent. TLS won with the Soul Buster, regaining his former prize.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 1/22/2010
(The GCWA Arena)

- The Big Bifford won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Qualifying" Match over Penance. Bifford landed the Biff End on the large wrestler to move on in the tournament.

- Shane Donovan was once again in the Accelerator's office, campaigning for a shot at his partner, Draco, for the GCWA World Title, saying that Draco was a no good lousy drunk. At the door, Harvey Danger overheard the comments and ran to tell Draco before Donovan could stop him.

- Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill were seen arguing, with Hill annoyed that Dean had gone to pick him up from jail (instead of Mobley). After Warrick stormed off, Lurrr once again appeared, talking about how ungrateful Warrick was. Lurrr then made an offer to Derek, telling him that he wanted to reform the Roman Empire. Derek surprisingly didn't immediately decline, as Lurrr said he had a few weeks to think it over.

- Warrick Hill won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Qualifying" Match over Peter Vaughn. Hill got the victory with the Joint, getting the 1-2-3.

- Grimm is seen coming out of the Presidential office with a smile on his face and a piece of paper in hand. Cynthia Hall tried to get to the bottom of it, wanting to know if Grimm had been told by the Accelerator to attack Arryk Rage the week before. Grimm denied it, saying that he decided on the attack himself. However, Cynthia did get a glimpse of Grimm's paper, seeing that it was a contract for a future title match of his choice.

- The GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, stormed out of the back and to the ring, demanding to see his partner, Shane Donovan. Draco wanted an explanation for what Harvey Danger had overheard. Donovan then explained that he was just worried about Draco's drinking problems of late, and that he just wanted to help get Draco cleaned up. The two seemed to come back together as partners, but during the celebration afterwards, Donovan surprisingly pulled out a taser and shocked Draco from behind, laying him out! Donovan then handcuffed Draco to the ropes and beat him down, cutting him open before leaving when Harvey Danger ran down to make the save.

- A replay shows what happened before the break, with the announcers talking about Donovan's stunning actions.

- Crazy Chris won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Qualifying" Match over Harvey Danger. Danger's GCWA X Division Title was not on the line in the match. Crazy Chris won with the Crazy Man's Suicide, moving on in the tournament.

- Grimm was seen leaving the arena, putting his bag in his car's trunk, when Arryk Rage showed up and attacked him, knocking him into the trunk and locking it shut. Rage also threw away the keys before leaving.

- Dangerous Dan congratulated Crazy Chris on his victory, with the two brothers again arguing about who would go further in the tournament.

- Robert Santana retained the GCWA Television Title, winning a "Warriors of the Ring IV Qualifying" Match over Bucky Johnson. Santana won the Sensei-Tion, knocking Johnson out for the victory.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 1/29/2010
(The GCWA Arena)

- The announcers reviewed the eight quarter-finalists remaining in the Warriors of the Ring Tournament.

- Robert Santana won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Quarter-Finals" Match over Warrick Hill. Santana's Television Title was not on the line in the match, which he won with the Sensei-Tion.

- The Accelerator appeared in his office, making a few announcements. He made a "Non-Title" Match at the PPV between Shane Donovan and the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, as well as setting up a "Grudge" Match between Arryk Rage and Grimm.

- In the back, The Big Bifford and Martin Ka'Berryon talked, with Bifford saying that he was going to lay down for his tag-team championship partner, Arachne, and let him advance in the tournament, despite Ka'Berryon's strong objections.

- The Big Bifford won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Quarter-Finals" Match, via Countout, over Arachne. True to his word, Bifford tried to lay down and let Arachne pin him. However, a masked man then attacked Arachne, knocking him out with one of the Tag-Team Titles and sending him out of the ring. The referee counted him out, giving an annoyed Bifford the victory.

- Derek Mobley, in the House of Pain locker room, berated Warrick for blowing his chance in the tournament, with Warrick angrily leaving the room in response. Derek was then seen looking at the card Lurrr had given him the week before, considering it.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Arryk Rage in a dark room, with Arryk talking about how the President is making some suspicious decisions as of late. Arryk also said that he would make Grimm fear the darkness. Suddenly, GCWA security burst into the room, turning on the lights. Surprisingly, though, Arryk is nowhere to be found.

- Dangerous Dan won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Quarter-Finals" Match over Marcus Ka'Derrion. Dan won with the Danger Zone, continuing on his run in the tournament.

- The Big Bifford is seen in his locker room, preparing to leave and wondering who could have been behind the assault on Arachne. He doesn't notice the "masked man" costume that Martin Ka'Berryon had left in the closet (showing Ka'Berryon had been behind the assault, to make sure Bifford went on in the tournament).

- Shane Donovan was in his locker room talking on the phone about how he would beat Draco at the PPV. He was interrupted when Draco parked a forklift in front of his door, keeping Donovan from behind able to leave. Draco broke the key off in the lock of the forklift and left Donovan stranded.

- The Lost Soul won a "Warriors of the Ring IV Quarter-Finals" Match over Crazy Chris. The Lost Soul's GCWA Intercontinental Title was not on the line. TLS won with the Soul Buster.

- After the match, Dangerous Dan came out to check on Chris, who pulled away from him and left on his own, upset.