GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 12/04/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- In a dark match, Aaron Styles defeated Penance with the Styles Spike. Penance was still suffering from his injuries the week before.

- In a dark match, Harvey Danger, as the GCWA X Division Champion, won a "Non Title" Match over Grimm. Grimm brought his allies, the Hitmen, with him, so Danger brought his own partner in the World Heavyweight Champion, Draco. This soon led to an outside brawl involving all wrestlers, forcing referee Mitchell to declare the match a No-Contest.

- Arachne defeated Dangerous Dan with the Spider Bite. Dan had to deal with interference from the outside by The Big Bifford, who kept trying to get involved. Crazy Chris came down to attack Bifford, but the distraction was too much, as Arachne took advantage to get the win.

- The Accelerator, in his office, talked with Marcus Ka'Derrion, who wanted to make his return to the federation. Ace told him that he needed to see more before he made his decision, with Marcus saying "if that's what it takes..." Ka'Derrion then disappeared from Ace's office while the President was distracted by a ringing phone.

- Lurrr was seen with his lawyers, who had managed to get the World Title contract from the President. Rather than risk being ambushed during the Contract Signing (like Lurrr was the last time he fought Draco), Lurrr signed the contract in the privacy of his own locker room.

- Mr. Excellent defeated Arryk Rage via pinfall. Rage once again allowed his opponent to pin him, continuing his "Strike".

- Afterwards, the Accelerator was seen, giving Rage a "golf clap". He then announced that Rage would be fighting Scott Caine & Penance in a "Handicap Xtreme Rules" Match the next week.

- The Accelerator, after the break, had a meeting with Draco, fining him for his attack on the Head of Security, Reed M. Shin, the week before. Ace also said that he would talk to Shin and tell him to back off. One of Lurrr's lawyers then showed up with the World Title contract. When the lawyer didn't have a pen for Draco to use, he gave the lawyer the Momentum Shift (even though Draco actually did have a pen on him). Draco signed the contract, making it official before departing.

- Robert Santana retained the GCWA Television Title, defeating Bucky Johnson. After a hard fight between the two, Santana won out with the Sensei-Tion, keeping the gold.

- After the match, Mr. Excellent attacked Santana and put him into the Execution, trying to take him out before Wreck The Halls. Harvey Danger surprisingly made the save, then left without giving any other aid to the Television Champion.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 12/11/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- Bucky Johnson defeated Aaron Styles with the Bucking Bronco. The two gave a hard-fought match, but Johnson managed to reverse a Touchdown attempt into a massive DDT, then got the win with his frogsplash.

- In the back, the Accelerator, having just watched the opening match, decided to make a Bucky Johnson vs. Aaron Styles vs. Grimm Match for Wreck The Halls, with the stipulation either being a Television Title match or a #1 Contenders Match (depending on if Grimm won later on in the evening).

- D & D (Harvey Danger & Draco) were shown arriving at the arena, where Danger was met by Robert Santana. Santana thanked Danger for the save the week before, with the two then going into an 'argument' over who was going to win the vacated Intercontinental Title at the pay-per-view.

- The scheduled match between Warrick Hill and Lurrr did not take place, due to Lurrr attacking Warrick before the match, laying him out. Derek Mobley made the save, with Mobley and Lurr exchanging a staredown before Lurrr left without touching him.

- In the back, Dangerous Dan had a confrontation with The Big Bifford, with Bifford wanting to know if Dan "did it". When Dan said no, Bifford blamed whatever it was on the Easter Bunny, but then said that he still hated Dan. Dan responded by pointing out that Arachne was hallucinating (and chasing a woman), causing Bifford to have to run after them.

- Crazy Chris defeated Mr. Excellent with the Crazy Man's Suicide. During the match, Robert Santana came out onto the ramp, distracting Excellent. This allowed Crazy Chris to get the win. Santana then left, having never gotten near the ring.

- Before the next match, Arryk Rage visited the Accelerator's office, leaving him a note (embedded in his door) stating that he wanted to meet Ace in the ring at Wreck The Halls. Rage then threatened to kill Caine & Penance in their sleep if they attacked him.

- The Caine Dynasty (Scott Caine & Penance) won a "Handicap Xtreme Rules" Match over Arryk Rage. Rage laid down once again, still on "Strike", with Caine pinning him for the free win.

- Afterwards, Caine & Penance chose to attack Rage anyway, trying to take him out. Surprisingly, Marcus Ka'Derrion made the save, getting rid of the Caine Dynasty. Ka'Derrion then planted Rage with the Punisher, showing that he wasn't playing favorites.

- Derek Mobley, in the back, was checking on the hurting Warrick Hill. Warrick then announced that he had a great idea for Wreck The Halls, causing Derek even more concern.

- Robert Santana retained the GCWA Television Title, defeating Grimm. During the match, Grimm's allies, the Hitmen, interfered, with referee Bell tossing them from ringside as a result. Santana later came back and got the Sensei-Tion for the victory.

-Post-match, Mr. Excellent came down to attack Santana again, with Santana being ready for him. The two brawled in the ring, neither noticing that Harvey Danger had come down as well until it was too late. Danger took out both men with a Double Danger DDT, then left, having taken the momentum for the IC Title Three-Way Match.

- Draco's Complaint Department never officially took place, as Lurrr attacked Draco in the back before he could come out. The two brawled back and forth, but Lurrr got in the final shot, sending Draco through a mirror with a release belly-to-back suplex. Lurrr taunted the downed (and bloody) Draco afterwards, saying that it was only the first step on Draco's way to Hell. The show ended on a furious glare from the World Champion as he tried to get up.

GCWA Wreck The Halls, 12/20/2009
(Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina)

- In a dark match, Scott Caine and Marcus Ka'Derrion fought to a Double Countout. The two would end up brawling in the back for most of the night.

- To open the show, Santa Claus came down from the ceiling, offering gifts of platform shoes to Edward Jones and a skin cap to Anthony "Lightning" Logan.

- Before the "Triple Threat #1 Contendership" Match could get started, Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn appeared, having managed to get himself put into the bout.

- Bucky Johnson won a "Fatal Fourway Television Title #1 Contenders" Match over Aaron Styles, Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn, and "The Great One" Grimm. During the match, Styles and Vaughn seemed to work as a team, while Johnson and Grimm hated each other too much to work together. In the end, after Grimm got the Grimm Reaper on Vaughn, Johnson threw Grimm out, then got the Bucking Bronco on Vaughn for the victory.

- The World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, tried to get into Lurrr's locker room, only to be stopped by the GCWA Head of Security, Reed M. Shin. Draco wanted to do it anyway, but was stopped when Shin said the boss wanted to talk to him.

- Cynthia Hall rushed backstage to find out about a big announcement, but was disappointed when it turned out to only be Harvey Danger, who wanted to give out "Secret Santa" gifts. He gave Hall a Chia pet, due to him thinking Cynthia needed a friend. Hall wasn't very receptive.

- The Accelerator won an "I Quit" Match over Arryk Rage. The President was prepared for a big battle with Rage, but Rage announced that Ace still hadn't gotten it, and immediately said that he quit.

- After the match, GCWA Security surprisingly attacked Arryk, with the Accelerator watching with a smile from the ring.

- The Big Bifford talked with Martin Ka'Berryon in the back, and was about to reveal his reason for hating Dangerous Dan, when he was attacked by Smokey The Bear (who attacks every time Bifford has a title match). Arachne came in and made the save, taking out Smokey. Bifford then gave a long, nonsensical explanation for his hatred of Dan (which really needs to be read rather than summarized), before leaving with Arachne for his match.

- Biffarachnephobia (Arachne & The Big Bifford) won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, defeating the Danger Boiz (Dangerous Dan & Crazy Chris). Bifford & Arachne focused on keeping Crazy Chris in the ring throughout the bout, managing to keep Dangerous Dan from making the hot tag near the end. While Dan was busy with Arachne on the outside, Crazy Chris got caught by the Biff End and pinned, costing their team the titles.

- The Accelerator, fresh off his 'victory', talked to Draco in his office, wondering how Draco was doing after what happened to his family (who were kidnapped during the week, then rescued by Draco). Draco, in a forceful tone, let the Accelerator know that he was ready to fight Lurrr, before leaving. As Ace watched him go, he realized that he'd been given gifts from Santa, including a can of spray-on hair.

- Scott Caine and Marcus Ka'Derrion are shown in the back, still fighting. Santa Claus then appeared, breaking them up and giving each gifts. Ka'Derrion got two tennis balls, while Caine got a football jersey that says "Likes 69". This only stopped Caine and Ka'Derrion for a moment before they were fighting again, with security trying to subdue them.

- Mr. Excellent won the vacated GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, winning a "Three Way" Match over Harvey Danger and Robert Santana. This was the finals of the IC Title Round Robin Tournament, where all three men had tied in the final scores. Mr. Excellent was helped by his manager, Mick, who distracted Santana (and the referee) while Excellent threw powder into Danger's eyes and then knocked him out with a foreign object before getting the pin.

- After the match, Santa Claus came out to berate Mr. Excellent for his 'naughty' tactics. When Mr. Excellent flipped Santa off, Santa took out Excellent with the Soul Buster, revealing himself as The Lost Soul! TLS also took out Mick before departing.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill at the doorway of an apparently extreme Christmas party. Warrick invited Cynthia in (with no cameraman), and against her better judgment, Cynthia headed in.

- Draco retained the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Hell In A Cell" Match over Lurrr. The battle was a bloody one between the two men, with both getting cut up. The two eventually fought to the top of the roof, with Draco landing the Lights Out on Lurrr, sending both men through the ceiling and back into the ring! Draco recovered enough after the fall to get the When All Else Fails submission, with the ref immediately calling for the bell on the unconscious Lurrr.

- After the match, Draco refused to release the submission, forcing security to come in to break it up. Reed M. Shin grabbed at Draco, with Draco attempting to kick him, only to have Shin dodge and Draco hit a security guard instead. Draco then left, smugly holding up the World Title as the Pay-Per-View ended.