GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 11/06/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- In a dark match, Grimm defeated Derrick North with the Grimm Reaper. Afterwards, Grimm's allies, the Hitmen (Lucky Leon & Git'Em Gotti) took out North with the Contract Hit, leaving him laid out.

- In a dark match, Derek Mobley defeated Mikey Willis with the Thriller.

- Lurrr was scheduled to wrestle Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn, but instead came out with a tirade about all the recent jobbers he had been forced to fight. Lurrr refused to face Vaughn, instead using a clause in his contract to put his partner, Rick Mathis, into the match instead.

- Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn won, via DQ, over Rick Mathis. Mathis dominated Vaughn throughout the match. However, while Mathis was gloating about being in control, Marcus Ka'Derrion surprisingly came to the ring and tossed Vaughn over the top rope, causing the referee to call for the bell and give the win to Vaughn. Mathis tried to attack Ka'Derrion after the match, but got tossed out as well. Ka'Derrion then left before security could grab him.

- Arachne tried to ambush the Accelerator in his office by hiding under his desk. But Arachne's attempt failed, with Ace slamming Arachne's head into the desk and sending him running away in pain. Ace also talked to someone on the phone, ordering them to bring someone to him.

- Shane Donovan defeated Dangerous Dan with the Vertebreaker.

- Robert Santana, with his wife next to him, was given a contract for the Righteous Rumble. After thinking for a moment, he signed himself up for the event.

- The Accelerator was on the phone again, learning that the person he talked to earlier was injured. Ace told another person to take over bringing the 'someone' to his office. After hanging up, Ace answered his office door to find newcomer Bucky Johnson, who asked to be in the Righteous Rumble. Admiring the youth's guts, Ace gave Johnson the contract that he had been saving for Derrick North.

- The Lost Soul defeated Penance with the Souled Out. The World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, came down to watch the match, distracting both wrestlers involved, with TLS able to recover from it for the win.

- After the match, Draco and The Lost Soul had a staredown, which was turned into a fight after Scott Caine (Penance's partner) went after TLS with a clothesline. TLS ducked, allowing Caine to hit Draco instead. After TLS disposed of Caine, Draco angrily wanted to know why TLS, as the Head of Security, didn't protect him. The two began brawling, with security coming down to break it up.

- In the meantime, Scott Caine & Penance went to leave, only to both get ambushed by Arryk Rage, who knocked out both men.

- The Big Canadian (aka the Big Bifford underneath a mask) made his 'debut', talking about how he was going to be in the Righteous Rumble. (Bifford had to be masked, since he had escaped prison the week before).

- Robert Santana won an "Intercontinental Title Round Robin" Match over Aaron Styles. Santana won with the Sensei-Tion. This would be Styles' last tournament match, as he dropped out of the running, leaving three men still going at it: Santana, Harvey Danger, and Mr. Excellent.

- The Accelerator was confronted in his office by Shane Donovan & Harvey Danger. Donovan told Ace to "Man Up", wanting Danger to get a shot in the Righteous Rumble. Ace was quick to tell Donovan that he had already given Danger a contract (Donovan had stolen it the week before), but since he didn't want Danger distracted, he gave him another contract for the Rumble.

- After a break, we went back to the Presidential office, where Titan 3 showed up, as the guy who Ace had been trying to get to his office all night. Ace offered him a contract to the Righteous Rumble, with Titan 3 accepting it, before threatening to destroy the other 19 wrestlers. Ace, though, predicted that the rest of the wrestlers would want revenge on the man.

- Mr. Excellent won the GCWA Television Title, defeating Harvey Danger in an "Intercontinental Title Round Robin Tournament" Match. Excellent got a lot of help from his manager, Mick, who attacked Harvey late in the match, knocking him out with a steel boot shot. Excellent then applied the Execution, getting the victory on the out-cold Danger. The night ended with Excellent celebrating his first championship.

GCWA Righteous Rumble, 11/15/2009
(Verizon Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas)

- Scott Caine retained the GCWA X Division Title, winning a "Last Man Standing" Match over Arryk Rage. The fight started in the back garage, then went to the outside, with the two men using any and all weapons at their disposal. The battle concluded at a grassy field outside, where Caine had dug a 'grave' for Rage, using psychological warfare on him. Just as Rage seemed to have control late in the match, Penance appeared and attacked him, making it 2-on-1. Rage couldn't survive the odds, with Penance getting the Despair, then Caine taking Rage out with a shovel shot to the head, sending him into the grave and keeping him down for the 10 count.

- In the back, Arachne confronted the Accelerator, then attacked a stagehand (who Arachne labeled as a co-conspirator). Arachne then went after Ace, with the President punching Arachne out before leaving.

- Draco retained the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Steel Asylum" Match over The Lost Soul. The two fought in a sealed cage, with weapons hanging from the roof. It was a brutal match, which included a tremendous battle between a flaming hockey stick and a flaming barbed wire 2x4. In the end, with The Lost Soul having fallen from a hanging position on top of the cage, Draco fell on him and landed a flying Hellacious to get the victory, staying the champion.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Shane Donovan in the back, with Donovan talking about his chances to win the Rumble, as well as challenging Scott Caine to an X Division Title match in the future.

- The Big Canadian (aka the Big Bifford in a mask) talked with 'fellow' Canadians outside the arena. The fans clearly knew who he was, but said that they were going to support him anyways. The Big Canadian then told Martin Ka'Berryon to find a way to get the fans into the sold-out arena (which Ka'Berryon managed).

- Lurrr won a "20-Man Righteous Rumble" Match over Arachne, The Big Canadian, Dangerous Dan, Harvey Danger, Shane Donovan, Dynamic Dynamite, Mr. Excellent, Grimm, Warrick Hill, Bucky Johnson, Rick Mathis, Derek Mobley, Robert Pattinson (from Twilight), Penance, Robert Santana, Aaron Styles, Titan 3, Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn, and Mikey Willis. Lurrr eliminated the Big Canadian in the end to win the match. During the bout, Marcus Ka'Derrion illegally entered to attack many of the wrestlers, before leaving before security could get him.

Entry Order:
1) Mr. Excellent
2) Harvey Danger
3) Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn
4) "The Retarded Beast" Bucky Johnson
5) Dangerous Dan
6) Arachne
7) Robert Pattison (from Twilight)
8) Aaron Styles
9) "Man Made Monster" Shane Donovan
10) Dynamic Dynamite
11) Warrick Hill
12) "The Great One" Grimm
13) The Big Canadian (Bifford)
14) Robert "The Sensei" Santana
15) Mikey Willis
16) Lurrr
17) Titan 3
18) Rick Mathis
19) Penance
20) Derek "Thriller" Mobley

Elimination Order:
1) Mr. Excellent (by Harvey Danger)
2) Robert Pattison (by Arachne)
3) Peter Vaughn (by Bucky Johnson)
4) Arachne (by Aaron Styles)
5) Bucky Johnson (by Dangerous Dan)
6) Aaron Styles (by Harvey Danger & Shane Donovan)
7) Warrick Hill (by Dangerous Dan)
8) Harvey Danger (by Shane Donovan)
9) Dynamic Dynamite (by Robert Santana & Grimm)
10) Mikey Willis (by The Big Canadian)
11) Titan 3 (by Dangerous Dan)
12) Robert Santana (by Grimm)
13) Rick Mathis (by Lurrr & Penance)
14) Derek Mobley (by Lurrr)
15) Grimm (by Penance)
16) Penance (by The Big Canadian, Dangerous Dan, & Shane Donovan)
17) Shane Donovan (by The Big Canadian)
18) Dangerous Dan (by the Big Canadian)
19) The Big Canadian (by Lurrr)
20) Winner: Lurrr

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 11/20/2009
(GCWA Arena)

- Crazy Chris defeated Mikey Willis with the Crazy Bitch. After the match, when Willis lost his balance and hit referee Trixie Anderson, Crazy Chris intervened and threw Willis out of the ring.

- Cynthia Hall went to interview Mr. Excellent about his chance to win the Intercontinental Title that night, but Excellent blew her off, not wanting to talk.

- Arryk Rage called the Accelerator out to the ring, wanting another X Division Title shot. Ace turned him down, saying that Rage was not going to get another chance to "blow it". In response, Rage tried to retire, but the Accelerator denied him that as well, saying that since Rage had just signed a new contract, he couldn't get out of it. Instead, Ace booked Rage in a 'rematch' against Derek Mobley the next week.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed the Righteous Rumble winner, Lurrr, who talked about his victory, betraying Rick Mathis, and how he was going to win back the World Title.

- Aaron Styles defeated Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn with the Styles Spike.

- The Accelerator, back in his office, was informed that The Lost Soul was admitted into the hospital after the match at the Righteous Rumble. Ace then called for a meeting of the security team.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed the Danger Boiz, talking with Dangerous Dan about how he set a record by staying in the Rumble for the longest time. Dan also spoke about his new son, Elias, and about how he wanted a shot at the X Division Title, a belt that Crazy Chris also wanted a crack at.

- Shane Donovan came out from the back with Harvey Danger. Donovan apologized to Danger for eliminating him (with Danger reluctantly accepting), then called out Scott Caine & Penance. Donovan renewed his demand for an X Division Title shot, with Caine eventually accepting after multiple insults. Donovan then threw green paint on Caine, infuriating him, before leaving with Danger.

- Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn was shown, exhausted, coming into the cafeteria. Unfortunately for Vaughn, he was immediately put to work by the manager, who wanted him to mop up a mess.

- Bucky Johnson defeated Grimm with the Bucking Bronco (Frogsplash). Grimm attempted many cheating maneuvers, but in the end, it wasn't enough, as Johnson got his first Inferno victory.

- The Accelerator is shown talking to the rest of the security team, telling them that, since TLS was in the hospital due to his injuries, they needed another Head of Security. Reed M. Shin took him up on the offer, taking over the position.

- Draco had a celebratory "Complaint Department", talking about his victory at the Righteous Rumble. He gave away free t-shirts, which read "Draco 1 Lurrr 0". Not surprisingly, Lurrr interrupted the festivites to talk about his own accomplishments. Lurrr's comments were stopped by a strike from Draco, leading to a wild brawl between the two men, with security coming down to break it up. Reed M. Shin became personally involved, shoving Draco hard enough to cause some stitches to open up. Security broke things up as the show went to commercial.

- In the back, Shane Donovan was told that Draco was being taken to the hospital, with Shane showing little worry about it. Donovan soon had his own problems to worry about, as he was suddenly attacked by Scott Caine & Penance, who nailed him with chair shots and threw him through a table! Donovan was out, needing medical attention himself.

- Robert Santana won the GCWA Television Title, winning a "GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Round Robin Tournament" Match over Mr. Excellent. Santana won with the Sensei-Tion. With the victory (and with Aaron Styles having dropped out of the tournament), each remaining wrestler was tied 1-1 in the rankings.

- Afterwards, the Accelerator was shown watching the match, and talking about how he needed to arrange a final match to decide on a new champion. However, he was then interrupted by Marcus Ka'Derrion, who suddenly appeared in his office! The screen went blank before Ka'Derrion said a word.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 11/27/2009
(GCWA Arena)

- This was the Thanksgiving show for the GCWA.

- In a dark match, Aaron Styles defeated Bruiser Kelley with the Styles Spike.

- In a dark match, the Danger Boiz (Dangerous Dan & Crazy Chris), as the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, won a "Non-Title" Match over the Hitmen (Git'Em Gotti & Lucky Leon). Dangerous Dan won with a Danger Zone on Gotti.

- Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn defeated Arachne with a roll-up. It was a surprisingly competitive match, with Vaughn somehow managing to get the victory in the end.

- The Accelerator appeared on the big screen to make some announcements. He said that Harvey Danger, Mr. Excellent, & Robert Santana would face off one more time at Wreck The Halls, with the winner to get the vacated Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. Ace also revealed that, at Wreck The Halls, Draco would defend the World Heavyweight Title against the Righteous Rumble winner, Lurrr, in a "Hell In A Cell" Match.

- In the back, Draco, dressed up as a 'utility man', attacked Penance, taking him out as both revenge for the Caine Dynasty's assault on Shane Donovan the week before, and to ensure that Penance could not get involved in Harvey Danger's match with Scott Caine later in the evening.

- Lurrr defeated Mr. Excellent. In another surprisingly competitive match, Mr. Excellent and his manager, Mick, tried their usual tricks to put Lurrr out. Lurrr responded by ko'ing Mick, infuriating Excellent. In the end, though, Lurrr won out with the Wake Up Call, getting the win.

- Scott Caine is seen in the back, watching as Penance gets lifted into an ambulance.

- Draco hosted another edition of the Complaint Department, this time bringing out the new GCWA Head of Security, Reed M. Shin, as his guest. Draco questioned Shin about his laying his hands on Draco the week before (causing his stitches to open). When Shin showed no remorse, Draco attacked, landing the Momentum Shift to put him out before leaving. Draco was later fined for the assault on a GCWA employee.

- Derek Mobley defeated Arryk Rage via pinfall. Rage, who had tried to retire the week before but had been forced to continue in the GCWA, revealed a new t-shirt that said "I'm On Strike!" Rage then allowed Derek to pin him, taking the loss.

- The Accelerator was seen watching in the back afterwards, shaking his head.

- The Big Bifford & Martin Ka'Berryon, after the break, were shown in the back, with Bifford having apparently filled a room (labeled as "DANGER BUYZ ONLEE") with poisonous snakes. Bifford continued to show hatred for Dangerous Dan, although no one knew why. When Arachne nearly went into the room instead, Bifford saved him, with the two forming a partnership afterwards to go after the Danger Boiz.

- Draco, as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, won a "Champion vs. Champion" Match over the GCWA Television Champ, Robert Santana. After a tremendous back-and-forth contest, Draco finally won out in the end with the Hellacious, surviving the encounter with the young all-star.

- After the match, a hurting Draco nonetheless called out Lurrr, with the #1 Contender answering the challenge. However, Lurrr then stopped before reaching the ring, with members of the GCWA Security Force coming in behind him, with Lurrr then departing with a mocking smile.

- Harvey Danger won the GCWA X Division Title, winning a "Thanksgiving, Ladders, & Chairs" Match over Scott Caine. The match featured a lot of food-fighting, as a complete Thanksgiving meal had been prepared on the tables for the match. During the bout, Draco came down, distracting Caine. In the end, Danger nailed Caine with the Danger DDT, then made it up the ladder to become the new champion.

- Afterwards, Draco laid out Caine with a platter shot, then joined Danger in celebrating the championship victory.