GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 10/02/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- The House of Pain (Warrick Hill & Derek Mobley) defeated the Malvados (Hector & Victor). During the match, a disgusted Paco left the Malvados behind, ending his run as their manager. Hill and Mobley both got a pin after hitting each Malvado with their finisher.

- Titan 3 talked to the Accelerator about The Lost Soul's recent actions (laying out GCWA security, stealing footage from the archives, as well as the evidence that linked TLS to the assault on Steve Wilson), convincing Ace to suspend The Lost Soul from action. This meant that TLS lost, via forfeit, to Robert Santana.

- While Titan 3 was arranging for security to find The Lost Soul, he was confronted by Draco, who wanted T3's help that night for the contract signing with Lurrr.

- Lurrr, as the GCWA World Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over Arachne. Lurrr landed the Last Call for the victory.

- After the match, The Roman Empire (Lurrr & Rick Mathis) beat down Arachne some more. Lurrr then spoke in length about being the face of the GCWA, and how Draco would not be able to stop him.

- Draco was seen in the President's office, showing the Accelerator a few stipulations added into the World Title contract.

- The Lost Soul came out to the ring, with some fans cheering him, but others booing. TLS talked again about the Steve Wilson situation, promising that the truth would be revealed at Adrenaline Rush. He was interrupted, however, by Titan 3 and the GCWA Security. When TLS turned his back on Titan 3, either to walk away or to test him, Titan 3 opted to attack, landing multiple A-Bombs to lay TLS out before having security cart him to the back.

- Derek Mobley was shown coming back from a beer run to find Warrick Hill laid out in the locker room. According to a note on the mirror, the attack was done by D & D.

- Crazy Chris retained the GCWA Television Title, winning, via disqualification, over Penance. During the match, Penance's partner, Scott Caine, took out Dangerous Dan on the outside, then came in and attacked Chris with a steel chair, causing the DQ.

- After the match, The Caine Dynasty (Caine & Penance) continued attacking Crazy Chris, with D & D (Shane Donovan & Harvey Danger) coming down to make the save. However, since Chris had not seen his attacker, he suspected D & D. The two teams had a stand-off, which was ended when Derek Mobley stormed the ring and attacked Donovan, igniting a brawl.

- During the commercial break (and later shown to the live fans), Edward Jones received a call on his cell phone from Marcus Ka'Derrion, the former 2-time World Champion. Ka'Derrion said that he would be returning to the GCWA at Adrenaline Rush, and would also be making a huge announcement.

- The Complaint Department was the last part of the show, with Draco running things. He brought out the Accelerator and Titan 3 (along with security). Ace first revealed that the World Title Match at Adrenaline Rush would be a "Tables, Ladders, & Chairs" Match. Draco next brought out Lurrr, with both men signing the contract. Draco also revealed that neither Draco nor Lurrr could attack the other, or risk vacating their titles. This did not, however, include Shane Donovan or Harvey Danger, who came down to attack Lurrr, while Draco took out Mathis. D & D stood triumphant as the show ended.

GCWA Adrenaline Rush, 10/11/2009
(New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana)

- Scott Caine won a "GCWA Television Title #1 Contenders Spider's Web" Match over Arachne. Caine was able to climb up the wall first successfully, thanks in large part to Caine's partner, Penance. Arachne fell from the top of the wall at the end of the match.

- The Accelerator talked to Draco in his office, questioning him about Draco possibly being brought up on assault and murder charges. Draco, though, had an alibi.

- The Lost Soul appeared in the ring, despite his suspension. Before he could speak, Titan 3 came down with security to once again get rid of him. Titan 3 was stopped, though, by the Accelerator, who revealed that he and The Lost Soul had talked things out. The Lost Soul then revealed evidence that the attacker of Steve Wilson was actually Titan 3! Ace told security to remove Titan 3 from the arena, with Titan 3 responding by taking out both the security and the Accelerator. Titan 3 and The Lost Soul then brawled, before finally being separated.

- The Danger Boiz (Dangerous Dan & Crazy Chris) came to their locker room and found a picture of their girlfriend attached to their door, with the words "Whore" written on it, as well as a spray-painted "D&D". The Danger Boiz angrily went inside, not seeing Scott Caine nearby holding a spray can.

- Arryk Rage won the GCWA X Division Title, winning an "Xtreme Rules" Match over Robert Santana. After Santana was sent down a stairwell in the backstage area, Rage was able to get the Maddening and take away the victory and the title.

- Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn came out to ringside, saying that he planned to keep his PPV streak going. He called out anyone from the back, and was answered by a plant, a midget wrestler. However, new music hit, and Mr. Excellent made his return to the GCWA, taking the midget's place!

- Mr. Excellent defeated Peter Vaughn in a "Bonus" Match. Mr. Excellent made Vaughn tap out to the Execution.

- The Accelerator came back to his office (with a sore jaw) to find Arachne in his chair. Arachne wanted to use a "Money In The Bank" case to face the winner of the World Title Match. Ace declined, with Arachne then trying, unsuccessfully, to kidnap the President. When that failed, Arachne left the office, passing by The Lost Soul, who was there to talk to Ace.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion made his return to the GCWA, coming to the ring. He thanked the fans for their support, then announced that he was the first signed competitor for next month's PPV, the Righteous Rumble! Ka'Derrion let everyone know that he was coming for them, then left.

- The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, winning a "Three Way Texas Tornado" Match over D & D (Harvey Danger & Shane Donovan) and the Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan). Near the end, Donovan got Dangerous Dan in the Clincher, but Dan refused to quit. In the meantime, Mobley caught Danger with the Thriller and got the pin, getting the win.

- We see shots in the back of Draco and Lurrr preparing to head to the ring, just before a final break.

- Draco is shown heading to the entryway, when he was tripped up by Marcus Ka'Derrion, who shot Draco a 'friendly' warning before walking off.

- Draco won the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Tables, Ladders, & Chairs" Match over Lurrr. In a competitive match that involved Rick Mathis, Harvey Danger, and Shane Donovan, Draco won out in the end after a Hellacious on Lurrr off the top of the ladder.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 10/16/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- In a dark match, Aaron Styles defeated Derrick North. Styles won with the Styles Spike.

- In a dark match, Mr. Excellent defeated Bruiser Kelley. Mr. Excellent won with the Execution.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion was seen coming into the arena, where he's met by the Accelerator. Ace inquired about Ka'Derrion's condition, bringing up that Marcus' medical records had been sealed. Ka'Derrion stone-walled on the records, raising Ace's concerns about his health.

- Warrick Hill defeated Robert Santana with the Joint.

- The Accelerator called the Danger Boiz into his office and offered them a single contract for the Righteous Rumble. He left it up to the brothers to let him know the next week which one would get the opportunity.

- Arryk Rage came out to the ring for a victory celebration, after winning the GCWA X Division Title at the PPV. Arryk announced that every match he had would be hardcore, and also announced his new manger: Hannah Montana. His 'manager', though, turned out to be a cut-out of Montana, instead of the real thing.

- Arachne won, via Countout, over Marcus Ka'Derrion. During the match, Ka'Derrion still seemed to be showing signs of his injuries. Arachne took advantage of this, at one point sending both men over the ropes to the outside. Arachne was able to save himself, hanging onto the ropes, but Ka'Derrion was down and couldn't answer the count.

- After the match, Ka'Derrion refused medical help, instead getting the medic to help him backstage.

- A video clip aired, going through the entire story of the "Who Attacked Steve Wilson?" storyline.

- Titan 3 came out to the ring after the video, to talk about why he did what he did. He refused to apologize for trying to set up The Lost Soul for Wilson's assault, when he had done it himself. Titan 3 was then interrupted by the Accelerator, who said that he didn't want to hear anymore. Before Ace could fire Titan 3, though, Titan 3 quit as Head of Security. Surprisingly, Ace then announced that he was reinstating Titan 3 to active duty, putting him on the roster!

- We're shown the Big Bifford and Martin Ka'Berryon, still in jail from when Bifford admitted to a number of offenses. Bifford had a plan to escape the jail so that he could get into the Righteous Rumble, but it failed utterly, as Bifford tried to ride a 'unicorn', only to crush the horse he jumped on instead. The guards then turned on Ka'Berryon, dragging the accused sex offender away.

- Lurrr defeated Harvey Danger. Lurrr was helped by Rick Mathis, who tripped Danger from the outside at one point. Referee Adrian Rockwell questioned Mathis, while Lurrr, using a pair of brass knuckles, used them on Danger, then got the Wake Up Call for the victory.

- The Accelerator had The Lost Soul come to his office, with Ace apologizing for not believing in TLS' innocence. Ace made up for it by giving TLS two contracts. The first one would make TLS the new Head of Security (now that Titan 3 had quit). The second one would either give TLS a World Title shot at the PPV, or would give TLS one of the positions in the Righteous Rumble. TLS had until the next show to make up his mind.

- Draco came out to celebrate during his "Complaint Department" show, thanking several people, including Harvey Danger, the Accelerator, Titan 3, and Lurrr (most in a joking manner), before departing, with an annoyed-looking Shane Donovan and a happy Harvey Danger in tow.

- The Accelerator, in his office, finishes signing up a returning wrestler's contract: Mikey Willis! Ace also gave Willis a spot in the Righteous Rumble, as a signing bonus.

- Crazy Chris retained the GCWA Television Title, defeating Scott Caine with the Crazy Bitch. This was the last-ever one-on-one match between the two wrestlers.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 10/23/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- The show began with Arryk Rage's promised live performance from 'Hannah Montana'. However, since it was just the cardboard cut-out and a boom box playing a Montana song, it was not well-received by the audience in attendance.

- In a dark match, Aaron Styles defeated Mikey Willis. Styles used the Touchdown, followed by the Styles Spike, for the victory.

- In a dark match, Draco, the GCWA World Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over Derrick North. Draco won with the Hellacious.

- In a dark match, Warrick Hill defeated Bruiser Kelley. Hill won with the Joint.

- The Big Bifford and Martin Ka'Berryon are again shown in prison, with Bifford trying once again to escape, this time by using a flamethrower that was baked in a cake for him by Martha Stewart. Bifford accidentally set Ka'Berryon on fire, with security having to come in to put him out. The guards then blamed Ka'Berryon for the 'escape attempt', taking Martin away again.

- The Lost Soul defeated Mr. Excellent. Mr. Excellent tried to use a voodoo doll early on, with little success. TLS was later able to catch Excellent on the turnbuckle and get the Soulbuster for the victory.

- Near the back entrance, the Accelerator is seen, asking if the security guard had seen Marcus Ka'Derrion. The guard said he hadn't seen him, so Ace told him to bring Marcus to him as soon as he appeared.

- The Danger Boiz are shown in the back, having a competitive match of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Dangerous Dan won, earning the opportunity to compete in the Righteous Rumble. Afterwards, the two run into the House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill), with Derek letting them know that they were offering a World Tag-Team Titles match to the Danger Boiz. Dangerous Dan accepted, so the match was arranged for the next week.

- Before his match, Marcus Ka'Derrion was met by security and kept from coming out. The Accelerator then came to talk to Marcus about his condition, saying that if he saw a performance like the one from the week before, Marcus would be suspended indefinitely due to health reasons.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion won, via Countout, over Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn. Ka'Derrion still showed signs of injuries, even against the Janitor. Late in the match, Ka'Derrion took a huge risk by taking Vaughn off the turnbuckle to the outside with a hurricanrana!! Ka'Derrion barely recovered in time to get back into the ring, winning when Vaughn couldn't answer the count.

- A GCWA agent checked on Harvey Danger, finding him badly sick. Danger said he would be right there, then curled up in a fetal position, wanting his mommy.

- In the Accelerator's office, the President was seen working, with Draco, the World Heavyweight Champion, appearing as ordered. Ace congratulated Draco on a good deed he had performed (giving merchandise away to a young fan). Ace also wanted the Intercontinental Title back, since Draco couldn't hold both at once. Draco couldn't give it up right away, since it was holding up his pants, but he said he would return it later.

- Harvey Danger won the GCWA Television Title, defeating Crazy Chris. Danger was able to slip free of Chris' Crazy Bitch maneuver (due to having Purrell on his hands) and landed the Danger DDT for the victory, ending the long reign of Crazy Chris.

- Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn was seen in the back, getting grabbed by Titan 3, who was pissed that he had to show up due to his new 'active' contract. Titan 3 said that he was picking himself a match for the next week, and he chose Vaughn as his competition, before knocking Vaughn through a doorway and leaving him laying.

- Aaron Styles is seen coming to the Accelerator's office, with Ace giving him a contract to enter the Righteous Rumble, due to Styles winning his first two matches.

- Another edition of "The Complaint Department" took place, with Draco having The Lost Soul as his guest. The Lost Soul first signed a contract that made him the new GCWA Head of Security. Draco was happy with the choice, insinuating that TLS couldn't have beat Draco at the PPV anyway. TLS then responded by saying that the Accelerator had never said he couldn't sign two contracts, with TLS then signing the World Title match as well.

- A furious Lurrr is seen barging into the Accelerator's office, wanting to know why he had to be there when he didn't have a match. Ace responded by telling Lurrr that he needed him there to sign his contract for the Righteous Rumble. Lurrr signed it, then went to leave with Rick Mathis, only to have Ace stop them and reveal that Mathis was in the Rumble as well!

- Scott Caine won the GCWA X Division Title, winning an "Xtreme Rules" Match over Arryk Rage. Scott Caine's ally, Penance, was a big factor in the match, attacking Rage late in the bout and knocking him out with the Despair. Caine then got a Sugar Caine off of the second-floor seating area in order to put Rage away and get the victory and the title.

- After the match, Rage was seen getting to his feet, staring after Caine and Penance and showing that he wasn't staying down.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 10/30/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- In a dark match, Mr. Excellent won a "GCWA Television Title #1 Contenders Three-Way" Match over Aaron Styles and Mikey Willis. Styles hit the Touchdown on Willis, but then was knocked down by Excellent, who capitalized by applying the Execution and getting Willis to tap out.

- In a dark match, Lurrr defeated Bruiser Kelley. Lurrr, furious at being in a dark match, attacked quickly, breaking a beer bottle that Kelley was drinking from with the Wake Up Call! Lurrr then got the easy pin and quickly left, still unhappy.

- Draco was accosted in the back by an autograph-seeking fan, who tried to get him to sign a Marcus Ka'Derrion t-shirt. When Draco refused, the fan grabbed at him, but then was taken out by the new GCWA Head of Security, The Lost Soul! TLS told Draco "You're Welcome", with Draco not wanting the help. TLS, though, as the security chief, said that it was his job to protect the other wrestlers, and said that Draco would be seeing a lot of him.

- Titan 3 fought to a Double Countout with Peter Vaughn. Titan 3 dominated the match, eventually taking it to the outside and beating on the smaller wrestler. Not caring about the count, Titan 3 took Vaughn over to the announce table and gave Vaughn the A-Bomb, shattering the table! Titan 3 then left, leaving the referee to rule it a Double Countout. Vaughn had to be carted out of the arena.

- Shane Donovan is shown in his locker room, where a GCWA agent brought a contract to him for the Righteous Rumble. The contract was for Harvey Danger, but Donovan, who hadn't received a contract yet, took it from the attendant and 'promised' to give it to Harvey, before shutting the door.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion showed up just in time for his match, with security giving him a note from the Accelerator, warning him that this was his last chance. Ka'Derrion threw away the note and continued towards the ring, although a bump with a security guard showed the pain he was in.

- Penance defeated Marcus Ka'Derrion with the Prayer. Ka'Derrion's injuries allowed Penance to take control of the match early on. Late in the bout, Penance applied his submission hold, the Prayer, with Ka'Derrion surprisingly quickly tapping out to it.

- Afterwards, Penance, wanting to dish out more punishment, attacked Ka'Derrion again and got the Despair, knocking Ka'Derrion out and forcing them to call for the medics.

- Harvey Danger is seen with children in the back, trick-or-treating. He visits several rooms, trying to get candy, including referee Trixie's room. The trick-or-treating ended when Danger was scared off by a man in a Scream mask, who turned out to be the World Heavyweight Champion, Draco.

- Scott Caine and Penance returned to their locker room after Penance's win, with Penance going for a victory beer. Caine, though, was then attacked in the locker room by a crazed Arryk Rage, who beat him bloody and challenged Caine to a Last Man Standing match at the PPV for the X Division Title. Rage then left before Penance came back.

- Harvey Danger retained the GCWA Television Title, winning a "Haunted Boiler Room" Match over Robert Santana. It was a crazy match filled with elaborately made Halloween sets, as well as having former GCWA wrestler, Mon-E, try a sneak-attack on Danger wearing a ghost costume (he was taken out by both men). In the end, with the lights out and 'lightning' flashing, Danger was able to get the Danger DDT and escape the room, staying the champion.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion is shown being put into an ambulance to be taken to the hospital after what happened earlier with Penance. The Accelerator showed up, telling Marcus that he's been taken off active duty. As the Accelerator left, Marcus could be seen with a small smile on his face, just before the ambulance leaves.

- After a break, the Accelerator, on his way back to his office, encounters two men dressed like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhes, immediately recognizing them as Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill. Both men wanted a contract for the Righteous Rumble, despite Ace's policy of only having one tag-team partner in the match. Derek mentioned one word, "Phoenix", then showed a DVD to Ace, who took it from him in exchange for two contracts.

- Draco hosted another edition of "The Complaint Department", dressed up as Deadpool. Draco announced that a four wrestler Round Robin Tournament had been arranged to decide the new Intercontinental Champion, involving Harvey Danger, Robert Santana, Aaron Styles, and Mr. Excellent. As Draco was finishing up his announcement, Arachne came down with his "Money in the Bank" briefcase and a referee, wanting his match to start.

- Draco, as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over Arachne. Arachne's briefcase is not recognized in the GCWA, so no title was on the line. Just after the match started, Arachne took out the referee (Mitchell) with the Green Mist, then attacked Draco, who took him out with the Momentum Shift. The Lost Soul, who was the special enforcer, entered to take over the referee duties, counting extremely slowly on the pin attempt. When Arachne was able to kick out, Draco opted to use the Soulbuster, TLS' move, to get the win.

- After the match, TLS tackled Draco from behind, apparently to 'save' him from a bottle that was thrown at him.

- A news reporter was seen, announcing that a "large white man and a black man wearing a novelty costume" had escaped from prison. It was generally assumed that this was the Big Bifford and Martin Ka'Berryon, who had been trying to escape for weeks.

- The Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan) won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, winning a "Trick or Treat Hazardous Ladder" Match over The House of Pain (Warrick Hill & Derek Mobley). Both teams had to deal with the fact that some of the ladders would fall apart when trying to climb them. Late in the match, Hill was sent to the outside with a devestating spill off a ladder by Dangerous Dan. Mobley was then hit from behind by a spinning kick from Crazy Chris, allowing Dan to get the Danger Zone to knock Mobley out. Crazy Chris made the climb, getting the belts, to become the first-ever 2-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champions.