GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 9/04/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- The announcers talked about what had happened at Heat Wave the week before, as well as about our new World Champion, Lurrr.

- Hector Malvado defeated "The Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis. Hector seemed to switch places with his brother, Victor, during the match, then, later, both Malvados entered (while their manager, Paco, distracted the referee) and took out Curtis with No Mas, allowing Hector to get the pin for the victory.

- Arachne was shown, dancing in his web, when a man in a black mask showed up seemingly to help him stop losing matches.

- The Lost Soul and Titan 3 talked, with TLS letting him know that Tommy Crimson's hair did not match the hairs found at the Steve Wilson assault. Titan 3 responded to this by telling TLS that he thought TLS was the #1 suspect. TLS accused Titan 3, who rubbed his bald head to show that a hair sample wouldn't be required. When the President showed up, The Lost Soul pulled some of his own hairs to give to Titan 3 to clear himself.

- Warrick Hill defeated Arache with the Joint. This was Warrick Hill's return match to the GCWA.

- The Danger Boiz were shown in the back, with Dangerous Dan seemingly too focused on Crazy Chris' Television Title. They then talk about Chris' title match against Robert Santana that night. As they finished, an attendant showed up, saying that the President wanted to see Dangerous Dan in his office.

- The Complaint Department, hosted by Draco, made its debut. Draco started off by running his own complaints about the GCWA, and then was joined by Shane Donovan and Harvey Danger. Donovan hogged the mic, wanting the Accelerator to "Man Up". By the time the mic got to Danger, time was up for the show.

- Dangerous Dan, looking a little stunned, is seen leaving the Accelerator's office and thanking him.

- Scott Caine and Jobe Severity fought to a No-Contest. Instead of wrestling each other, Caine and Severity shook hands. Caine had agreed to join Organized Chaos along with Penance. Afterwards, Anthony Logan acted as if he was going to go into the ring for revenge, but it was a distraction, allowing The Lost Soul to attack from behind. TLS and Logan got Caine out of the ring, then beat down Severity, until the rest of Organized Chaos showed up.

- Cynthia Hall is seen, rushing to talk to Harvey Danger, who accidentally soaks her from a water fountain. Hall, continuing on with her job, tried to find out what Danger wanted to complain about earlier, but the Malvados attacked before he could speak, taking him out.

- Crazy Chris retained the GCWA Television Title, winning, via DQ, over Robert "The Sensei" Santana. After a very competitive match, Santana's 'friend', Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn, decided to intercede, spraying Chris' eyes with Windex! Referee Bell saw it, however, and called for the bell, ending the match (and Santnaa's chance to win). Afterwards, Santana stormed off, not accepting Vaughn's apology.

- The Roman Empire (Rick Mathis & Lurrr) are seen, coming out of their locker room in order to head towards the ring.

- After a break, the Roman Empire comes out for Lurrr's victory celebration. Lurrr bragged a lot about his victory and becoming the World Champion. However, he's interrupted by the Accelerator, who had them cut off Lurrr's mic. Ace then announced that since Marcus Ka'Derrion was injured, he would not be the #1 contender for the belt. Instead, three men would fight the next week for the #1 Contendership: The Big Bifford, The Lost Soul, and Draco. There would also be another match the next week: Lurrr vs. Dangerous Dan for the World Championship! As Lurrr protested, the Danger Boiz came up from behind, knocking Lurrr & Mathis out of the ring to end the show.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno: An American Tribute, 9/11/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- A special intro reminds people about 9/11, and the pride of America.

- The National Anthem was sung before the show.

- In a dark match, Derek Mobley won his return match to the GCWA, defeating Joshua Curtis with the Thriller in the center of the ring.

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana & Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn defeated the Malvados (Hector & Victor). Vaughn took a lot of abuse early in the match, but finally managed to tag in Santana, who got all the momentum for his team. After Vaughn took out Hector with a suicide spear through the ropes, Victor was no match for Santana, who landed the Sensei-Tion for the win.

- Peter Vaughn and Robert Santana shook hands after the match, showing that they've become more of a team.

- The Lost Soul is seen going into the President's office, where Titan 3 and the Accelerator are waiting for them. Ace reveals that the tests they ran on TLS' hair (which he had willingly given the week before) matched the results they got from the hair sample at the Steve Wilson assault crime scene. TLS denied being the attacker, although neither Titan 3 nor Ace seemed to believe it. Ace levied a fine and other sanctions onto TLS, putting him on probation.

- Tommy Crimson, as the GCWA X Division Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over Cisco Sheppard. Crimson got the Fury for the victory. Afterwards, Organized Chaos beat down Sheppard, including Scott Caine getting the Sugar Caine and Jobe Severity applying the King James Version submission. Security came down to end the carnage.

- Cynthia Hall is shown at the hospital, getting a medical report on the still-injured Marcus Ka'Derrion. The doctors informed her that Ka'Derrion was in bad shape, both physically and mentally, as he kept writing a single word: Vengeance.

- Draco's show, the Complaint Department, was on the air again, with the Danger Boiz being his guests that night. He talked to Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan about their two title matches coming up, as well as the rumor that Dangerous Dan might be quitting if he doesn't win. Before Dan can answer, Lurrr appeared on the big screen, distracting them. It was a taped video, as Rick Mathis & Lurrr came in from behind and took out all three men, putting Draco down with a wicked chair shot to the head.

- We see Shane Donovan and Harvey Danger outside of the Presidential office, with Donovan carrying a sign that says "Man Up". They appear to be staging a protest.

- Crazy Chris retained the GCWA Television Title, defeating Arachne. Chris got the Crazy Man's Suicide for the victory.

- Draco is shown getting medical attention in the back, with the doctor telling Draco that he doesn't think he should wrestle. Draco, though, is zoned out in an internal conflict. He suddenly gets up and shoves the doctor aside, going out the door.

- The Accelerator comes back to his office, finding Donovan & Danger protesting. Donovan tells Ace that he wants him to Man Up and stop letting Lurrr run over him. Ace then orders both men away from his office.

- Draco won the "World Title #1 Contenders Triple Threat" Match over The Big Bifford and The Lost Soul. Near the end of the match, TLS hit the Souled Out on Bifford. However, Draco then took TLS out with the Lights Out and covered Bifford, taking the victory.

- Lurrr is shown destroying his television, apparently just because he wanted to, before going with Mathis towards the ring.

- The Big Bifford comes backstage, disheartened, with his manager, Martin Ka'Berryon. Suddenly, a police officer shows up, and Bifford immediately confesses to not paying taxes on the shrimping business, kidnapping his son, and even mentioning something about Ka'Berryon being involved in child pornography. The police officer, who was just there for an autograph, arrested both Bifford and Ka'Berryon, taking them away.

- Lurrr retained the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, defeating Dangerous Dan. After an epic match that had many false finishes, Lurrr finally won out in the end by blocking the Danger Zone and getting the Wake Up Call for the victory.

- After the match, D & D (Draco, Shane Donovan, & Harvey Danger) come to the ring with steel chairs, causing Lurrr & Mathis to have to depart quickly. Draco and Lurrr locked eyes afterwards, ending the night.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 9/18/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- Draco, as the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, won a "Non Title" Match over Joshua Curtis. Draco defeated Curtis quickly, taking him down with the Hellacious for the win.

- Cynthia Hall attempted to interview Robert Santana about the death of his son, Luke, during the week, as well as get his thoughts on the death of Crimson's son, Hunter, as well. Santana said that his son wanted to be champion, so he would get his final wish. Santana then left Hall behind.

- Tommy Crimson had a wedding ceremony, getting married to his girlfriend (and the woman who had Hunter), Mary. Jobe Severity was the reverend for the marriage.

- After the ceremony is complete, the Accelerator came out to wish them congratulations, as well as to tell Crimson that his title defense later in the night would not be an "Xtreme Rules" Match (which meant that the rest of Organized Chaos could not get involved).

- The Malvados and their manager, Paco, were shown going to their locker room, where Paco discovered that all of his alcohol had been disposed of. A note on the mirror said "Drinking is bad for you" and was autographed Harvey Danger (although it's unclear if he was actually behind this or not).

- The Lost Soul won, via Disqualification, over Arachne. During the match, TLS seemed to be in control, when Arachne sprayed him in the face with the Green Mist. Referee Rockwell immediately DQ'ed Arachne, costing him the match.

- After the match, Arachne challenged TLS to a fight in his web. Then he did a dance.

- The Lost Soul and Titan 3 had another confrontation in the backstage area after the break, with Titan 3 bringing in two big security guards to stay around TLS, supposedly for other wrestlers' safety. TLS continued to say that he was not the one who assaulted Steve Wilson, but it fell on deaf ears.

- Dangerous Dan came out to the ring to talk about whether or not he was going to quit. He seemed to be leaning towards departing, but his brother, Crazy Chris, then came out to argue for Dan to stay. Chris also said he had someone else to help convince him. Shane Donovan then came out (Chris clearly wasn't expecting him) and talked down towards Dan, telling him to "Man Up". Next, Derek Mobley came down (the person Chris WAS expecting) to get in an argument with Donovan about who was the better man to give Dan advice. Donovan, annoyed by Mobley's appearance, offered a World Tag Title shot to both the House of Pain and the Danger Boiz before leaving. Dangerous Dan then affirmed that he was sticking around to go for those belts.

- The Roman Empire (Lurrr & Rick Mathis) are shown in the back, with Lurrr opening a letter that had "Vengeance" written all over it. It had no return address.

- Crazy Chris retained the GCWA Television Title, beating Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn. Chris won with the Crazy Bitch, taking out the Janitor.

- Tommy Crimson & the rest of Organized Chaos is seen leaving their locker room. You also see The Lost Soul, heading out from his room and leaving two unconscious security guards behind him.

- After a break, Crazy Chris, returning from his match, gets ambushed by Organized Chaos at his locker room. They had already taken out Dangerous Dan. After the assault, Tommy Crimson told Chris that the Television Title belonged to Scott Caine, with Caine taking the belt with him as they left.

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana won the GCWA X Division Title, beating Tommy Crimson. After a long, hard-fought match (where several referees went down), Santana got the win with the Sensei-Tion.

- Afterwards, Organized Chaos went to beat down Santana, but the Danger Boiz & The Lost Soul made the save, chasing them off.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 9/25/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- Arachne defeated Joshua Curtis with the Spider Bite. Curtis was busted open during the match, and was helped out of the arena by medical personnel afterwards.

- A video of Martin Ka'Berryon and the Big Bifford in jail is shown. Ka'Berryon gets dragged away by other inmates (thinking he was a child pervert), while Bifford enjoys a prison meal.

- D & D (Shane Donovan & Harvey Danger), as the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, won a "Non Title" Match over the Malvados (Hector & Victor). The Malvados tried their usual switches during the match, with Harvey trying it as well (with less success). In the end, Harvey took out Victor with the Danger DDT, even as Hector was made to tap out to Donovan's Clincher submission.

- The Accelerator called Robert Santana to his office to discuss his X Division Title match at Adrenaline Rush. Ace brought up that, since Tommy Crimson had quit, a new opponent had to be found. This was revealed in the ring, as Arryk Rage surprisingly returned! Rage talked about challenging Santana for the belt, with Santana seemingly happy for any chance to get his mind off of the death of his son a few weeks before.

- Cynthia Hall was seen trying to visit Marcus Ka'Derrion in the hospital, only to find that Ka'Derrion had checked himself out. His whereabouts were unknown.

- Crazy Chris was scheduled to take on Jobe Severity, but Severity had left the GCWA with Tommy Crimson, keeping that match from happening.

- Crazy Chris retained the GCWA Television Title, beating Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn. Vaughn tried to sneak in on Chris and roll him up, nearly winning away the belt with surprise. But Chris soon fought his way back into the match, eventually putting Vaughn away once again.

- After the match, Crazy Chris got on the mic, letting D & D know that the Danger Boiz were coming for the World Tag-Team Titles.

- The Complaint Department, hosted by Draco, was put on again, with Draco supposedly interviewing Scott Caine. However, it turned out to be Shane Donovan dressed like Caine. Draco and 'Caine' joked around for a bit, until the real Caine, with his bodyguard, Penance, charged the ring to break things up and get the match started.

- Draco retained the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, defeating Scott Caine. After a back-and-forth match, Draco managed to put Caine away with the Inner Rage, staying the champion.

- After the match, Draco & Donovan brawled some more with Caine & Penance. Meanwhile, Harvey Danger was shown in the back, unconscious, with the note "RE was here" on his back. There was no sign of the Roman Empire, however.