GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 8/07/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- The Big Bifford defeated Arachne with the Biff End.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Dangerous Dan, talking to him about how Scott Caine had gotten himself counted out so that he did not lose the Television Title back to Dan. Dan announced that he was moving up to a larger division in the future.

- The Accelerator spoke to The Lost Soul in his office, telling him to not interfere in the investigation of the assault on Steve Wilson. The Lost Soul, though, was going to investigate anyway.

- Jobe Severity won a "#1 Contenders" Match over Dangerous Dan. With the win, Severity could either face the X Division Champion or the Intercontinental Champion.

- After the match, Severity, his son Israel Callahan, and Super Creep attacked Dan, spray-painting his back with "OC" (signifying the return of Organized Chaos).

- The Accelerator spoke to Titan 3 about the Steve Wilson investigation, wanting him to find out who did the attack as soon as possible.

- The #1 Contender, Lurrr, came out and spoke about both his dealings with Mr. Lombardo (a mob boss) and the betrayal of Tommy Crimson. Lurrr called out Crimson, with Rick Mathis coming out dressed as Tommy. Lurrr and Mathis made fun of Crimson for a while, then Lurrr spoke more about facing Marcus Ka'Derrion for the World Title. As they were leaving, though, Lurrr & Mathis were confronted by a returning Tommy Crimson, who was joined by Jobe Severity, Israel Callahan, and Super Creep to ambush the Roman Empire members! Lurrr & Mathis got away, with Crimson showing he was part of Organized Chaos once again.

- Private Investigator Lamar Loper was shown, beginning his search in Amsterdam for Warrick Hill & Derek Mobley.

- Scott Caine retained the GCWA Television Title, defeating Ace Aldridge. After the match, Caine bragged about 2 defenses down, and how he was going to beat Dangerous Dan's TV Title record.

- The Lost Soul confronted Lurrr in the back about the assault of Steve Wilson. Lurrr, though, revealed that he and his lawyers had been meeting with the Accelerator & his lawyers when the assault took place, giving Lurrr & Mathis alibis.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion, the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match, via Disqualification, over Rick Mathis. The match ended when Lurrr attacked Ka'Derrion after Ka'Derrion got the Pain Killer on Mathis. The Lost Soul then made the save.

- Harvey Danger is seen calling his mother in the back, only to have a mobster-type man answer and say that she was swimming with the fishes... as in, dolphins.

- Scott Caine was met in the backstage area by the Accelerator, who told him that he would be facing Robert Santana the next week for the title.

- The Lost Soul retained the GCWA X Division Title, winning an "Xtreme Rules" Match over Harvey Danger. During the match, Danger's allies in D & D, Shane Donovan and Draco, came out to watch the match from the stage, but did not get involved. TLS won with a Soul Buster on the concrete.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 8/14/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- The show starts with the Accelerator talking to two groups: The Roman Empire and Organized Chaos. The President makes the announcement that neither group can interfere in the IC Title match tonight, or else there will be 'drastic consequences'.

- The Lost Soul, as the GCWA X Division Champion, won a "Non-Title" Match over Arachne. TLS won with the Souled Out.

- Dangerous Dan was visited in his locker room by the Accelerator, who spoke to the disappointed Dan about his loss to Severity the week before. The President told Dan about his own story, having been a jobber for a time before becoming a Hall of Famer.

- In the back, Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn was mopping the floors when a disgusted Arachne came in, spitting the Green Mist into Vaughn's face! Arachne, still angry from his earlier loss, knocked over Vaughn's janitor cart and left, leaving Vaughn down and in a mess of green paint.

- Dangerous Dan defeated Cisco Sheppard. Dan won with the Danger Zone maneuver.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion went to The Lost Soul's locker room to thank him for making the save the week before. Ka'Derrion seemed to be worried that he couldn't beat Lurrr, with TLS telling him that he needs confidence to win. When TLS was distracted by a phone call, Ka'Derrion was attacked outside the locker room by Lurrr & Rick Mathis, laying him out and stealing the World Title! The Lost Soul helped Ka'Derrion after the attack (while also getting a hair sample of Ka'Derrion to test against the samples found at the assault site of Steve Wilson).

- After a commercial break, Ka'Derrion is seen getting his ribs taped up by a doctor, and refusing to go to the hospital.

- Draco won a "#1 Contenders" Match over The Big Bifford. During the match, Bifford's manager, Martin Ka'Berryon, got involved by grabbing the leg of Draco's partner, Shane Donovan. Donovan took out Ka'Berryon, with Bifford then making the save for Ka'Berryon by knocking down Donovan. This gave Draco the opening, though, to land the Momentum Shift and a frogsplash for the victory.

- Titan 3 and Dynamic Dynamite had a discussion in the backstage area, with Dynamite talking about how Titan 3 had fallen from the top to be in charge of 'crowd control' in the GCWA. Titan 3 stormed out, with Dynamite having accomplished what he wanted.

- The Lost Soul came to the dressing room of D & D, wanting hair samples from the three men (Harvey Danger, Shane Donovan, & Draco). All three men admitted to being in the arena on July 31st, the day of the assault on Steve Wilson. TLS spoke about how Danger might have attacked Wilson out of jealousy, since TLS was going to partner with Wilson. Donovan & Draco, likewise, might have done it due to removing competition for their World Tag-Team Titles. None of the three would allow a hair sample, with Danger mentioning that TLS should talk to Organized Chaos regarding the assault.

- Scott Caine retained the GCWA Television Title, beating Robert Santana. Very competitive match, with Caine landing a Super Backstabber, followed by the Sugar Caine, for the win.

- After the match, the Accelerator came out, praising Caine on his victory. He also announced that Caine would have the night off the next week, but that Caine would then be defending the belt against a strong competitor at the PPV. It was teased that it was going to be Dangerous Dan, with Caine pointing out that Dan had 'missed out' on his one opportunity to win. Ace, though, had another man in mind: Dangerous Dan's brother, Crazy Chris!

- Private Investigator Lamar Loper was shown again, this time looking into a Hash Bar in Amsterdam for word on Warrick Hill or Derek Mobley. However, just by mentioning their names, Loper got grabbed and thrown out of the bar, with the bouncer talking about how they were disruptive as well. Loper was set to check in the local jails next.

- Lurrr retained the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, defeating Jobe Severity. After the match, Lurrr vacated the title in order to continue his pursuit of the World Title.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion then charged the ring to try and take the World Title back from Lurrr, only to get hit from behind by Rick Mathis. Lurrr & Mathis beat down Ka'Derrion some more, with Lurrr smashing a chair into Ka'Derrion's ribs, before GCWA Security can break it up. Lurrr left the World Title behind with the injured Ka'Derrion, crowing that now he was sure to win the belt.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 8/21/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- A review video shows what happened the last week between the World Champion, Marcus Ka'Derrion, and the #1 Contender, Lurrr, ending with Lurrr's beatdown of Ka'Derrion with a steel chair.

- Crazy Chris defeated Arachne with his new move, the Crazy Bitch.

- After the match, Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn came out to take some revenge on the downed Arachne, knocking him down with a mop, then wiping Arachne's face paint off!

- The Accelerator called Draco into his office, telling him that the #1 Contenders Match he won allowed Ace to put him in a match for the vacated Intercontinental Title. It was announced as a "Battle of the D's", as Draco would go against Harvey Danger and Dangerous Dan, with Dynamic Dynamite as the special referee.

- Harvey Danger and The Big Bifford were scheduled to face off, but the Big Bifford refused, stating that he only wanted to face Shane Donovan. Donovan agreed to a match against Bifford at the PPV, but then yelled "Now!", as if Harvey was supposed to attack Bifford. Although Harvey looked bewildered, Bifford took him out anyway with a clothesline.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion was seen coming into the arena with tightly bandaged ribs.

- The Lost Soul came into the Accelerator's office, wanting to know Ace's whereabouts on the night of the Steve Wilson assault. Of course, Ace was at the arena, making him a suspect. TLS rattled off several devious moves that Ace had made in the past, then wanted a hair sample. Ace refused, not wanting to lose any more hair. Instead, Ace showed some footage from the night of the assault that had been found during Titan 3's investigation, showing an angry Tommy Crimson taking out a cameraman. It also showed Crimson in the vicinity of Wilson's locker room.

- Scott Caine came out to the ring saying that he was 'abiding' by the Television Title rules, and that he was defending the title this week. He brought out Penance, a large man who immediately collapsed after a headlock, showing that it was all a fraud. Caine, nonetheless, got the 3 count on Penance, who turned out to be Caine's new bodyguard.

- After the 'match', Crazy Chris came out and told Caine that the Accelerator had decided that their match at Heat Wave would have special stipulations, in that Caine could lose the Television Title via countout or disqualification.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion was met by Dynamic Dynamite in the back, with Dynamite goading Marcus on to fight like his late father, the Punisher.

- Robert Santana defeated Shane Donovan. In a surprising ending to the match, Santana managed to reverse a roll-up, upsetting the co-World Tag-Team Champion.

- Backstage, The Big Bifford is seen, happy with the result of the match even as he eats some shrimp, with Ludwig the Seal and Martin Ka'Berryon hanging out with him.

- Investigator Lamar Loper is shown again, this time leaving an Amsterdam prison. He notices a file on "Warrick", and mentions it to the jailor. Due to the jailor hating Warrick Hill for sleeping with his wife, he gives Loper the wrestler's address. Loper left, intent on finally tracking down Hill & his partner, Derek Mobley.

- Lurrr defeated Cisco Sheppard, beating him with the Last Call.

- Backstage, Ka'Derrion is seen heading for the ring, with Cynthia Hall trying to stop him with no success.

- The Lost Soul goes to the Organized Chaos locker room, trying to get a hair sample from Tommy Crimson. With Crimson and his allies refuse, TLS says that he'll get it on Sunday, when he wrestles Crimson for the X Division Title.

- At the ring, Lurrr & Rick Mathis are waiting, as Marcus Ka'Derrion comes out to face them despite his injuries. Lurrr tells Mathis to wait at the side while he and Ka'Derrion fight, but as soon as Ka'Derrion comes in, Mathis gets involved. Just as it seems like the Roman Empire is going to beat down Ka'Derrion again, though, Mathis delivers a running spear to Ka'Derrion and collapses. Ka'Derrion reveals that he had a metal plate underneath his taped ribcage, using it to knock out Lurrr as well and gain the momentum going towards Heat Wave.

GCWA Heat Wave, 8/30/2009
(Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York)

- Robert Santana won a "Fatal Fourway" Match over Cisco Sheppard, Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn, and Arachne. Near the end of the match, Sheppard took a spray of Green Mist from Arachne, with Santana then taking out Arachne with a clothesline out of the ring. Vaughn tried to take advantage, but Santana got the Sensei-Tion on him, winning the match.

- Investigator Lamar Loper tracked down the Amsterdam residence of Warrick Hill & Derek Mobley, only to find out from the woman there that, after Warrick cheated on her, she had kicked them out. With no leads, Loper resigned himself to the fact that he wouldn't be finding Warrick & Derek, and decided to head back to America.

- In the first round of a three round competition, The Big Bifford won a 5-legged race (tying their legs to a mule's) via forfeit, when Shane Donovan refused to do it. Bifford led the competition 1-0.

- The Accelerator spoke to both Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan, both of whom had been in hospitals earlier in the week. Since neither would agree to not compete, Ace got them to sign waivers stating that they won't sue if anything happens to them that night.

- Crazy Chris won the GCWA Television Title, winning over Scott Caine. The belt would have changed hands via a countout or a disqualification. In the end, Chris got the Crazy Bitch on Caine for the victory.

- After the match, a security guard congratulated Crazy Chris on his victory, then revealed himself as "The Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis. Curtis let Crazy Chris know that he was coming for the Television Title.

- Lurrr received a note in his locker room backstage, apparently from Mr. Lombardo (who wanted Lurrr to throw the World Title match). Rick Mathis convinced Lurrr just to worry about winning the match, and deal with the rest in the future.

- In the 2nd round of their competition, Shane Donovan won an "Invisible Bear" Match quicker than The Big Bifford did. The series was tied up 1-1.

- Dynamic Dynamite, who was scheduled as the special referee for the IC Title match, came out and joined the announcers. He revealed that he had decided to make the bout a "Ladder" Match (which meant that he had very little he needed to do as a referee).

- Draco won the vacated GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, winning a "Three Way Ladder" Match over Dangerous Dan and Harvey Danger. During the match, Dangerous Dan got attacked by the returning Malvado brothers, allowing Draco to make the climb and get the title.

- Lamar Loper is shown on the airline home, where he realizes that Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill are on the same plane. He asks them where they're going next...

- And, in a live shot, the House of Pain (Mobley & Hill) appear at Heat Wave, making their return to the GCWA. They both announce their intentions to go for the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, as well as make sure to renounce their previous ties to the Roman Empire.

- Tommy Crimson won the GCWA X Division Title, winning an "Xtreme Rules" Match over The Lost Soul. During the match, Jobe Severity, Israel Callahan, and Sonny Capps all attacked TLS. Anthony Logan left the announce position to try and make the save, but he was knocked out by Severity. Crimson later pinned TLS after a belly-to-back suplex off the stage.

- After the match, TLS refused medical attention, leaving instead with a few strands of hair he had gotten from Crimson.

- The Accelerator confronted Lurrr in the back, telling him that Rick Mathis was banned from Lurrr's side in the "Three Stages of Hell" Match.

- With Anthony Logan out due to what happened in the X Division Title match, Titan 3 joins Edward Jones at the broadcast table.

- In the third and final competition, The Big Bifford won a "Pie Eating" contest, via forfeit, over Shane Donovan. Afterwards, Donovan took out Bifford with a chair shot, but then was kept from further abuse by the judge of the event, Caligula.

- Lurrr won the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Three Stages of Hell" Match over Marcus Ka'Derrion. Lurrr won the first match, a "Boiler Room Brawl", thanks to handcuffing Ka'Derrion inside the room so that Lurrr could make his escape. The next match, a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match, had Ka'Derrion tie things up by rolling up Lurrr after a Wake Up Call attempt. The third and final stage was "Last Man Standing", with Lurrr winning in the end after landing a Wake Up Call that sent Ka'Derrion off the stage and through a series of tables. Ka'Derrion could not answer the count, being too injured.