GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 7/03/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- The show was the Half-Year Ace Awards, handing out the following awards:

GCWA Living Legend Award: The Lost Soul (Runner-Up: The Big Bifford)

GCWA Prime Time Award: Dangerous Dan (Runner-Up: Shane Donovan)

GCWA Mr. Pay-Per-View Award: Marcus Ka'Derrion (Runner-Up: Harvey Danger)

GCWA Hard Luck Award: Dangerous Dan (Runner-Up: The Big Bifford)

GCWA Shag-Nasty Award: Lurrr (Runner-Up: Shane Donovan)

GCWA Shock Factor Award: Draco (Runner-Up: The Big Bifford)

GCWA Best Angle Award: The Mystery Of Blake Ka'Derrion (Runner-Up: The Stranger)

GCWA Best Match Award: Shane Donovan vs. The Lost Soul vs. The Big Bifford vs. Draco, Capital Punishment
(Runner-Up: Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Shane Donovan, Ultimate Survival)

Best Feud Award: The Lost Soul vs. Lurrr (Runner-Up: Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Twiztid)

Best Tag-Team Award: Stranger Danger (Runner-Up: Danger Boiz)

GCWA Best Wrestler Award: Marcus Ka'Derrion (Runner-Up: Derek Mobley)

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 7/10/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- A review segment covers what happened two weeks before at GCWA Capital Punishment.

- Lurrr came out and made an announcement, revealing that Warrick Hill & Derek Mobley have left the GCWA, heading, instead, to Amsterdam for a while. Lurrr then talked about his title defense that night, as well as Tommy Crimson's World Title shot.

- Dangerous Dan and Robert Santana talked in the back, with Dan saying that he's good to wrestle, even after what happened to his brother, Crazy Chris (who was attacked during the week and put in the hospital).

- Scott Caine defeated Ace Aldridge with the Sugar Caine. Caine continued the assault on Aldridge after the match. When referee Mark Bell went to try to stop him, Caine took out Bell with a Codebreaker, taking the head referee out of action.

- The Accelerator gave some marching orders to his staff, including having a fine delivered to Scott Caine's locker room.

- Dangerous Dan won back the GCWA Television Title, winning over Robert Santana Dan was able to block the Sensei-Tion and get the Danger Zone for the victory.

- Dynamic Dynamite was interviewed in the back by Cynthia Hall about his return. Dynamite let her know that he had returned to the GCWA with a Legends contract, giving him the right to choose what matches he wanted, while getting paid appearance fees.

- Harvey Danger held a BBQ out in the parking lot, in a way to attract some candidates to share the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles with him (after The Lost Soul, as the Stranger, laid him out at the PPV). Harvey prepared a fireworks display, but was startled by his mother, Marie Danger, causing him to drop the match into the box. Both Dangers ran for it as the fireworks in the box went off.

- Steve Wilson won the GCWA X Division Title, defeating Lurrr with the End Result. During the match, Wilson was distracted when The Lost Soul's music played, allowing Lurrr to get back in charge. But Lurrr was then distracted when TLS appeared at ringside, with Wilson recovering enough to come back and win away the title.

- A split-screen shot shows an upset Tommy Crimson leaving the Roman Empire locker room, while Marcus Ka'Derrion makes his way out as well, happy about what happened to Lurrr.

- Lurrr was seen smashing his way into The Lost Soul's locker room after the commercial break, searching for the man he blamed for his title loss, but not finding him.

- Tommy Crimson won the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning over Marcus Ka'Derrion. During the match, referee Thomas Mitchell seemed to be favoring Crimson in his counts. It got worse when Rick Mathis blatantly interfered, hitting Ka'Derrion with brass knuckles, only to have Mitchell not call anything. Crimson then grabbed Ka'Derrion and rolled him up, hanging onto the tights, with Mitchell delivering a fast 3 count to give the win to the Roman Empire member.

- Postmatch, Crimson celebrated with Mathis, while Ka'Derrion furiously glared at the duo.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 7/17/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- The Accelerator and Titan 3 argued in the back, with the Accelerator wanting more security, while Titan 3 wanted to know about the referee situation, pointing out that referee Thomas Mitchell was still scheduled to referee that night. The Accelerator assured him that he had everything under control.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed the former World Champion, Marcus Ka'Derrion, who talked about losing the belt the way he did to the Roman Empire. He talked about delivering the cure to the Empire soon.

- "The Cowboy From Hell" Ace Aldridge defeated Seth Eldritch. Aldridge won with the Astro Slam, defeating the former Newcomer of the Month.

- Tommy Crimson was seen in the back with the World Title. He attacked one GCWA employee who dared talk about him under his breath, with Crimson taking him out with the Fury.

- Robert Santana won a "Non-Title" Match over the GCWA World Champion, Tommy Crimson. In a surprise appearance, Marcus Ka'Derrion took out the scheduled ref, Thomas Mitchell, and took his place, becoming the guest referee. Ka'Derrion was very biased against Crimson, causing the champion a lot of strife. It boiled over with Crimson trying to attack Ka'Derrion, but missing a clothesline, leaving himself wide open for the Sensei-Tion from Santana, followed by a pinfall victory.

- Harvey Danger tried to recruit Draco to be his GCWA World Tag-Team partner. When Draco said no, Danger tried Draco's partner, Shane Donovan, who also declined. D & D then informed Danger that the reason they couldn't partner with him was because they were facing him for the titles at the PPV.

- Ace Aldridge came to the President's office, asking for a match. The Accelerator, having seen Aldridge's win earlier in the night, placed Aldridge into the Television Title match at the PPV.

- Dangerous Dan retained the GCWA Television Title, winning, via DQ, over Scott Caine. During the match, Caine's manager, Benji Sampson, tried to interfere, pushing the champion off the top rope. Referee Adrian Rockwell saw it, however, and called for the DQ, ending Caine's title hopes for the night.

- Postmatch, Caine assaulted Dangerous Dan, hitting him with his own title. Robert Santana came down for the save, with Caine leaving with the belt. However, Caine was then stopped by Ace Aldridge, who helped return the gold to the rightful champion.

- Marie Danger was seen coming from the Accelerator's office, after apparently working out a deal (later revealed that Danger's planned partner at the PPV is the President).

- Marcus Ka'Derrion and The Big Bifford fought to a Double Countout. During the match, Bifford was told by Martin Ka'Berryon that something was wrong with his pet seal, Ludwig (it was later revealed that nothing was actually wrong). Bifford left, with Ka'Derrion following him, not wanting to win that way. Ka'Derrion was then attacked by the Roman Empire, specifically Tommy Crimson, taking him out.

- The leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr, came out to the ring for his match, speaking beforehand about how he's going to talk to his lawyers about getting him his rightful one-on-one World Title Match.

- Lurrr won the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, defeating The Lost Soul. "PIC" Steve Wilson was the special referee. During the match, TLS accidentally knocked down Wilson, which allowed Rick Mathis to get involved. TLS took care of Mathis, but was wide open for a Wake Up Call from Lurrr, who got the pin and the victory.

GCWA Crescendo, 7/26/2009
(Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado)

- The Accelerator is seen before the show, arguing with lawyers about someone having a lawsuit that could eventually have 'substantial financial repercussions'.

- The Roman Empire (Lurrr, Rick Mathis, & Tommy Crimson) are shown in their locker room. Mathis takes a drink from a beer he got from the locker room cooler, then passed out. The design of The Lost Soul was on the bottle.

- Scott Caine won the GCWA Television Title, winning a "Fatal Fourway Elimination" Match over Dangerous Dan, Ace Aldridge, and Robert Santana. Dangerous Dan pinned Aldridge after Santana hit Aldridge with the Sensei-Tion. Santana was hit by both the Danger Zone and the Sugar Caine and pinned, leaving the champion, Dangerous Dan, and Caine. After a furious fight, Caine was able to drop Dan on an exposed turnbuckle, knocking him out. Caine then landed the Sugar Caine for the victory.

- Titan 3 and the Accelerator were seen arguing in the back, with Titan 3 not wanting Ace to bow to pressure, but Ace saying that he doesn't have any choice. As Titan 3 leaves, Harvey Danger comes in, wanting to meet with his tag-team partner for the night. The Accelerator, distracted by what's going on, tells Harvey that he's going to find a substitute for him.

- D & D (Shane Donovan & Draco) won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, winning over Harvey Danger & Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn. Vaughn was a late substitution for Danger's partner, and ended up costing Danger the match, getting hit by both the Momentum Shift and the Phoenix Stomp before getting pinned by Draco.

- Post-match, Draco seemed to give Danger a nod of respect, which brought a smile to Danger's face.

- The Accelerator made a special announcement, that, due to the threat of a lawsuit, he was making the decision to name Lurrr the new #1 Contender to the GCWA World Heavyweight Title after tonight's main event match.

- Martin Ka'Berryon came out to the ring to announce that the Big Bifford would be returning to the ring, as well as letting people know that Bifford's new career was as a shrimp fisherman. Bifford appeared, via the big screen, working on a boat and eating raw shrimp.

- The Lost Soul and Lurrr won a "Two Titles Xscape" Match. Steve Wilson was the other participant. Lurrr's Intercontinental Title and Wilson's X Division Title were both on the line. TLS & Wilson surprisingly teamed up in the match, double-teaming Lurrr. But Lurrr was able to knock out Wilson with the Wake Up Call, then escaped through the door, even as TLS escaped up and over the cage wall. After a controversy about who escaped first, Titan 3 came down and made the decision, giving The Lost Soul the X Division Title, while keeping Lurrr (who wanted the X Division Title back) the Intercontinental Champion. Lurrr threatened another lawsuit as he left.

- D & D visited the locker room of Marcus Ka'Derrion, with Draco slapping Ka'Derrion across the face, nearly causing a brawl. Draco then explained that Ka'Derrion was hurting his father's legacy by losing to someone like Crimson, and announced that, whether Ka'Derrion liked it or not, D & D was watching his back tonight.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion regained the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Ladder" Match over Tommy Crimson. During the match, The Lost Soul & Steve Wilson guarded one exit, while D & D guarded another (taking out referee Thomas Mitchell when he tried to come down). It was an exciting match, full of major falls, but in the end, Ka'Derrion got the Punisher on Crimson on the outside, then entered and went up the ladder to get the championship.

- Post-match, as Ka'Derrion celebrated with The Lost Soul & Wilson, Lurrr came down, apparently to check on Crimson. However, Lurrr then gave Crimson the Wake Up Call, kicking him out of the Roman Empire! Afterwards, Lurrr and Ka'Derrion had a stare-down, with Lurrr proclaiming himself the next World Champion.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 7/31/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- A review video covers what happened at Crescendo '09.

- Lurrr came out to the ring to talk about recent events. He spoke about knocking Crimson out at the PPV, saying that since Crimson lost the gold, he wasn't worth being in the Roman Empire. Lurrr also mentioned that, due to Titan 3 involving himself in Lurrr's PPV match, Lurrr had once again talked to his lawyers and got the Accelerator to agree to allow him the authority to choose what the PPV match would be. Finally, Lurrr billed the Accelerator for his lawyer fees.

- The Big Bifford defeated Seth Eldritch with the Biff End.

- Shane Donovan entered the President's office, using the threat of his own lawsuit to get the Accelerator to sign a supposed 'expense report'. Donovan, though, removed the top sheet afterwards, showing that the President actually signed something else.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Steve Wilson in the back, with Wilson proclaiming that he & The Lost Soul were now a tag-team, and would be going after the World Tag-Team belts. Wilson also said that he was planning to take Lurrr's Intercontinental Title away from him, just like he did the X Division Title earlier in the month.

- Draco defeated Ace Aldridge with the Hellacious.

- After his match, Draco was joined by Shane Donovan and referee Adrian Rockwell. The World Tag-Team Champions called out Harvey Danger, with Draco apologizing for what happened at the PPV, especially Ace picking the Janitor to be Danger's partner. Draco then revealed that the paper the Accelerator had signed earlier in the evening actually made Danger a member of D & D, and thus attaching him to the World Tag-Team Titles! Donovan also unveiled a new 'belt': the Harvey Danger Title For Excellence In The Field Of Being Awesome! Donovan proclaimed himself the first 'champion', then had Danger pin him (with some forceful help from Draco), before the trio left together.

- Titan 3 was called to the Accelerator's office, with Ace chewing Titan 3 out for interfering in the controversial ending of the Xscape match at Crescendo. The Accelerator gave Titan 3 the rest of the night off, as well as telling him that he would be fined. Titan 3 stormed out.

- Jobe Severity forced Robert Santana to submit to the King James Version. during the match, Severity crashed into Santana's leg, apparently injuring it. This left Santana vulnerable to the submission hold. This match was Severity's return after an apparently successful battle with cancer.

- Steve Wilson is seen in the back, talking with The Lost Soul and assuring him that he has no hard feelings about what happened at Crescendo. TLS does not respond as Wilson walks away.

- Cynthia Hall tried to interview Tommy Crimson about losing the World Title, but Crimson knocked out the cameraman and left.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion came out to the ring, talking about how Lurrr does not have the back-up he once did when he won over Ka'Derrion before. Ka'Derrion lets it be known that he doesn't care what type of match Lurrr chooses.

- A split-screen shot shows Scott Caine and Dangerous Dan heading to the ring.

- Dangerous Dan won, via Countout, over the GCWA Television Champion, Scott Caine. During the match, Dangerous Dan seemed to be getting the upper hand, causing Caine to avoid a Danger Zone and leave the ring. Caine got the Television Title and left, giving Dangerous Dan the win, but keeping him from regaining the belt. Postmatch, Caine let Dan know that his one opportunity had past, and that now Caine was going to take away all of Dan's records as the champion.

- In the back, medics are seen working on Steve Wilson, who had been apparently beaten down in his locker room and put through a table. Wilson is unconscious, unable to tell who did this assault. After the break, The Lost Soul appeared as Wilson was stretchered to an ambulance, wanting to know what happened but getting few answers in return.

- The Contract Signing between GCWA World Champion Marcus Ka'Derrion and Lurrr took place. The Accelerator announced that Lurrr had chosen a "Three Stages of Hell" Match for the PPV. Ka'Derrion quickly signed the contract, while Lurrr had a lawyer look over his. When the lawyer took too long, Ka'Derrion super-kicked him, using Lurrr's own move. Ka'Derrion challenged Lurrr to step up, and the #1 Contender did so with a smile, signing the contract and making it official. Security kept the two apart as the night ended.