GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 6/05/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- There is a review of "Twiztid" Arryk Rage's return the week before, joining with Scott Caine to attack the roman Empire, with Marcus Ka'Derrion taking out Derek Mobley.

- In a dark match, The Lost Soul defeated James Thrash with the Souled Out.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed the Danger Boiz in the back about their title matches that night.

- The announcers spotted a former ICWF wrestler, PIC, in the audience before the first match.

- Robert Santana won a "#1 Contenders Three-Way" Match over Seth Eldritch and Mikey Willis. Eldritch was distracted during the match by PIC's presence in the audience. During this, Santana took out Willis with the Sensei-Tion to get the victory. PIC left ringside after the match and headed to the back.

- Tommy Crimson burst into the Accelerator's office to complain about not getting an Intercontinental Title shot, as well as being thrown into a match with Draco. When Ace did not make any changes, Crimson threatened the President, telling him to remember this moment.

- After a break, Cynthia Hall interviewed Scott Caine and Arryk Rage in the back. Arryk claimed to have no knowledge of his time as Twiztid, while Caine talked about continuing the fight against the Roman Empire.

- Dangerous Dan retained the GCWA Television Title, beating Joey Truxell with the Danger Zone.

- A previously-taped clip shows Harvey Danger trying to sell kisses for charity. Harvey then received a phone call, causing him to run inside the arena.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed PIC, who confirmed that he had signed a GCWA contract. PIC also had a brief confrontation with Derek Mobley, with each man wearing an Ultimate Survival ring.

- Draco won, via disqualification, over Tommy Crimson. The hard-fought match ended when Crimson lost it, punching out referee Mark Bell after a close count. The two men continued to fight after the DQ, with GCWA security coming to break them up.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion is shown talking with Scott Caine about watching his back during Ka'Derrion's match tonight. Arryk Rage also offers his services, but Marcus, remembering Twiztid, doesn't trust him.

- Dangerous Dan, fresh off his victory over Truxell, is shown telling his brother, Crazy Chris, to bring home the IC Title.

- Derek Mobley defeated The Big Bifford with the Thriller. During the match, Bifford managed to kick out of the Thriller, while Mobley got his foot on the ropes after a Biff End. Mobley then managed a second Thriller after blinding Bifford to win the match.

- In the back, The Lost Soul left a dented chair in front of Shane Donovan's locker room, as well as a note saying that "Last week, The Lost Soul hit himself with this chair. This week, this chair's for you, Shane. Next week, who knows?" - Harvey Danger's Mom is seen in the back cursing out a man wearing the Stranger mask. The Stranger surprisingly talks to her, calling her son a loser and telling her to keep her money, revealing that Harvey's Mom originally hired the man to be Harvey's partner. It also was revealed that there have been multiple Strangers.

- Shane Donovan won the vacated Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, beating Crazy Chris. Donovan was searched for weapons before the match, but the referee neglected to check the jacket he had already taken off. Donovan, with handcuffs hidden in the jacket, knocked out Chris, then got the Phoenix Stomp for the victory.

- Lurrr and Rick Mathis were seen leaving the Roman Empire locker room, apparently after arguing with Derek Mobley (who was never seen).

- Lurrr won a "Champions Non-Title" Match over Marcus Ka'Derrion. During the match, Scott Caine and Arryk Rage tried to help by taking out Rick Mathis, only to get ambushed by Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill, who came out of the crowd. Shane Donovan & Draco (D & D) ran out to help, but got surprisingly ambushed by Tommy Crimson, who joined up with the Roman Empire. With the referee down, the entire Empire went after Ka'Derrion, with Mobley blinding Ka'Derrion with a spray. Lurrr then got the Wake Up Call and the victory, giving Ka'Derrion his first-ever loss in the GCWA.

- After the match, the Roman Empire continued the beat-down, with Mobley delivering the Thriller to Ka'Derrion.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 6/12/2009
The GCWA Arena

- In a dark match, PIC debuted by defeated "The Professional" Joey Truxell with the End Result followed by the Texas Cloverleaf.

- In a dark match, Scott Caine & Arryk Rage defeated the Malvados. Caine won the match by hitting the Sugar Caine on Victor Malvado for the win. Hector was injured during the match and had to be helped to the back.

- The Roman Empire came out to start the show, with Tommy Crimson being officially inducted into the group. Derek Mobley then started to talk about his upcoming match with the World Champion, only to have the Accelerator come out to interrupt. The President set up several matches for the PPV, including announcing that Lurrr would have his X Division Title on the line against both Scott Caine & Arryk Rage in a tag-team match (also involving Warrick Hill). Lurrr responded with the Wake Up Call, knocking the President out.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Robert "The Sensei" Santana about his match for the Television Title that night.

- Tommy Crimson defeated Kevin Kage with the Fury. After the match, Crimson still wasn't satisfied, as he put Kage through a table with a swanton bomb.

- The Big Bifford enlisted a priest, a minister, and a rabbi to rid the GCWA Arena of "the Opera Ghost". They performed their rituals, while Bifford went into the President's office (vacant because of Ace's earlier injury from Lurrr). Bifford, thinking that his seal, Ludwig, was now in charge, made a series of demands, only to deny himself them. Bifford then decided to start a campfire in the President's office.

- The Lost Soul defeated Mikey Willis with the Soul Buster. Willis tried to have his allies attack TLS before the match, but The Lost Soul fought them off, then took out Willis during a somewhat hardcore brawl.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion and Shane Donovan had a confrontation in the back, with Donovan still saying that he would watch Ka'Derrion's back against the Empire, if only for his own selfish reasons.

- Seth Eldiritch is seen attacking PIC in the back, blaming him for Eldritch losing his TV Title opportunity.

- Warrick Hill defeated Draco with the Joint. During the match, Shane Donovan was attacked on the outside by a 'fan' at ringside, who turned out to be Tommy Crimson. Crimson spit a bloody concoction into Donovan's face, blinding him. Draco, seeing his partner looking like he'd been bloodied, went to help, but that allowed Hill to hit his finisher for the win. Draco, recovering, chased Crimson away from ringside after the match.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion is shown congratulating Dangerous Dan on his winning the Wrestler of the Month trophy for May.

- Harvey Danger's Mom, Marie Danger, is shown talking again with the masked Stranger, wanting him to team with Danger to defend the titles at the PPV. The Stranger, though, cursed her out, then revealed himself, showing that the second Stranger was Titan 3! Titan 3 walked away from Marie, leaving behind the mask and apparently leaving Danger without a tag-team partner.

- Robert Santana won the GCWA Television Title, beating Dangerous Dan with the Sensei-Tion. It was a very close and hard-fought match, with Dangerous Dan nearly winning with his finisher at the end. But Santana was able to escape and get his own move, winning away the title.

- Cynthia Hall is shown in the GCWA Arena parking lot, talking with Marcus Ka'Derrion. Ka'Derrion, announcing a new strategy, starts to smash up a white Honda Civic. The shot switches to Derek Mobley, who believes his car is being trashed and runs out. After a break, Mobley finds out that his car is ok, and that it was another car getting smashed. It was all a diversion for Ka'Derrion to assault Mobley with a baseball bat, getting in a few shots before the rest of the Empire showed up.

- Lurrr retained the GCWA X Division Title, beating Harvey Danger with the Wake Up Call.

- After the match, Lurrr looked to do more damage to Harvey Danger. However, a camera shot distracted him, showing a locked ambulance shaking as someone tries to get out. With the rest of the Empire otherwise occupied, Lurrr was attacked by Scott Caine and Arryk Rage, with Rage nearly stealing the X Division Title once again before reluctantly returning it by throwing it out of the ring towards Lurrr.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 6/19/2009
The GCWA Arena

- The Accelerator is seen in a back locker room, preparing for his match against Lurrr later in the night. Titan 3 tries to talk him out of it, but Ace is going to fight. He also tells Titan 3 to get the President's office fixed after the Big Bifford basically destroyed it the week before with a campfire.

- In a dark match, Harvey Danger won over an 'unknown wrestler' with the Danger DDT.

- Seth Eldritch defeated Mikey Willis with the Eldritch Abomination. After the match, PIC attacked Eldritch, getting some revenge for the assault from the week before.

- A 'victory' celebration is seen in the back, with Tommy Crimson celebrating a win over Marcus Ka'Derrion, due to Ka'Derrion not showing up at the arena (the match was cancelled, so it was a false claim from Crimson). Derek Mobley then talked about what he's going to do to Ka'Derrion at Capital Punishment.

- Titan 3 was seen ordering The Big Bifford to repair the President's office, with Bifford trying to remind Titan 3 of 'better times'. Bifford puts Martin Ka'Berryon on the case to repair the office.

- The match between Warrick Hill and Arryk Rage did not take place, as the Roman Empire attacked Rage in the back before the match, taking him out. Scott Caine made the save for his tag-team partner.

- We see Martin Ka'Berryon, along with the religious men from last week's show, working on 'repairing' the President's office by painting it. Ludwig the seal is there to supervise.

- Cynthia Hall interviews the Danger Boiz about their chance to get the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles at the PPV, as well as Dangerous Dan's loss of the Television Title the week before. Dangerous Dan congratulated Santana on his win, but also let it be known that he was coming back for the belt.

- Robert Santana retained the GCWA Television Title, beating Scott Caine. Santana looked strong in this one, getting the Sensei-Tion to defeat the challenger and keep the belt for another week.

- In the back, the Big Bifford throws a head of garlic and a vial of 'poisionous' blood at the D & D locker room, in order to supposedly keep Draco from coming out. Of course, since Draco's not really a vampire, it doesn't work. Bifford then goes to the President's office, where he finds out that the room has been turned into a meshing of religious icons and strange altars (including one built by Ka'Berryon honoring the World Champion). Bifford shrugs, leaves a Soul Gem, and departs.

- Harvey Danger is seen in the GCWA cafeteria talking with his cousin Larry about Harvey's love of referee Trixie. Larry goes to talk to Trixie, but he ends up with a date with Trixie instead of helping his cousin.

- The Big Bifford & The Lost Soul won a "Tag-Team" Match over D & D (Shane Donovan & Draco). During the very competitive match, The Lost Soul and Draco ended up fighting on the outside, while Shane Donovan tried to use his handcuffs for a win. He missed, though, with Bifford blocking it and getting the Biff End for the victory on the IC Champion.

- Robert Santana came to talk to the Accelerator about not having a match at the PPV, so the President gave him a match, but failed to tell him who the match would be against.

- Harvey Danger, still in mourning over his cousin 'stealing' away Trixie, found out that his mother had been in Texas all week. He goes and finds his mother talking to a man who apparently is the original Stranger, wanting him to be the one tagging with Harvey at the PPV. The camera almost catches who it was, but the man hides just in time, although Harvey seems to know who it was.

- Lurrr retained the GCWA X Division Title, winning a "Steel Cage" Match over the Accelerator. Ace distracted Lurrr by making it a title match, allowing him to take control, but Lurrr soon fought back, winning with the Last Call.

- After the match, Lurrr and the rest of the Roman Empire went to take out the President, keeping him inside the cage where none of the rest of the faces could make the save. However, Marcus Ka'Derrion appeared, rappelling down from the ceiling and taking out Lurrr with a title shot, then ending the show by brawling with Derek Mobley.

GCWA Capital Punishment 2009, 6/28/2009
(Alamo Dome, San Antonio, Texas)

- "PIC" Steve Wilson defeated Seth Eldritch with the End Result.

- D & D (Shane Donovan & Draco) talked about Draco's match with Tommy Crimson later that night. Draco, showing a slight lack of trust of Donovan, walked away, leaving Donovan to think of zambonis and cannons.

- Draco won a "#1 Contenders" Match over Tommy Crimson. During the match, Crimson's allies in the Roman Empire started to head his way to help, only to be stopped by Shane Donovan, who was driving a zamboni and firing a t-shirt cannon at them. The distraction was enough for Crimson to be caught by a powerbomb off the turnbuckle, with Draco putting his feet on the middle ropes to give him enough leverage for the victory.

- Cynthia Hall tried to interview Marcus Ka'Derrion in the back about a radio show interview he did, but Ka'Derrion went past her to his locker room, where he discovered a large red skull on his door. Ka'Derrion ripped it off before going inside.

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana retained the GCWA Television Title, winning over Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn. Santana did not know his opponent going into the match. Vaughn put up a short fight, but Santana still easily defeated him with the Sensei-Tion.

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana again retained the GCWA Television Title, fighting to a Double Countout with Dynamic Dynamite. Santana was surprised to learn he was wrestling another match, this time against the returning legend, Dynamite. The two ended up fighting out of the arena, leaving the ref no choice but to call for the Double Countout.

- The Big Bifford and his entourage (Martin Ka'Berryon, Little Benjamin Bifford, and Ludwig the Seal) are joined in their room by The Lost Soul. Bifford offered the last of TLS' soul to him (it was actually window washer fluid). The two are then attacked by Smokey The Bear and The Opera Ghost (dressed as the Easter Bunny). TLS and Bifford quickly dispatched the costumed characters, with TLS then getting away from the strangeness, while Bifford fed his seal cocoa puffs.

- In the back, Scott Caine and Arryk Rage talked about their tag-team match, with Arryk still feeling the effects of the assault the Roman Empire gave him the week before.

- Stranger Danger (Harvey Danger & The Stranger) retained the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, defeating the Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan). Danger got the victory by hitting the Danger Zone on Crazy Chris, with the Stranger keeping Dan away. After the match, Marie Danger, Harvey's Mom, pushed the Stranger away, trying to give all the credit to her sone. The Stranger then unmasked, showing that it was The Lost Soul! TLS took out Danger, laying him out and leaving him with both tag-team titles moving on from the Stranger.

- D & D are seen talking again in the back, now more unified after the earlier Draco/Crimson match.

- Lurrr retained the GCWA X Division Title, teaming with Warrick Hill to defeat Scott Caine & Arryk Rage. During the match, Caine seemed to be in charge, only to have Rage, in bad shape, tag himself in to try and win away the title. It backfired, with Lurrr taking out Rage with a Wake Up Call to get the win and keep his title, even as Caine was kept out of the ring by Rick Mathis.

- The Accelerator called Derek Mobley into his office, giving him a series of restrictions for his match that night, including that no Roman Empire members could interfere, and that the Accelerator would be the special referee for the match.

- An advertisement rolls, letting people know about the special Half-Year Ace Awards show scheduled for the next week.

- The Lost Soul won the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, winning a "Fatal Fourway" Match over Shane Donovan, The Big Bifford, and Draco. During the match, Draco landed the Hellacious on Bifford, with the two landing on Donovan. With all three men down, The Lost Soul got the Souled Out on Donovan. TLS pinned Donovan, while Draco pinned Bifford. Unfortunately for Draco, Bifford got an arm on the ropes, getting TLS the sole win and making him the new champion.

- Derek Mobley and Marcus Ka'Derrion are seen heading for the ring.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion retained the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Hell In A Cell" Match over Derek Mobley. The Accelerator was the special referee. Ka'Derrion got the win by delivering the Punisher on Mobley, getting the 1-2-3. The leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr, was seen after the match glaring at Ka'Derrion as he helped Mobley to the back.