GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 5/01/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- Shane Donovan is seen talking to the President about an item he has in his contract. The Accelerator, already upset about the stipulation, gets more upset when he sees the cameraman in the room, sending Titan 3 after him.

- In a dark match, James Thrash defeated Mon-E with the Thrashed.

- Scott Caine defeated Jobe Severity with the Sugar Caine.

- After the match, Severity was attacked and beaten down by his former follower, Tommy Crimson, who took Severity out with the Buzzkill and claimed the leadership of Organized Chaos for himself.

- April White interviewed Dangerous Dan in the back, talking to him about the task of having to defend the Television Title each and every week.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion won a "Non-Title" Match over Mikey Willis. Shane Donovan, the World Heavyweight Champion, inserted himself in this match as the guest referee, nearly causing Marcus to lose his undefeated streak on numerous occasions. Donovan was also hamstrung, though, into following the rules, as he kept Willis' partner, Taz, from interfering. The distraction allowed Marcus to win with the Punisher.

- The Roman Empire arrived at the arena, with Lurrr sending Rick Mathis & Warrick Hill to take care of whoever was following them. But it was a trick, as Scott Caine appeared and attacked Lurrr with a chair, then ran away.

- The Big Bifford and Kenny the Psychologist tried to plead with the Accelerator to cancel his X Division Title match (among other things), but the Accelerator said "No" each time.

- Dangerous Dan retained the Television Title, beating Robert Santana with the Danger Zone.

- April White was going to interview Shane Donovan about his actions as a guest referee, but Marcus Ka'Derrion interrupted, attacking Shane with a chair, a table, and a ladder, signalling that he was considering "TLC" stipulations for their PPV match.

- Draco was seen trying to settle more unfinished business with Marcus Ka'Derrion, but he was stopped by Titan 3, with the two having their own confrontation.

- Harvey Danger retained the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles for his team, fighting to a No-Contest in a "Handicap" Match against the Malvados. The match was thrown out due to the interference of numerous masked 'Strangers', The Lost Soul, and others.

- The Accelerator was seen calling for The Lost Soul to be brought to his office.

- Shane Donovan was seen receiving medical attention in the back, when Marcus Ka'Derrion again attacked, this time alluding to a possible "Ambulance" Match for their PPV bout.

- Lurrr won the GCWA X Division Title, winning an "Extreme Cage" Match over the Big Bifford. Lurrr was helped by interference from the rest of the Roman Empire, as well as using blinding powder and a sledgehammer at the end to win.

- After the match, the Roman Empire continued to attack the Big Bifford, with Scott Caine and Derek Mobley apparently running down for the save. But Mobley turned on Caine and joined the Roman Empire, shocking the entire GCWA community.

- The Accelerator, viewing the betrayal on his monitor, put together a new team for Ultimate Survival: Caine, Bifford, and the man in his office, The Lost Soul, basically reinstating him to action.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 5/08/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- Shane Donovan opened the show by coming out to ringside and talking about how he was reading for an "Ambulance" Match. However, the Accelerator interrupted him to inform him that Marcus still hadn't officially chosen stipulations, but would do so later on in the show.

- During one of the commercials, Harvey Danger was seen, selling wrestling memorabilia.

- In the President's office, the Accelerator was seen talking to Mon-E, Robert Santana, and Mikey Willis, telling them that they would go to Ultimate Survival if they either won their matches or lasted more than 5 minutes. Ace also talked to Titan 3, who revealed that he had a plan to deal with all of the 'masked' Strangers that kept popping up.

- Derek Mobley defeated Mon-E with the Thriller in 2:53. At first, Mobley seemed willing to go along with allowing Mon-E to survive for the full 5 minutes, with Mon-E offering him cash. But Mobley went ahead, took out Mon-E for the win, and took the cash anyway.

- The Stranger was seen taking a delivery from UPS, with a box full of Stranger masks. A note was also included, talking about how he had done such a great job lately, but that he needed to take out the Malvados that night.

- Mon-E was seen arguing with Ace about his place in Ultimate Survival, but he ended up pissing off the President, who took out Mon-E, had security beat him up, then had him escorted from the building, firing him immediately. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn, who just so happened to be in the hallway, was put in his place in the match out of spite (although Vaughn didn't seem too happy about it).

- As the announcers discussed Mon-E's abrupt firing, the lights flickered and a message played, talking about a presence being felt.

- Organized Chaos (Tommy Crimson & Super Creep) won, via DQ, over the Malvados (Hector & Victor). During the match, five Strangers came to ringside, only to have one of the Strangers take out the rest and reveal himself as Titan 3. Meanwhile, another Stranger (presumably the real one) entered the ring and attacked Crimson, causing the DQ and making the Malvados lose.

- A pre-taped video is played, showing April White interviewing Harvey Danger. Danger proclaimed his love for referee Trixie, and even read a poem. He was then interrupted by Edward Jones, who told Danger that Trixie wanted nothing to do with him, and was tired of harassing phone calls from Harvey's mother. Harvey then proceeded to chase down an ice cream cart.

- Scott Caine defeated James Thrash with the Sugar Caine.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion was seen in the boiler room, considering another type of match, when Titan 3 appeared to talk with him. Titan 3 told Marcus to just beat Shane Donovan in the ring, instead of attacking him so many times. Titan 3 also called Marcus "Iron Man", giving him an idea.

- After a commercial break, Marcus came out to ringside to talk about his World Title opportunity. Marcus also officially announced that his match would be a 60-Minute Iron Man Match! While Marcus was leaving, though, Shane Donovan ambushed him with a World Title hit to the head, laying him out.

- Tommy Crimson was seen coming to Draco's locker room, giving him a wad of bills (some of which later turned out to be phony) in order to recruit Draco to his Ultimate Survival team, along with the Malvados.

- Former ICWF announcer Paco Perez came out, officially declaring that he was coming to the GCWA... as a manager for the Malvados.

- Robert Santana defeated Mr. Excellent with the Sensei-Tion.

- The Accelerator called the Tag-Team Champions, Stranger Danger, into his office, showing them a signed contract pitting them against Tommy Crimson, Draco, & one of the Malvados. Harvey, not wanting another handicap match, quickly went and grabbed James Thrash out of the hall, making him their third tag-team partner for the PPV.

- The Big Bifford held a 'contest' in the back, trying to decide on a new manager (since Earl the Popcorn Salesman had been deported). The winner was Martin Ka'Berryon, a man in a grape costume, similar to Fruit of the Loom.

- Dangerous Dan retained the GCWA Television Title, beating Mikey Willis with the Danger Zone. It was a very close match, with Willis nearly winning away the gold, but Dan held onto it in the end.

- At the end of the night, the Roman Empire came out with its newest member, Derek Mobley. Lurrr, the leader of the group, bragged about his winning the X Division Title the week before, while Mobley talked about betraying Caine and the fans, but refusing to fully explain himself. The group was then attacked by "Bound By Hate", consisting of the Big Bifford, The Lost Soul, and Scott Caine, ending the night with a brawl.

GCWA Ultimate Survival, 5/17/2009
(The Toyota Center in Houston, Texas)

- Team Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, & Mr. Excellent) won an "Ultimate Survival Qualifier" Match over Team Blaze ("The Blaze" Mikey Willis, Robert "The Sensei" Santana, & Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn). Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan 'survived'.

1) Mikey Willis eliminated Mr. Excellent.
2) Crazy Chris eliminated Peter Vaughn.
3) Dangerous Dan eliminated Mikey Willis.
4) Dangerous Dan eliminated Robert Santana.

- Cynthia Hall, making her return to the GCWA airwaves, told Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill that the President needed to see them in his office.

- The Malvados tried to do a sneak-attack on Harvey Danger, only to have it stopped by Draco, who wanted a clean fight that night.

- Team Organized Chaos (Tommy Crimson, Hector Malvado, & Draco) won an "Ultimate Survival Qualifier" Match over Team Stranger Danger (Harvey Danger, the Stranger, & James Thrash). Draco & Crimson 'survived'.

1) Hector Malvado (actually his brother Victor) eliminated the Stranger.
2) Harvey Danger eliminated Malvado.
3) Draco eliminated James Thrash.
4) Tommy Crimson eliminated Harvey Danger.

- The Accelerator broke the news to Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill that the ICWF Hall of Famer, Dean had been shot and nearly killed by a drug-addict who later died (this was revealed in Derek's rp's as him being the one behind the attempted murder). Both Derek and Warrick said they were fine wrestling that night.

- The Big Bifford called a meeting with his tag-team partners, Scott Caine and The Lost Soul. Bifford gave 'gifts' to the two men, then showed them his pet seal, Ludwig, who could eat Cocoa Puffs. Caine & TLS simply left the room.

- Team Roman Empire (Lurrr, Warrick Hill, & Derek Mobley) won an "Ultimate Survival Qualifier" Match over Team Bound By Hate (The Big Bifford, The Lost Soul, & Scott Caine). Derek Mobley was the sole 'survivor'.

1) Lurrr eliminated Scott Caine.
2) The Big Bifford eliminated Lurrr.
3) The Lost Soul and Warrick Hill fought to a Double Countout.
4) Derek Mobley eliminated the Big Bifford.

- Cynthia Hall interviews the Danger Boiz, congratulating them on making it to the finals, but also informing them that Dangerous Dan will be defending his TV Title against Crazy Chris on the next Inferno.

- The Accelerator came out to make announcements, including that the next PPV, Capital Punishment '09, would be held in San Antonio, Texas. Ace also announced that the winner of Ultimate Survival would face the World Champion in a "Hell In A Cell" Match at the PPV.

- Derek Mobley won the "Ultimate Survival Finals" Match, surviving over Tommy Crimson, Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, and Draco.

1) Crazy Chris was eliminated by Draco.
2) Dangerous Dan was eliminated by Tommy Crimson.
3) Tommy Crimson was eliminated by Derek Mobley.
4) Draco was eliminated by Derek Mobley.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn about appearing in his first match, but they were interrupted when Seth Eldritch debuted, assaulting Vaughn and bloodying him.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion won the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning an "Iron Man" Match, 4-3, over Shane Donovan. Donovan took the early lead thanks to using an illegal object to knock Ka'Derrion out, but Ka'Derrion eventually fought back, tying the match up with only 2 1/2 minutes left, then getting the Punisher at the end for the victory.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 5/22/2009
(GCWA Arena)

- The previous PPV activities were shown in a video montage to start the show.

- Derek Mobley came out to celebrate his Ultimate Survival victory, as well as to run a video of the Roman Empire (Warrick Hill, Rick Mathis, & Lurrr) mocking Marcus Ka'Derrion and his late father, the Punisher.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed the Danger Boiz, talking about how they had to fight each other tonight. Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris assured Hall that they would still be a team afterwards, and that they would be coming for the GCWA Tag-Team Titles. One of the Malvados was seen overhearing the interview.

- "The Professional" Joey Truxell defeated Kevin Kage with the Starlight Driver.

- The Accelerator was shown, arriving late to his own show, and being confronted in the parking lot by Shane Donovan, who wanted his rematch for the GCWA World Title. Ace let Shane know that it would happen down the line, but that the first match was set for Ka'Derrion/Mobley. Donovan, disgusted, accused Ace of taking the Empire's side over him, but Ace walked away (and Donovan ran into an OOC nemesis, Caliguila).

- During the commercial break, Harvey Danger once again advertised GCWA merchandise.

- The Accelerator arrived at his office to find Paco and Titan 3 taking shots of tequila. Paco got Ace to agree to give his boys, the Malvados, a World Tag-Team Titles opportunity. Ace then sent both men out of his office, with Titan 3 looking noticably drunk.

- James Thrash and Mr. Excellent fought to a No-Contest, after the two fell off the top turnbuckle and through a table. Since the match was not being fought under hardcore rules, the referee threw it out.

- The Big Bifford was seen talking to Martin Ka'Berryon in the back about how he deserves a World Title shot. They went to the Accelerator's office, but the Accelerator denied all of Bifford's demands (a World Title shot, a VP position for the seal, etc), eventually revealing that all Bifford wanted was to show Ace his pet seal, Ludwig, eating Cocoa Puffs. Ace left the arena after this, thoroughly exhausted.

- Mikey Willis came to the ring and called out The Lost Soul, due to TLS assaulting his guys a few weeks back. TLS answered, but was immediately attacked from behind by Mikey's friend, Kenny, with the two men beating him down.

- As the Roman Empire were leaving the arena, Scott Caine attacked again, laying out Rick Mathis. Soon, though, Caine was beaten down by sheer numbers and left laid out.

- Cynthia Hall was seen, interviewing Shane Donovan, who made a surprising promise to watch out for Marcus Ka'Derrion, since he wanted to win the belt back from him, not from the Roman Empire. Donovan pledged that he would help Ka'Derrion against the Empire in the coming weeks.

- Seth Eldritch defeated Robert "The Sensei" Santana with the Eldritch Abomination.

- Harvey Danger tried to play himself as badly injured in the back, to earn the affection of referee Trixie. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, as Trixie stepped over the 'injured' Harvey while listening to her iPod and reading a magazine.

- Draco and Tommy Crimson had a confrontation in the back, with each man blaming the other for what happened at Ultimate Survival. It ended in a brawl, with security there to break it up.

- A poem was shown on the big screen before the next match, apparently sent by the Stranger.

- Dangerous Dan retained the GCWA Television Title, fighting to a No-Contest with his brother, Crazy Chris. The two were having an exciting match when the Malvados suddenly attacked, ending the match. The Malvados took out both brothers, in order to ensure that they did get the next title shot.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion was seen arriving at the building.

- A review video covered the wrestling career of Marcus Ka'Derrion, leading up to his victory at Ultimate Survival to become the World Champion.

- In a surprising 'victory celebration', Marcus Ka'Derrion came out to the ring, laid down the World Title, said "This one's for you, Dad", then left.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 5/29/2009
(GCWA Arena)

- In a dark match, Warrick Hill defeated Kevin Kage with the Joint.

- In a dark match, Mikey Willis defeated "The Professional" Joey Truxell with the Standing Shooting Star Press.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion came out at the beginning of the televised show to talk about what happened the week before, and to assure the fans that he wasn't vacating the World Title. He insulted Derek Mobley and the Roman Empire, promising to beat him at Capital Punishment.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Scott Caine in the back about the beating he took the week before. Caine made the surprising announcement that he was going to call out the Roman Empire at the end of the night for a match.

- The Big Bifford, Martin Ka'Berryon, and Ludwig the Seal were seen in the back, around a bonfire that Bifford had constructed. Bifford talked about Derek Mobley and Shane Donovan, then headed off for his match. Martin put out the fire and left the seal next to his 'office'.

- The Big Bifford defeated James Thrash with the Biff End. Thrash tried a trick at the beginning of the match, lining the aisleway with a buffet. Bifford was nearly counted out, but Ludwig appeared on the big screen, somehow encouraging him to wrestle.

- Lurrr & Rick Mathis were seen in the back, accepting Scott Caine's challenge.

- Draco came into the Accelerator's office to challenge Tommy Crimson, and a surprisingly-lethargic Ace immediately agreed to book the match.

- The Lost Soul won, via DQ, over Shane Donovan. Near the end of the competitive match, Donovan threw a steel chair towards TLS while the ref was down, then fell down, trying to pretend that TLS hit him. But TLS then hit himself with the chair and tossed it back to Donovan, causing the recovering ref to DQ Donovan.

- The Accelerator had a brief meeting with Titan 3, who had retrieved the vacated IC Title from Marcus Ka'Derrion.

- After a break, the Accelerator announced that the two competitors going for the vacated IC Title the next week would be Shane Donovan and Crazy Chris, due to the fact that Donovan had been denied his World Title rematch and Chris still had a #1 Contendership due him.

- Dangerous Dan retained the GCWA Television Title, defeating Seth Eldritch with the Danger Zone.

- Mikey Willis, while leaving the arena, was seen trying to find his friend, Kenny. The Lost Soul called Mikey on Kenny's phone, then apparently dropped an unconscious Kenny from his car while driving past Mikey.

- Draco and Tommy Crimson had another confrontation, but this one ended with Shane Donovan attacking Crimson with a steel chair, revealing that Donovan and Draco had become a team.

- Stranger Danger (Harvey Danger & the Stranger) retained the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, defeating the Malvados (Hector & Victor). The champs dominated the match, with Danger even getting on the phone with his mother during the bout and trying to get her to talk to Trixie. The Stranger, meanwhile, seemed unusually violent.

- Scott Caine's manager, Benji Sampson, tried to convince Caine not to go to ringside, but Caine wouldn't listen, heading away.

- Caine came to ringside and called out the Roman Empire, with Lurrr & Rick Mathis coming out to face him. Surprisingly, though, "Twiztid" Arryk Rage made his return, siding with Caine and helping to take down Lurrr & Mathis. Meanwhile, in the back, Marcus Ka'Derrion attacked Warrick Hill and Derek Mobley, taking Mobley out with the Pain Bomb.