GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 4/03/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- The announcers start the show by talking about The Lost Soul's collapse in the ring the week before. His condition is stable now, as he was released from the hospital.

- Paco Perez, the former ICWF Color Commentator, was spotted in the crowd.

- Mikey Willis won, via forfeit, over Jeb The Male Cheerleader.

- Harvey Danger is seen distributing flyers asking for a tag-team partner. He runs away when the Accelerator confronts him.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Benji Sampson, the manager of Scott Caine. Sampson explained that Caine used a steel chair on the Big Bifford the week before because Bifford was in the way of Caine getting to Lurrr. Sampson also mentioned that Caine would be facing Bifford for the X Division Title at the PPV.

- Tommy Crimson defeated Andy Halerman with the Buzz Kill. Due to this win, Mikey Willis' friend, Kenny, was released from captivity (Willis had to win and Halerman had to lose).

- After the match, Organized Chaos members Super Creep & sEizure carried off Halerman, while Crimson talked about taking out Marcus Ka'Derrion. Ka'Derrion then appeared, attacking Crimson and eventually putting him through a burning table with the Pain-Bomb!

- Cynthia Hall interviewed the GCWA World Champion, Derek Mobley, about the three men he would be facing at Blood On The Battlefield III.

- Scott Caine defeated Dangerous Dan with a Backstabber. Caine apparently blinded Dan with an unknown substance before the maneuver, then used his feet on the ropes to get the win.

- The Accelerator is seen finding the Head of Security, Titan 3, destroying an internet reporter for not having a press pass. Ace tells Titan 3 to chill out, but Titan 3 walks away. Ace arranges for the downed internet reporter to get the best treatment, in order to avoid a lawsuit.

- Before the next match could begin, the Accelerator interrupted the proceedings to announce several items. First, he let Harvey Danger know that if he didn't find a partner, the Tag-Team Titles match at the PPV would be a "Handicap" Match. The Accelerator also announced that Scott Caine would have an "Xtreme" Match against the Big Bifford for the X Division Title and that Marcus Ka'Derrion would be defending the IC Title against Tommy Crimson in a "Flaming Tables" Match. Finally, Ace made the next match a "Title For Title" Match.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion 'won' the Danger Title and retained the Intercontinental Title, beating Harvey Danger with the Punisher maneuver.

- The Lost Soul came into the President's office, wanting a match at the PPV. The Accelerator denied him, saying that The Lost Soul's health was too great a concern. He suggested that The Lost Soul needed to consider retirement.

- Derek Mobley & The Ice Man won a special "Tag-Team" Match over Shane Donovan & Lurrr. In the end, Lurrr was caught by the Ice Man's Ice Pick, then pinned by Mobley.

GCWA Blood On The Battlefield III, 4/12/2009
(GCWA Arena)

- A review video went over the past two Blood On The Battlefield pay-per-views, as well as what will take place tonight.

- Mikey Willis won a "Grudge" Match over Andy Halerman with a Standing Shooting Star Press.

- Harvey Danger is seen in the back, lamenting about his lost Danger Title. He sees Marcus Ka'Derrion approaching and talks to him about it, mentioning that the Danger Title is actually defended 24/7. Danger then pulls down Ka'Derrion's shorts, rolls him up, and shouts 1-2-3. Danger takes the Danger Title and runs, leaving behind a very confused Ka'Derrion.

- Warrick Hill and Dean, now members of the Roman Empire, are seen at ringside. Cynthia Hall interviews them, with Warrick saying that he will do whatever he can to make sure Derek loses the GCWA World Title.

- The Big Bifford retained the GCWA X Division Title, winning an "Xtreme" Match over Scott Caine. Caine was in control at one point, but was attacked from behind by Dangerous Dan, sending him off the ramp and through a table. Bifford then got a Biff End on the concrete for the victory.

- The Accelerator was seen telling Titan 3 to do 'whatever necessary' to keep the main event under control, giving a smiling Titan 3 free reign.

- Cynthia Hall interviews the Danger Boiz, who are on a mission to retain their titles no matter who Harvey Danger's partner is.

- Harvey Danger & the Stranger won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, beating the Danger Boiz. Danger started the match as a "Handicap" Match, but the Stranger, a masked man, came down to be his partner as the match progressed. Danger got the win for his team by rolling up Dangerous Dan and hanging on.

- After the match, Danger was attacked by two other masked men (the Malvados) who were debuting. The Stranger came back to the ring to his aid, as the masked luchadores left.

- Shane Donovan gave an interview in the back, talking about how he would not use his handcuffs that night.

- Paco Perez was once again seen in the arena, this time signing some autographs in the backstage area.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion retained the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, winning a "Flaming Tables" Match over Tommy Crimson. Ka'Derrion got the win by putting Crimson through a burning table with the Pain-Bomb.

- After the match, Crimson, Super Creep, & sEizure attacked Ka'Derrion, preparing to put him through a burning plastic table. Referee (and former GCWA wrestler) Adrian Rockwell got involved, taking out sEizure with the Stonecutter, but Rockwell was then badly injured when Super Creep chokeslammed him on the table.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Derek Mobley, with Mobley ready for his match, but also seeming unsure what would happen if he lost.

- A mysterious man attacked Marcus Ka'Derrion in the back after his match, revealing himself to be Draco, a former adversary of Ka'Derrion's father, the Punisher.

- Shane Donovan won the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Fatal Fourway" Match over Derek Mobley, Lurrr, and the Ice Man. The special referee of the match was Titan 3. During the bout, Mobley was stopped from winning by Warrick Hill & Dean, leading to Titan 3's security force getting in a massive brawl with the Roman Empire. During the chaos, Donovan maced The Ice Man, then managed to pin him, becoming the new champion.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 4/17/2009
(GCWA Arena)

- The Accelerator is seen at the opening of the show, signing a contract with the former owner of the ICWF, ODJ.

- A review video covers much of what happened at Blood On The Battlefield III.

- The Roman Empire (Lurrr, Warrick Hill, and Rick Mathis) come down to the ring, with Lurrr complaining about not having a rematch against the X Division Champion, the Big Bifford. In retaliation, the Roman Empire took out reporter Cynthia Hall, with Mathis giving her the Oil Spill.

- "The Sensei" Robert Santana defeated Terrell Jackson with the Sensei-Tion.

- In the President's office, the Accelerator was seen welcoming Mr. Excellent back after his time off. Ace also brings in Harvey Danger and the Stranger. Ace asks the Stranger to unmask to show that he's not really The Lost Soul (who is banned from wrestling). Before the Stranger can unmask, though, TLS walks in to protest again about not being allowed to wrestle.

- A video clip talks about the injuries to referee Adrian Rockwell (caused by Organized Chaos at the PPV), and his subsequent surgery.

- Dean comes to the ring to brag about what happened to Derek Mobley. Mobley himself then shows up and viciously beats down Dean, with security having to come break it up to save Dean's life. Dean was carted off to the hospital, while Mobley was taken away by security.

- Substitute reporter April White interviewed the new World Champion, Shane Donovan, who had several requests, including not giving Derek Mobley a rematch.

- Before the next match, Jones mysteriously gets called to the back by the President. He's replaced by Paco Perez, who takes over the color commentating for the next match.

- Scott Caine defeated Mon-E with the Sugar Caine.

- Afterwards, Paco left, with Jones returning to announce that it was all a trick to get him away from the broadcast booth.

- Titan 3 was seen throwing Terrell Jackson out of the building.

- April White interviewed Marcus Ka'Derrion in the back. Ka'Derrion was very worked up, talking about Tommy Crimson, Draco, and Harvey Danger. He almost punched the President when Ace came up from behind, wanting to talk to him in his office.

- Stranger Danger (Harvey Danger & the Stranger) had a celebration in the ring, complete with a stale birthday cake, to celebrate the winning of the Tag-Team Titles. The Malvados attacked during the celebration, putting Danger through the cake and unmasking the Stranger to reveal former GCWA wrestler Aaron Hedrick. The real Stranger then came to the ring and chased off the Malvados, before helping Danger up.

- The Big Bifford was seen, confused, talking to World Champion Shane Donovan as if Donovan was just a fan with a fake belt. Bifford seemed to believe that he was the World Champion, as well as the President. Earl the Popcorn Salesman tried to set him straight.

- Dangerous Dan defeated Mikey Willis with the Danger Zone. During the match, Scott Caine came out as if to attack, but instead stayed on the ramp watching., before finally departing when Crazy Chris came out to confront him.

- The Accelerator came out to make a special address to the fans. He mentioned fines levied against the Roman Empire and Mobley, as well as Mobley being suspended for his actions. This meant that Marcus Ka'Derrion was now the #1 Contender to the GCWA World Title. Ace then brought out ODJ to the ring, where the special announcement was made that the next PPV would be an ICWF classic, Ultimate Survival!

- The night ended with the Roman Empire seen leaving the building, with someone else following them from behind.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 4/24/2009
(GCWA Arena)

- The Big Bifford appears, sitting in the President's chair and trying to book matches. Earl the Popcorn Salesman quickly got him out of there, with the Accelerator looking on with pity.

- A pre-taped video shows Harvey Danger trying to talk to Trixie about his feelings for her. Danger never realized that the person he was talking to was the ring announcer, Minos.

- Tommy Crimson defeated The Ice Man with the Buzz Kill. Crimson's allies, Super Creep & sEizure, attacked The Ice Man before the match, making him easy prey.

- After the match, Crimson tried to put The Ice Man through a table, but missed, putting himself through instead, while The Ice Man escaped. Jobe Severity then made his re-appearance, taking the leadership back from Crimson and reuniting Organized Chaos. Severity challenged Lurrr to a future match, and talked about his opponent the next week, Scott Caine.

- The Accelerator and Titan 3 talked about the increase in violence lately, with Titan 3 wanting Ace to lower the restrictions on what he could do. The Lost Soul then came in, with Ace once again telling him he wouldn't be booked in a match. TLS said that he would show them something to help Ace change his mind.

- Stranger Danger came out to the ring with mariachis and dressed like they were from Mexico. The Malvados appeared to attack again, with the Stranger being revealed this time as Harvey's cousin, Larry. Another Stranger came down to make the save, but the two 'Malvados' were then revealed as Kevin Conner and Axl Rhude. The real Malvados were in the back, laughing about pulling the same trick on the Tag-Team Champs.

- Titan 3 & GCWA Security confronted the Roman Empire when they arrived, with Lurrr confirming that his team would work together at Ultimate Survival. A person was seen following the Empire once again.

- Draco defeated Harvey Danger with the Hellacious. It was a back-and-forth match with Danger nearly winning by pinfall and by countout, but Draco survived in the end.

- The Accelerator is seen talking to Mr. Excellent and the Danger Boiz, getting them to agree to be a team at Ultimate Survival.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion and Shane Donovan had the contract signing for the World Title Match at Ultimate Survival. Ka'Derrion was reluctant at first, but ended up signing the contract. Donovan attacked the challenger after the match with a title shot to the head, laying him out. The Accelerator announced after the attack that Marcus would be the one to choose the match stipulations.

- In a pre-taped segment, Scott Caine was shown going to Derek Mobley's house, where Mobley was hanging out with the jobbers of the GCWA's past. Caine convinced Mobley to join him at Ultimate Survival to go against the Roman Empire.

- Before the Battle Royal, Mon-E was taken out by the Malvados, who took his place (one Malvado in the ring).

- Dangerous Dan won the new GCWA Television Title, winning a "Battle Royal" Match over Scott Caine, the Malvados, Robert Santana, Mikey Willis, and Mr. Excellent. The Malvados tried a switch-a-roo during the match, with one coming in when the other one was eliminated, but that was stopped by Dan's partner, Crazy Chris.

- The final shot of the night showed the Accelerator trying to get a match signed for the next week between the Malvados and Stranger Danger. Since the attendant couldn't locate the Stranger (since no one knows who he is), Ace made the match a "Handicap" Match between the Malvados and Danger.