GCWA Darkness Falls, 3/01/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- Crazy Chris won a "#1 Contenders Gauntlet" Match. Here is the elimination data:

1) Caid Austin defeated Kevin Conner with the Violent Outburst. Conner came out before the match and tried to quit without fighting, but Austin brought him to the ring in his street clothes.

2) Scott Caine defeated Caid Austin with a roll-up pin. An upset Austin kicked Caine in the head after he was pinned before leaving.

3) Scott Caine defeated Amazing Lee with the Sugar Caine.

4) Mr. Excellent defeated Scott Caine with a Super Belly-To-Back Suplex off the turnbuckle.

5) Mr. Excellent forced Ty Fierce to submit to the Execution.

6) Crazy Chris won the "Gauntlet" Match, winning via a controversial pinfall over Mr. Excellent. At the end of the match, Excellent brought Chris off the turnbuckle with a bridge pin. Although both men raised their shoulders, the referee, Mark Bell, missed Excellent's shoulder rising, giving the win to Chris despite Excellent's protests.

- The announcers talked about how Marcus Ka'Derrion arrived early for his match tonight. They also played a video showing the Accelerator giving Marcus a gym bag and saying that it's for "when the time is right".

- Jobe Severity defeated Warrick Hill, thanks in part to interference from the rest of Organized Chaos (Tommy Crimson & Seizure). While Seizure distracted the referee, Severity hit Hill with a metal cross, then landed the Blasphemy for the pinfall victory.

- After the match, Organized Chaos all beat on Hill. They also attempted to crucify him, but Derek Mobley & the Danger Boiz made the save. Hill was taken to the hospital, needing stitches.

- A GCWA executive is seen coming out of the Roman Empire's locker room, pocketing some money.

- Before the next match, the crowd is anxiously awaiting Marcus Ka'Derrion coming out to his father's music. However, Marcus instead comes out to no music, earning a lot of boos.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion retained the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, defeating Dangerous Dan. Ka'Derrion was able to land the Snap Cradle Brainbuster for the pinfall victory.

- After the match, the Payne Killers (Jason & Lukas Payne) appeared on the big screen, taunting Dangerous Dan. They also revealed that they had ambushed Crazy Chris, laying him out in the back while Dan was occupied with his match.

- Cynthia Hall was shown outside the President's office, announcing that a rumored former World Champion was supposedly inside, signing a GCWA contract! However, the Accelerator refused to reveal who it was. When Cynthia went into the office, she found that the person had gone out the back door, keeping it a mystery.

- Tommy Crimson defeated the Big Bifford, winning with the Fury. Bifford wore high-heel shoes to the match, which greatly hampered his maneuverability.

- Dangerous Dan is shown walking in the back, trying to contact Derek Mobley on his cell phone. Before he can reach him, though, the Payne Killers attack him, taking Dan out as well and leaving Mobley without allies.

- Lurrr retained the GCWA X Division Title, winning a "Boxes, Ladders, & Cage" Match over The Lost Soul. The match was a wild one, with one box exploding in Lurrr's face. In the end, The Lost Soul seemed to have the win, as he was heading out the door with the key and the title. But Rick Mathis intervened, keeping The Lost Soul at bay long enough for Lurrr to dive out the door, staying the champion. Post-match, The Lost Soul knocked out both men, before dropping the X Division Title on the downed Lurrr.

- Derek Mobley was shown in the backstage area, throwing away a Roman Empire business card. It was unclear whether or not he was considering asking Lurrr & Mathis for help, as it never occurred either way.

- Before the main event could take place, the Accelerator came out and banned the Payne Killers from the arena, saying that they would be fired if they so much as touched Derek Mobley.

- Derek Mobley retained the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Twiztid's House of Terror" Match over Twiztid. The match involved lots of weapons, including barbed wire, a weedwhacker, and other nasty objects. In the end, Mobley was able to hit Twiztid with a mirror, then got him with the Thriller to retain the belt.

- After the match, Jobe Severity came down to join Twiztid in a beatdown of Mobley. They were preparing to crucify Mobley on the cross that was built for Hill, but they were interrupted by a man dressed like GCWA Hall of Famer, the Punisher. The man took out Severity with the Pain Bomb and Twiztid with the Painkiller, then helped Mobley up. It was only then that he was revealed to actually be Marcus Ka'Derrion, showing that his father was actually the Punisher. The show ended on this image.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 3/06/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- A preview video went over the results from Darkness Falls.

- A tribute to the Punisher took place involving many of the wrestlers, past and present, from the GCWA, the ICWF, and other organizations. A 10-bell salute was sounded in his memory, and a video was run remembering his greatest victories.

- Caid Austin defeated Cowboy Tom Hookum in the opening match. Austin attacked Hookum from behind in the aisleway and dominated the rest of the way, putting Hookum away with the Violent Outburst.

- Mr. Excellent is shown getting a note from the President's office, authorizing him a "#1 Contenders" spot against the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka'Derrion, to take place the next week on Inferno.

- In a pre-taped segment, the Accelerator spoke to both head referee Mark Bell and referee Thomas Mitchell about the controversial events that took place at Darkness Falls. Ace especially focused on Mitchell and his perceived bias for the Organized Chaos stable. Ace warned that he would put Mitchell on indefinite suspension if he found out about any connection between them. He also said that new referees were coming in soon.

- The Lost Soul defeated Amazing Lee with the Souled Out. TLS stayed in charge for the majority of the match. He also let out some anger after it, clobbering Lee with a chair shot afterwards.

- Derek Mobley arrives at the arena, only to be told by Cynthia Hall that he was needed at the President's office. He left a disgruntled Warrick Hill to take his bag to the locker room.

- After a break, Warrick Hill was seen taking the bags into the locker room, then finding a card that Mobley had thrown away at the pay-per-view. He smiled, reading the card, then shut the door closed to the locker room.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion came out to the ring and talked about his father, Blake Ka'Derrion, the late Punisher. He talked about trying to live up to his father's name, as well as naming his finisher "The Punisher". He was interrupted by the World Champion, Derek Mobley, who wanted to know if Ka'Derrion was behind some of the attacks that used silver skulls, the Punisher's theme music, and other elements. Ka'Derrion swore that he was not part of the attacks, but that he was trying to warn Mobley about what was coming. The two settled things amiably, with Ka'Derrion promising not to stab Mobley in the back.

- As they finished talking, static filled the screen and a Twiztid promo ran, showing Twiztid at the graveyard. He talked about Ka'Derrion's interference at Darkness Falls, then shows that he's at the tombstone of Blake Ka'Derrion. Twiztid broke the tombstone with a sledgehammer, leaving it in pieces.

- Mr. Excellent defeated Mikey Willis by making him submit to the Execution. Willis put up a good fight but couldn't get the victory.

- The Roman Empire (Lurrr & Rick Mathis) are shown being summoned to the ring by the President. They bump into Organized Chaos (Jobe Severity & Tommy Crimson) who apparently were summoned as well.

- At ringside, the Roman Empire, Organized Chaos, the Danger Boiz & Mr. Excellent, and Scott Caine all came down, followed by the Accelerator. Ace got everyone but Lurrr, Severity, Crazy Chris, & Caine to leave the ring, then announced that the four men there were in the "#1 Contenders Series". The winners of each of 3 matches would go on to face the World Champion in a "Fatal Fourway" Match at the next PPV, Blood On The Battlefield III.

- The Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan) won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, defeating the Payne Killers (Jason Payne & Lukas Payne) when Dangerous Dan pinned Jason after a Danger Zone/Crazy Man's Suicide combination. Lukas attacked his brother, Jason, after the match, giving him a Gringo Killer on the concrete.

- Crazy Chris made a special announcement, saying that whoever won the Mr. Excellent/Ka'Derrion match the next week would have to deal with him, as he would be using his #1 Contendership for the Intercontinental Title.

- The final shot of the night showed Warrick Hill going into the locker room of the Roman Empire, with Lurrr giving the cameraman the Wake Up Call to keep him from following.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 3/13/2009
(GCWA Arena)

- A preview video reminded the viewers of the #1 Contenders Series announced the week before.

- Derek Mobley came out to the ring to talk about his friend, Warrick Hill, who was apparently joining the Roman Empire. Hill came out alongside Rick Mathis and came down to the ring. Mobley challenged him to attack him from behind, but Warrick wouldn't do it, despite Mathis' encouragement. The two left, leaving Mobley unhurt but alone.

- Cynthia Hall encountered the President in the backstage area, trying to get him to say who the mysterious new wrestler was. All Ace would confirm is that the new wrestler would be appearing that night.

- The Lost Soul defeated Caid Austin with the Souled Out.

The Lost Soul appeared to have a good fan base in the front row, with three people wearing TLS facemasks and clothes. The referee for this match was Mark Bell.

- Cynthia Hall found Marcus Ka'Derrion digging a plot behind the GCWA Arena. Ka'Derrion said that he was preparing it for Twiztid, as he was challenging the man who destroyed his father's tombstone to a "Buried Alive" Match on the next Inferno.

- Derek Mobley and his sidekick, Eugene, were shown back in the House of Pain locker room, with Mobley announcing that the ICWF Hall of Famer, Dean, would be coming to the next Inferno.

- Tommy Crimson defeated Dangerous Dan with the Buzzkill and a handful of tights. The referee for this match was Thomas Mitchell, causing more controversy regarding Mitchell's potential union with the Organized Chaos crew.

- The Accelerator was shown in the back, talking to two new referees (who were not shown).

- Harvey Danger was in the back, going to try and see the Danger Boiz to introduce himself as a fellow "Danger". The Danger Boiz, though, didn't let him into their locker room.

- Before the next match got started, the first new referee, Trixie Anderson, was introduced.

- The Big Bifford defeated Harvey Danger with the Biff End. Both wrestlers were infatuated with their referee, Trixie.

- After the match, a static broadcast by Twiztid was seen, where he burned pictures of both Blake Ka'Derrion and Marcus Ka'Derrion. Twiztid also accepted Marcus' challenge of a "Buried Alive" Match.

- The second new referee, former GCWA TV Champion Adrian Rockwell, was introduced before the next match.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion retained the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, beating Mr. Excellent with the Punisher.

- The Accelerator and the Head of Security, Titan 3, talked in the back about if the new wrestler had made it yet (he had).

- Lurrr retained the GCWA X Division Title, winning a "#1 Contenders Series" Match over Scott Caine. Caine's friends took out Rick Mathis before the match with paintball guns, but Lurrr still found a way to win, knocking out Caine in mid-air with the Wake Up Call for the victory.

- After the match, Lurrr headed to the back, where he once again bumped into Jobe Severity.

- Severity came out to the ring, wanting to know his challenger the next week (as well as to comment on Lurrr and Derek Mobley). He was interrupted by snow falling from the ceiling, as the Ice Man made his GCWA Debut, announcing that he was the man Severity would face. We ended the show with the Ice Man on the turnbuckle, with snow falling around him.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 3/20/2009
(GCWA Arena)

- Legendary ICWF wrestler Dean was shown arriving at the arena.

- Warrick Hill defeated Lukas Payne with the Joint. Payne was distracted by Rick Mathis, allowing Hill to get the win.

- Harvey Danger talked to his mother in his "locker room", which was actually a janitor's closet.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion was seen sitting in front of the gravesite of his "Buried Alive" Match with Twiztid.

- Harvey Danger won a "Three Way" Match over Caid Austin and Mikey Willis. After Austin took himself out of the match by falling to the outside, Danger put away Willis with the Danger DDT for the victory.

- The Big Bifford & Earl the Popcorn Salesman delivered a fishtank, supposedly with the "soul" of The Lost Soul, to his dressing room.

- Twiztid is shown in darkness somewhere in the arena, burning a Marcus Ka'Derrion t-shirt.

- The Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan) won a "Non-Title" Match over the Stephens Brothers (Brick & Brent). Chris hit the Crazy Man's Suicide on Brick for the pinfall victory.

- Benji Sampson, the new manager for Scott Caine, was seen watching the end of the Danger Boiz match.

- Lukas Payne came into the Accelerator's office and protested his loss, due to Rick Mathis' interference. When Payne put his hands on the President, the Head of Security, Titan 3, got involved by taking out Payne with an A-Bomb through the Presidential desk. Ace then informed the unconscious Payne that he was suspended.

- The World Champion Derek Mobley came out with his mentor, Dean, to call out Mobley's former partner, Warrick Hill. Hill came out with his new stablemates in the Roman Empire, Lurrr & Mathis. Hill refused to leave the Empire, and when Mobley pushed the issue, Hill revealed that not everyone was against his decision, as Dean shockingly attacked Mobley, laying him out with the Razorback! Dean left with the Roman Empire, as Mobley painfully watched them go.

- The Big Bifford won an "Xscape" Match over The Lost Soul, Scott Caine, and Mr. Excellent, earning the #1 Contenders spot for the GCWA X Division Title. Bifford managed to escape the cage by knocking down the door, even as the rest of the competitors tried to climb out.

- Cynthia Hall tried to get an interview with Derek Mobley in the back, but Mobley pushed past her, leaving with the help of the Danger Boiz.

- The Ice Man won a "#1 Contenders Series" Match over Jobe Severity by landing the Ice Pick. With the win, the Ice Man joined Lurrr as the second man to face Derek Mobley for the World Title at Blood On The Battlefield III.

- Crazy Chris was interviewed in the back by Cynthia Hall about both Derek Mobley's condition and his shot at the "#1 Contenders Series" the next week. Chris was attacked from behind before finishing the interview, with Shane Donovan surprisingly being shown as the attacker.

- A review video covered all of the issues between Marcus Ka'Derrion and Twiztid, leading up to the main event of the evening.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion won a "Buried Alive" Match over Twiztid. It was an extremely bloody affair involving countless weapons. In the end, Ka'Derrion managed to send Twiztid through the tombstone of the burial plot with the Punisher maneuver, knocking him out long enough for Ka'Derrion to throw some dirt in, winning the match.

- Afterwards, the front loader nearby surprisingly started up and dumped a full load of dirt on Twiztid, fully burying him! The Accelerator was shown in his office, toasting Twiztid, as the driver of the front loader was revealed to be Titan 3! The show ended on Titan 3's satisfied smile.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 3/27/2009
(GCWA Arena)

- A review clip shows Dean's betrayal of GCWA World Champion Derek Mobley from the week before.

- In a dark match, Harvey Danger defeated Mr. Excellent with the Danger DDT.

- Tommy Crimson defeated Caid Austin with the Fury. After the match, Crimson hit The Flaming Ball From Hell on Austin, putting him through a table and severely burning the man.

- The Big Bifford and Earl the Popcorn Salesman arrive at the arena, with Bifford blocking an attempted assault from Loser-rr (who wanted to take Bifford out so that Lurrr could win via forfeit later in the night).

- Warrick Hill and Dean are shown at a Dean training facility, with Dean explaining why he turned on Derek, due to Mobley not taking the House of Pain, a stable he created, to the top. Warrick also talked about how Derek's letter to Warrick's girlfriend, Kelli, was not received.

- The Ice Man forced Mikey Willis to tap out to the Frostbite.

- Titan 3 stopped Caid Austin from being loaded into an ambulance, telling he & his valet, Mercedes, that Ace has fired him. Mercedes, in anger, slapped Titan 3, who promptly grabbed the injured Austin and A-Bombed him on the stretcher, adding to his injuries.

- After a break, the Accelerator confronted Titan 3 about his assault on Austin, with Titan 3 saying that he had been 'provoked'.

- Derek Mobley won over The Lost Soul, due mainly to The Lost Soul's shocking collapse while attempting a top-rope maneuver. After the match, TLS was carted out of the ring and rushed to a hospital.

- A review video runs, showcasing the epic "Buried Alive" Match between Marcus Ka'Derrion and Twiztid the week before.

- The announcers interview Marcus Ka'Derrion from the hospital where he's spent the week. During the interview, Tommy Crimson & the rest of Organized Chaos showed up, attacking Ka'Derrion and laying him out to make a statement.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Harvey Danger in the back, with Danger revealing that he had created the Danger Title, a weight-lifter's belt duct-taped to the lid of a garbage can covered in poster-board paper. The Accelerator was seen after the interview telling someone to bring Danger to him, so that they could discuss things.

- Shane Donovan won the final "#1 Contenders Series" spot, winning over Crazy Chris. During the match, while the referee was down, Donovan knocked out Crazy Chris with a handcuffs shot, then applied the Clincher, officially winning via submission when Chris' arm fell three times.

- The Big Bifford and Earl the Popcorn Salesman are shown again, with a "Smokey The Bear" person attacking Bifford. Bifford took down the man and unmasked him to reveal Loser-rr. Seconds later, another Smokey the Bear attacked, with Bifford taking down his real adversary as well.

- The Danger Boiz were called to the Accelerator's office, where the President informed them that Harvey Danger was being named the #1 Contender to the World Tag-Team Titles. Danger would have to find a partner to team with him for the PPV.

- Before the main event match, Lurrr was attacked by Scott Caine, who bloodied his nose before security could control him.

- The Big Bifford won the GCWA X Division Title, beating Lurrr with a victory roll. - After the match, Lurrr and Rick Mathis attacked Bifford, with Scott Caine running in to make the save. Caine then turned on Bifford, hitting him with a chair shot before leaving.