GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 2/06/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- Aaron Hedrick and Rogie Nocturne fought to a No-Contest due to both men being attacked by the Roman Empire (Lurrr & Rick Mathis).

- Afterwards, Lurrr spoke about it being another example of how the Roman Empire is in charge of the GCWA.

- The Accelerator made a quick announcement, warning the Roman Empire about their actions. He also barred Organized Chaos from ringside in the main event, as well as Warrick Hill.

- The Payne Killers (Jason & Lukas Payne) defeated Jay-Mack Youth & Makorpal when they hit the Overkill on Makorpal. Jason wrestled the first part of the match on his own (his choice), but Lukas came down eventually to join in.

- The Lost Soul is seen backstage, making his way towards the ringside area.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion is interviewed about his deceased father by Cynthia Hall. Marcus promises to reveal his father's name on a future Friday Night Inferno. Marcus then goes down the hall and talks to Scott Caine, letting him know that their match tonight will have the IC Title on the line (it was originally a non-title bout).

- The Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan) & Mr. Excellent won an "X Division #1 Contender Handicap Elimination" Match over The Lost Soul when Crazy Chris pinned TLS after the Crazy Man's Suicide. TLS was able to eliminate Mr. Excellent via a roll-up, but got caught by Crazy Chris' finisher. Crazy Chris, due to making the pin, earned the title shot.

- The Roman Empire is shown in the back, laughing about TLS not earning the title shot against Lurrr.

- Tommy Crimson is shown in Jobe Severity's locker room, getting a phone call and finding out that someone broke into his house and apparently stole his refrigerator. Crimson immediately suspects the Big Bifford.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion retained the GCWA Intercontinental Title over Scott Caine. Dangerous Dan, the true #1 Contender, came down to do commentary as the match commenced. Caine was going for the Sugar Caine when he was distracted by Dan on the outside, allowing Ka'Derrion to recover and hit the Snap Cradle Brainbuster for the win.

- A dejected Scott Caine left the arena with his brother, Stuart, as the crowd chanted for him to "please don't go".

- Derek Mobley is seen arriving at the arena, missing the silver skull nailed to the sign signifying his parking space.

- After a break, Mobley goes into the House of Pain locker room and talks to Warrick about his match that night, as well as Warrick's dieting habits. They're interrupted by Lurrr, who offers an alliance with Mobley to ensure his World Title reign continues. Mobley turns it down, although Hill seems to think it would be a good idea, due to the numbers usually being against them.

- Derek Mobley retained the GCWA World Heavyweight Title over Jobe Severity. Severity came close to winning several times, but Mobley was able to reverse a Blasphemy attempt into the Thriller to get the win.

- Post-match, a video clip showed Warrick Hill getting attacked in the back by the Payne Killers. The lights in the arena went out, and "Bring The Pain" by Method Man played. A masked man then appeared and attacked Mobley, applying the PainKiller submission hold! While the announcers thought that it was the Punisher returning to the GCWA, it turned out to be a trick, as the man unmasked to reveal himself as Arryk Rage.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 2/13/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- Scott Caine defeated Rogie Nocturne with the Sugar Caine. Afterwards, Caine, who has been considering an offer to join a college football team and leave the GCWA, left the ring to chants of "Please Don't Go".

- Maintenance workers found the ruins of several trees outside the arena. Anthony Logan believed this meant that the Big Bifford was around.

- Tommy Crimson defeated Aaron Hedrick with the Fury.

- After his match, Crimson saw something behind the curtain of the entryway. It turned out to be Crimson's missing refrigerator, which was destroyed.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Scott Caine, trying to find out more about Caine's decision, but Scott's lawyer brother, Samuel Caine, helped get him away.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion won a "Non Title" Match over Jay-Mack Youth, winning with a victory roll. Ka'Derrion was wrestling without his usual allies, Brutus & Santiago, which caused him to nearly miss his entrance for the match.

- Titan 3 was seen in the back talking about security matters, when he ran into Jobe Severity. Severity headed down the hall, with Titan 3 noting that Severity seemed to be going somewhere other than his locker room.

- Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill talked in their locker room, with Derek bringing in "Jason Voorhes" as their security for the night. It didn't go as planned, as Jason's machete was fake and he was easily knocked out by Cynthia Hall's entrance into the room.

- The Lost Soul defeated Mr. Excellent with the Soul Buster.

- The Roman Empire is shown in their locker room, preparing for later on. A GCWA employee came in needing to use the restroom. As soon as he was done, Lurrr & Mathis tried to extort money from him, then flushed the man's face in the toilet when he wouldn't pay.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Crazy Chris, with Chris promising to prove Lurrr wrong and win the X Division Title. After the interview, Dangerous Dan had a minor confrontation with the Intercontinental Champion, Marcus Ka'Derrion.

- Lurrr retained the GCWA X Division Title, beating Crazy Chris. Late in the match, Chris seemed to have the advantage, but was distracted when Rick Mathis, on the outside, threw an unknown substance into Dangerous Dan's eyes, blinding him. Chris took out Mathis, but Lurrr then used an illegal object to knock out Chris, scoring the pinfall.

- After the match, The Lost Soul came to the ring to go after Lurrr. Mathis made the save, but was then taken out by TLS and Crazy Chris (who hit the Crazy Man's Suicide on him). As Lurrr left, the Accelerator appeared on the big screen, announcing that the first two matches of the PPV, Darkness Falls, would be Derek Mobley vs. Arryk Rage and Lurrr vs. The Lost Soul, with TLS the one in charge of naming the stipulations.

- While commenting on the upcoming main event, the announcers were interrupted by a promo from Arryk Rage, who let it be known that he was now Twiztid.

- The Payne Killers (Jason & Lukas Payne) won the vacated GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, winning, via DQ, over the House of Pain (Warrick Hill & Derek Mobley). During the match, Twiztid came down and watched, distracting Mobley at times. Near the end, Organized Chaos (Tommy Crimson & Jobe Severity) came down, with Crimson trying to hit Warrick with a pipe. Warrick managed to get the weapon away and hit Lukas with it, but this caused the DQ, losing the match for the House of Pain.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 2/20/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- The announcers talked beforehand about how Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Caid Austin was scheduled for the first match, but that Marcus was late to the arena due to problems with his flight.

- Mr. Excellent defeated "Cowboy" Tom Hookum, forcing him to submit to the Execution.

- A video plays, with The lost Soul describing the rules of the "Boxes, Ladder, & Cage" Match, which will be the type of match TLS will fight Lurrr in at the pay-per-view.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion is shown pulling up to the arena in a cab. Cynthia Hall tries to talk to him about his revealing his father's name, but Marcus knocks her down as he rushes inside. He would later appear briefly during the next match, apparently thinking that his match was starting. When Marcus figured out it wasn't, he quickly retreated to the back.

The Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan) defeated Aaron Hedrick & Jay-Mack Youth. Hedrick deserted his partner during the match. Dan hit the Danger Zone on Youth, and Chris added in the Crazy Man's Suicide, before Dan make the pin for the victory.

- Tommy Crimson went into his locker room and found that his cardboard "OCW World Title" had a bite taken out of it. Angry, he headed to the ring. After the commercial break, Crimson came out and challenged the Big Bifford to a match at the PPV, as well as threatening his opponent on Inferno, Warrick Hill. Jobe Severity also came out and issued an open challenge for the PPV.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion won a "Non-Title" Match over Caid Austin, getting the Snap Cradle Brainbuster to get the pin.

- After the match, Marcus tried to leave, but the fans wanted to know who his father was. Marcus, as promised, revealed his father's name: Blake Ka'Derrion. This upset a lot of people, seeing as how this was his wrestling father's REAL name, not his wrestling name.

- As Marcus Ka'Derrion tried to leave, the President, the Accelerator, stopped him in the parking lot and talked with him about revealing Marcus' father. Ace got Marcus to agree to come out to his father's theme music at the pay-per-view.

- Derek Mobley and Twiztid had their contract signing for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title. Mobley played it for laughs, making fun of how quickly Twiztid's hair seemed to grow. Twiztid, in response, cut his hand open and signed the contract with blood. The two men were close to fighting when the lights went out and a scorpion symbol flashed, causing both men to look shocked.

- In the back, the Danger Boiz & Mr. Excellent (with his son, little Rob), go to the catering area, only to find out someone has snuck in and eaten all of the food. The Big Bifford seems to be the likely suspect.

- Before the next match, the Roman Empire (Lurrr & Rick Mathis) come to the ringside area and attack color commentator Anthony Logan, taking him out. The other announcer, Edward Jones, runs for it, leaving the Roman Empire to call the next match.

- Scott Caine defeated The Lost Soul, getting the Sugar Caine for the pinfall victory. TLS was distracted for much of the match by Lurrr & Mathis at ringside. Post-match, the Roman Empire entered the ring and knocked Caine over the ropes, then proceeded to double-team TLS until GCWA security came to make the save.

- In the back, the House of Pain (Warrick Hill & Derek Mobley) were approached by the Danger Boiz, who offered their aid against Organized Chaos & Twiztid's group. Mobley accepted, although Hill seemed a little reluctant.

- The Accelerator came down to take over Anthony Logan's announcing duties, joining Edward Jones for the final match of the evening.

- Warrick Hill won a "No Holds Barred" Match over Tommy Crimson. This was a wild match, which involved Jobe Severity, Seizure, Derek Mobley, the Payne Killers (Jason & Lukas), the Big Bifford, and Twiztid. Near the end, Crimson went for the Flaming Ball From Hell on Hill, but was instead knocked down by the Big Bifford, who was swinging a refrigerator door. With everyone else involved elsewhere, Crimson and Hill went to the ring, with Crimson avoiding the Joint, but then falling prey to Derek Mobley's Thriller! Hill then landed a flying elbow before getting the pinfall victory.

- Postmatch, Derek Mobley stared out at Twiztid, who was raising his still-bleeding hand in the air. Mobley, also bleeding, continued the stare-down as the night ended.