GCWA Christmas Special, 12/25/2008
(The GCWA Arena)

- This was a special presentation of the return of the GCWA, featuring statements from the Accelerator, the House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill), Arryk Rage, Lurrr, and Shane Donovan.

- The five most memorable moments of the GCWA were shown:

1) 'Steve Austin' winning the first GCWA World Heavyweight Title at Blood On The Battlefield '99.

2) The burning of the Internet Title at Crescendo 2000.

3) Titan 3's rise to the World Title at October Oblivion.

4) The Nightmare/X-Dog Career vs. Career Match at Blood On The Battlefield '00.

5) Michael Breaker's Warriors of the Ring II Tournament Run

- During Arryk Rage's clip, it was shown that he had stolen the GCWA X Division Title (which had not been given to anyone yet). New Head of Security Titan 3 swore to track him down and retrieve the stolen title.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 1/09/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- The announcers (Edward Jones & Anthony Logan) welcomed everyone to the brand-new GCWA.

- The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) talk in the back, with Derek preparing for his match against Dangerous Dan later in the night. Warrick, meanwhile, heads out with plans of his own.

- The GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, begins his quest to track down Arryk Rage and the stolen GCWA X Division Title. Arryk leaves him a note, setting up a scavenger hunt.

- The President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, comes out to address the crowd. He welcomes them back to the GCWA, then discusses a few items. First, he mentions Arryk Rage's theft, stating that the belt will be returned by the first pay-per-view. Next, because the Judge had left the GCWA, the Accelerator replaced him in the GCWA World Title Tournament with Annie Alvarez. Third, he announced that an Intercontinental Title Match would be taking place at the PPV.

- Titan 3 and other members of GCWA Security are shown destroying the locker room of Mr. Excellent to find the next clue.

- Warrick Hill is shown getting medication from the medical area for his 'headache'. He heads to the locker room of the Payne Killers, and tricks Jason Payne into opening the door. Warrick takes out Jason with a chairshot, then goes through his stuff, before leaving him laid out.

- At ringside, Minos is introduced as the ring announcer for the GCWA.

- Derek Mobley defeated Dangerous Dan with the Thriller to move on in the GCWA World Title Tournament.

- After the match, the lights went out, with a silver skull appearing on the big screen. When the lights came back up, Lukas Payne came down and attacked Derek Mobley, knocking him out with a glass container in revenge for what had earlier happened to his brother.

- Axl Rhude and Mr. Excellent protested to the Accelerator, Axl about having to face a girl and Excellent because his locker room was trashed. Ace shook them off and went into his office, after suggesting the two ought to team up.

- Titan 3 is seen above the arena, retrieving another clue from Arryk Rage's scavenger hunt.

- Shane Donovan won, via Countout, over Lurrr to move on in the GCWA World Title Tournament. During the match, Lurrr was distracted by the appearance of El Phantasmo. This allowed Donovan to knock Lurrr down and handcuff him to the guardrail, giving Donovan the cheap win.

- At the end of the show, Titan 3 and the rest of Security goes to Arryk Rage's final location, where only a picture of the X Division Title can be found, along with a note from Arryk stating he's not in the building. Titan 3 took it well, planning to play another game with Arryk the next week: "Tag".

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 1/16/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- Earlier in the night, Arryk Rage arrived at the GCWA Arena, only to immediately be chased by security (on orders by the Head of Security, Titan 3). This pursuit would go on throughout most of the night, leading up to Arryk's match in the main event.

- Lurrr and his ally, Rick Mathis, came out to protest Lurrr's loss in the GCWA World Title Tournament. They formed a new stable, the Roman Empire, and subsequently destroyed the announcers' area. The President, Ace, was then seen in the back, ordering for the duo to be brought to his office to 'discuss' it.

- Scott Caine defeated Makorpal with the Sugar Caine legdrop.

- The Roman Empire and the Accelerator argued things out in the President's office, with Ace setting up a match between Lurrr and El Phantasmo at the PPV for the X Division Title (after Titan 3 assured Ace that the belt would be available). Ace also mentioned an old friend and a multi-time World Champion would be involved in the match.

- Derek Mobley discovered destruction in his locker room, complete with a mannequin with his face on it. There was also a message, stating "Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it... You want PAIN? I'll give you PAYNE!" Mobley took out some anger on the mannequin, only to be caught with it by Warrick Hill.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion is spotted going into the President's office, flanked by two other men.

- Annie Alvarez defeated Axl Rhude with the Kiss The Mat in the first round of the GCWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament.

- New female reporter Cynthia Hall interviewed Marcus Ka'Derrion, trying to get more information on the rookie wrestler. Very little is learned about his past.

- The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) come out to the ring. Derek speaks about his injuries from the week before, promising to continue his journey in the GCWA World Title Tournament despite his concussion. Warrick talks about going after the Payne Killers, then challenges them to a future match for the vacated GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, giving them until the PPV to respond.

- The Accelerator makes a brief appearance from his office, going over the PPV matches that have been signed. He announces that Jobe Severity has officially signed a contract with the GCWA, and that, as part of that contract, Severity is getting a #1 Contenders Match against Chad Vargas (with the winner facing the new World Champion on Inferno in a few weeks). Ace also announced that Scott Caine, Marcus Ka'Derrion, Dangerous Dan, and the loser of the Arryk Rage/Mr. Excellent match would be fighting for the IC Title at the PPV. Finally, Ace said that the main event of the PPV would be No Countouts and No Disqualifications.

- Arryk Rage defeated Mr. Excellent with the Fallen Star in the first round of the GCWA World Title Tournament. During the match, security worked to get into a bag that supposedly contained the X Division Title that Arryk had stolen. However, it turned out to be a fake. As Arryk tried to make his escape after the match, he was caught by Titan 3 at the entryway and taken to the President's office, where a closed meeting then took place.

GCWA Warriors of the Ring III (1/25/2009)
(The GCWA Arena)

- The Accelerator is seen going to his office, where he was met by the debuting Big Bifford and Earl the Popcorn Salesman. They go into his office to talk contract finalizations.

- Jobe Severity defeated Chad Vargas with the King James Version submission hold, winning a "#1 Contenders" Match to earn a shot at the new World Heavyweight Champion.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed "His Legacy" Marcus Ka'Derrion, trying to get more details about Ka'Derrion's father, who was apparently a former GCWA star. His identity is not learned.

- Arryk Rage publicly returned the GCWA X Division Title, throwing it down on the ramp. He also proclaims that he will have another belt by the end of the night.

- The "Three-Way" Match between Lurrr, El Phantasmo, and a friend of the Accelerator turns out to be a trick, as the Accelerator reveals that his friend is The Lost Soul, who was under the mask of El Phantasmo!

- Lurrr defeated The Lost Soul with the Wake-Up Call to win the vacated GCWA X Division Title. The Lost Soul was distracted by Lurrr's ally, Rick Mathis, allowing Lurrr to get the victory.

- In the back, Titan 3 reminded Arryk Rage that his match is up next, much to Arryk's annoyance.

- The Big Bifford is seen leaving Annie Alvarez's empty dressing room, for unknown reasons.

- Edward Jones interviewed Mr. Excellent in a pre-tape segment, with Mr. Excellent confirming that he's now allied with Dangerous Dan, as well as extending an offer to Annie Alvarez to join them.

- Before the next match, Derek Mobley's music is changed from his theme music to "Bring The Pain" by Method Man, before going back. The announcers aren't sure if it's due to the Payne Killers or not.

- Derek Mobley defeated Arryk Rage with the Thriller to move on in the GCWA World Title Tournament.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Scott Caine in the back, getting his thoughts on the upcoming Intercontinental Title match.

- Shane Donovan defeated Annie Alvarez with a handcuffs shot to move on in the GCWA World Title Tournament. While Donovan could have put Alvarez away earlier, he continued the punishment, even after Derek Mobley ran down to try to make the save. Alvarez was carted out on a stretcher after the match.

- In the back, Warrick Hill was ambushed by the Payne Killers, who laid him out, then accepted the challenge for the World Tag-Team Titles.

- Marcus Ka'Derrion won the vacated GCWA Intercontinental Title, winning a "Fatal Fourway Elimination" Match over Scott Caine, Dangerous Dan, and Mr. Excellent. Mr. Excellent was eliminated by Scott Caine (Sugar Caine legdrop). Caine was eliminated by Dangerous Dan (Danger Zone). Dan was eliminated by Ka'Derrion (Snap Cradle Brainbuster).

- The Accelerator and the Head of GCWA Security, Titan 3, talked about the upcoming GCWA World Title Match, making advance preparations.

- Derek Mobley won the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, winning a "No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere" Match over Shane Donovan. During the match, two referees were taken out, so Titan 3 took over as referee. The match ended when Mobley delivered the Thriller to Donovan off of the ring apron and onto the exposed concrete floor of the arena.

- After the match, Derek Mobley was handed the title by Titan 3, with Titan 3 'passing the torch' to the superstar. Mobley celebrated as the pay-per-view went off the air.

GCWA Friday Night Inferno, 1/30/2009
(The GCWA Arena)

- Derek Mobley, with his newly won GCWA World Title, talked with Titan 3 in the back, with the two shaking hands afterwards.

- The Big Bifford defeated Chad Vargas with the Biff End.

- The Lost Soul is seen behind the arena, waiting for the arrival of Rick Mathis.

- Cynthia Hall interviewed Dangerous Dan about his shot at the #1 Contendership to the IC Title, as well as about his brother, Crazy Chris, joining up.

- Mr. Excellent defeated Makorpal, forcing him to submit to the Execution.

- Tommy Crimson attacked the Big Bifford in the back, while carrying a cardboard cut-out of the OCW World Heavyweight Title (which is part of a defunct federation).

- A video interrupts the announcers, showing Arryk Rage in a mental ward. He talks about how the darkness breeds fear and that he will be back, before disappearing from the room.

- Derek Mobley comes to the ring to celebrate his World Title win. He's interrupted by Jobe Severity, Tommy Crimson, and the rest of Organized Chaos, with Crimson attacking Mobley from behind with the Fury. Mobley came back, though, to land the Thriller on Severity before leaving the ring.

- After a break, Mobley confronted Warrick Hill in the back about not being there to support him. Mobley also talked about Hill's weight-gain, with Hill complaining about having not been booked in a match yet.

- Dangerous Dan defeated Scott Caine with the Danger Zone to win the #1 Contenders spot to the Intercontinental Title. Dan was helped by Mr. Excellent, who knocked Caine off the turnbuckle during a Sugar Caine attempt.

- Rick Mathis and the Lost Soul fought in an "Unsanctioned" Match. The two brawled throughout the arena, including into Chad Vargas' locker room, taking him out. They fought to the ring, where Lurrr got involved, attacking the Lost Soul and helping Mathis chokeslam TLS through a table off the stage. Lurrr said that TLS was not deserving of an X Division Title shot and said he had made an example of him.

- As the show ends, the lights go out, and TLS disappears from the debris.