GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 10/26/00
(Oblivion Dome, Atlanta, Georgia)

- The week before, President Shannon Shag-Nasty made a special announcement towards the reopening of the GCWA.

- Jim Ross and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan are the announcers, welcoming viewers back to the re-opening of the Global Championship Wrestling Association. The two men talk about recent events in the GCWA, from The Accelerator's surprise departure to Shag-Nasty moving into the Presidential seat, with Ace reappearing as the Chief Executive Officer.

- Michael Cole comes on, interviewing the Accelerator, who quickly takes control of the mic. Ace tells everyone the story of why he moved up to CEO, saying that his fall from the cage at Warriors of the Ring 2K helped convince him to start acting his age. He then says that he wanted someone else to become the President, but Shannon Shag-Nasty's lawyers forced the Committee to make him the one in charge. Ace's displeasure with Shag as the President is obvious.

- Derek "Thrilla" Mobley, carrying the European Title, enters through the side door, where he's approached by a man wearing a business suit and carrying a clipboard. He informs Mobley that he's not scheduled to wrestle that night, and that in fact he's there as a possible substitute, in case someone gets injured. Mobley then breaks the clipboard over the man's head and leaves the Dome.

- The Bastards of Oblivion (Shannon Shag-Nasty, his wife Chloe Barnes, Dynamic Dynamite, J.Y. Kidd, Lan Ragus, and Adrian Rockwell) make their way out to the ring. The new President brags about being the President for the second time in his career. He then talks about what's happening that night. He says that his tag-team partner, Kevin O'Connor, won't have to fight that night, then continues to go through what matches are going to take place. The President refers to the Heavyweight Title as "vacated", which brings out Punisher, who is still holding the belt. Shag-Nasty tells Punisher that, as the President, he has the power to take away Punisher's belt. But Punisher delivers a contract, given to him by an unknown person, that proclaims that he will be the Heavyweight Champion when the GCWA returned, and that he cannot be forced to defend the belt until the next PPV. An angry Shag-Nasty agrees that he can't fight the contract, but that Punisher will have to wrestle a handicap match against 3 members of the BOO, who then attack him. Steven Mysterio and X-Dog make the save.

- A limo pulls up outside after the break, and "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor gets out. Shannon Shag-Nasty jogs over and talks to O'Connor, telling him that he earned a night off. The two men head into the Dome, with O'Connor very confused at the apparent 'friendship' of the President.

- The announcers discuss what happened earlier. They speculate about who could have written a contract for Punisher without President Shag-Nasty being involved. The Accelerator is suspected, although it is very unsure.

- The first match is between X-Dog and "The Star" Steven Mysterio. The two former partners fight a good match, each landing their specialty maneuvers without getting the pin. The match is decided when J.Y. Kidd and Lan Ragus both attack the wrestlers. Kidd gets the Buzz on X-Dog, while Ragus smashes Mysterio down with a steel chair. The match is a No-Contest.

- The next match was for the vacated Hardcore Title (since Richter did not return). It was fought inside a cell, with the Hardcore Title above. The competitors were Handy Man, Adrian Rockwell, Michael "The Man" Breaker, Gabriel "Wildman" Morse, and Eddie (formerly known as Phat Edie). A personal battle seemed to break out between Rockwell and Breaker, due to Rockwell's connection with the BOO. Eddie, Handy Man, and Morse all tried climbing the cage at one time or another, only to be dragged back down. In the end, Breaker put Rockwell in the Man Breaker, which then went through a table, taking both men out of the fight. Eddie climbed to the top of the cage with Handy Man and Morse, but was Double-Suplexed through the cage roof to the floor below. Morse and Handy Man then engaged in a tug-of-war with the Hardcore Title, which promptly ripped in two. The momentum from both men send them off the cage, each clutching their halves of the title. It's unsure which one won the match.

- After the break, the Hardcore competitors are all shown, getting medical treatment. Both Handy Man and Gabe Morse seem to think that they won the title, since they're both holding half of it.

- The final match is a Handicap bout between Punisher and Lan Ragus, J.Y. Kidd, and Dynamic Dynamite, with Shannon Shag-Nasty watching from ringside. Punisher remarkably holds his own at the beginning, fighting Dynamite while keeping the Kidd and Ragus on the outside. But the numbers begin to wear the Heavyweight Champion down, and the BOO members take advantage with a series of savage moves. However, the BOO just can't seem to put the man away, and Punisher makes a comeback, nearly getting the win on Ragus after a large slam. As he's battling Dynamite again, the Kidd tries to come in with a chair. He's stopped by X-Dog, who gets some revenge from earlier by dropping the Kidd on the chair with the X-Factor. Punisher sees it and makes the cover on the Kidd, getting the victory. After the match, Shag-Nasty tries to come in and attack Punisher with a chair, but misses his target. Punisher then nails Shag-Nasty repeatedly before setting him up for the PunBomb. Before he can land it, Kevin O'Connor appears and pulls Shag-Nasty out of danger.

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