GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 9/14/00
(Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia)

- The new President, Shannon Shag-Nasty, is shown talking over the phone to someone about "Ace's last act". Shag-Nasty shakes his head and tells the person that he'll just have to show everyone how Nasty he can really be. Shag-Nasty hangs up the phone and gets something from the fax machine, with the heading of "New Vice-President". Shag-Nasty then turns and tells OG Thug to go and get Titan 3.

- The announcers talk about the Accelerator's sudden departure from the GCWA Presidency, and how Shannon Shag-Nasty quickly moved in to convince the Committee that he deserved to take the man's place.

- The first match-up between B.G. Spellmen and Ronin Kasay starts in the parking lot, as Kasay ambushes Spellmen. During the fight, they work their way to the garage, where Kasay slams Spellmen onto Titan 3's limo. Titan 3 gets out and nearly goes after Kasay, but he's stopped by OG Thug, who tells him that President Shag-Nasty wants to see him. Kasay eventually brings Spellmen to the ringside area and gets the Bloodletter through a table. He rolls Spellmen into the ring and gets the pin, winning his first match.

- We're shown OG Thug letting Titan 3 into the President's office. Right after the door closes, OG Thug is laid out by a chair shot.

- J.Y. Kidd and "The Rookie Sensation" Johnny Wonder face off next. The match goes back and forth, until Lan Ragus comes to the ring. He aims at his former partner, Kidd, but misses, accidentally knocking Wonder out with a chair instead. The Kidd gets rid of Ragus, then climbs the turnbuckle and hits the Buzz, getting the victory.

- After the break, we're shown two separate assaults. First, J.Y. Kidd is attacked by Punisher on his way to his dressing room, getting powerbombed into a mirror! The announcers speculate that the attack was because of Punisher's shot at the World Title the next week against Kidd and Ragus. We then see Ragus met by an infuriated Wonder, creating another brawl.

- The next match featured the Machine making his debut against "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor. The Machine used his larger size to take control for a good portion of the match, but in the end, O'Connor survived, dodging a Machine Moonsault and landing the Scorcher for the victory. A smiling Shannon Shag-Nasty is pictured, watching the end of the match from his office.

- President Shag-Nasty makes his way down to the broadcast location for the next match, a Heavyweight Contendership bout between Napalm, Titan 3, and Killa B. Ronin Kasay attacks Titan 3 from behind right at the start of this one, while Napalm and Killa B start going at it in the ring. Titan 3 and Kasay fight their way to the back. In the ring, the fight goes back and forth for a time, until Napalm gets Killa B onto the turnbuckle and brings him off with the Agent: Orange, getting the victory and the shot at the Heavyweight Title.

- In the main event, the second of the Contendership matches takes place between the Dopeman and Dynamic Dynamite (Outcast was a no-show). As the match starts, President Shag-Nasty, still at ringside, says that it was the Dopeman who assaulted OG Thug in the back. He doesn't back it up with any proof, however. Both wrestlers go at each other hard for the shot at the belt. At one point, the Dopeman gets Dynamite in a Figure-Four. Shag-Nasty, however, slips Dynamite a lead pipe, which he uses to get free, without the ref's knowledge. Dynamite controls the match for the next few minutes, but the Dopeman turns a maneuver around and performs the Deadly Dope Drop (3D). Before he can get the pin, Shag-Nasty enters the ring with the lead pipe and starts hammering the Dopeman in the back, getting him the DQ win. According to rules instituted by the President, this means that both men move on to the Heavyweight Title shot. Dynamite and Shag-Nasty beat on the Dopeman after the match, then Shag-Nasty leaves the ring, after dropping the piece of paper that says "New Vice-President" next to the Dopeman's unmoving hand.

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