GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 8/03/00
(Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado)

- The show begins with the Accelerator in his office, talking to two people who can't be seen. Ace tells them that he's going to make their wishes come true, as long as they put aside their differences and help him make sure the GCWA stays his federation.

- The announcers, Tenay and Heenan, discuss who the two mystery wrestlers could be, as well as talk about what's going to happen during the night.

- The first match is a dark match, not aired on television except for clips. Eclipse defeated Johnny Wonder with the Dark, his main finisher. It was Eclipse's first win, and Wonder's first defeat.

- Kevin "The Dragon" O'Connor won his first 'official' match by landing the Dragon Bomb on Derek "Thrilla" Mobley after a hard-fought battle.

- Napalm and Richter are seen coming out of the President's office. Napalm tells Richter that he can't wait until the PPV, now that it's officially signed. Richter answers by saying the European Title will surely be Napalm's. They depart down the hall.

- The next match-up was between Joshua Curtis and Lothos. Curtis seemed to be in control near the end, climbing the turnbuckle, when the former European Champion Punisher reappeared!!! Punisher knocked Curtis off the turnbuckle, forcing him to fall on top of Lothos. Punisher then went after everyone in the ring, including David Penzer, who just escaped by the edge of his tuxedo coat. Punisher landed the Punbomb on Curtis, then put Lothos in the Painkiller submission hold. He kept it on until the Thrillseekers came down to make the save for Curtis. Josh Curtis gets the DQ victory.

- Just before the break, the Accelerator and the other still-unknown wrestler applaud Punisher's efforts.

- We return to see Kevin O'Connor in the refreshments room, where he talks rapidly to Garrett Jax about his first 'wrestling' victory in the GCWA. Jax listens for a moment, then smiles and walks away, leaving O'Connor in the room.

- In his debut, Phat Edie defeated Gex Spellmen after Gex's brother, B.G. came in and interfered, tripping Gex up. This allowed Phat Edie to get in some extra abuse, and he finished the match with the Phat Fatality.

- Napalm and Richter are again pictured, this time storming out of their locker room. The shot inside reveals that almost everything in the room, including the two wrestlers' personal items, are now covered in a thin sheet of ice.

- The Accelerator walks out to make a special announcement. He tells everyone that, due to the interference by Ace Thug & Shannon Shag-Nasty the last time Dynamic Dynamite & Michael Breaker met up, this time there's going to be a special Enforcer. He then brings out "The Real Deal" John Steel! Steel heads to the ring and prepares for the next match.

- The main event is the rematch for the Heavyweight Title between new champ Dynamic Dynamite and the former champ Michael Breaker. Steel makes his presence felt by not letting Dynamite's manager, OG Thug, stay at ringside. The match starts and goes back and forth, with both men inflicting a lot of punishment on the other. Near the end, when both are down in the ring, Steel enters and attacks them, hitting 2 Real Deal DDT's. The match is thrown out. Postmatch, both the BOO and the Thrillseekers come out, and a 3-Way war erupts, with Punisher joining Steel in the ring as they both stomp down on Dynamite and Breaker. The last shot is of Ace smirking in the back.

GCWA Sunday Night Sixpack, 8/06/00
(Dobson Ice Arena, Vail, Colorado)

- Two BOO limos are shown pulling up outside of the arena. Shag-Nasty, Kidd, Ragus, and Rockwell get out of the first one. The Heavyweight Champ Dynamic Dynamite and his crew step out of the second. The group heads in, with Shag-Nasty laughing about the scheduled Lumberjack match.

- The announcers come on and talk about the matches that will be upcoming during the night, including the special Lumberjack match between Shannon Shag-Nasty, Garrett Jax, and the Internet Champion, the Dopeman. It is announced that the Lumberjacks will be Phat Edie, Dynamic Dynamite, Phenomena, and the Iceman.

- A clip is shown from earlier in the day, where Outcast is viciously assaulted by Punisher. The wrestler puts Outcast in the Painkiller, while telling him that he's no champion. Security arrives to pry him off the IC champ's legs. Outcast is taken to the hospital, cancelling the scheduled Rockwell vs. Outcast match.

- In the first round of the 4-man Cruiserweight Title Tournament, Joshua Curtis had control the majority of the match against "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor. But the young rookie somehow turned things around, and landed the Scorcher to get the pinfall victory. Postmatch, O'Connor leaned over Curtis to check on him. From the back, the Dopeman and Phenomena came towards the ring, either to attack O'Connor or to help their Thrillseeker partner, Curtis. Whatever the reason, both are attacked from behind by Garrett Jax. O'Connor sees the fight and goes to help. The four men brawl until security appears.

- The Iceman walks down the hallway and crumples a note in his hand, angry about something. He slams through a door that says "The President's Office", only to get ambushed by Napalm and Richter. The two men beat on the European Champion, then pull him inside, shutting the door behind them.

- We return from commercial showing the Dopeman and Phenomena coming back from their brawl with O'Connor and Jax. The two men are jumped by Lan Ragus and Adrian Rockwell. While Rockwell keeps the Dopeman occupied, Ragus throws a foreign substance into Phenomena's eyes, blinding him. The two BOO members leave, while the Dopeman moves to his partner's side, yelling at spectators to get the medics.

- In the second bout of the Cruiserweight Title Tournament, Phat Edie and J.Y. Kidd faced off to see who would go on to meet O'Connor at the PPV. The Kidd still looks injured from the tag-team match he had the week before, but puts up a very good fight. Phat Edie takes control, but gets distracted by Rockwell and Ragus coming to ringside, which enables the Kidd to hit his finisher, the Buzz. However, before Kidd can get the pin, Ragus and Rockwell both attack Phat Edie with chairs, to make sure that he is not one of the chosen lumberjacks. Phat Edie gets the win via DQ, sending him to the Pay-Per-View. An angry Kidd storms out of the ring.

- The Hardcore Contendership match begins with a bang, literally, as Nightmare smashed a trash can over Lan Ragus' head as the BOO member searched for his tag-team partner, the Kidd. The two wrestlers fight all over the arena, destroying many things throughout the complex. At one point, Nightmare slams Ragus backfirst on the side portion of the table, injuring him badly. This gives Nightmare the advantage for a good portion of the match, until he powerbombs Ragus through another table and scores the victory. This means that Nightmare gets the Hardcore Title shot at the PPV.

- Just before the break, the Accelerator is seen talking to "The Real Deal" John Steel. Ace tells the wrestler that Shannon Shag-Nasty did exactly what they expected he would do, and that it was time to put their own plan into motion.

- Richter, the Hardcore Champion, is shown coming out to the ring. He announces that his opponent, Ace Thug, did not show up at the arena, and thus Richter was getting a free defense of his title. Richter seems very annoyed by it. Nightmare then comes back out, saying that he wants the Hardcore Title shot against Richter that night. Richter says that he doesn't want to fight Nightmare after he's injured, since it'll give him an excuse on why he lost, but Nightmare comes down to the ring anyway. Richter takes it in stride and goes after Nightmare, and another brawl breaks out. Security comes out to try and stop the fight, but Nightmare and Richter temporarily unite to throw security guards all over the place. They return to fighting, while the guards still on their feet call for back-up. During the break, an army of security manages to separate the two men.

- Just before the main event is scheduled to start, Shannon Shag-Nasty comes out with Dynamic Dynamite at his side. He announces that since Phenomena, the Iceman, and Phat Edie are all out of commission (most from BOO involvement), he's nominating three replacements to be the Lumberjacks along with Dynamic Dynamite: Adrian Rockwell, J.Y. Kidd, and Lan Ragus. However, only Rockwell comes out. A few seconds later, the Accelerator comes out and tells Shag-Nasty that Ragus has been taken to the hospital and that Kidd has left the premises in one of Ace's private limos, since the Kidd was depressed about losing his Cruiserweight Title shot. Ace then tells Shag-Nasty that the other two lumberjacks will be John Steel and Punisher, both of whom quickly come out of the back and start fighting with Dynamite and Rockwell on the outside.

- As the brawl continues among the Lumberjacks, the Dopeman and Garrett Jax enter the ring and start the 3-Way Internet Title match with Shag-Nasty. Jax and Shag-Nasty appear to work together at the beginning, double-teaming the Dopeman, but that doesn't last long. All three men get close pinfalls that get broken up by the third wrestler. There is also interference from both Punisher and Rockwell. Meanwhile, Steel and Dynamite fight to the back, where they're both attacked by Michael Breaker! The Three-Way continues in the parking lot. We go back to the main match, where Punisher, from the outside, swings a steel chair at Shag-Nasty, but misses, knocking out Dopeman instead. Punisher then chases Shag-Nasty towards the back, trying to hit him as well, but he's ambushed by Eclipse, who proves his allegiance to Shag-Nasty. In the ring, Jax comes off the turnbuckle and hits a Shooting Star Press on the semi-conscious Dopeman. He pins the man, becoming the Internet Champion for the second time. Afterwards, Jax leaves the ring while Shag-Nasty and Eclipse beat on the Dopeman, trying to severely injure him as well. Security makes the save, as the show ends.

GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 8/10/00
(The Beasley Coliseum at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington)

- The show begins with the announcers talking about the upcoming PPV, Crescendo 2000. The only two matches signed at the time were Kevin O'Connor vs. Phat Edie for the CW belt, and Napalm vs. Iceman for the European strap.

- The dark match consists of B.G. Spellmen vs. Johnny Wonder. The match takes a while to start, as B.G. is attacked by his brother Gex before the bell rings and laid out with the Coffee Cup submission hold. After Gex is escorted away from the ring, Wonder takes complete control and gets the wind with the Wonder Land manuever.

- We run the first live match, which is Lothos vs. the returning Dagger. "L'il" Dagger's return is not much to speak of, as Lothos, after a quick hit from behind at the start of the match, dominates the entire fight. He gets the win by putting Dagger in the Laid to Rest finisher.

- The next shot is from the Accelerator's office. John Steel is in there, signing something. He departs with a smile, and is quickly replaced by Punisher, who leans across Ace's desk and demands that he get the IC Title shot against Outcast. Ace replies that he's doing his best, but that Outcast hasn't been around much since Punisher assaulted him with the Painkiller. Punisher tells the President that he's not concerned with the details. He wants the shot. He then departs the office, while Ace takes a deep breath and starts going through paperwork.

- After the commercial break, the Heavyweight Champion Dynamic Dynamite comes out with his entourage of ladies, as well as OG Thug, Adrian Rockwell, and Lan Ragus. After Jenna J and Heather Hunter pose for the audience, Dynamite gets on the mic and starts taunting the two men he's been fighting with recently, Michael Breaker and John Steel. Dynamite then says that he'll be sitting ringside for Steel & Breaker's match, to see if either is even worthy of a title shot.

- Napalm is seen sitting in the locker room next to Richter (who's not wearing his mask). Napalm gets on the phone, and tells someone that "he doesn't suspect a thing". Napalm hangs up, and both he and Richter laugh.

- In the next match, Punisher manages to defeat the 300-lb Eclipse by somehow getting him up for the PunBomb. After the impact tremors settle, Punisher made the pin for the victory, and revenge for Eclipse's assualt a week earlier.

- Before the break, Phenomena is shown in his locker room, getting drops put in his eyes by a physician. The doctor recommends that Phenomena not compete, but Phenomena ignores her. The image switches to the locker room of Kevin O'Connor and Garrett Jax, where O'Connor is watching Phenomena on the tv.

- A cameraman discovers Michael Breaker leaning his head against one of the walls of the arena, mumbling about his father. Breaker seems very emotionally disturbed. He turns and chases off the cameraman in a rage.

- The Handicap Tag-Team Title match takes place, with the injured Phenomena having to fight both members of Point Break, O'Connor & Jax. The Dopeman quit the federation the week before, breaking up 2 Xtreme. O'Connor appears uneasy to be fighting an injured man this way, in a handicap match. This gives Phenomena a small advantage, as the Dragon works not to be tagged in. Phenomena and Jax battle for a good portion of the match, going back and forth. O'Connor is tagged in, and nearly gets the win at one point with the Scorcher, at least until Phenomena got his knees up. Jax was tagged back in later, showing good teamwork finally, which is just too much for the man on his own. Jax puts on the Last Resort submission hold, and the unconscious Phenomena doesn't answer the ref. Point Break become the new Tag-Team Champions of the GCWA. Postmatch, the friction between Jax and O'Connor is obvious, as Jax starts to leave with both tag-team belts. However, Nightmare comes out and talks to Jax, and the three men go to the ring, with Jax and O'Connor celebrating the win together. On his way out of the ring, Jax raises three fingers to the camera.

- Dynamic Dynamite, true to his word, comes down to ringside and sits at the announcer's table, getting himself a headset for the main event, John Steel vs. Michael Breaker. He commentates throughout the match. Breaker and Steel fight it out for a long while. Breaker is obviously even more unstable in the match, resorting to all sorts of chokeholds and brawling techniques. At one point during the match, both men knock each other to the mat with a double-clothesline. Dynamic Dynamite immediately leaves the broadcast table and enters the ring, while OG Thug distracts the ref, and hits Steel in the back of the head with the Heavyweight Title. Breaker sees it, and follows the champion as he leaves the ring and goes back to the announcing position. Dynamite turns and tries to fight, but Breaker gets a lock on him and lifts, Powerslamming him through the announcers' table! While Bobby Heenan gets out of the way, Mike Tenay is badly injured in the crash. Steel wakes up in the ring and comes out, joining the other two in a wild brawl, while Heenan tries to keep the unconscious Tenay out of harm's way, frantically calling for medical aid for his co-worker. The match is ruled a Double Countout. The brawl continues into the break.

GCWA Sunday Night Sixpack, 8/13/00
(Idaho Center, Boise, Idaho)

- Before the opening credits, the camera shows Adrian Rockwell, Lan Ragus, and Eclipse in the BOO locker room. Lan Ragus tells the other two that Shannon Shag-Nasty is counting on them while he's away on business.

- The Accelerator comes onto the 'Tron, with the Iceman, John "Real Deal" Steel and Punisher, and starts naming off PPV matches. He talks about Steel taking on Michael Breaker and Dynamic Dynamite for the Heavyweight Title; Iceman defending the European Title against Napalm; and Punisher fighting the 'missing' Outcast for the Intercontinental Title.

- After the Accelerator's portion ends, the announcers, Mark Madden and Jim Ross, talk about the other matches, including the Cruiserweight Title fight between Kevin O'Connor & Phat Edie, and the Hardcore Title bout between Nightmare and the champ, Richter. Madden proclaims that he'll be announcing at the event instead of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

- In a dark match, Gex Spellmen showed himself to be too distracted by thoughts about his brother B.G. Spellman. He keeps watching the crowd for a possible attack. An irate Derek "Thrilla" Mobley, not wanting to be ignored, took out Gex with his finisher, the Thrilla, getting the win.

- Adrian Rockwell has his first match in the GCWA, against Nightmare, in a Hardcore bout. Nightmare had the advantage throughout the fight, with Rockwell only having a few flurries. But at the end, Lan Ragus and Eclipse came out, attacking Nightmare with baseball bats. Rockwell takes advantage and drops off the ramp with Nightmare, hitting the Stone-Cutter. Rockwell makes the easy pin, and with the help of his allies, gets the upset victory. Postmatch, the BOO members all start attacking Nightmare, trying to injure him. Point Break makes the save, with Garrett Jax suspiciously wearing an old-fashioned Fatal 3 t-shirt.

- Johnny "The Rookie Sensation" Wonder defeated Phat Edie in a 'contenderhip' match, when he landed the Wonder Land. Because of the victory, Wonder is later inserted into the Cruiserweight Title fight at Crescendo 2000.

- After the break, we're shown the locker rooms of the BOO, Ace's group, and the Point Break members. Each seem to be talking about plans.

- The next bout featured Napalm against Punisher. The control went back and forth, with Paco, Punisher's manager, helping Punisher out of danger at one point when Napalm was going to come off the turnbuckle to the outside. Near the end, John Steel and the Iceman come down, but are stopped by Punisher, who doesn't want any interference in his match. Napalm nearly takes the win thanks to their distraction, getting Punisher onto the turnbuckle for the Agent: Orange. But Punisher reverses it into a flying Punbomb, then gets on the Painkiller. The submission hold gets Punisher the win, keeping him undefeated in the GCWA. Postmatch, Punisher finally releases the submission hold and leaves, as Steel and the Iceman attack the unconscious Napalm. Michael Breaker comes down to make the save, taking on both men.

- The Hardcore Title match between Josh Curtis and "Richter" begins even before the commercial break, as they start brawling in the back. "Richter" is wearing the Accomplice mask. The two fight around the arena, ending up in a kitchen area. As they're fighting, the three BOO members in attendance suddenly appear, savaging attack the masked "Richter". Curtis attacks the BOO for a second, then drops to make the cover, getting the pinfall victory and apparently becoming the new Hardcore Champion! The BOO then regroup and attack Curtis, 3-on-1. The Fatal III appear (Nightmare, Jax, and O'Connor) and attack the BOO crew. As the war breaks out, Napalm and a second Richter join the fight. This Richter is wearing the Hardcore Title and looks to be the real one. It's later announced that Joshua Curtis gets the win, but not the Hardcore Championship, since he wasn't fighting the real Richter.

GCWA Crescendo 2000 (PPV), 8/20/00
(Delta Center, Salt Lake City, Utah)

- The announcers, Jim Ross, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan, start the show by talking about the events of the past month. Heenan brags about being there instead of Mark Madden. Tenay talks about his stay in the hospital after the hits he took the last Torrent.

- The opening match between the brothers Spellmen, Gex and B.G., ends in a No-Contest when Handy Man and his bodyguard, Jorge, appear for the first time in the GCWA and attack both men. After Jorge put both men on a table, Handy Man came off the turnbuckle and landed the Handy Drop on them, breaking the table into kindling.

- Punisher is seen entering the Accelerator's office, where the Intercontinental Title is sitting. Punisher complains angrily about Outcast not being there to defend the belt, and says that he doesn't want to just be handed the IC Title. Ace promises Punisher that he'll have an opponent, and that he'll get to show the world how much he deserves the title. Punisher takes the belt and departs, as Ace contacts someone on the phone.

- In a bout for #1 Contendership to any GCWA Title except for the Heavyweight strap, Derek "Thrilla" Mobley defeated Eclipse with the Thrilla.

- Lan Ragus and Adrian Rockwell are shown tailing the masked Hardcore Champion, Richter. A shadowy figure followed behind the two BOO members.

- The new interviewer to the GCWA, Jones, tries to talk to Michael Breaker about the Heavyweight Title match later that night. But Breaker barely even opens his locker room door before slamming it shut again.

- Phat Edie and Johnny "The Rookie Sensation" Wonder fought in the first match of the Cruiserweight Title Round Robin. It was a rematch from the week before. Phat Edie earned a slight upset victory by getting revenge on Wonder, landing the Edie Kick and pinning the rookie.

- Because of his loss, Johnny Wonder had to fight in the next match against "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor. Wonder shows that he's in no shape to fight again, as O'Connor dominates him, finishing off the bout with a modified Low-Down, which gets him the pin, taking him one step closer to the Cruiserweight Title.

- In the final match of the Round Robin, Phat Edie and Kevin O'Connor put on a high-flying display of athleticism, both wanting to earn the title. In the end, O'Connor wins out, landing the Dragon Bomb from the turnbuckle to become the new GCWA Cruiserweight Champion. O'Connor stays undefeated, bringing in his second belt to go with the tag-team titles.

- Lan Ragus and Adrian Rockwell are again pictured, looking into a locker room where the masked Richter is located. Before they can do anything, however, they're both attacked by Ragus' former partner, J.Y. Kidd! As the three men fight it out, two masked men come out of the locker room and depart. It's unknown at the time who the other masked man is.

- We return from the break to see the Kidd and Ragus still going at it, while on the other side, Richter and Joshua Curtis are battling each other, apparently starting the Hardcore Title match without a referee. It's announced that the fourth participant in the Hardcore Title match (the other three are Richter, Curtis, and Ragus), Nightmare, has been told not to compete in the match by a physician. The battle between Curtis and Richter continues, as Mike Tenay tells the cameraman to notify them when the referee shows up, so they can call the match.

- Jones comes on again, this time trying to interview "The Real Deal" John Steel. Steel makes fun of Jones' suit, then gives a small sound bite by saying that he'll be the next champion. Steel then departs, followed by Punisher and the Iceman, who shove Jones out of the way.

- After leaving Jones behind, Punisher, Steel, and the Iceman comes out to the ring. Punisher gets on the mic. He confirms that he's now the Intercontinental Champion, since Outcast did not show up to the PPV. Punisher then challenges anyone in the back to come out and fight him for the belt. A few seconds later, Victor "The Sniper" D'Amor comes out, with "Black Widow" Eva Barnes at his side, making their first appearance since Warriors of the Ring 2K. Before any fight can take place, however, both Steel and the Iceman attack Punisher from behind! D'Amor enters the ring and joins in, hitting the Silencer on Punisher before again departing. Steel and the Iceman continue to stomp on Punisher until Napalm comes down to make the save.

- In the next bout, Adrian Rockwell takes on the Internet Champion, Garrett Jax. The match is fully controlled by Jax, the veteran, although Rockwell gets in a few moves along the way. Jax shows his ego, pulling up Rockwell from the pin after hitting the Timebomb. Before Jax can finish things with the Last Resort, however, the lights go out in the arena. When they come back on, Jax is unconscious in the ring, with Rockwell draped over him! Rockwell gets the win and becomes the new Internet Champion. After the bell rings, the Dopeman reappears, coming out from under the ring with a bent-up steel chair and the Internet strap. He starts to leave with the belt, but then gets attacked by X-Dog! X-Dog suplexes the Dopeman on the ramp, then grabs the Internet Title and, for some reason, douses it in gasoline and sets it on fire!! The belt burns as X-Dog leaves, making it unwearable for Rockwell.

- Once again Jones is shown, working on interviewing the Heavyweight Champion, Dynamic Dynamite. He spends most of his time talking to OG Thug instead, who insults him and tells him the Champ doesn't have time to talk to him. Jones continues to try, though, and finally Dynamite comes to the door, telling Jones to get lost, and that he doesn't have to talk to an amateur interviewer.

- The announcers suddenly remember the Hardcore Title match, which was in progress more than a match before. They try to get in touch with the cameraman who was following the match, only to find out the man who was supposed to inform them when the referee showed up was actually taken out during the battle!! A second cameraman follows a wave of destruction all the way to the basement, where Richter (with his mask ripped off) and Curtis are found, still fighting. The two wrestlers continue to bloody each other to try and win the gold, making their way into an Electrical Room, where both get smashed into one of the systems, taking a shock. In the end, the two men head out into a small hallway, where Richter blocks a Dark Days attempt and throws Curtis literally into the ceiling! Richter then lands the 8.0 and makes the cover, getting the hardfought victory and staying the Hardcore Champion.

- The Accelerator is again pictured. He tells John Steel and the Iceman not to worry about Punisher and Napalm, and to go get their respective titles. As they depart, the second masked 'Richter' is seen watching from a darkened area nearby.

- In the European Championship match, Iceman takes an early advantage by sneak-attacking Napalm on the ramp, hitting him with the European belt. The two wrestlers fight it out with tremendous ferocity, both of them wanting the win at the major event. Neither takes control over the other for very long in this contest. The wrestlers leave the ring at one point, fighting all the way back to the entryway before making their way back inside the ropes. At one point, the Iceman locks on the Ice Crusher submission hold, but Napalm manages, after a long while, to fight his way to the ropes. During the melee, the referee is knocked senseless by a Napalm splash. Napalm gets Iceman up and hits the Agent: Orange, but with no ref, there's no count. Napalm makes his way over and wakes the ref up, but when he turns back, the Iceman lands a low blow, then gets the Avalanche. The Iceman gets the pin and retains the European Championship. Postmatch, the announcers speculate about how the referee seemed to want to be hit by Napalm, possibly to help the Presidential Stable.

- Just before the break, we're shown a split-screen effect. Michael Breaker storms down a hallway. Dynamic Dynamite has a conference with Shannon Shag-Nasty and Adrian Rockwell. John Steel leaves the Accelerator's office, promising victory. The masked man is once again shown, watching what's happening.

- We come back to see the Accelerator in his office, with the masked man entering. Ace demands to know that the man wants. The masked man answers by saying that his suspension will end, and takes off his mask, showing it to be Titan 3!!! He immediately attacks the Accelerator, with the two men battling it out in the Presidential office.

- The main event begins, a Three-Way Heavyweight Title match between Michael Breaker, "The Real Deal" John Steel, and the reigning champ, Dynamic Dynamite. The three men attack each other mercilessly, never siding with one person for long in the battle. There are many close pins by all three wrestlers. Breaker's recent instability seems to aid him in the match, as he takes shots that could kill normal people and comes back for more. Dynamite, at one point, gets thrown from the ring with a Back Body Drop from Steel. Breaker takes advantage by getting Steel in a leg submission hold for a long period of time, until Dynamite recovers and gets back in the ring to break it up. Later in the match, Breaker gets Dynamite up in the first step of the Man-Breaker, a Torture Rack. But thanks to a shot from Steel, Dynamite reverses it into the Dynamite Pain, and nearly gets the pinfall victory, which Steel breaks up. At the end of the match, Dynamite, with a metal chain that was given to him by OG Thug, tries to hit Steel, but misses and knocks out Breaker instead! Steel then drops Dynamite with the Real Deal DDT and makes the cover, becoming the new Heavyweight Champion! - The last shot of the night is the Accelerator's office, which has been completely destroyed. Neither Ace nor Titan 3 are seen in the wreckage.

GCWA Sunday Night Sixpack, 8/27/00
(Dobson Ice Arena, Vail, Colorado)

- The card begins with a shot of an injured Accelerator, his arm in a wrap. He's talking to the Iceman and John Steel, both men agreeing that they need to take out the Titan 3 contingent. Ace tells Ice that it's time to exterminate Titan 3 once and for all. Steel then brings up Punisher, saying that they need to eliminate him as well, now that Victor D'Amor has demanded more money. Ace nods and tells Ice & Steel that he's got it covered, and that Punisher will never know what hit him. They all laugh as the show officially begins.

- The first bout of the night is between Dagger and Anthony "Black Rose" Valentine. As the match gets underway, Dagger performs some of his high-flying moves, while Valentine seems to be wanting to take it into the crowd. Neither of them seem to be on, as many moves are missed, keeping the flow going back and forth. Before it can go on for too long, though, Handy Man again comes out, attacking both men. Valentine gets suplexed into a guardrail. Dagger tries to launch an offense by coming off the turnbuckle to the outside, but Handy Man catches him in midair, smashing him with the Olympic Slam. Handy then climbs up on the turnbuckle himself and comes back, getting the Handy Drop on the semi-conscious wrestlers. Handy leaves, to some Insane chants from the crowd. The match is ruled a No-Contest.

- Adrian Rockwell is pictured arriving at the arena, carrying a thick wrap under his shoulder. Inside the wrap, you can see a mangled piece of gold and melted plastic, aka the Internet Title. He walks past, still with a discouraged look on his face.

- The scheduled match between Jason Hammerstone and DeadbolT doesn't occur, since neither showed up to the arena. The match was thrown out.

- The next match is between Victor "The Sniper" D'Amor and Lothos. The Sniper comes out with "Black Widow" Eva Barnes. Lothos comes out on his own. The two have a furious battle, both in and out of the squared circle. D'Amor's size advantage helps him in the early minutes, and he nearly ends it with the Silencer, but Lothos manages to twist out of it and come back with a series of kicks, then hit the Laid to Rest for a 2 count. The Soul Seeker was then applied, sapping a lot of D'Amor's strength. But the former Cartel leader got free by lifting the much-lighter Lothos up and throwing him into the corner, breaking the Iron Claw maneuver. D'Amor tried variations of suplexes and slams, but couldn't seem to put the resilient Lothos away. The dark warrior kept coming back. Near the end of the match, Punisher suddenly appeared, coming out of the stands after shoving past a bunch of fans. D'Amor saw him and took a defensive pose. Unfortunately, this left him open to Lothos, who didn't even see Punisher. Lothos locked on the Darkness, and D'Amor was forced to submit, getting Lothos the win. After the match, Lothos dropped D'Amor and left the ring, as a smiling Punisher entered. As the Sniper tries to stand, Punisher moved in with a Kryonic Kick, knocking D'Amor back down. Punisher then lifted D'Amor back up only to deliver a variation of the Real Deal DDT. He pointed towards the camera, then locked onto D'Amor's legs and put on the Pain-Killer. Security eventually arrived to break it up.

- Adrian Rockwell is pictured arguing with the Vice-President, Shannon Shag-Nasty. The ruined Internet Championship is laying on the table. Rockwell tells Shag-Nasty that the Accelerator has refused to repair the Internet Title that he 'rightfully' earned by beating Garrett Jax at Crescendo 2000. Shag-Nasty holds up his hands, stopping the wave of complaints, and says he'll look into it, and that Rockwell should go concentrate on his match. Rockwell nods and leaves, and Shag-Nasty looks at the melted mass and shakes his head. After a second, Shag-Nasty smiles.

The main event begins, a non-title match between Adrian Rockwell and Handy Man. The match starts in the back, as Rockwell, hurrying to make his ring entrance, is ambushed by Handy Man. Many doors and walls feel the blows, as Rockwell gets thrown repeatedly into them. He gets in a few shots, and even smashes a fire extinguisher across Handy's head, sending foam spraying everywhere, coating both wrestlers. They finally reach the main arena area, with the fans cheering as they head down the ramp. Handy takes control again, sending Rockwell flipping off the side of the ramp and through a pile of equipment. Electricity is in the air. Handy, showing no regard for his own safety, then climbs partway up the side of the Titon Tron, as Rockwell painfully tries to get out of the wreckage. With the fans behind him, Handy Man drops off, getting the Handy Drop onto the destroyed speakers!! The ref is there, as Handy makes the cover for the three count. Handy Man then stands and pulls himself up onto the ramp again, and staggers towards the back with a large grin on his face. The show ends with a shot of Rockwell laying in the wreckage, not moving.

GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 8/30/00
(San Angelo Coliseum, San Angelo, Texas)

- The show begins with the Accelerator talking to "Real Deal" John Steel and the Iceman in his office. Ace tells them that everything's going their way, and it's going to continue after tonight. The image switches to Napalm & Titan 3, both of whom are saying that they're going to set things right. The third shot is of Punisher, who storms into the building, not saying anything.

- The first match, between Handy Man and Bane, does not 'officially' occur, as Handy Man attacks Bane in the backstage area with hardcore items, eventually throwing the wrestler into a dumpster. The match is thrown out, since it was not scheduled to be a Hardcore match.

- The Dopeman and Phenomena, 2 Xtreme, are shown in their locker room. Phenomena's getting drops for his still-hurting eyes, while the Dopeman stares at a picture of the Internet Title.

- Titan 3, in his first official match back, dominates the young contender Eclipse for most of their match. Before he can put the wrestler away, however, Titan is attacked by both John Steel and the Iceman. Napalm runs down to try and make the save, only to be double-teamed as well. Punisher then appears, and helps turn the tide, causing the Presidential teammates to leave the ring. Titan 3 gets the win via disqualification.

- After the break, VP Shannon Shag-Nasty is pictured talking to Eclipse about his loss to Titan 3. Adrian Rockwell comes into the room and asks if his new title was there yet. Shag-Nasty nods, and Rockwell heads into the next room.

- In the next match, the Dopeman and X-Dog met up, with the feelings bad between them after X-Dog torched the Internet Title at Crescendo 2000. It is not a very scientific match between them. Near the end, Garrett Jax comes out of the back and goes to the ring, attacking the Dopeman from behind. X-Dog walks up as if to help double-team the man, but Jax attacks him as well! Jax then leaves the ring in disarray, walking towards the back. The announcers speculate that he attacked X-Dog for what he did to the Internet belt, Jax's former title. The match is ruled a No-Contest.

- The scheduled match-up between Phat Edie and Cruiserweight Champion "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor doesn't occur because Phat Edie fails to show up at the arena. O'Connor is pictured, slightly irritated at not getting the chance to defend the belt, even though he gets a free win out of it.

- Adrian Rockwell comes out of the back and goes to the ring, talking about his new Television Title. He calls it the greatest title in the GCWA right now, since it's the newest and shiniest belt. He makes one parting comment to Garrett Jax, then leaves the ring.

- In a battle between cruiserweights, Napalm faced off against "The Rookie Sensation" Johnny Wonder. Titan 3 stood by at ringside to make sure there was no interference. In the end, Napalm's experience won out over Wonder's abilities, with Nape hitting the Agent: Orange to get the victory.

- In the back, the Iceman is shown walking down a hallway, possibly heading to get ready for his European Title defense. He's ambushed by Punisher, who gets in a multitude of shots before tossing the Iceman into a nearby room, then following, locking the door behind him.

- Handy Man comes out to the ring and gets on the mic, talking about how easily he dispatched Bane. He then says that he came to the arena to get in a fight, and that as long as both of them are there, he might as well go for the Hardcore Title! Richter, the champion, comes out, answering the challenge, and the two exchange a few verbal insults before starting to attack each other. Before the fight can go on long, however, security pours out to put an end to the unsanctioned fight, much to the displeasure of the fans.

- In the main event, a battered Iceman tried to defend his European Title against Derek "Thrilla" Mobley, who won the shot at Crescendo 2K. The Iceman's martial arts skills kept him in the fight, although he obviously wasn't as full strength. In the back, the Accelerator and John Steel, along with another masked man (conveniently wearing the Accomplice mask), launched a surprise assault on Titan 3 and Napalm, starting a major brawl in the back. In the ring, the Iceman was too beaten to survive without help as Mobley hit the Thrilla and walked out the new European Champion. The night ended on a shot of Punisher looking at the television and saying that one was down, with the other to go.

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