GCWA Return to Greatness, 7/23/00
(Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX)

- After almost 2 months of being closed, the GCWA had its comeback pay-per-view, Return To Greatness. A Special featuring some of the greatest matches the GCWA had ever had was shown earlier in the week.

- The PPV begins with the Accelerator seated at his desk, talking on the phone. You hear him say through the phone that someone hasn't shown up, claiming they were injured. Ace then asks if the person on the other end can be there in 2 hours. He says "The favor has been repaid", then hangs up the phone and smiles, happy to be back.

- The announcers for the show talk about the GCWA's return, as well as its new link to the XCW Alliance. They talk about the matches scheduled for later that night.

- In the first match of the evening, Josh Curtis and Napalm fought in a No-Interference match, with the winner getting a shot at the Cruiserweight Title. Curtis tried everything he could think of to put away his opponent, but Napalm somehow survived the abuse and landed the Agent: Orange to get the victory and the title shot.

- In the back, the cameras catch Gex Spellmen, appearing before even his first match in the GCWA, as he levels Gabe Morse from behind with a lamp, cutting the back of his head open. Morse collapses to the ground, as Spellmen walks away.

- In what many considered an upset, the Dopeman defeated Garrett Jax with a Reverse Suplex from the turnbuckle to become the new Internet Champion.

- Just before the break, the Iceman is shown leaving his locker room. Titan 3's door is also shown, still closed.

- We come back to see Vice-President Shannon Shag-Nasty in his office. Richter bursts in and says that since his tag-team partner, Morse, has been injured, the Hardcore Tag match scheduled for later in the night should be a Triple Threat for the belt between himself, Phenomena, and Outcast. Shag-Nasty allows the request, changing the match.

- The next match is scheduled as the Iceman vs. Titan 3 for the vacated European Title. However, only Iceman comes out. After Titan 3's music plays, the Accelerator walks to the ring holding the European Title. He tells everyone that Titan 3 is still indefinitely suspended, and that the signing of the match was a 'mistake'. It's obvious to anyone that Ace set up the match to embarrass Titan 3 once again. He gives the Iceman the European Title, officially making him the champ. Ace also announces that, since Andy Gilbreth laid his hands on Ace at Warriors of the Ring 2000, the wrestler is fired!

- Seconds after the firing, Napalm, the best friend of Titan 3 and Gilbreth, comes out. He says that it's wrong for Ace to give the belt to his friend, the Iceman, and that Titan 3 should be reinstated. Ace says that Napalm is just scared Iceman will break Napalm's European Title defenses record, which sets Napalm off. He attacks Ace, then gets hit from behind by the Iceman. The two start hammering Napalm, but Richter makes the save.

- The Hardcore Title Three-Way is next, with a surprise referee: the three-time Hardcore Champion, Nightmare. Richter, Outcast, and Phenomena put on a great match. Both Richter's and Outcast's careers are on the line: if one is pinned, he's out of the GCWA. A new rule is discovered during the match: since Outcast and Phenomena were supposed to be tag-team partners, neither can pin the other. In the end, Richter blocks Phenomena's Sub-Zero maneuver with a backdrop, then gets the 8.0 for the victory, and the vacated Hardcore Title. This was Richter's second reign with the belt. Postmatch, Nightmare gets on the mic and congratulates Richter. He then tells him that the belt won't be his for very long, before departing.

- Just before the next break, Ace is shown, flanked by security guards, in the garage area. A car pulls up, but before we can see who is in it, we switch to a commercial about GCWA merchandise.

- In the Intercontinental Title match, the CW champ, Steven Mysterio, faced off against the IC Champ, Dynamic Dynamite. During the heavily-competed match-up, we're shown Derek Mobley in the back. Mobley seems less than impressed with Dynamite or Mysterio, destroying one of the cameras. In the title match, Mysterio seems to have control, as he climbs up and hits the Short Sensation on Dynamite. But a distraction from Lan Ragus allows J.Y. Kidd to come into the ring and knock Mysterio out with a bell. Dynamite covers and gets the win, retaining his title. The three BOO members stomp on Mysterio after the match. Johnny Wonder makes the save.

- The main event was expected to be X-Dog vs. Michael Breaker for the Heavyweight Championship. But instead of either individual, the Accelerator comes back out. He calls out Breaker, who comes to the ring wearing his HW strap. Ace tells Breaker that X-Dog has claimed that he's injured and unable to fight, throwing away his title shot. Because of this, Ace gives Breaker a free defense of his belt and a victory. Before Breaker can celebrate his free win, though, Ace announces a surprise competitor: 2-time Heavyweight Champion, the Ace Thug (formerly known as Animal Thug). The two fight long and hard, but the match comes to a No-Contest when Dynamic Dynamite, wanting his crack at the belt, comes to the ring and lands both of his finishers on the two wrestlers. Dynamite climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate, but then gets attacked by a quickly-recovering Breaker. As Ace Thug also gets back up, the night ends.

Thursday Night Torrent, 7/27/00
(Lubbock Civic Center, Lubbock, TX)

- The show opens with a shot of Napalm and Richter in the back. Richter is wearing his Accomplice mask. Napalm tells Richter they're going to pay, and that things will be set right. Richter agrees as the picture fades to the intro of the show.

- The announcers talk about the first Torrent in a long while, as well as the growing XCW Alliance. At the time, there were 6 federations in the XCW, including the GCWA. The announcers also talk about what went down at the Return to Greatness PPV.

- Gex and B.G. Spellmen, the two brothers that joined the GCWA at about the same time, face off in the first match of the night, showing their brotherly hatred for each other. Both men use hardcore maneuvers during the long fight. The match ends when Gex Spellmen, while dragging a table towards the ring, gets nailed by a flying B.G. Spellmen. The two men crash through the table, and are eventually both counted out. Afterwards, Johnny Wonder comes down to ringside, knocking B.G. out with a chair shot, then getting Gex with the Wonder Land maneuver.

- We're shown Ace Thug entering the building in street clothes before the first commercials start to roll.

- After the break, Kevin O'Connor is pictured walking down the hallway, obviously perturbed. He accidentally runs into Garrett Jax, who tells the rookie to watch where he was going. O'Connor apologizes and moves off, grumbling about X-Dog not showing up for their match. Jax is seen smiling slightly, due to his long history with X-Dog. The announcers later tell the viewing audience that X-Dog indeed instituted another clause in his contract, extending his 'injury allowance' time to keep him out of the ring. O'Connor was awarded the forfeit victory.

- The next match was between newcomers Derek "Thriller" Mobley and "Rookie Sensation" Johnny Wonder. Footage was lost of this match, but it is known that Wonder got the victory in the end.

- Just before the hour ends, we're shown Napalm racing along a hallway. He attacks the Iceman with some stiff shots, which Ice is only happy to return. Both men bloody each other in the fierce battle, until security shows up to break the two men apart. After the break, security escorts Napalm out of the building, with Richter following his partner. Both men are told they are not allowed back in the building, since neither has a match that night.

- Although bloody, the Iceman did come out to fight Garrett Jax in a non-title match. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. The Iceman got a few close pinfalls with his karate experience, but a few slip-ups allowed Jax to sneak in through Ice's defenses and get the Sure Shot, getting the victory over the European Champion.

- Shannon Shag-Nasty is pictured talking with Dynamic Dynamite, asking if he's ready. Dynamite stands, and they leave the room. The shot switches to that of Michael Breaker putting on the gold. We go to commercial.

- The main event starts, with the IC Champ, Dynamite, vs. the Heavyweight Champ, Breaker. The fight goes back and forth for a long time, taking the show over into the next time slot. Distractions by OG Thug and Shannon Shag-Nasty during the match allow Dynamite to get an advantage on the champ. Ace Thug then comes to the ring and clotheslines Dynamite to the outside. However, Breaker, not knowing who attacked him earlier, goes after Ace Thug, who, being much fresher, lands Da Killa on the champion!! The Thug leaves, while Shag-Nasty, seeing what happened, quickly gets Dynamite back into the ring. Dynamite lands his Dynamic Pain, then pins Breaker, becoming the new Heavyweight Champion!!! Postmatch, Dynamite, Shag-Nasty, and OG Thug all kick away at Breaker, until the Thrill Seekers surprisingly come down to make the save.

- The final clip shows the Accelerator leaning back in his chair, on the phone once again. He tells the other person on the phone that it doesn't matter if Dynamite's the champion, that the other person can beat both men. He says that he's not allied with Ace Thug, who burned his favor for the title shot at Return to Greatness. Ace finishes by telling the other person that he's going to become the World Champ, then hangs up the phone with a smirk.

GCWA Sunday Night Sixpack, 7/30/00
(Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, TX)

- The announcers start the show with a long discussion about Dynamic Dynamite becoming the Heavyweight Champion at the last card, and the repercussions since then.

- The Ace Thug/Shag-Nasty match turns into another farce by the Vice-President, as a midget comes out in place of the Thug. Shag-Nasty fools with the "L'il Thug" for a short time, dominating him, then the Thrillseekers come out and charge the ring, battling the BOO members who came down with the VP. Shag-Nasty, distracted, nearly gets pinned by "L'il Thug", but Shag manages to kick out, then takes out the midget with the Shagon's Tail. Just as the Thrillseekers were starting to falter, Michael Breaker came out and turned the tide. Shag-Nasty ended up alone in the ring against the Thrillseekers, and was severely beaten. He did get the DQ win, however, over "L'il Thug".

- After the commercials, Ace is again pictured on the phone, talking to Ace Thug about how the man's plane tickets were swapped, making sure he wouldn't be there. Ace seems annoyed that the Thug didn't figure out the problem sooner, and lets him know about it.

- In the next match, Napalm dominated a poorly-prepared Steven Mysterio to become the new Cruiserweight Champion. Postmatch, Richter comes to the ring (wearing the Accomplice mask again) and gives Napalm a mic. Napalm then vacates the Cruiserweight Title, saying that he only wanted to get the belt off what he called an unworthy champion. He said he was setting things right. Napalm then challenged the European Champion, the Iceman, putting out an open contract for the next pay-per-view.

- We come back from the break with images in both the BOO and Thrillseeker locker rooms, where the wrestlers are getting bandaged up and ready to fight.

- The Accelerator comes on the 'Tron from his office and gives a short speech. First he confirms that Napalm vacated the Cruiserweight Title right after winning it, then says that four men, J.Y. Kidd, Joshua Curtis, Kevin O'Connor, and Johnny Wonder will battle it out in a tournament to decide the next champion. Ace next signs the European Title match between the Iceman and Napalm, making it official for the next PPV. Finally, Ace talks about the BOO/Thrillseeker situation, saying that there will be no BOO or Thrillseeker members ringside during their partners' matches, and also declaring that the IC Title will be available for Outcast if he defeats Dynamic Dynamite later that night.

- 2 Xtreme (Dopeman/Phenomena) and Rage is Reality 2000 (Kidd/Ragus) fought next for the Tag-Team Titles in a Tag-Table Match. The first one to go out in this one is J.Y. Kidd, who is given the Sub Zero by Phenomena to the outside, through a table. The two-on-one gets Ragus beaten up for a while, but he somehow manages to get Phenomena through a table with a slam, making it a 1-on-1. Ragus later put the Dopeman in his Execution submission hold, to try and weaken him, but it didn't work, as the Dopeman later recovered to block a Superplex and turn it into a Powerbomb through a table, getting the victory and the Tag-Team Championships for 2 Xtreme.

- After the break, the Iceman is seen angrily addressing the Accelerator in his office. Ice makes sure to tell the President that no one speaks for him, even if he did want a bout against Napalm. Ice storms out, leaving Ace less than happy.

- In the main event, Outcast got his shot against the IC/HW champ, Dynamic Dynamite, in an I Quit match. The Heavyweight Title wasn't on the line, but the Intercontinental belt was. Before the match officially begins, Dynamite tells the crowd that the new IC champ will be his manager, OG Thug. After a few minutes of back-and-forth action, the Accelerator comes out of the back and approaches the ring. He orders OG Thug to the backstage area, enforcing his "No BOO at ringside" decree. Both men depart, leaving this as a 1-on-1. Dynamite nearly gets the win with a Torture Rack, mocking Michael Breaker's finisher. Outcast gets on his own arm submission hold and stretches Dynamite to his breaking point, but an unknown wrestler enters the ring and ko's Outcast, helping Dynamite! Dynamite uses it to his advantage, getting on a devestating Camel Clutch, and looks to be the winner, but then Joshua Curtis rushes the ring and knocks Dynamite out with the IC belt! As Curtis and the big unknown wrestler fight it out, Outcast recovers enough to put on the Cast Clutch, his own submission hold. Dynamite is unconscious, so Outcast gets the win and the Intercontinental Title. Postmatch, the unknown wrestler helps Dynamite towards the entryway, where Michael Breaker comes out and stands, pointing at the Heavyweight Champion.

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