GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 5/04/00
(Travis County Expo Center, Austin, Texas)

- The announcers begin the show talking about the travesty that had happened at Sixpack a few days before, when Titan 3 was stripped of the GCWA Heavyweight Title by the President. They stated their views on what was going to happen next, including the fact that Andy Gilbreth would be forced to defend the tag-team titles by himself later in the night.

- Gilbreth was interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund. He announced that he wanted his partner, Titan 3, reinstated and given the World Title back, since it was undeservedly taken from him by the Accelerator. He also protested the tag-team handicap match. The Accelerator came out to answer the allegations, saying that Titan 3 was suspended without pay indefinitely for not showing up to the title defense. He told the angered Gilbreth that, if he didn't put on a good match against his teammate, Marty Jannetty, then Ace would strip the tag titles.

- The Iceman is found under the ruins of a table, apparently having been in a violent battle with an unknown person. He is stretchered out, his match with LK not taking place. The announcers speculate about the attack, with most believing it to be the work of Titan 3, taking out the man who had apparently helped (with the zamboni) to cost Titan 3 the World Title. Bobby Heenan quickly points out that, since the Iceman was never seen by the cameras Sunday night, it might have been a mind-trick by the Accelerator. The Iceman's involvement in the screwjob stays a mystery.

- The Dopeman defended the Cruiserweight Title against Dagger in a Submissions-Only match which quickly became Hardcore. Dopeman landed a 3D through a table, then applied a Boston Crab to the unconscious wrestler to get the win, and retain the title.

- Marty Jannetty and Gilbreth are shown talking in the back. Jannetty seems adament about not wanting to fight, but Gilbreth explains the necessity of them going at it, and swears that it will not become personal.

- As we come back from the break, we're shown OG Thug, the manager of Dynamic Dynamite, grabbed by the BOO 2000, led by Shannon Shag-Nasty. The group beats on OG Thug, then Shag-Nasty comes in with a steel pipe. Before the violence can take place, the camera is destroyed.

- Marty Jannetty & Steven Mysterio faced Gilbreth for the Tag-Team Titles in the Handicap match, which saw both Jannetty and Gilbreth fighting each other full-out, due to the stipulations placed on them. Gilbreth, due to the odds, began to lose ground against the two strong cruiserweights, but would not stay down. Near the end of the match, Titan 3 came darting out of the crowd and got in the corner, reaching out to make the tag to Gilbreth. Security immediately comes out to try and get rid of Titan 3, who starts to brawl with 20-some odd guards. Gilbreth and, a second later, Jannetty join in to help their fellow Night's Watch member, while Mysterio watches from the ring, refusing to be involved. The match becomes a No-Contest.

- After the commercial, and after the Night's Watch are escorted from the building, the Accelerator comes back out. He makes the announcement that, solely because of Titan 3's appearance, he is stripping the tag-team titles from the Soldiers of Fortune and awarding them to Mysterio, who stayed in the ring. Ace then taunts Gilbreth for a few seconds, before making another big announcement. He tells the audience that, for the May PPV, Warriors of the Ring 2000, there will be a 16-man tournament for the vacated World Heavyweight Title.

- The Predator, Gabriel Morse, and Outcast fought for the Hardcore Title in a Three-Way match. During the bout, the forces of the BOO 2K again appeared, and, while distracting Vader and others at ringside, allowed Shannon Shag-Nasty to sneak towards the ring. Outcast hit the Burnout on the Predator, but he was left open for the Shagon's Tail. This allowed Morse to crawl over and put an arm on the Predator, getting the pin and becoming the Hardcore Champion in a huge upset. Postmatch, as Mysterio & Vader help Outcast to the back, the Accelerator is shown watching on a television, and shaking his head.

GCWA Sunday Night Sixpack, 5/07/00
(Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas)

- Dynamic Dynamite and Steven Mysterio are shown entering the building, with Dynamite assuring Mysterio that he would have the Cruiserweight Title by the end of the night. As they walk past, a man steps out from behind them, wearing the mask of the Thief.

- As the show officially begins, the announcers wonder about who, exactly, will be in the 16-man Warriors of the Ring tournament the next week for the vacated Heavyweight Title.

- In a dark match, Ian R. Schyster defeated Chris Nateli with his Final Call maneuver.

- The Accelerator comes out to give another interview, telling the fans that if Titan 3 makes an appearance on any show during his suspension, his friends in the Night's Watch will be suspended and stripped of their pay right along with him. Ace then starts to talk about who will be in the Tournament, but is stopped when the Thief, with his Accomplice, appears on the Titon Tron. The Thief tells the Accelerator that he's going to set things straight for his 'old friend', Titan 3. He also says that he'll be entering the tournament. When Ace demands to know who they are, the masks are removed, showing the Thief and the Accomplice to be Napalm and Richter! Napalm tells Ace that he'll be the next World Champ. We go to commercial.

- Andy Gilbreth and Marty Jannetty are pictured talking outside their locker room. Gilbreth tells Jannetty to "go get him".

- Rage made his GCWA wrestling debut, easily taking out Eric Braun with the Ragin' Fury for his first victory.

- Jannetty is shown again, knocking on the door of "The Real Deal" John Steel, who is scheduled to face Andy Gilbreth later in the night for the Internet Title. Jannetty tells Steel that Gilbreth wishes a moment of his time, and Steel agrees to go with him.

- The match between the Outsiders and the Greedy Bastards does not take place, as both teams are jumped by the Bastards of Oblivion 2K. While the rest battle against various members of the BOO, Michael Breaker takes out Joshua Curtis with a Manbreaker off the ramp to the floor. Curtis is later taken out on a stretcher.

- After the break, Steel, Gilbreth, and Jannetty are shown talking. Steel agrees that he's not the Accelerator's puppet, sent in to fight Ace's battles for him. The talks continue as the door is shut, keeping the cameraman out.

- In a Steel Cage match, Dynamic Dynamite & Steven Mysterio faced off against Shannon Shag-Nasty and the Dopeman, with Dynamic's IC belt and Dopeman's Cruiserweight Title on the line. After a long and grueling fight, Mysterio looked to have the upper hand on Shag-Nasty, when Dynamic Dynamite suddenly turned on the Star, using the Dynamic Pain. Dynamite then joined the BOO forces. The Dopeman seemed unwilling to take the free win, and argued with Shag-Nasty, who slapped him to put him in his place. The Dopeman responded by kicking Shag-Nasty in the face, then delivering the Deadly Dope Drop to Dynamite. But Shag-Nasty got the Nasty Snap, then the BOO left the ring. Mysterio crawled over and made the cover on the Dopeman, becoming the Cruiserweight Champion for an unprecedented fourth time.

- Where the Internet Title match was supposed to take place, Andy Gilbreth and John Steel came out together and stood in the ring, with Gilbreth calling out Ace. When the President obliges and comes out, Gilbreth tells him that he and Steel have come to an understanding, and that Steel is not Ace's pawn. Gilbreth then challenges Ace to step in the ring with him, and finish things. Ace considers, then agrees, with one stipulation: if he enters the ring, Gilbreth forfeits a chance to be in the Warriors of the Ring tournament. Ace asks if Gilbreth still wants him to come down, and Gilbreth immediately responds "Believe It". Ace then tells Steel to make his move, and Steel responds, nailing Gilbreth from behind with the American Flag!! Gilbreth tried to fight back, but Ace fulfilled his promise, entering the ring and hitting the Internet Champ in the back of the head with a mic. He then signaled for the bell, starting the Internet Title match, with himself as the ref! Steel quickly hit the Real Deal DDT, then started to choke Gilbreth completely out. Jannetty tried to make the save, but was stopped by security. We're shown the outside of the building, as the match continues, and a car pulls up quickly. Nightmare and X-Pac, two former 2-time World Champs, get out and run inside, and eventually to the ring, helping Jannetty fight through security. Ace and Steel take off as the reinforcements enter the ring. The show ends as Jannetty, Gilbreth, X-Pac, and Nightmare, all with personal grudges against each other, shake hands to the cheers of the fans.

GCWA Warriors of the Ring 2000 (PPV), 5/14/00
(Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana)

- The show begins with a review of all that's happened in the past few weeks, from Titan 3's World Title being stripped, to the personal battles between Andy Gilbreth and the Accelerator. The announcers then talk about the 16 men there that night, one of whom will win 4 matches and become the new Heavyweight Champion. The other man who makes it to the Finals, but loses, gets the European Title. The three announcers made their picks. Tenay selected X-Pac, JR went with Napalm, and Heenan rode the fence and went with Dynamic Dynamite, Michael Breaker, and John Steel, due to the political power behind them.

- X-Pac and Steven Mysterio talk in the back, apparently forgiving each other for past problems, and reuniting as a team.

- Preliminary Round Match: Steven Mysterio, with some help from his ally, Master Dee, landed the Short Sensation and managed to put down Dagger, despite a massive fight by the young man.

- Preliminary Round Match: Rage was handed the win from his opponent, Outcast, who simply entered the ring and laid down for the pin. Postmatch, Rage, Outcast, Phenomena, and the Dopeman united, calling themselves the Thrillseekers.

- Preliminary Round Match: Michael "The Man" Breaker made his return to the ring, fighting Ian R. Schyster. A replay showed when Breaker had last officially wrestled in the GCWA, as he was betrayed by Titan 3 and tossed from the top of a cage while fighting Neo at the Bastards' Ball. When the match started, Breaker dominated, destroying IRS, to the cheers of the fans, surprisingly. The Man Breaker ended things, as Breaker moved to the next round. A stretcher takes IRS out.

- Preliminary Round Match: In one of the most aggressive matches of the night, Nightmare managed to defeat Marty Jannetty, putting aside their short partnership at the last card. Nightmare used the Fame-Asser to knock the Rocker out, then applied the Nightfall, getting the submission victory.

- Just before a break, the Unexpected are shown running into the Bastards of Oblivion 2000. As security arrives to try to keep the peace, the trash talk becomes a war. The battle expands when the Thrill Seekers also arrive and get in on the melee. A security guard even removes his uniform and helps out the Unexpected. Noticably absent from the brawl is Michael Breaker.

- Preliminary Round Match: "The Real Deal" John Steel, the pick of the President, defeated the Hardcore Champion, Gabe "Wildman" Morse, with his Real Deal DDT, moving towards the next round. Afterwards, Steel, not satisfied with simply winning, dropped Morse with another Real Deal DDT.

- Preliminary Round Match: Neo and Napalm fought in the next match, which was a good fight for a while, as neither took the advantage for long. At the end, just when Napalm had Neo in place for the Agent:Orange maneuver, Victor D'Amor and John Steel rushed the ring. While Steel distracted the ref and Napalm, D'Amor gave Neo a steel chair. Neo used it on Napalm's head, causing himself the DQ. Afterwards, the three men beat on the semi-conscious Napalm. Richter tried to make the save, but seemed to be falling to the numbers, when Andy Gilbreth came down the aisle and cleared the ring. Napalm was given the victory, and moved on.

- Preliminary Round Match: X-Pac showed that he was still in shape despite the layoff, defeated Phenomena with the X-Factor. X-Pac heads to the next round.

- Preliminary Round Match: In the final Prelim bout, the Dopeman fought against Dynamic Dynamite. There was a lot of interference by OG Thug during the match, helping his man, Dynamite. During the war, Buff Brian, a former ally of Dynamite before the man turned on him, came down to ringside, getting rid of OG Thug. The Dopeman took advantage of the distraction to hit the Brain Stopper on Dynamite. Before Dopeman could get the pin, though, Jenna J jumped on the apron and distracted the ref. During the distraction, Buff Brian entered the ring and took out the Dopeman with the Final Cut, showing that it was another staged show by Dynamic Dynamite. The IC Champ hit the Dynamic Pain, then made the pin to move on in the tournament.

- Michael Breaker and his father talk in the backstage area, away from the BOO 2K. The father tells Breaker that this is his chance to win it all, and that the fans could be behind him. Breaker talks about all that Shag-Nasty has done for him, as the father looks disgusted. They continue to argue as the image fades.

- After a quick break, the Accelerator is shown giving Neo a monetary check for his actions against Neo earlier in the night, with Steel and D'Amor looking on. Ace then says that it's all set up, and that Steel will be the next champion.

- Quarterfinal Round Match: Steven Mysterio, even with some help from Master Dee, could not counter-balance Rage's freshness, having been given the free win by Outcast. After Tori helped to take out Master Dee with a low blow, Rage caught Mysterio off the turnbuckle, turning the splash into a Powerslam and getting the victory, sending Rage to the Semis.

- Quarterfinal Round Match: Nightmare fought Michael Breaker in another good bout. The announcers talked some about how Nightmare had been allowed back into the GCWA by the man who beat him in the Career Match, X-Pac. The match was highlighted by Nightmare reversing a Superplex, sending both men off the turnbuckle to the outside. At the end, Nightmare got on the Nightfall, but Breaker fought to the ropes. As Nightmare then tried the Fame-Asser, Breaker reversed it into the Man Breaker, getting the victory. The fans again began cheering for Breaker, who seemed to like the praise.

- Quarterfinal Round Match: Napalm's ribs, injured in the sneak-attack earlier, became a major hinderance for him, as Steel took advantage at every turn. When Napalm took the upper hand at one point, D'Amor and Neo tried to come out again, only to be stopped by Richter and Gilbreth. Chris Jericho tries to interfere, but is tackled by Marty Jannetty. While all this is happening outside the ring, a masked man appears at ringside, tripping up Napalm as he hit the ropes. Steel came in, hitting the Real Deal DDT, and got the pinfall victory. The masked man then entered, taking off the "Thief" mask to show himself to be the Accelerator. Postmatch, Gilbreth, Richter, and Jannetty entered the ring, as Ace and Steel left.

- Quarter-Final Round Match: Dynamic Dynamite again used dirty tactics, pulling the ref in front of an X-Pac splash at one point. With the ref down, Dynamite grabbed a chair from outside and used it to damage X-Pac's knee. But, as Dynamite tried to use the IC Title to cement things, X-Pac got in a desperation X-Factor onto the belt, stopping the momentum. Buff Brian then reappeared at ringside, to help out his man. Dynamite seemed to be back in control, but X-Pac blocked a Dynamic Pain attempt, taking Dynamite down with a Reverse DDT. He then climbed the ringpost and came off with the X-Drop. The cover was made, but the count incomplete, due to Buff Brian entering the ring and stomping away on X-Pac. Dynamite was DQ'ed. Afterwards, the two men attempted to break the leg of X-Pac, but were forced out of the ring by Steven Mysterio and Master Dee. X-Pac was helped, limping, to the back, to prepare for the Semi-Finals match.

- Semi-Finals Match: Micheal Breaker and Rage fought another war, with both big men getting some impressive power moves. Dynamic Dynamite came to the ring, but was kept from interfering by the ref, who threatened a DQ. But, as the ref watched Dynamite, Shannon Shag-Nasty entered from the other side and got the Nasty Snap on Rage, taking him out and making him easy pickings for the Man Breaker. Michael Breaker moved into the finals. Postmatch, Breaker, seeing the replays, angrily confronted Shag-Nasty and Dynamite, smacking away Shag's hand as he reaches out. Breaker leaves without the BOO, as the fans cheer. Shag and Dynamite follow, obviously confused. The Accelerator is shown watching his tv, happy with the events.

- Semi-Finals Match: A badly-limping X-Pac came out for his bout against John Steel. The match actually went on longer than expected, with X-Pac putting up a heavy fight. Steel, however, was prepared, using brass knuckles at one point to stun X-Pac with an uppercut. Steel then used his Real Deal DDT for the third time, getting another victory and propelling him into the Finals against Michael Breaker.

- The Titon Tron comes on, showing the Accelerator back in his office. The President says that, due to Shag-Nasty's interference in an earlier match (completely ignoring his own attempts to push Steel), the final match will be a Hell in a Cell! The announcers later speculate for Ace's reasoning, seeing how the set-up of the cell gives Steel a chance to rest. Tenay also points out that the last time Michael Breaker fought with a cage, he was thrown off of it. We go to a break as they set up the cage.

- The Finals: Michael Breaker and John Steel met in the final match of the tournament, both with 3 wins over other opponents during the night. The Hell in a Cell quickly became a factor, as the two wrestlers fought both inside and out, using whatever they could on their opponent. Steel, after a Breaker chair shot, Steel got in an elbow to the gut, then climbed to the top of the cage, using Breaker's obvious concern about going up top. But Breaker followed, and the two men fought on top of the cage, putting it all on the line. While they fought on top, both the Accelerator and Shag-Nasty came to ringside, watching. Steel eventually was nearly tossed from the cage, barely managing to grab hold of the mesh. Steel then climbed down, followed by Breaker. Shag-Nasty interfered, hitting Steel with a chair as he got to ground level, but Breaker, infuriated, dropped from the cage halfway, nailing Shag-Nasty and taking him out! However, this left Breaker open for the Accelerator, who used the chair on "The Man". Ace and Steel double-teamed Breaker, then Steel took over, taking Breaker back inside the cage, while Ace gloated to his old nemesis, Shag-Nasty. Andy Gilbreth and Steven Mysterio both came out of the back, though, and went after the President and the Commissioner, starting three matches going on at once! While Breaker and Steel exchanged close pinfalls inside the cage, Mysterio and Shag-Nasty battled down the aisle, while Gilbreth and the Accelerator went up on the cage roof! Gilbreth blocked an Ace High attempt, then tossed the President from the roof, sending him through the Spanish Announcer's Table in a heap. But, not satisfied, Gilbreth leapt from the top of the cage, hitting the Kaiser Krunch on Ace!!! Inside the cage, Breaker landed a low blow on Steel, then caught him for the Man Breaker, making the exhausted pin to become the new Heavyweight Champion of the World. Steel, by making it to the finals, gets the European Title for the 2nd time.

GCWA Sunday Night Sixpack, 5/21/00
(Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia)

- Before the beginning, Shag-Nasty is shown on the phone, telling someone that they've "got a deal". Shag-Nasty hangs up, then tells Dynamic Dynamite that his friend is allowed to join the Bastards of Oblivion, taking the place of Breaker.

- At the beginning of the show, Shannon Shag-Nasty walks out to the boos of the crowd, and tells everyone that, since Eva Barnes did not show up for her match, the Women's Title is being given to Chloe Barnes (Shag-Nasty's wife).

- In a brutal hardcore match, Master Dee impressed with his first appearance in the GCWA ring, going toe-to-toe with the former hardcore champ, Phenomena. Phen took control at one point, when Lan Ragus reappeared and came to the ring, blinding Phenomena with some powder, then taking him out with the Rage. Phenomena somehow came back, however, getting Dee with the Sub-Zero over the top rope! Phenomena, with the ref guiding him, made the pin, and got the victory.

- Steven Mysterio faced off against the New Age Outlaws in a Handicap Tag-Team Title match, with X-Pac as the special guest referee. X-Pac was obviously on Mysterio's side, delivering some slow counts. Billy Gunn eventually took X-Pac out with the Fame-Asser, as Mysterio and Jesse James battled on the outside. A substitute ref came down to help out. At the end, while X-Pac, somehow recovered, took James out with the X-Factor, Mysterio rolled Gunn up with a Bridge pin. X-Pac the the sub ref both counted, and each held up a different hand as the winner. It was still unknown who had won as we went to commercial.

- As we come back, Nightmare has come to the ring, attacking X-Pac, who was one of his scheduled opponents. Soon, Gabriel Morse joined the bout. Outcast's whereabouts in this Four Corner Double-Pin Hardcore Title match were unknown at the time. Morse got the first pin with the Gambit on X-Pac. In the back, we're shown Kronic double-teaming and taking out Outcast. In the ring, Morse is forced to tap out to the Nightfall, giving Nightmare a point. Then X-Pac, with Mysterio still helping, attacked Nightmare, getting a Double Bulldog off the apron onto the guardrail, allowing X-Pac to get a pin on Nightmare. At the end, Morse backdropped X-Pac from the ring to the outside, through a table. As they lay in the carnage, Kronic came to ringside, delivering the unconscious Outcast. Nightmare made the pin on Outcast to get the win, and the Hardcore Title for the second time.

- With Buff Brian as the special guest referee, Dagger challenged Dynamic Dynamite for the Intercontinental Title. Buff, as expected, continuously cheats Dagger out of the win, until Phenomena and the Dopeman come to the ring with a second ref, taking out OG Thug and Buff Brian. The rest of the BOO come out to help, and a brawl ensues. The Unexpected also come out, seeming to side with the BOO2K. As the battle continues in and out of the ring, Dagger lands a Pedigree on Dynamite and makes the cover, but then gets attacked by Hawk Hendricks, a newcomer siding with Dynamite. Dagger gets the win via DQ, but Dynamic Dynamite keeps the Intercontinental Title. Postmatch, as the BOO and the Unexpected take the upper hand on the Thrill Seekers, Michael Breaker appears and comes down to even the score. The night ends with Dagger raising his hand in victory with the rest of the Thrill Seekers.

GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 5/25/00
(The Georgia Theatre, Athens, Georgia)

- Shag-Nasty is shown anxiously awaiting the arrival of Dynamic Dynamite. Phenomena comes by and tells Shag that the show is starting, so Shag runs inside the arena.

- The match between Dagger and Lan Ragus fails to take place, as Shag-Nasty comes out and tells Dagger that he's got the free win. As Dagger tries to return to the back, he's attacked by Ragus and J.Y. Kidd, as well as Shag-Nasty. Dagger manages to escape the crowd, though, and goes backstage, with the BOO in pursuit.

- The Dopeman defeated both members of Kronic in a Handicapped Hardcore Buried Alive match, managing to get both individuals into the hole, falling through a table as well.

- "The Real Deal" John Steel was given a forfeit victory over Marty Jannetty, getting another title defense.

- Shannon Shag-Nasty reappears with his wife, Chloe, and declares it time for Eva Barnes to hand over the Women's Title. Eva walks to the ring and slaps Shag. Chloe steps between the two, but then betrays Shag, kicking him low. The two ladies take Shag-Nasty out, then head for the back, declaring themselves the Bitches of Oblivion. Chloe takes the belt from Eva along the way.

- Nightmare defeated Rage in a Hell in a Cell match, taking Rage out by hanging from the roof of the cage, then dropping on top of Rage, who was on a table. Nightmare retained the Hardcore Title through this one.

- In the main event, Steven Mysterio & X-Pac faced Dagger & Phenomena and Shannon Shag-Nasty, whose partner, Dynamite, had apparently never shown. After X-Rated and the Thrillseekers battered each other for a long period, Shag-Nasty snuck in, eliminating both teams to claim the Stable Trophy for the Bastards of Oblivion all by himself.

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