GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 4/01/00
(Neil S. Blaisdell Center, Honolulu, Hawaii)

- The beginning of the show started with the announcers talking about what occured a few nights before, at the Blood on the Battlefield PPV. The main topics covered included: Eva Barnes winning the Women's Title when she wasn't even in the match, prompting speculation that the ref was bribed; the end of Nightmare's career, after losing to X-Pac; Blade and von Ayrian making surprise returns; and the main event, where Iceman got the 1-2-3 thanks to Mysterio, but Titan 3 got the win via DQ. It's mentioned that Iceman still has the World Title after the assault on the Accelerator the night before.

- Since "Seth" was fired from the GCWA before his first match could take place, the Predator got the free forfeit victory.

- Jesse "The Stuff" Macintosh seemed to be in control over Chaos during their European Contendership match, when balloons that read "April Fools" fell from the ceiling. During the distraction, John "Real Deal" Steel came into the ring and attacked Macintosh, getting him the win via DQ. The two brawled until security showed up.

- Mike Tenay was shown heading to the offices of the Accelerator, where he conducted a meeting. Ace obliged, talking about his feelings after the assault from Iceman at the PPV. Ace then announced that he wanted the main event at the next PPV to be Ace vs. Titan 3 vs. Iceman for the World Title.

- In a Women's Title match, Eva Barnes retained her title over Angel when Passion ran down and interfered, stopping Barnes from using her make-up case on Angel, but also causing the DQ. Angel, not knowing about the save, then attacked Passion, and a three-way war broke out.

- A montage of shots are shown, depicting the career of one of the legends in the GCWA, Nightmare. All of his best moments throughout the year are pictured, as the show said goodbye to the 2-time heavyweight champion, who was forced to retire at Blood on the Battlefield 2000.

- The main event of the night was a Junkyard Brawl, to determine the next #1 Hardcore Title contender for Phenomena, who was the referee. The men competing were: Brain Dead, Victor D'Amor, LK, Outcast, and Wildfire. The five men battled all over the stadium, each looking to put away one opponent with a pinfall. Towards the end, Phenomena admonished D'Amor for bringing steel-toed boots to the match. D'Amor spit at Phenomena, then dropped LK with the Silencer. Instead of getting the pincount, Phenomena attacked D'Amor and delivered the Sub-Zero. Wildfire quickly took advantage with a pin, getting the win and the chance at the Hardcore Title.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 4/05/00
(Miami Arena, Miami, Florida)

- The first match of the night pitted the Dopeman, formerly known as Brain Dead, against Victor D'Amor in a Japanese Death match. The two, fighting almost like they did during the Junkyard Brawl, cut their opponents up on the barbed wire, as well as using tacks, tables, and other hardcore implements. Eva Barnes was distracted from the match when she was jumped by Passion. Just when D'Amor was taking charge again, Punisher appeared and attacked his rival, lifting and Pain Bombing him onto the thumbtacks. D'Amor was then easily put into the 3-D (Deadly Dopeman Driver) and pinned on the tacks, giving the Dopeman the victory. Punisher then got a mic and challenged D'Amor to another PPV match.

- The Accelerator was interviewed again, talking about some of the complaints Titan 3 had to his stipulations for the 3-Way Heavyweight Title match (Hell-in-a-Cell, Elimination style). Ace said that his stips would stick, and also gave a small hint that there could be a special referee for the match.

- We're shown in the back that Passion and Eva Barnes are still fighting away. They're joined by Angel, who recreates the 3-way brawl between the main ladies in the GCWA. The group fights, without a referee, security, or anything else, until the break.

- Coming back from the break, Outcast is pictured leaving the dressing room of the Unexpected with a pleased smile on his face.

- Jesse "The Stuff" Macintosh and John "The Real Deal" Steel came out to battle for Steel's European Title. However, before the match ever really began, the April Fools balloons again fell from the ceiling. As they dropped into the ring, Macintosh and Steel shook hands, proving that their 'feud' was just a hoax. Macintosh joined Steel, D'Amor, and Jericho in the Cartel.

- The reformed DX Army, Blade and X-Pac, teamed up to face Alger von Ayrian and Joshua Curtis, the Hell's Angels, for a shot at the tag-team titles. Both groups fought well during the match. It was noticed early on by Jim Ross that Shannon Shag-Nasty, making his return to the GCWA, was watching from a ringside seat. Blade also made that connection during the match, and came out of the ring to confront the man who had put him in the hospital so long ago. While Blade was distracted, X-Pac was felled by Curtis from behind while striking von Ayrian. Outcast then appeared again and ran to the ring, ko'ing Curtis with his Singapore Cane. However, when X-Pac got up to thank him, Outcast knocked him out as well, then left the ring laughing. Alger von Ayrian, given time to recover, gathered up the injured X-Pac and landed the Blitzkrieg, getting the victory for his team before Blade could break up the attempt. The Hell's Angels won the right to challenge for the tag gold.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 4/08/00
(Nat'l Car Rental Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

- Before the beginning of the show, Steven Mysterio and the Iceman are seen arriving at the Center. While Mysterio wears the Cruiserweight gold, Ice pulls the World Title out of the trunk and places it in his bag. Both men head in, not seeing the pairs of eyes watching them from the darkness.

- The first bout of the evening was a quick one, as Slick Willie Clinton continued his winning streak by dispatching LK quickly and with little effort. The Veto put an end to any resistance. Postmatch, Clinton, with his valet, Monica, played to the booing crowd.

- The Dopeman, fresh off of his big Japanese Death Match victory over Victor D'Amor, faced Dynamic Dynamite. The two fought for a long time, with Dynamite usually finding ways to stay in control. After a flurry of moves from the Dopeman, Jenna J distracted the referee. Dynamite tried to whip Dopeman into the metal suitcase that OG Thug had brought to the ring, but Dopeman reversed it. Dynamite managed to stop himself from hitting the suitcase, but before he could move, Dopeman dropkicked him from behind, knocking him into OG Thug. Dopeman then rolled up Dynamite for the victory.

- Just before the break, we're shown the Iceman attacked while heading down the hall towards the ring area. Two muscular men in masks smashed Ice in the back of the head, then grabbed the bag with the World Title in it, running off. The Heavyweight strap's location became unknown.

- Victor D'Amor and Outcast, with Eva Barnes barred from ringside, battled in a Hardcore-Rules match throughout the arena, even disappearing from the camera's view at points, making the announcers 'speculate' about what was going on. While D'Amor and Outcast continue to fight in the arena, we go to the back, to show that Iceman, angry after the attack earlier in the night, found Phenomena and started their battle for the Hardcore Title in the backstage area! Two Hardcore matches were going on at once, with Ice and Phenomena putting each other through tables in the back, while D'Amor and Outcast continued to put fans in danger on the outside. The first match concludes with some interference, as Alger von Ayrian appeared out of nowhere to knock D'Amor down. von Ayrian then got revenge for his partner, Joshua Curtis, by Blitzkrieging Outcast on the concrete! D'Amor made the pin for the victory. There was then a commercial break.

- Back from the commercials, the fight in the back continued, with the property damage going up and up, and had both men bleeding from various wounds. Steven Mysterio tried to aid his partner in the Unexpected by attacking Phenomena, but he was attacked by Titan 3, his opponent later in the night. As Titan 3 dragged Mysterio off, fighting all the way, Ice started to follow, but was speared from behind. Phenomena then lived up to his name as "The Game", getting the Pedigree and the victory. He retained the Hardcore Title.

- The Heavyweight Title match between Mysterio and Titan 3 began right from the gate, as Titan 3 pulled Mysterio through the entryway and towards the ring. Mysterio managed a comeback, and got many close pinfalls. But he could never keep the shoulders of his opponent down. Shannon Shag-Nasty eventually came to ringside, being a general distraction for both wrestlers while simply watching the action. Titan 3 earned the win by landing the A-Bomb, dismantling Mysterio. Postmatch, with Shag-Nasty still watching, we go to the back, where Jannetty tells Gilbreth that they need to go congratulate the champ for winning again. Gilbreth nods and says he'll be right there, then continues to watch the screen, where Titan 3 is celebrating.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 4/12/00
(Ice Palace, Tampa, Florida)

- The beginning of the show starts with an injured Marty Jannetty, still hurting from the last PPV, walking down the hall, asking people if they've seen Blade.

- The match-up between Mona Love and Passion is a quick one, as Passion's leg, apparently injured earlier in the week, fails her. Love took advantage, getting a submission from a Scorpion Deathlock. Postmatch, Passion was carried out of the ring.

- Jannetty is again seen, this time bursting in on the DX room, where X-Pac is seen calling around at the hotels, trying to find his partner. X-Pac and Jannetty glare at each other, before the Rocker disappears again.

- Jesse James and the Dopeman fought a Hardcore battle, with James being in charge most of the match. However, when on the platforms above a few tables, the Dopeman dodged the Shake, Rattle 'n' Roll, then dropped the Roaddogg through the tables with his Brain Stopper maneuver, getting a third straight victory under his new name.

- The scheduled match-up between Jannetty and Blade never takes place, as Blade doesn't show up for the match. Blade's whereabouts are unknown. Steven Mysterio came down to the ring and accused Jannetty of having something to do with Blade's disappearance. Before anything happened between them, the rest of the Night's Watch, Titan 3 and Andy Gilbreth, walked out and came to the ring. While they talked with the torn Jannetty, we're shown their locker room, and the two men moving inside of it.

- After the break, Titan 3 and Gilbreth are shown going back to their locker room, talking about Jannetty. They find their door open, and the World Heavyweight Title sitting inside, with a note that reads "From an old friend". The World Title comes back to its rightful place.

- Stevie Styyle and Reverend Lowdown faced off in a Handicap match against Shannon Shag-Nasty. After a long, grueling fight, Shag-Nasty started to take control on Styyle, when the lights went out. When they came back on, Shag-Nasty was down in the ring, covered in blood-like paint! He was also positioned the way Blade was found after his attack. Although Reverend Lowdown was shocked, he still came in and delivered the Gospel on Shag-Nasty. The match was ruled a No-Contest. Afterwards, X-Pac came out to hesitantly check on Shag.

- The Hell's Angels, in the main event, were given their tag-team title shot against the Soldiers of Fortune. Joshua Curtis fought most of the battle for his team, surprisingly, and managed to get in a few moves against Gilbreth and Titan 3. But he was mostly dominated. After a low blow on Titan 3, Curtis tried to make the tag to his partner. But Alger von Ayrian just shook his head and left the ring, going to the back. Without someone to tag, Curtis didn't stand a chance, and was eventually beaten by Gilbreth's Red, White, and Blue maneuver. Postmatch, while Titan 3 and Gilbreth get in separate corners to celebrate, von Ayrian is shown in the back getting attacked by the Cartel. The show ends.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 4/15/00
(Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama)

- It's announced at the beginning of the show that Wildfire, just like his brother Blade, has disappeared. Phenomena, who was supposed to defend the Hardcore Title against him, got a forfeit victory. The announcers talked about what happened to Blade and Wildfire, and if it had anything to do with the bloodbath that Shag-Nasty absorbed at the last card.

- Breakdown and Dynamic Dynamite opened the night with a great match. Dynamite landed his Ultimate Pain, but couldn't get the win. Breakdown reversed a move into the Out of Order, but the shoulders didn't stay down. Finally, Dynamite landed two Dynamic Pains in succession, getting the victory.

- After the last match, the shot went to backstage, where X-Pac was on the phone with an investigator, who was trying to track down the whereabouts of Blade and his brother. X-Pac hung up the cell phone when he got to his open locker room, which had been partially ransacked. X-Pac's IC Title was missing.

- Outcast showed that he still had something worth watching, as he used the Burnout to defeat "The Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis in a regular match.

- Reverend Lowdown was given his European Title shot, against John "Real Deal" Steel. After a while, the ref became distracted by Stevie Styyle. Lowdown took advantage, using a cane to nail Steel. But Shannon Shag-Nasty came out of nowhere to Nasty Snap Lowdown, changing the momentum. As Shag-Nasty DVD'ed Styyle, Steel got the Real Deal DDT to pin Lowdown and walk out still the champion. Postmatch, Shag-Nasty and Steel, instead of congratulating each other, exchanged some harsh language.

- X-Pac again was shown in the back, banging on doors and demanding to have his Intercontinental Title back. No one knew who had them, though.

- It was announced that Shannon Shag-Nasty and Punisher would be fighting in a Hardcore match, as decided by the Accelerator. Also, any interference from anyone could mean a suspension. Both men tried to hurt each other as much as possible, from steel pipe shots to chair hits. Finally, though, the match was decided when Punisher Pain Bombed Shag-Nasty over the ropes and through a table sitting on the outside. Punisher got the pin for the victory.

- Victor "The Sniper" D'Amor came out to face the Intercontinental Champion (sans belt) X-Pac in the main event. X-Pac seemed distracted, not really caring who his opponent is. He wanted his belt back. X-Pac took control, even with Barnes helping out D'Amor. While Barnes distracted the ref, the Thief, the masked man who had stolen the World Title the week before, came to the ring and knocked out X-Pac with his own IC belt! He then left the belt, while D'Amor got up and delivered the Silencer to X-Pac to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 4/20/00
(Mississippi Colosseum and Convention Center, Biloxi, Mississippi)

- The announcers, Bobby Heenan and Mike Tenay, began the show by talking about the new sets and other items, now that the shows have moved to Thursdays and Sundays.

- In the dark match of the night, the Greedy Bastards defeated the Hardy Boyz, when Joshua Curtis landed the Dark Days on Matt.

- A cameraman is shown following the two masked men, dubbed the Thief and the Accomplice. One tells the other that it's all been arranged.

- After a surprise ambush from Eva Barnes left Angel barely able to stand, Cypher, making her debut, easily took control in their match, and landed the Wipe-Out to get her first victory. Postmatch, Cypher was seen pointing to Barnes and signaling that she wanted the gold.

- "Li'l" Dagger got the win via DQ over "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, when "Roaddogg" Jesse James entered the ring with a chair. The New Age Outlaws beat down on Dagger for a while after the match, doing some damage. After the NAO left, LK came to the ring and helped Dagger up. But LK then locked on the Repent submission hold, adding to the damage, as we went to break.

- We come back to see "Slick" Willie Clinton under assault from the entire Unexpected. As they went after him, Andy Gilbreth appeared, making the save. Clinton and Gilbreth shook hands afterwards, then headed their separate ways. The match scheduled between them for the Internet Title does not occur.

- The Dopeman faced the Cruiserweight Champion, Steven Mysterio, in the main event, a Burning Table Cruiserweight Title Match. Both men came close many times, but didn't go over the ropes into the flaming tables. After a while, the Thief came out, grabbing the Cruiserweight Title and entering the ring. Most thought he would hit the Dopeman, including Mysterio. Instead, the Thief turned and nailed the champ in the head, knocking him senseless. The Thief then whipped Mysterio towards the Dopeman, who instinctively flipped him to the outside, through the table. The Dopeman became the new Cruiserweight Champ, as the Thief, for the second card in a row, caused a belt to change hands.

GCWA Sunday Night Sixpack, 4/23/00
(Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

- For the first edition of Sixpack on Sunday, Mark Madden took over the broadcast duties of Larry Zbysko, as Madden was partnered with Jim Ross.

- There were two Dark matches for the night. In one, Dagger defeated Axel Adams (in his final match) with the Pedigree.

- In the second Dark match, Gabriel "Wildman" Morse made his highly-anticipated debut, flying high and managing to take down El Insano with the Gambit.

- In the back, we're shown Victor D'Amor discussing things with the Thief and the Accomplice. Before much can be learned, the Accomplice scared the camera crew off.

- In a long match, longer than expected, Mr. Snow, in his debut, went the distance against the Predator, finally getting the victory with a small package roll-up.

- Before the break, Shannon Shag-Nasty, the Commish, is seen leaving the locker room of the Dopeman. Before the cameraman can follow, he's knocked out by an unknown assailant.

- With the Dopeman as the special guest referee, Steven Mysterio faced off against Shannon Shag-Nasty. It becomes obvious from the beginning (although Madden defends him) that the Dopeman is giving Shag-Nasty the edge on pincounts, among other things. Mysterio tries to battle the odds, but is taken down with the Shagon's Tail. Before Shag-Nasty can make the pin, though, the Dopeman is pulled out of the ring and dropped by Marty Jannetty! Jannetty then enters the ring before Shag-Nasty can turn, and uses a bucket of 'blood', throwing it into the Commish's face. This proves that Jannetty was the attacker on Shag-Nasty. Jannetty, after attacking the paint-soaked Commish, leaves the ring, as the Dopeman comes back to land a low blow on Mysterio. As the duo go to beat "the Star", the Outsiders reappear, making the save. Although Mysterio survives, the Dopeman rules that Jannetty interfered, causing the DQ victory for Shag-Nasty.

- Dynamic Dynamite and Victor D'Amor met to fight for the Intercontinental Title, with OG Thug and Eva Barnes sparring some on the outside. During the match, Cypher came down, and began a 'polite' conversation with Barnes, presumably about a title shot. They were interrupted when Angel came down and attacked both ladies from behind. While the ref was distracted by the battle outside, D'Amor was reverse-whipped into the briefcase of OG Thug, then given the Dynamic Pain. The ref turned and made the count, making Dynamic Dynamite the 3-time Intercontinental Champion.

- The Hardcore Title, held by Phenomena, was defended against Outcast mostly in the backstage area, away from the fans. The match became very complex, when the Dopeman appeared and nailed Outcast with the Brain Stopper. Before more damage could be done, though, Outcast's new bodyguard, Sid Vicious, appeared and chokeslammed Dopeman. Sid then went after Phenomena, fighting both men while Outcast recovered. Mysterio and Dynamite then appear, double-teaming the Dopeman. Shannon Shag-Nasty runs out and nails Sid with a steel pipe. Mysterio then spears Shag-Nasty. The group continues to battle into the parking lot, where Lan Ragus reappears, fighting for the Bastards of Oblivion 2000. Outcast lands the Burnout on Ragus, but is caught offguard by Phenomena, who lands the Sub-Zero. The Dopeman, still wearing his ref uniform, makes the quick count, and Phenomena stays the Hardcore Champ at the end of the night.

GCWA Thursday Night Torrent, 4/27/00
(Compaq Center, Houston, Texas)

- Shannon Shag-Nasty and Phenomena are seen arriving at the Compaq Center. As they get out of their limo, both wearing referee uniforms, a black Camaro flies up and takes the door off the BOO2K mobile. Shag-Nasty and Phenomena watch as the car drives away.

- In the first bout of the evening, the Predator fought hard against Gabriel "Wildman" Morse, but again couldn't manage the final move, as Morse landed his Gambit kick and got his second victory.

- Andy Gilbreth and Titan 3, both wearing their belts, enter the arena, talking about the whereabouts of Marty Jannetty. Gilbreth says that they need to find him; Titan 3 agrees.

- With Phenomena as the referee, LK and Dagger battled in a Four Corners Chair match. The rules were that whoever landed four shots on the head of their opponent with a chair would be the winner. The wrestlers, throughout the bout, each managed 3 shots on their opponent. At the end, LK seemed to be in control, as he slammed the chair across Dagger's back repeatedly. He was stopped, however, by Phenomena, who, after LK got in his face, nailed the man in the head with the chair, then called for the bell, giving Dagger the victory.

- After the last match, Dynamic Dynamite, Steven Mysterio, and Outcast came out of the back, taking out Phenomena, LK, and Dagger. Each man then got on the mic. Dynamite talked about how he took down Phenomena a few seconds ago. Outcast threatened Phenomena, saying that the Hardcore belt would be his. Mysterio then challenged the BOO2K to a 3-on-3 battle. Shag-Nasty came out and helped Phenomena to the back, telling him that he'd work something out to deal with the Unexpected. We went to the break.

- After the break, it was announced that Victor D'Amor, for some unknown reason, did not show up at the arena. This gave Titan 3 the free victory, and a defense of his belt. The announcers speculated on how strange it was that D'Amor blew off the chance to face his brother for the World Title.

- The Accelerator appeared on the big screen and announced that the Pay-Per-View, name unknown, was set for May 14th at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also said that he would be facing Titan 3 for the World Title, if he still had it. The announcers talked afterwards about Ace's comments towards Titan 3 and the Iceman.

- The Dopeman, with a roll of victories behind him, faced the Internet Champion Andy Gilbreth in a normal match. Gilbreth had the upper hand at first, due to his size, but the Cruiserweight Champ evened it up with a low blow, then worked on the legs. The two fought for a while longer, moving to the outside. Just as the Dopeman was starting to use Hardcore implements, the ref signaled for the bell, and called for the Double Countout. Both men continued fighting anyway, until the ref gave each their respective belts, proving that the match was over. Gilbreth departed, while the Dopeman just stood, confused.

- In the main event, Shannon Shag-Nasty was the special guest referee, as Punisher and John "Real Deal" Steel met to battle for the European Title that Steel held. They fought a 2-Table match, where, to win, you had to put your opponent through TWO tables. Steel earned the first 'fall', with the Real Deal DDT onto a table. Shag-Nasty did seem to be favoring Steel in the fight. But Punisher wasn't done, as he recovered and Backdropped Steel through a table, evening the score. Punisher then tried a Pain Bomb, but was blocked by Shag-Nasty, giving Steel a chance to recover. As both men fought on the apron, next to the final table, Shag-Nasty came off the ropes and hit both men, sending both down through the table! Shag-Nasty then declared that it was a Double Fall, and thus, the European Title was vacant. The head ref for the GCWA, Tyrell Jones, appeared and argued that Steel went through the table first. Thus, Punisher should be the winner. Before Shag-Nasty could argue too much, Marty Jannetty appeared, assaulting the Commish. while they fought, Jones used his referee powers, awarding the European Title to Punisher, who seemed not to want it. Postmatch, Jannetty was double-teammed by Shag-Nasty and the Dopeman, who came out to help. Mysterio comes down to make the save, as the BOO2K contingent left. The rest of the Night's Watch then appeared to help their teammate, as Mysterio left the ring, unsure about the alliance there.

GCWA Sunday Night Sixpack, 4/30/00
(Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas)

- Before the opening of the show, Titan 3 appears, heading towards his dressing room. He's stopped by Andy Gilbreth, who gives him an envelope. Titan 3 opens it and reads the contents, then crumples the note up. He says "Who does he think he is??" and marches off, angry, as Gilbreth follows.

- The announcers talk about recent events, how Punisher, after his Commish-assisted victory over John Steel for the European Title the card before, stormed out of the GCWA, vacating the belt and quitting. No holder for the belt was announced.

- In the first Dark match, Cypher defeated Mona Love with the Wipe-Out, getting her second victory and making her look more like a threat than any other lady towards Eva Barnes.

- The other Dark match showed "Roaddogg" Jesse James getting a much-needed victory, beating "Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis with the Shake Rattle 'n' Roll, followed by the Pumphandle Slam.

- As Gabe Morse headed towards the ring for his match-up, he was attacked by Outcast, who wielded a kendo stick. Outcast told Morse not to mouth off to him again, then left.

- Titan 3 is seen again, barging into Ace's private office, only to find out from the frightened secretary that he's no longer there. Titan 3 storms off again.

- Morse gave all he had left, but it wasn't enough, as "The Chosen One" Marc Morrison got his first victory since returning under a new name (formerly Neo), using the Virus to get the win.

- The Accelerator appears at the entryway, still untouched by the searching Titan 3 in the back. Ace says that, due to the fact that Titan 3 didn't wrestle against Victor D'Amor, his contract says that he has to wrestle a match that night for the World Title. Ace then makes himself the #1 Contender to the belt. Titan 3 then charges the ring, knocking down the security in the way to enter. He gets his own mic and says that he can't be ordered around like one of Ace's flunkies, and that he won't fight Ace until the PPV. Ace responds by saying that if Titan 3 doesn't fight him for the belt, the World Title will be vacated, and Titan 3 will be indefinitely suspended. Titan 3 then agrees to 'kick Ace's ancient ass' and gives a final threat before leaving, saying that he will get his belt back.

- After the break, Madden and JR talk about the surprising events in the past half hour. The main speculation circles around Victor D'Amor, and how he may have been paid by Ace to take a dive and not show up to fight Titan 3, to leave the loophole open for tonight's main event World Title match.

- In a relatively short match, Kevin Nash and John Steel went at it, with nothing on the line but a win and a loss. Steel came out ahead, and after a Spinebuster, he pulled Nash up and landed the Real Deal DDT to get the victory.

- Ace is seen in his office, talking on the phone. He tells someone to be sure and be there. He then hangs up and leaves the office, with the World Title on his shoulder.

- In a Title-for-Title Tag-Team match, Dynamic Dynamite (IC Title) and Outcast fought a semi-Hardcore match with Phenomena (HC Title) and Shannon Shag-Nasty. Michael Breaker and J.Y. Kidd also made their reappearance, coming to ringside to support the BOO2K group. The battle soon went to the outside, with both groups getting multiple shots on each other. Breaker and Kidd soon become occupied, as Marty Jannetty and Steven Mysterio appear and attack them. Near the end, Outcast, in the crowd, dropped Phenomena with a DDT on the cement. Shag-Nasty was stopped by Dynamite, as Outcast made the cover, helped by a 'fan' from the audience. The pin was made, making Outcast the Hardcore Champ. The fan was revealed as the Accelerator. Postmatch, Shag-Nasty and Ace confronted each other, but Shag walked away without a fight, helping his partner to the back.

- After a commercial, Ace is in the ring, calling to the back for Titan 3 to come out and defend his title. After the music plays a couple of times, Ace gets impatient, taunting Titan 3 and ordering him out, threatening the stipulations. A camera in the back shows Titan 3's locker room, blocked by a Zamboni. The announcers immediately speculate about the Iceman. Ace, in the ring, decides enough time has past, and declares the World Heavyweight Title vacant. He suspends Titan 3, despite the boos of the fans. He then leaves, blaming it all on the 'champ'. In the back, as the show ends, we see Titan 3 breaking through the doorway, looking very pissed off.

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