GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 3/01/00
(The Scope, Norfolk, Virginia)

- Before the show officially begins, Titan 3 and Andy Gilbreth, the tag-team champions, are shown entering the building and talking about meeting someone. Titan 3 flashes a familiar handsignal to the camera.

- The Iceman comes out and challenges Titan 3 to defend his World Title against him at the next pay-per-view. The announcers speculate about the growing animosity between Ice and Titan 3.

- The match between "The Renegade" Luke Reid and the Rock fails to occur, as Punisher comes out and wipes both men out of the picture, using the Painkiller on Reid. Punisher then waits in the ring for his match.

- "Lyinheart" Chris Jericho faced Punisher in the second bout, which ended shortly thereafter when, after Punisher locked on another Painkiller on his opponent, Victor D'Amor entered the ring and attacked, giving Punisher the DQ win. Jericho and D'Amor double-teamed Punisher, then leave. A bloody-lipped Punisher recovers and charges after them to the back.

- After Billy Gunn delivered the Fame-Asser, Jesse James covered Matt Hardy for the victory over the Hardy Boyz.

- In the back, Outcast is seen making his return. He heads straight towards the office of the Accelerator as the commercials return.

- "Slick" Willie Clinton, after a short brawl with his opponent, the Predator, managed to land the Veto, which easily allowed him to get the pinfall victory.

- Marty Jannetty goes to the ring to face "US" Andy Gilbreth for the Internet Title. But the match stops before it starts, as Titan 3 comes to the ring as well. Gilbreth and Titan 3 remove their shirts to show the "Night's Watch" t-shirts underneath. Jannetty then shakes both men's hands, joining with the two of them in the newly-reformed Night's Watch. All three men get on the mic. Gilbreth says that he'll take on any challengers for his belt. Jannetty annnounces that he wants a crack at a fourth Cruiserweight Title reign. Titan 3 accepts Iceman's PPV match, but also says that the World Title will not be on the line.

- In a wild Hardcore Title Match, "The Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis tried everything he could to defeat the reigning champion, Phenomena. During the match, Dynamic Dynamite tried to come to the ring, but was stopped, first by Chuck Woolery, who asked him not to interfere, then by a wild Brain Dead, who attacked him. Curtis and Phenomena went through tables, hit each other with chairs, and did everything as Hardcore as possible. After Curtis missed his Angel Splash from the ringpost to the outside, landing on the fragments of a table, Phenomena made the pin to stay the champion.

- The Accelerator made an announcement over the air, declaring that the Iceman and Titan 3 would face at the PPV, March 19th, for the World Heavyweight Title. Ace made his former tag-team partner Ice the #1 Contender.

- X-Pac and Steven Mysterio were scheduled to face each other for a shot at Nightmare's Intercontinental Title. But Nightmare came out during the match, ending it by attacking both men. Postmatch, X-Pac got on the mic and told Nightmare that he had just made the PPV match a Handicap Title defense, and had dug his own grave.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 3/04/00
(Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina)

- The announcers mention that the first match of the night, Angel vs. John Blaze, was cancelled due to the fact that neither wrestler showed up.

- In a very quick match, "The Real Deal" John Steel dispatched Chak with the Real Deal DDT and pinned him. After the pin, Steel pulled Chak up and delivered a second R.D.DDT, then choked the man savagely. Animal Thug came down to the ring and broke it up, and the two men fought down the aisle, as security poured out (to the boos and flying trash of the crowd).

- The Hardy Boyz just couldn't get it together, as Punisher, facing them in a Handicap match, walked all over them. After tossing Jeff Hardy outside the ring with devestating results, Punisher put Matt in the Painkiller to get another submission victory, continuing to rack up the wins.

- Dynamic Dynamite and OG Thug talk in the back, with Dynamite getting a note from the Unexpected. He smiles, just before the camera goes to black.

- Dagger was scheduled to face "the Lone Wolf", a mysterious wrestler who claimed to have links to the past of the GCWA. After Dagger entered the ring, his opponent came out and was shown to be Wildfire! Wildfre and Dagger go at it for a while, then the match ends by interference, as Chaos enters and attacks Wildfire from behind. Wildfire throws Chaos from the ring and gets his hand raised.

- In a Scaffold Match, Rey Mysterio Jr used every agile move he had to knock "US" Andy Gilbreth, the Internet Champion, off the scaffold. He even had Gilbreth dangling from his hands at one point. But Gilbreth pulled himself up, then finally managed to get his hands on Mysterio's throat, tossing him off the scaffold to the mat below, winning the match and keeping his belt.

- Dynamic Dynamite faced Titan 3 for the World Heavyweight Title. The two fought in a great main event, with momentum changing every few seconds. Dynamite used his dirty tricks, while Titan 3 used brute force. Dynamite did land the Dynamic Pain, but took too long to cover. After Marty Jannetty appeared to take out OG Thug, Titan 3 hit the A-Bomb and got the victory, staying the World Champion. Postmatch, the Unexpected came to the ring, and a brawl broke out between them and the Night's Watch members.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 3/08/00
(New Charlotte Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina)

- Pesticide was given a free win over Breakdown, when Breakdown announced his (later aborted) retirement.

- The New Age Outlaws defeated the Greedy Bastards in tag-team competition, when the Roaddogg Jesse James used the Pumphandle Slam on Chuck Woolery, while Billy Gunn kept Joshua Curtis occupied.

- In the back, Nightmare was shown under attack by both Steven Mysterio and X-Pac, his two opponents at the PPV. "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty appeared out of nowhere to save Nightmare, fighting off Mysterio.

- After John Steel was pictured in the back, knocking out Bobby with a steel chair, Animal Thug became too distracted to be able to fend off Reverend Lowdown, who won the non-title match-up with the Gospel maneuver.

- The match between LK and John Steel went in and out of the ring. No man kept the advantage long, although Steel continually went for LK's ribs. At the end, Animal Thug reappeared and came for Steel, pulling him out of the ring and causing the DQ victory for the Real Deal. Steel and the Thug fought for a few seconds, then Victor D'Amor and Chris Jericho appeared and helped out, all three men attacking Animal Thug and leaving him on the ground. LK stayed out of the action all together, watching with interest.

- Iceman/Phenomena didn't occur, when Titan 3 found and attacked Iceman. The two fought all over the backstage area for the rest of the show. Phenomena was seen trying to break the two men up, but was then pulled away by Outcast. Whether via misunderstanding or just hatred, those two started fighting as well. The match was scratched from the card.

- Chaos and Victor D'Amor went at it in a brutal brawl that featured weapons behind the ref's back, table-smashing, and other assorted dangerous hits. At one point Dagger tried to interfere, only to get knocked off the apron by D'Amor. This left D'Amor open to a flurry of maneuvers from Chaos, but no pinfall. At the end, D'Amor got the Silencer to fire, stunning Chaos enough that the pin was made. After the match, while D'Amor was celebrating, Punisher appeared, attacking him from behind. Punisher put D'Amor into the Painkiller, but quickly broke it and left when Steel and Jericho ran up.

- In the main event, a cage was lowered for Steven Mysterio and "US" Andy Gilbreth to fight in, for the Internet Title. Gilbreth seemed more incensed than ever, especially after the fight between Mysterio and Jannetty earlier. The two attacked each other violently. Mysterio tried a splash from the top of the cage at one point, but missed by inches as Gilbreth sat up. Gilbreth took control at the latter minutes of the match, and ended it with the Old Glory, a spinning Gorilla Press Slam, followed by the Kaiser Krunch from halfway up the cage. He retained the belt one more time.

GCWA Blood on the Battlefield 2000 (PPV), 3/26/00
(Georgia Dome, Altanta, Georgia)

- The PPV begins with a shot of the Night's Watch limo arriving. Before anyone can get out, though, Dynamic Dynamite and OG Thug, both armed with baseball bats, attack, smashing in the windows and beating on the car. OG Thug fells the driver before he can escape, while on the other side of the car, Titan 3 is blinded trying to get out by a spray from Jenna J! Marty Jannetty appears on the scene and throws OG Thug over the hood of the limo, but then gets struck in the back by Dynamite multiple times. Andy Gilbreth tears the door off the limo to get out, as Dynamite, OG Thug, and Jenna J make their escape. Titan 3 and Jannetty both receive medical aid, while Gilbreth shrugs off attention for the small cuts on his face.

- Passion and Angel fought for a while for the right to become the first Women's Champion in the GCWA. Partway through the fight, though, "The Black Widow" Eva Barnes came down to the ring, and eventually entered, smashing Angel into the ringpost, then rolling Passion up. The ref made the decision to count, then gave Barnes the win, making her the shocking winner and the holder of the Women's Heavyweight Title.

- The Tag-Team Battle Royale consisted of the Hardy Boyz, the New Age Outlaws, and Wildfire, fighting solo. The brawl worked its way to every corner of the ring, with both teams working together while Wildfire simply cleaned house. After Matt Hardy missed a splash in the corner, Jesse James grabbed him and tossed him out, eliminating the Hardy Boyz from the competition. The two Outlaws then double-teamed Wildfire, until the music hit, and Blade ran out! The former two-time champion charged the ring and aided his erstwhile brother, helping Wildfire get the Torch and the Fire Hazard on Billy Gunn. He then tossed Gunn out to get the win, making him and Blade the #1 Contenders to the Tag-Team Titles.

- After the replays are shown, Marty Jannetty is pictured in the back, getting his waist taped up after the hits he took earlier. Jannetty watched the television, seemingly overwhelmed by the sight of his old partner.

- Punisher and Victor D'Amor met up to settle the feud that they had started during the past month. There were some good maneuvers from both men, but Punisher seemed to have the advantage near the end, trying to get D'Amor into the Painkiller. D'Amor was handed a case from the new Women's Champ, Barnes, and opened it, throwing some sort of powder into the face of both Punisher and the nearby referee. The ref called for the bell, then got his bell rung, when D'Amor dropped him with the Silencer. Punisher got the win via DQ.

- A fire breaks out backstage, from unknown causes, in the referee staging area. The head referee, Tyrell Jones, is shown being carried out with minor facial burns and smoke inhalation. Jones says that he's fine, but is still taken to the hospital.

- Marty Jannetty, despite both his physical and mental limitations over the course of the night, tried to take down the reigning Cruiserweight Champion, Steven Mysterio. Despite his best efforts, a crashing blow into the corner backfirst caused him to collapse, allowing Mysterio to get the Ruff Ryde maneuver, then the easy cover, to remain champion. Postmatch, Jannetty is loaded onto a stretcher, while Blade is shown in the back watching, looking less concerned than angry.

- Dynamic Dynamite showed his all-around skills, changing from a brawler to a submissionist to knock "US" Andy Gilbreth off his guard. But Gilbreth's rage was uncontainable, and he rose up and dropped the Kaiser Krunch on Dynamite to get the victory, continuing his astonishing run as the Internet Champion. After the match, Gilbreth got a mic and gave it to Dynamite, who, since he lost, had to say that he was a cheater. Dynamite said it, and told Gilbreth to deal with it. He then broke the mic on Gilbreth's head and left the ring. Gilbreth recovered a few moments later and followed Dynamite to the back.

- Titan 3, in the back, gets his vision checked by the doctors, who seem concerned about damage. Titan 3 shakes it off.

- In a surprising technical Hell in a Cell match, Phenomena fought off "the Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis, the #1 challenger for the Hardcore Title, and used the Sub Zero to get the victory. Postmatch, Nigel Gilbreth reappeared, ripping part of the cage open so that he could get in and chokeslam Phenomena! Gilbreth made an announcement afterwards that he was now Alger von Ayrian again, and that he and Curtis were the Hell's Angels. He challenged the #1 Contenders, Blade and Wildfire, to a match.

- In a major upset, at least to most people, "The Real Deal" John Steel, showing his worth as a wrestler, defeated Animal Thug to gain the GCWA European Title with his Real Deal DDT.

- X-Pac and Nightmare fought a violent match-up for the Intercontinental Title. Nightmare used every move in his arsenal, even copying Ace with a Flying Powerslam. But X-Pac won out in the end with two X-Factors, getting the victory. Because of the outcome, X-Pac got the Intercontinental belt, while Nightmare, having put his career on the line, left the GCWA.

- In the main event, the Iceman faced Titan 3 for the World Heavyweight Championship. Neither gave up easily, landing shot after shot on each other. During the bout, the referee was accidentally knocked down when Titan 3's Ground Zero maneuver was knocked off course by Iceman's flailing feet. Titan 3 continued, nonetheless, as the head referee, Tyrell Jones, appeared to come down from the back and, although heavily bandaged, took over the fight. But before Titan 3 could go for the A-Bomb, "Jones" knocked him down with a dropkick, then revealed himself as Steven Mysterio! Mysterio helped Ice get the Avalanche, then did a fast count, making Ice the World Heavyweight Champion! However, during the celebration, the Accelerator came out. Many thought Ace would celebrate with Ice, but instead he reversed the decision, meaning that Titan 3 got the win via DQ, and kept the World Title. Mysterio and Iceman took it badly, smashing down Ace and leaving the ring with the World Title.

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