GCWA Founder's Day (PPV), 2/01/00
(United Arena, Chicago, Illinois)

- After dodging the Hollywood Scream high-risk maneuver, the Dark Angel Josh Curtis took out Dylan "The Rage" Cage with the Dark Days followed by the Angel Splash.

- Vito Corleone, aka the Kingpin, gets carried out to the ring by LK, who then dropped and quickly pinned him for an easy win. LK then spoke, demanding better opponents and challenging anyone to face him in a Pit Match.

- Steven Mysterio and Sean Waltman are shown talking to each other about their chances to finally get the tag-team titles away from the ringMasters.

- The Title Contention match between Dynamic Dynamite and Richter never happened, as Dynamite instead joined the Cartel, making the match a No-Contest. The two men, along with OG Thug, celebrated in the ring, then took off.

- The final battle between Brain Dead and Phenomena took place in the Boiler Room. To get there, Brain Dead had to go through a small army of cops, who wanted to arrest him for his assault on police officers and his burning of the Cartel Mansion. Once he reached the Boiler Room, the two men fought it out furiously. At the end, Phenomena tackled Brain Dead after running down the stairs, with both crashing into the boiler. The room filled up with smoke, and for a few minutes, it's unknown what is happening. At the end, Phenomena stumbled from the room and was declared the winner of the match. Afterwards, the police entered the room to find Brain Dead handcuffed to a pipe.

- In a Loser Leaves Town match, former partners Demon and Tower faced off. After a while, with both men tiring from the fight they were putting forth, the mysterious masked man "Rawkus" came to the ring, taking both by surprise. He used Da Killa on Demon and the Accelerating Thug on Tower, then pinned both men, eliminating both from the GCWA. He then pulled off the mask, revealing the face of Animal Thug, making his return.

- Andy Gilbreth, taking revenge for his brother Nigel's incarceration, landed the Kaiser Krunch and defeated Victor D'Amor, retaining the Internet Title after a good battle.

- The Tag-Team Title Texas Tornado Bout was as crazy as expected, with X-Rated (Mysterio and Waltman) facing the Second Coming (Rev. Lowdown and Jericho) and the champions, the ringMasters. Only Scary Ass Clown showed up for his team, however, causing a distinct disadvantage for the defenders. After a great match, Mysterio hit the Short Sensation on SAC to get the victory, and win the tag titles for X-Rated, and the Unexpected.

- In a brutal Hardcore Title match, Iceman proved more resilent than most thought, managing to catch the champion, Nightmare, with the Ice Crusher, then getting the pinfall victory to walk out the new champion.

- In another brawl between the two individuals, Napalm and Shannon Shag-Nasty fight like wild men. Napalm, though, wins at the end with a Flying Punch from the top rope. He may or may not have had a foreign object in his hand, being as it's never proven. Napalm hangs onto the Intercontinental Title.

- The main event of the night was "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty, then the European Champion, facing the World Heavyweight Champion, Titan 3. The two fought for a long while, each exchanging the momentum, sometimes move after move. At the end, Jannetty was denied the Rocker Dropper, then given a version of the A-Bomb, allowing Titan 3 to pin him and keep the World Title.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 2/09/00
(Redbird Arena, Normal, Illinois)

- The announcers talk about the recent PPV, focusing especially on Iceman's condition after winning the Hardcore Title, and whether he'll be in shape for his defense later on that night. They also announce the cancellation of the match between Mike Awesome and Chris Jericho.

- The Accelerator comes out to the roar of the crowd and joins the broadcast team for the first hour of broadcasting.

- The match between Mr. Showtime and Dylan "The Rage" Cage gets disrupted when an unknown bearded man appeared and attacked both men. He was grabbed by security and escorted away, while medics checked on the downed Mr. Showtime.

- With a display of Da Killa and the Accelerating Thug, making things look easy, Animal Thug disposes of both Super Cool Dude and the Sandman in a handicap match, getting a victory upon his return. Just before the commercial break, John Steel is seen watching from the balcony.

- After the break, Animal Thug, Bobby, and the Accelerator are pictured talking with the Iceman, who declares that he's friends with the trio, but not a member of the Thug's stable.

- Phenomena and LK met in a Pit Match, surrounded by an octagon cage. After a brutal fight, the ring suddenly filled with smoke, surprising both wrestlers. When the smoke cleared out, both men were down inside the cage. The count-out started, with Phenomena barely making it to his feet in time to get the win over LK.

- In a Burning Tables match for the Cruiserweight Title, Joshua Curtis took on Steven Mysterio. It was a very hard-fought match by both individuals. Just as it seemed Curtis was gaining momentum again, Sean Waltman came out and used a fire extinguisher to put out both tables, then gave Curtis a shirt, bringing him into the Unexpected. The match was a No-Contest.

- Titan 3 is shown talking with some of the Cartel members, saying that "he" won't get away with the takeover.

- The Hardcore Title match between newly-crowned champion Iceman and challenger Dynamic Dynamite turns into a brawl involving many factions of the GCWA, including the Unexpected, the Cartel, and the Thugs. In the ring, Nightmare came out of nowhere to knock Iceman down with a 2x4, allowing for the Dynamic Pain to be utilized. Dynamite got the pin, the victory, and the Hardcore strap. After the match, Nightmare pointed at Dynamite as he walked away from ringside, while Victor D'Amor came out and viewed the devestation.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 2/12/00
(Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio)

- The match between Angel and Chloe Barnes, the first women's wrestling match in GCWA history, ends in a DQ, when the Boogeyman comes out and attacks Angel, then the referee. Titan 3 and "US" Andy Gilbreth come down to make the rescue, as Angel gets the win.

- Sean Waltman and Reverend Lowdown's match doesn't get far, as smoke again fills the ring, obscuring all view. When the cloud lifts, both men are unconscious, and a double count out ensues. Postmatch, Mysterio comes to check on his tag-team partner. Jericho doesn't.

- Screamin' Demon easily dispatched of his foe, the Wolfman, in their debuts. Demon landed the Bull's Eye for the pinfall victory.

- Fighting for the European Title, Animal Thug reversed the Rocker Dropper into an Inside Cradle to get the quick pin on "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty, making him a three-time European Champion. Afterwards, a depressed Jannetty still shook Animal Thug's hand.

- As we come back from the break, a stranger is seen laughing inside Titan 3's office. He comes from under the man's desk, and quietly departs the room.

- In what was supposed to be a 3-on-2 handicap match, the Punisher turned on his partners, Brawler and Dagger, throwing Dagger into the arms of John Steel and LK. Brawler and Dagger couldn't get the momentum back, and the Hell Hath Fury followed by the Real Deal DDT sealed the fate of Brawler and Dagger in this one.

- Steven Mysterio came out and declared that his new tag-team partner was none other than Scott Hall. The two men go to the ring, where they're attacked from behind by Dynamic Dynamite and OG Thug. The fight continued until weapons became involved. During the melee, Sean Waltman came to the ring and got back his tag-team belt, which Mysterio had tried to give to Hall. The match ended in a Double Disqualification.

- Nightmare met the World Heavyweight Champion, Titan 3, inside a steel cage. The battle went back and forth, until both men were hurting from the sharp edges of the cage. During the match, Iceman came down the aisle and took out both of the New Age Outlaws, who were watching the match, then distracted Nightmare to give Titan 3 an upper hand. However, Iceman then climbed the cage, meeting Titan 3 before he could escape, and started fighting him as well! As they fought on the top, Nightmare recovered from the hits he took and ran, hitting the cage and forcing both men to topple back into it. With Ice in the ring, the win immediately went to Titan 3. Postmatch, Titan 3 walked away from the cage, while Ice and Nightmare went at it.

- The end of the show pictures the remains of the Cartel offices, where a bomb had apparently gone off. The wreckage appears to be total, as the show ends.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 2/16/00
(Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York)

- The show begins with the two announcers talking about the decaying Cartel, and what happened over the week. They focused on Titan 3's office being bombed, then the meeting that followed it, with some Cartel members walking out on the organization. Later on, Victor D'Amor took charge, sending Titan 3 and Andy Gilbreth out of the stable. They also talk about X-Pac (Sean Waltman) going back to his old name and leaving the Unexpected.

- It's announced that the Brain Dead-Dynamic Dynamite match had to be cancelled, due to Brain Dead's legal problems.

- Dagger wins a Scaffold match via forfeit, when the Punisher walks away from the ring, saying that he quit the GCWA. However, when he reaches the back, the Punisher gets attacked and brutally beaten by an unknown wrestler. The man tells everyone that HE is the true Punisher, and leaves the man in a heap.

- In a Three-Cage Match, LK managed to hit the Hell Hath Fury finisher on Screamin' Demon, then escaped the cage to get the victory.

- In a fight that started in the back and moved to the ring where it belonged, Phenomena managed to defeat the Predator with the Sub Zero. After the victory, Phenomena got a mic and told Victor D'Amor that he was no longer a part of the Cartel.

- "The Real Deal" John Steel and Iceman met in a titanic clash, with both men using their strengths to their advantage. After 10 minutes of beating on each other, smoke suddenly filled the ring. When it cleared out, Steel and Ice were still fighting, while the referee was gone! The two battled to the back for a No-Contest.

- In a battle that had three titles on the line, X-Rated (Mysterio and X-Pac, the tag-team champs) faced the Soldiers of Fortune (Titan 3, HW, and Andy Gilbreth, IN). X-Rated, although not working well together, appeared to take the advantage thanks to interference from the Iceman against Titan 3. But after X-Pac, in a fit of rage, dropped Mysterio with the X-Factor, Titan 3 made the pin to get the win while X-Pac, the legal man, was busy on the other side of the ring. The Soldiers of Fortune became the Tag-Team champs.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 2/23/00
(Hershey Park Arena, Hershey, Pennsylvania)

- The opening match was between Rey Mysterio Jr (formerly Screamin' Demon) and Dagger. The announcers talked about how Steven Mysterio claimed that "Demon" was not really his brother, and the varying opinions on the matter. The match was surprising in how good it was, as both men took to the air as much as possible. Mysterio won the match with a Bulls Eye followed by the pin.

- "The Real Deal" John Steel appears and comes out to the ring, mic in hand. He talks about how he's the best in the GCWA, and thus deserves a title shot. He then challenges Animal Thug to come out and face him for the belt. When the Thug doesn't appear, Steel heads for the back.

- As the music for Super Cool Dude plays, he's carried out of the back by Punisher, the man who showed up at the last show and destroyed the man using 'his' gimmick. Punisher brings the torn-up wrestler to the ring and puts him in the Painkiller, getting a quick submission victory.

- Showing that the tag-team division is slowly reviving, the Greedy Bastards faced off against Simply Ravishing. Although Axel Adams managed to hit Chuck Woolery with the A+ Suplex, Joshua Curtis finished Mike Awesome with the Angel Splash to get the upset victory for his team. Postmatch, a pissed off Adams hit the A+ Suplex on Curtis as well, and left the ring.

- In a Gender battle, Angel showed that she could fight with any man, easily dispatching with the W.O.P. with the Grip of Hell.

- Before the commercial break, the Accelerator walks out of the back. He talks for just a minute, announcing that Napalm was stripped of the Intercontinental Title for not defending it. He then told everyone that later in the night, the match between Nightmare and Marty Jannetty was now for the IC strap.

- In a brutal Hardcore match that went from the ring, up the ramp, down the ramp, and through the crowd, Phenomena battled Dynamic Dynamite (and, it seemed, OG Thug) for the Hardcore belt. Although double-teammed for the most part, Phenomena turned the two men against each other, knocking OG Thug out and rolling Dynamite up, earning his first title in the GCWA.

- John Steel is shown in the back, trying to find Animal Thug still. He bangs on a few doors, then turns as someone calls his name. He grins and runs past the cameraman, going after Animal Thug, who apparently just arrived. The two brawl it out until the commercial break.

- Since the match had new ramifications with Ace's speech earlier in the evening, Nightmare and the Rocker Marty Jannetty fought harder than ever, trying to get the victory that would end their losing streaks and get them a title. Many moves were used, but none more devestating than Nightmare hitting the Fame-Asser, then pinning Jannetty to become the new IC Champ.

- In what could be considered the match of the year, X-Pac faced Titan 3 for the World Heavyweight Championship. The two men didn't give any ground, but gave as much punishment as they could. The match went on and on, getting the fans cheering more and more, until, at the end, Titan 3 pulled off the A-Bomb, stopping X-Pac's valiant effort and retaining the Heavyweight Belt. Postmatch, Andy Gilbreth helped the exhausted Titan 3 to the back, while Steven Mysterio appeared in the entryway and just watched his former partner.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 2/26/00
(Charleston Civic Center, Charleston, West Virginia)

- The match between Jesse "The Stuff" Macintosh and the Brawler is cancelled, due to Brawler apparently quitting the organization.

- Zbysko and Heenan run a replay and talk during it, showing some of the epic moments of the battle between X-Pac and the World Champion, Titan 3, the card before. Both men repeatedly express how impressed they were with both men.

- The Accelerator is shown in his office, talking on the phone to someone. He calls the person a 'former champion', then promises him a title shot when he returns to the ring. Ace hangs up without telling who the person is.

- "The Real Deal" John Steel easily defeated Mike Awesome, using the Real Deal DDT to its full effect to get the pinfall and the win.

- The match-up between "Double A" Axel Adams and Scott Hall ends just after it began, with smoke once more filling the ring. As it clears, a man in a gas mask is seen standing in the middle of the ring. He introduces himself as Pesticide, and says that he's going to clean up and and all infestations in the GCWA. He then disappears in another cloud of smoke. The match is a No-Contest, with two referees (one kidnapped the week before) unconscious in the squared circle.

- Two 'brothers' faced off as Rey Mysterio Jr met up with Steven Mysterio, fighting for the Cruiserweight belt. After a good fight, Steven got a roll-up victory, with a handful of tights, to retain the Cruiserweight belt. Postmatch, Steven is met on the way backstage by X-Pac. The two talk as the commercial rolls.

- Punisher and the Punisher, one the newcomer who seemed to destroy everyone, the other the former Ruff Ryder who made his return, fought for the rights to the name that they chose. It was a very confusing match, both for the announcers and the fans. At the end, the Painkiller proved to be the deciding factor, as Punisher defeated the Ruff Ryder via submission. After the match, the Accelerator is spotted watching the man, adding strength to the rumors that Punisher is working for Ace is some respect.

- LK fought Animal Thug for the European Title in the main event. LK used some good moves, but none seemed enough against the powerhouse champion. Near the end of the match, with a weary Animal Thug getting a few moves on LK, John Steel reappeared at ringside with a chair, nailing Animal Thug again and again. LK tried to grab the chair from the man, but Steel spun and let him have it in the ribs, injuring LK. Steel then left the ring. Animal Thug got the win via DQ.

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