GCWA Righteous Rumble (PPV), 1/09/00
(Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee)

- In a Caged Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title, the champion, Dynamic Dynamite, defeated the challenger, Shorty, by reaching the IC belt first after a long, hard brawl.

- The 28-man Righteous Rumble was won by "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty, who earned both the vacated European Title and a shot at the World Champion at the next PPV. The wrestlers' positions and eliminations are listed below.

Entry into Rumble
1) Hurricane
2) Phenomena
3) Trasher
4) Tower
5) Richter
6) Andy Gilbreth
7) Scary Ass Clown
8) The Boogeyman
9) The Accelerator
10) Brain Dead
11) Victor D'Amor
12) Black Blood
13) Nigel Gilbreth
14) The Dark Angel
15) X-Dog
16) Iceman
17) Hellbent
18) Demon
19) Shannon Shag-Nasty
20) Animal Thug
21) Marty Jannetty
22) Nightmare
23) Chris Jericho
24) Diablo
25) Shorty
26) Napalm
27) Dynamic Dynamite
28) Bobby

Elimination Order (Eliminator)
1) Hurricane (Phenomena)
2) Andy Gilbreth (himself)
3) Trasher (Phenomena)
4) Tower (Richter)
5) Victor D'Amor (Nigel Gilbreth)
6) Nigel Gilbreth (Brain Dead)
7) Black Blood (Richter)
8) Dark Angel (X-Dog)
9) Richter (Brain Dead)
10) Boogeyman (Ace/Iceman)
11) Scary Ass Clown (Iceman)
12) The Accelerator (Demon)
13) Brain Dead (Shannon Shag-Nasty)
14) Animal Thug (Shannon Shag-Nasty)
15) Hellbent (X-Dog)
16) X-Dog (Marty Jannetty)
17) Phenomena (Marty Jannetty)
18) Diablo (Demon)
19) Nightmare (Shannon Shag-Nasty)
20) Iceman (Shannon Shag-Nasty)
21) Chris Jericho (Demon)
22) Demon (Jannetty/Shag-Nasty/Shorty)
23) Shorty (Marty Jannetty)
24) Dynamic Dynamite (didn't show)
25) Bobby (Napalm)
26) Napalm (Marty Jannetty)
27) Shannon Shag-Nasty (Marty Jannetty)
Winner: "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 1/15/00
(Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky)

- The show begins with clips from the Rumble, from Iceman's reappearance to Marty Jannetty's triumphant lifting of the European Title at the end, honoring his oath to the departed Blade and the now-defunct Night's Watch.

- In the first of three Cruiserweight matches to decide the new champion (since Blade left), Shorty survived a brief time in the Walls of Jericho and won, via DQ, over Chris Jericho, when Reverend Lowdown appeared and attacked him. X-Dog came down to even the odds.

- Iceman is shown walking down one of the hallways, asking if anyone knew where Titan 3 was. He continues to look for the champion.

- The announcers return from commercial talking about the final moments of the Righteous Rumble, when both Napalm and Shag-Nasty fell out at about the same time. Due to a stipulation made before the match, if Shag-Nasty had been eliminated first, he would have to be Napalm's slave. Zbysko and Heenan debate about which man hit first.

- Due to X-Dog not caring about the Cruiserweight Title, Napalm gets a free forfeit victory, and moves on to face Shorty for the belt later in the night.

- The Iceman is shown again, banging on a door marked "The Cartel." However, when the door opens, Nightmare ambushes Iceman from within. The two EEWF adversaries continue to fight for a long time, even still going when we come back from commercial.

- The announcers once again take some time to talk, this time discussing Shorty's possible run for Mr. Consistency already being started (he having been in every match so far in 2000).

- The match for the vacated Cruiserweight Title takes place, between Napalm and Shorty. During the match, Napalm goes for his Agent: Orange, only to have Shorty snag the turnbuckle with his foot, sending both men off-target and into the referee. As Napalm, who took the least damage from the fall, goes for the cover, X-Dog reappears and drops Napalm with the X-Factor. Meanwhile, a shot in the back shows a door, now properly marked as the Cartel's, shaking radically as Shannon Shag-Nasty stands nearby with a keyring in hand. In the ring, Shorty lands the Short Sensation, then makes the cover, as the badly-hurting ref makes the slow three count to make Shorty the second man to win the Cruiserweight Title three times. Postmatch, Shorty and X-Dog announce their name changes to "The Star" Steven Mysterio and "Primetime" Sean Waltman, respectively.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 1/19/00
(RCA Dome, Indianapolis, Indiana)

- The show begins with a shot of a car pulling up, and the European Champion, Marty Jannetty, getting out of it and walking into the building, to the cheers of the crowd.

- After talking about Jannetty and Steven Mysterio's winning of the Cruiserweight Title, the two announcers try to go to David Penzer, who is nowhere to be found. Jim Ross then makes the announcements instead.

- The Iceman, in his first singles match since his return, defeated Hellbent with the Avalanche followed by the Ice Crusher submission hold.

- For the next match's announcing of the opponents, Howard "The Fink" Finkle suddenly appears out of the back, taking over David Penzer's job for the night.

- In a match-up that was for the FTW Title, a belt that Awsome (formerly known as Black Blood) created for himself, Reverend Lowdown defeated the man with the Gospel, despite Axel Adams' attempted interference, 'winning' the title as well as getting his first win in the GCWA.

- Marty Jannetty is taped entering the private booth of the Accelerator. It's still unknown why he's at the arena on this night.

- The match-up between Victor D'Amor and Nigel Gilbreth is short-lived, as Andy Gilbreth appears quickly and joins his brother in attacking the man. D'Amor wins by Disqualification.

- Brain Dead and Phenomena fight it out again, this time in a Cast match. During the fight, Brain Dead tries a chair swing, but connects with the cast that Phenomena's wearing instead, shattering it. Brain Dead has the advantage near the end, when he stacks two tables on top of each other. But Richter comes down to interfere, grabbing Brain Dead and using the 8.0 to put him through both tables! Phenomena makes the casual pin to get the victory.

- The Accelerator makes a speech from his office, with Jannetty nearby, telling everyone that the main event at Founder's Day between Jannetty and Titan 3 will be no-interference, with the World Title at stake. Ace then sets the two other matches known at the time in motion: Iceman vs. Nightmare for the Hardcore Title, and the tag-team bout between X-Rated and the ringMasters.

- The Tag-Team Title defense by the ringMasters against the Eternal is shocking, but not in the way you'd expect, as Demon betrayed Tower, chokeslamming him and leaving him to the ringMasters to use their finishers and get the victory.

- Napalm faced Dynamic Dynamite for the Intercontinental Title. After a long match, which went back and forth many times, Napalm turned a distraction by OG Thug to his advantage, knocking out the manager, then getting Dynamic Dynamite with the Agent: Orange to get the victory and become the new Intercontinental Champion. Postmatch, while Napalm celebrates, Shannon Shag-Nasty is shown watching from an unknown position, smiling.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 1/22/00
(The Cinncinati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio)

- It's announced that, since neither Vito Corleone nor LK have been seen, their match has been 'postponed'. A clip is also shown of last night's events, with David Penzer walking the hallways looking for Howard Finkle, who told him the wrong arena. This is why Finkle took over Penzer's job last Wednesday.

- The Phenomena-Iceman match gets sent to a No-Contest when Brain Dead and Nightmare, respectively, attacked the two men. The ref was forced to throw the match out. Showing that they weren't a team, Brain Dead and Nightmare then turned on each other, and were separated by security.

- In the back, Victor D'Amor is pictured giving a couple of Cincinnati police officers some photographs, which can't be seen from the camera angle. The policemen start to talk seriously, as one goes to call someone.

- Reverend Lowdown, after a sensational powerslam when he caught his opponent in midair, finished off the Cruiserweight Champion, Steven Mysterio, with his Gospel. The Cruiserweight Title was not on the line, for obvious reasons. Postmatch, Lowdown, joined by Jericho, aggressively attacked Mysterio. Sean Waltman (X-Dog) tried to come to his partner's assistance, but was taken down as well.

- Before the end of the first hour, Brain Dead is seen in the office of the Accelerator, demanding a Hardcore Title match against Nightmare. Ace seems to be humoring him as we go to commercial.

- Richter faced "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty for the European Title, with Titan 3 at ringside, watching. During the match, Titan 3 did his best to confuse the referee working the bout. When Jannetty reversed a move and got the Rocker Dropper, Titan 3 grabbed the ref's attention and pointed him towards a foreign object sitting in the ring (later proven to have been thrown in by Titan 3 himself). The ref immediately called for the DQ, giving Richter the victory. Jannetty retained the European Title.

- Sean Waltman, still in bad shape from the double assault of the Second Coming members, is easy pickings for the World Heavyweight Champion, Titan 3, who basically annihilates him in their match. Titan 3 finishes it off with the A-Bomb off the turnbuckle, followed by a Camel Clutch, adding insult to injury by making it a submission victory when Waltman can't respond to the ref. Titan 3 retains the World Title.

- At the end of the night, right before the end of the show, Nigel Gilbreth, in the back, is handcuffed and arrested by the police officers from earlier. Andy Gilbreth comes running up to find out what's happening, only to learn that Nigel's being booked for child molestation! Andy can only watch as his brother is taken away.

GCWA Wednesday Night Reckoning, 1/26/00
(Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan)

- An entirely new format for the show is introduced, as it's being run by a new PR man. Throughout the show, changes take place, eventually having David Penzer, Mike Tenay, and Jim Ross replaced by Tom Dietz, "Magic Bullet" Blake Gudgeon, and Keith Couglan.

- In the first match, LK defeated Demon with the Hell Hath Fury finisher, getting a win in his debut.

- A tired-looking Hellbent is easily dominated by the newcomer, Slick Willie Clinton, who after various maneuvers lands his finisher, the Veto. Clinton and his valet, Monica, leave with a smile and a cigar.

- The Accelerator comes on from his office, talking about how things have changed since the beginning of the GCWA, nearly a year old. He makes sure to announce to the public some of the matches signed for Founder's Day, including the World Title match between Titan 3 and Marty Jannetty, Shannon Shag-Nasty vs. Napalm for the IC belt, Demon vs. Tower, and LK vs. Kingpin. He also promises more matches to come.

- During the X-Rated/Second Coming Tag-Team Contendership match, the Boogeyman appears from the back, trying to deliver flowers to Chloe Barnes, the manager of X-Rated. Sean Waltman tries to protect her, but gets attacked by the Boogeyman instead. Chloe flees to the back, where Shannon Shag-Nasty steps out and takes on the Boogeyman. As the two go at it, the chaos continues in the ring. Napalm comes out of nowhere and goes after Shag-Nasty, who accidentally clotheslines Jericho out of the ring. The two stables brawl all out, as the ref signals for the DDQ.

- Another shot of Ace's office comes on when we return from the break. Ace has Penzer and Finkle sign a sheet, then turns to the camera, announcing that the two announcers will fight it out for their spot on the Saturday Sixpack cards. He also announces Richter will face Dynamic Dynamite for a shot at any title they choose, and that the tag-team title match will now be a Texas Tornado bout, with the Second Coming, X-Rated, and the ringMasters involved.

- Victor D'Amor and Phenomena battle to a No-Contest when both Titan 3 and "Boomer" come to the ring and fight with the men. "Boomer"'s identity remains a mystery. After the match ends, Titan 3 manages to get the A-Bomb on his brother, knocking him out and leaving him easy pickings for Andy Gilbreth, who was scheduled to fight next. Gilbreth hits the Kaiser Krunch on D'Amor, then goes on to take out Dylan "The Rage" Cage surprisingly easily to get himself an Internet Title defense.

- In a very competitive Hardcore Title match, Nightmare manages at the last second to get a chair up on a falling Brain Dead, knocking him senseless long enough for Nightmare to get the pin, retaining his Hardcore Title.

- The show ends with the Accelerator announcing the last of the matches signed for Founder's Day, which is less than a week away from the show. A promo runs for the PPV, then the shot fades out.

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