GCWA Bastards' Ball (PPV), 12/01/99
(MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada)

- The night begins with the Accelerator walking out, happily announcing that, due to it being December, the GCWA is again his. He makes some stipulations for later on that night. The match between Neo and Breaker will be No-Interference, and if a BOO member changes the outcome in any way, Shag will be dropped from the Invitation Elimination match. The match between Dead Willie and X-Dog is Title Changes on DQ, and Shorty/Napalm becomes a Burning Table Match. Shannon Shag-Nasty appears, with many boos, and makes a few of his own. The reverse for Neo/Breaker is said for Ace. Buzzing the Rage/ringMasters becomes like X-Dog/Dead Willie, and the Stable Match is put in a steel cage. The two agree to the other's stipulations.

- Blade is shown in the back, arguing with X-Dog about the deal he made with Marty Jannetty (if X-Dog wins the Cruiserweight Title, and Jannetty the Intercontinental belt, they would swap). Blade thinks it's a mistake.

- The Stable Trophy Cage Match, between the nAc (Buff Brian & Trasher), the Wolfpac (TNT), and the reigning champs the BOO (Chris Jericho & Devo Croz) fight it out. The match is decided when Croz, after a double clothesline on the Thug-Nation Troopers, gets the Eliminator from Trasher and gets pinned, giving the Stable Trophy to the new Age cliq.

- The Dark Angel tries to fight off the behemoth before him, but still loses to the reigning Internet Champion, Adolf von Ayrian, after his patented Kaiser Krunch destroys his opponent.

- The announcers take their picks for the upcoming Invitation Elimination match. Tenay picks Nightmare. JR sticks with Animal Thug. Heenan, as usual, can't make up his mind.

- The now-No Interference Long Way Down match between Neo and Michael Breaker begins with some furious fighting, as each wrestler tries to throw the other one off the cage. During the match, Blade and Nightmare start to head to the ring, to possibly interfere, or just to give Neo a DX shirt. The Accelerator, and a minute later, the Wolfpac, interrupt their movement to the ring, keeping them from interfering and costing Ace the main event match. As the two groups fight, and as Neo and Breaker continue to go at it, Titan 3 sneaks past the brawl and climbs the cage, grabbing Breaker from behind and throwing him off of the cage! Due to Titan 3's interference, not only does Neo win, but Shannon Shag-Nasty is eliminated from the Invitation Elimination match. This also means that, due to a stipulation Shag made earlier in the week, that he has to leave the GCWA, since he was eliminated before the Accelerator.

- In a 3-Way for the Hardcore Title, Phantom, Hellbent, and the champion, Richter, fight all over the arena, ending up in a back stairwell. Phantom and Hellbent, each with rage against the other, fight most of the time, but still concentrate some on Richter as well. At the end, Richter trips up both men, sending them toppling down the stairs. He quickly pins the injured Hellbent for the victory, keeping the Hardcore Title for himself.

- X-Dog nearly doesn't fight Dead Willie. After he comes down, with Jannetty at his side, Dead Willie comes out and drops the Cruiserweight Title at ringside, apparently simply handing it to X-Dog. Jannetty would hear nothing of it, grabbing Dead Willie and throwing him into the ring, as the match begins. Dead Willie made a good account for himself, but X-Dog was still stronger, hitting the X-Factor and getting the true victory, becoming the Cruiserweight Champion, one title away from the "circuit" that he's wanting. Jannetty and X-Dog shake hands afterward, because now it's all up to the Rocker, later in the night.

- The ringMasters, scheduled to face Buzzing the Rage for the Tag-Team Titles, are told by David Penzer that, once Dead Willie got backstage, the BOO clan, with the exception of Titan 3 and Napalm, have left the building, and aren't going to wrestle anymore that night. Therefore, the champs get a forfeit victory. The ringMasters call out for a challenge, any challenge, and get an answer by the returning Bone Busters. The two groups fight for a while before the Master Race shows up, joining in. The match between the Bone Busters and the ringMasters is listed as a No-Contest.

- Shorty and the European Champion Napalm come to the ring, to go at it in a Burning Table Match, one of Shorty's specialties. Shorty earned the shot by coming through the European Tournament through November. The two brawl for a while, then hit the ropes. Both topple out at the end of the match, but while Napalm gets burned first, Shorty's the one who goes through the table. In a controversial decision, Napalm is named the winner and still the European Champion.

- Marty Jannetty comes to the ring, with X-Dog returning the favor of being at ringside. Dynamic Dynamite, with the Intercontinental Title, approaches with OG Thug, and the two get ready to fight. However, after only a few moves, Jannetty suddenly turns and leaps over the top rope, hitting a Suicide Splash on X-Dog! He grabs X-Dog and rolls him into the ring, where Dynamite hits the Dynamic Pain. Degeneration-X comes to the ring to help, as the three apparently-nAc men leave. Jannetty gets a mic and shows the interview where he agreed to give up his belt to X-Dog in exchange for the Cruiserweight Title. He leaves X-Dog the "FU" Title, and keeps the Cruiserweight belt for himself, in a major turn. X-Dog, for the moment, is denied the "circuit" of titles in the GCWA.

- The 7-man Invitation Elimination match becomes a 5-man bout, since Shannon Shag-Nasty and Demon are both 'eliminated' before the match even begins. The Accelerator, Animal Thug, Blade, Nightmare, and Titan 3 go at it for the World Heavyweight Title, with Animal Thug as the reigning champion. The Accelerator is the first eliminated, surprised by Animal Thug's attack on him. He's knocked out by Da Killa and pinned. Nightmare gets ambushed by Titan 3 and taken out with the A-Bomb, bringing the number to 3. Next, in an incredible feat of strength, Blade used the turnbuckle as support to hit a modified Sure Shot on Animal Thug, eliminating the World Heavyweight Champion from the match. With the final two, the battle raged long and hard. But at the end, Blade was put into the second A-Bomb of the night and pinned, making Titan 3, the underdog of the match, the new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion! He and Napalm celebrate as the PPV goes off the air.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 12/08/99
(McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, Colorado)

- The announcers begin the show by talking about the resignations of the Bastards of Oblivion after Shag-Nasty's loss, except for Titan 3, who helped cause it, and Napalm. They also talk about events at the PPV, the new Heavyweight Champion, and the slight change in the Accelerator's attitude after the loss, forcing X-Dog and Shorty to fight in a Contender's match.

- Neo, answering Diablo's challenge from earlier in the week, faced him in the ring and forced him to submit to the Virus, getting another victory for himself.

- Detonation is pictured backstage, complaining about the forfeit victory they were granted over the Thug-Nation Troopers. Titan 3, with Aminal Mug at his side, seems particularly upset about it.

- The match between Suicide McHail and Phenomena is short and to the point. After starting the match by surprising McHail with a Razor's Edge, Phenomena takes complete control and takes him out with the Sub Zero for a victory.

- Marty Jannetty and Dynamic Dynamite are shown in the back, talking about the Dark Angel, and his not being at the arena yet. Dynamite promises Jannetty an opponent.

- Black Blood, in his debut, hits the Rude Awakening on Hurricane to earn himself his first victory in the GCWA.

- The DX locker room has a lot of conversation going on in it, with Neo heard saying that they should go look for "him," since the person couldn't be far away. The person in question is not immediately known.

- The match between Phantom and Andy Gilbreth (formerly known as Adolf von Ayrian) is canceled. Gilbreth gets the win and a defense of his Internet Title. He and his brother Nigel are pictured talking to the ringMasters in their dressing room.

- Marty Jannetty comes to the ring to defend his Cruiserweight Title against the Dark Angel, but Curtis doesn't appear. Instead, Dynamic Dynamite brings out a lookalike, who offers to allow Jannetty to pin him. Jannetty refuses silently, so the man stands and looks at Dynamite for advice. Before he can get it, though, Jannetty moves in, Rocker Dropping him and getting the pinfall victory, keeping the belt.

- The fight between Arn Anderson and Scary Ass Clown, for a shot at the tag-team titles, is a long and brutal one between the two foes. During the match, Nigel Gilbreth and the Boogeyman come down, attacking Tully Blanchard on the outside. The Boogeyman also interferes in the match, hitting Anderson from behind at one point. However, an obviously drunk Blade suddenly makes an appearance, throwing an empty bottle with deadly accuracy, nailing SAC in the back of the head! Double A capitalizes with a Gourde Buster, and gets the victory over the Clown. Blade and the Bone Busters leave together, probably to go get something (else) to drink.

- X-Dog and Shorty, before the commercial, talk about the upcoming match while walking down the hall towards the ring area.

- After the commercial, Shorty and X-Dog come to the ring to fight for a shot at the new World Champion, Titan 3. They shake hands, and X-Dog reacts, acting like his hand is in tremendous pain. He drops to the ground, allowing Shorty to pin him and get the HW Title shot. Postmatch, Dynamic Dynamite, OG Thug, and Marty Jannetty come towards the ring. Dynamite tells X-Dog that, to get a chance to win the Intercontinental Title from him, he had to face Jannetty and a Handicap match with Buff Brian and Trasher. As X-Dog responds, the rest of the nAc rush the ring, and a fight breaks out. DX comes to the rescue of the two in the ring, as all but Jannetty quickly dived out. Jannetty faces the entire group of DX, but gets pulled out of the ring by Dynamite, probably saving his skin. We go to a break.

- The fight between Nightmare and the Hardcore Champion, Richter, is given a new twist when the Accelerator comes out to be the referee. The war goes all the way into the back rooms, with Ace being out of position on a couple of Nightmare pins. Nightmare thinks it's deliberate, and gets in Ace's face, yelling at him. As he turns to return to the battle, he's given the Ace High, which leaves him wide open for the 8.0. Richter retains his title, thanks in part to the Accelerator.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 12/11/99
(UIC Pavillon, Chicago, Illinois)

- The Accelerator's limo pulls up out front of the arena. The driver opens the President's door, then suddenly runs, allowing Nightmare to run out of nowhere and smash Ace with a trash can.

- Nigel Gilbreth, formerly Alger von Ayrian, uses his major height advantage to systematically take Dylan "The Rage" Cage apart, getting the victory after a Blitzkrieg.

- The Bone Busters enter the building, carrying a case of beer. They ask for directions to the DX locker room.

- Although Bobby put up a good fight, Phenomena earned a victory for himself, hitting his Sub Zero, then putting his feet on the ropes to get the pin.

- The match was scheduled to be X-Dog vs. Buff Brian/Trasher, in a Handicap match for a chance to face Dynamic Dynamite. As X-Dog walks up, a cloud of green smoke covers him. As he walks out of it, he's attacked from behind by Marty Jannetty. The rest of the nAc and Degeneration-X come out and fight. During the brawl, X-Dog gets clocked by Titan 3, making sure that he won't be in the Heavyweight Title Match with Shorty later in the night.

- A red-eyed Blade, kicking his newfound drinking habit, and a confident Neo came out after the break to face Jannetty and Dynamite for the Stable Trophy. While Jannetty had no problem fighting Neo, he still hesitated against Blade, his old partner. During the match, the Bone Busters start to come to the ring with their beer, but are stopped by the Rock. The three men argue, then the Bone Busters leave again. When Dynamite tried to use a foreign object on Blade, he instead got knocked out by Neo's spinning neckbreaker, leaving him down for the pin. DX gets the Stable Trophy.

- During the Hardcore Title match between the Dark Angel (Joshua Curtis) and the champion, Richter, the Accelerator once again came out and became the referee. Richter got the victory by sending Curtis into a guardrail backfirst. Ace used a fast count, and Richter retained his title.

- Ace stands after the match, joking about the fallen Curtis, then talks about Nightmare. He tells him that a Hardcore 3-Way Match has been signed for the next PPV, between Nightmare, himself, and the champion, Richter. He also announces that Blade will face Jannetty for the Cruiserweight Title, and the Bone Busters facing the ringMasters for the Tag-Team Titles.

- Shorty, after 'winning' the match over X-Dog earlier in the week, faced off against the Heavyweight Champion, Titan 3. X-Dog was not involved, due to the head shot he took as well as the fact that he didn't get a victory. It was a back and forth match. During it, Animal Thug came out and annihilated Aminal Mug, Titan 3's Wolfpac impersonator. Titan 3 caught Shorty in midair for a killer A-Bomb, allowing him to get the easy pin and remain the Heavyweight Champion.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 12/15/99
(Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan)

- It is announced at the beginning of the show that, due to 'internal problems', the Eternal members wouldn't be showing up. Therefore, both Black Blood and Nightmare were given forfeit victories.

- Dylan "The Rage" Cage, apparently angry about what happened to him last week against Nigel Gilbreth, cleanly took apart X-Treme, finishing him off with the Hollywood Scream, a Corkscrew Splash.

- The Dark Angel and Chuck Woolery, coming down one of the hallways, get brutally attacked by the Cartel. While Curtis tries to fight back, Titan 3 Powerbombs Woolery through a table.

- Brain Dead took advantage early on in his Hardcore match with the Outlaw by spray-painting his eyes. This gave him the advantage through most of the match, ending with a Brain Stopper and his first victory.

- Richter is seen talking with the Accelerator in his office. The tone of their voices seems amiable. Ace sees the cameraman and orders him away.

- When Buff Brian takes a moment at the beginning of his match to pose to one of his ladies, Blade takes full advantage with a Sure Shot and a pinfall to gain a very fast victory.

- A limo is focused on in the back. It drives up to the entrance of the arena garage. It has red plates.

- In a "Loser Leaves Town" match, Hellbent defeated Diamond Dallas Page with the Total Annihilation, ending DDP's career in the GCWA after only one match.

- Richter is seen starting to leave the arena, but he's attacked by a maddened Nightmare. The two men fight it out, using weaponry at every possible place. The security guards show up, but are ordered over their walkie talkies to just keep other people away by the Accelerator, who apparently was enjoying the brawl.

- The Accelerator makes another interview, as has become his custom in recent weeks. He announces that another PPV match, Animal Thug vs. Titan 3, has been signed, and promises that more will be signed in the near future. He also announces that the PPV will be named GCWA Adrenaline Rush.

- Once again, Shorty, with X-Dog at ringside, faces off against Marty Jannetty for the Cruiserweight Title. And once again, it was a great match. Shorty got in some great shots and came within inches of a victory a couple of times. But Jannetty got the victory, retaining his title, by hitting the Rocker Dropper. In a surprise match, however, Jannetty challenges X-Dog to enter, and X-Dog obliges. It's announced that this match is also for the Cruiserweight Title. The two fight for a long while, neither giving up much of an advantage. When Blade and the Rock come to ringside, Jannetty becomes distracted. While he's talking with Blade, X-Dog comes from behind, clotheslining him over the turnbuckle. Soon after, the nAc comes running down to ringside, and another fight between the two factions breaks out. The second title match becomes a No-Contest.

- Before the next match, it's announced that Nightmare and Richter, surprisingly, are still going at it backstage. The property damage is said to be 'excessive'.

- In a Steel Cage match, Andy Gilbreth defended the GCWA Internet Title, hitting his Kaiser Krunch maneuver on Neo, ending his undefeated streak.

- The Accelerator and a security guard are in the back, arguing. Ace saids "Not him. Not again." The security guard keeps telling him that it's 'in the contract'. We fade to commercial.

- In the main event, Animal Thug was given a shot against the long-time European Champion, Napalm. The fighting was brutal, as neither wanted to take the loss. During the fight, a split-screen shot was shown. While Titan 3 and the Master Race were attacking the other members of the Wolfpac, the ringMasters launch an attack on the Bone Busters. As Napalm and the Thug continue to wrestle, showing more and more fatigue, "Shaggin Bullets" is heard, and, making a shocking return, Shannon Shag-Nasty walks through the doors! He comes to the ring, grabbing Chloe Barnes. The announcers remember one of "President" Shag-Nasty's stipulations before he lost his contract: that he would marry Barnes at Warfare on the 15th. Titan 3 comes out to try and stop him, but he gets attacked by his brother, Victor D'Amor. During all this, Napalm got distracted, and was put into Da Killa. Animal Thug made the pin and the victory to become a two-time European Champion. This makes the fight at Adrenaline Rush as a Title-for-Title match.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 12/18/99
(Marine Midland Arena, Buffalo, New York)

- The announcers start off the show by talking about the many great matches scheduled for Adrenaline Rush, then discuss the return of Shannon Shag-Nasty, who, despite not having a contract, has still apparently locked up a match against Napalm.

- Richter is pictured entering the building, alertly watching for an attacker. He walks on to the Cartel's dressing room.

- The battle between Double Deuce and Dylan "The Rage" Cage doesn't occur, as both men are found in the back laid out. Double Deuce was lying in a broken table, while Cage was covered in Gatorade. After a commercial break, the two men are helped out by medical personnel.

- Phenomena quickly dominated Hurricane, landing the Sub Zero with little fanfare to get another victory for himself, continuing a winning streak.

- A big battle between Black Blood and Hellbent to decide who would go on to face the Internet Champion ended in a stalemate, when, after both men were worn out from attacking each other, Andy Gilbreth came to the ring and took out both men, as well as the referee.

- Before the hour break, Nightmare is shown walking down the hallway, a Gatorade cup in hand. This makes him a possible suspect for the attack on DD and Y2Cage, but nothing is proven.

- The Accelerator once again walks out of the back with a smile on his face, and a suit around his waist. He makes a few announcements, telling Shannon Shag-Nasty that he doesn't have a contract, and that if he wants to fight Napalm, it'll have to be a street fight. Andy Gilbreth is told that he'll be wrestling a Handicap Match for the Internet Title against Black Blood and Hellbent. Finally, Ace announces that the Hardcore Title match between himself, Nightmare, and Richter is now going to be a Boiler Room Brawl Race to the Ring match. He then says he has to go get changed, then departs.

- Phenomena, fresh after his win with Hurricane, is seen in the back, talking with Richter, a member of the Cartel.

- In a dominating victory, Shorty destroyed his old adversary X-Treme, finally showing some mercy and hitting the Short Sensation to take the man out. Shorty gives a few cries of "Respect Me" afterwards, in reference to his upcoming match with Trasher. Postmatch, Blade is seen looking at Shorty and shaking his head, annoyed at the "DX" music.

- After the commercial, Shorty is followed to the DX dressing room, where he asks X-Dog about Blade's whereabouts. Before they can talk long, Dynamic Dynamite and OG Thug both show up, shoving Shorty inside and slamming the door, bracing it with a ladder to keep them in. However, Blade suddenly reappears, knocking both Dynamite and OG Thug down and kicking the ladder away, allowing X-Dog and Shorty to come out and fight the nAc members. Blade walks away.

- In a Barbed Wire match for the Hardcore Title, Brain Dead got his first title shot, a match against Richter. As the two flung each other into the 'ropes', the Accelerator appears at the entryway, wearing a referee uniform. Before he can get to the ring, however, Nightmare reappears, attacking Ace from behind with a foreign object in his hand. He removes the padding from the cement, then drops Ace on it with a Fame-Ass-er, leaving the President in really bad shape. In the ring, Richter smashes Brain Dead with the 8.0 and, after a surprisingly competitive battle, gets the pinfall to once again remain the Hardcore Champion. Postmatch, Richter stands and watches while the Accelerator is looked after by paramedics.

GCWA Adrenaline Rush (PPV), 12/22/99
(Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York)

- In an "I Quit" match between Brain Dead and Phenomena, both Bobby of the Wolfpac and Titan 3 became involved. After Titan 3 and Phenomena hit a 3-D maneuver, Phenomena sets Brain Dead onto the top turnbuckle for a Sub-Zero through two tables. Brain Dead 'apparently' says "I Quit", but Phenomena does the move anyway, with tremendous impact. (Later in the week, Brain Dead would claim that he didn't submit)

- Degeneration-X members are shown arguing in the back about the current shape of the stable. Neo storms out of the room, leaving X-Dog and Shorty behind.

- Shorty and Trasher met in an "I Respect You" match, with Hardcore Rules. Although Trasher used many weapons to perfection, Shorty came out the winner, by dropping Trasher through a burning table with the Short Sensation. Afterwards, Trasher was forced to tell Shorty that he respects him.

- In a Shattered Dreams Handicap match, Black Blood and Hellbent teamed up against the Internet Champion, Andy Gilbreth. The duo doesn't get along, however, as Black Blood refuses to tag in while Hellbent does all the dirty work. Finally, Hellbent 'tags' Black Blood, then flips him into the ring before walking away, allowing Gilbreth to send Black Blood into the glass for the victory, retaining the Internet Title.

- The tag-team title match between the Bone Busters and the ringMasters starts badly, when only Arn Anderson comes out for his team. The ringMasters dominate for a long while, until Blanchard comes out of nowhere to help out. Buzzing the Rage also lends a hand by attacking the referee, then going after the ringMasters. However, the Boogeyman mounts a comeback, and pins Tully Blanchard to get the victory for his team.

- In an unsanctioned Street Fight match, Shannon Shag-Nasty and Napalm fight outside the Garden, moving through alleyways, streets, and finally arriving at the arena, battling up the stairs in a bloody battle between the two. Victor D'Amor appears inside the building, first attacking Shag-Nasty, then Napalm, dropping him headfirst on the concrete. Titan 3 shows up again, this time to deal with his brother. While they fight, Shag-Nasty drags the hurting Napalm to the ring, still battling all the way, and hits the Nasty Snap. There is no ref to make a pin, as security shows up to 'escort' Shag-Nasty out of the building. No official winner is claimed.

- X-Dog and the Intercontinental Champion, Dynamic Dynamite, face off in a Ladder Match. The fight goes back and forth with many devestating moves. At the end, X-Dog grabs the IC belt, then is pulled off by Dynamite, both falling to the mat, with X-Dog getting a one-handed X-Factor in. But the ladder hits the ref as well, knocking him down and out. OG Thug immediately enters the ring, pulling the IC belt from X-Dog and giving it to Dynamite, who's mostly out cold. The ref is awakened and shown the carnage. He awards the victory to Dynamite, who keeps his belt. X-Dog's denied the circuit once again.

- Blade, the Rock, and Neo are spotted talking in the back about something. Neo nods his head, as Blade explains to the Rock, who gives a raised eyebrow.

- Two friends face off to finish their feud. Blade and "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty met inside a steel cage to fight for Jannetty's Cruiserweight Title. It was a brutal match, with both going all out to get the victory. Many falls came from the top of the cage. Near the end, Jannetty went to one of the top corners of the cage. Instead of climbing out, he raises his arms and flies off, going for the Ultimate Rocker Dropper. He misses, however, crashing badly to the mat. The announcers speculate that he might have missed on purpose, the way his mind is right then. Blade goes through the doorway, getting the victory and the Cruiserweight Title. Postmatch, Blade, the Rock, and Neo enter the ring again, asking Jannetty to join them in the Night's Watch, a new stable. Jannetty, after a few moments, consents, rejoining his former tag-team partner.

- The Accelerator, Nightmare, and the Hardcore Champion Richter are scheduled to battle in a Boiler Room Brawl Race to the Ring match. Nightmare and Richter start it off, though, with Ace nowhere in sight. The two fight throughout the boiler room, then head up the stairs. As the two battle down the hallway, Ace appears, surprisingly attacking Richter! He allows Nightmare to walk away towards the ring, while he battles the Hardcore Champion, angrily talking about the Cartel. Nightmare goes for the ring, as Phenomena and the Second Coming appear and attack Ace from behind, freeing up Richter. The four men catch up to Nightmare halfway down the aisle, but the Night's Watch evens up the odds, allowing Nightmare to get the Fame-Asser on Richter. He gets to the ring, becoming the first two-time Hardcore Champion.

- In the main event, Animal Thug challenged Titan 3 for the World Heavyweight Title. The two went at it tooth-and-nail, but Titan 3 kept an advantage throughout the match, finally ending it with a huge A-Bomb in the middle of the squared circle to get the victory, staying the Heavyweight Champion for that much longer.

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