GCWA Saturday Night Oblivion, 11/06/99
(Georgia Mountain Center, Gainesville, Georgia)

- The show begins differently, showing Shannon Shag-Nasty as the new president of the GCWA, with the BOO in charge. The announcers talk about the new Chief and how it affects the federation.

- Shorty is shown being attacked by the ringMasters outside the arena. Darkstarr comes out of nowhere and makes the save, driving the ringMasters off.

- Before the match between Phantom and Hellbent can begin, the lights go out. When they return, Tower and Demon are standing over Hellbent's downed body. Phantom drags Hellbent into the ring and hits a few moves before pinning him, getting the win.

- The BOO come on, beating on Outcast and throwing him from their limo.

- A slightly sick Joshua Curtis fought against Dynamic Dynamite. After interference from OG Thug, Dynamite hit the Dynamic Pain to get the victory. Afterwards, the nAc stomped on Curtis until help from the 'Pac could arrive.

- Shorty and Darkstarr defeated the Thug-Nation Troopers to move into the #1 Tag Contender spots, after Darkstarr hit the Starrdust on Bobby. Postmatch, the ringMasters attacked the Pac members, along with Tower, Phantom, and Demon. DX came out to aid Darkstarr, and a three-way stable brawl began to end the hour.

- After the commercial, Tower is interviewed. He talks about the new stable, the Eternal, which consists of Tower, Phantom, Demon, and the ringMasters.

- With Michael Breaker and Neo fighting nearby, Richter and Tower, the Hardcore Champion, fought a brutal war for the belt. Demon appeared and hit a Chokeslam on Richter, getting Tower the victory and allowing him to keep the belt.

- Marty Jannetty, to get to Shannon Shag-Nasty, had to win three matches. His first match, against Lady Chaos, was cancelled when the lady couldn't show. He instead was forced by Shag-Nasty to do 100 push-ups.

- After the break, Jannetty faced his second opponent, Animal Thug. In a very long match that went back and forth, Jannetty got the win with a high-kick Rocker Dropper to move to the last opponent.

- In the third bout, Jannetty faced the Heavyweight Champion, Nightmare, in a Hardcore style match. Another long bout occurred, with both using weaponry. Jannetty surprised many with a Rocker Dropper. But Shag-Nasty came into the ring, hitting Jannetty with a steel chair and allowing Nightmare to pin him. Afterwards, Nightmare used the Fame-Asser on Shag-Nasty, and he and DX carried the man off in a dumpster.

- The main event was the first 4-Way Invititation Elimination Match between Adolf von Ayrian, Outcast, Titan 3, and X-Dog. Outcast was quickly pinned by von Ayrian. After a Kaiser Krunch from von Ayrian, Titan 3 pinned X-Dog, eliminating him. After a few more minutes of punishment, Leon Bender came to the ring, distracting Adolf with a shot from his guitar that barely fazed the big Nazi. Titan 3 dropped Adolf with the A-Bomb, getting the win and moving on towards the PPV.

- While Titan 3 and Bender are celebrating, a dumpster comes carreening down the ramp, with a green-and-black painted Shannon Shag-Nasty spilling out, semi-conscious.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 11/10/99
(Winchester Civic Center, Winchester, Virginia)

- Trasher and Phenomena both are DQ'ed, since they did not show up for the match. the winner of the next match goes to the finals of the European Tournament.

- In the first round of the European Tournament, Lan Ragus hits the Rage and defeats "Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis to move on towards the finals.

- Neo, in his debut, faced off against Michael Breaker. Neo manages to lock on his finishing hold, the Virus, but it's broken up by Chris Jericho, causing the DQ win for Neo. As Neo and Jericho fight, Breaker puts Trinity, Neo's manager, through the (wo)Man Breaker. Trinity's carried to the back.

- Shorty, searching for Darkstarr, finds him in a back room, unconscious and covered in clown make-up. Shorty comes out later and demands that the Tag-Team Title match be postponed until the next card, when he could find a partner. Phoenix is shown going with Darkstarr to the hospital.

- Since Austin hadn't shown up for the Intercontinental Title match against the champ, Tower, Shag-Nasty sent in Richter instead. The two brawled to a No-Contest, since the match wasn't official.

- In the second Four-Way match, Dead Willie, Demon, Phoenix, and Union Jack were scheduled to fight. Phoenix was eliminated because he went with Darkstarr to the hospital. Union Jack is forced to submit to Dead Willie's Lucille, as Demon looks on. Demon then nails Dead Willie with a package of power maneuvers. Richter enters the ring at one point, hitting Demon with a chair. But this just causes Demon to fall onto Dead Willie and get the pin to advance to the PPV main event.

- Adolf von Ayrian gets his first title shot against Titan 3, the bout he earned by winning a PPV match last month. The Internet Champion and the Nazi fight all over the ring. The first appearance of Adolf's brother Alger turns the tide, allowing Adolf to get the Kaiser Krunch and winning the Internet Title. Napalm charges the ring, but too late, as the two Nazis leave with the belt.

- In a Stable Battle Royale for the new Stable Trophy, many men battle each other. The first two in the ring are Nightmare and Bobby. Nightmare has the edge until Thug Capri comes down as #3, and the two tag partners double-team the champ. Devo Croz comes in, hits the Crushed Reality on Bobby, and eliminates him. Shortly thereafter, Thug Capri knocks Croz out. Darkstarr, the next man, is of course injured and doesn't appear. J.Y. Kidd enters the ring to face the other two, trying to eliminate both at once. But Nightmare grabs his trunks, throwing him out of the ring. Nightmare then Back Body Drops Thug Capri out of the ring, earning himself a short breather. Animal Thug is the next out, and a brutal fight ensues. Blade walks out and comes to Nightmare's aid. During the period, the nAc comes out, helping to eliminate Animal Thug before the BOO and DX get rid of them. Napalm enters the ring facing two DX members. Shannon Shag-Nasty comes down, as the president, not a contender, and hits Blade with a bat, distracting Nightmare enough for Napalm to throw him out. Shag-Nasty and Napalm double-team Blade for a short period before Blade hits an X-Factor on Shag, taking him out of the equation. At the end, both Napalm and Blade fall from the ring, but Nightmare catches Blade in midair, tossing him back into the ring and giving the championship to Degeneration-X.

GCWA Saturday Night Oblivion, 11/13/99
(America West Arena, Phoenix, AZ)

- Chris Jericho dominated Arson, landing the Walls of Jericho to force the man to submit. Neo sneak-attacks Jericho after the match, then runs off before the BOO can get there.

- A seemingly unfocused Thug Capri quickly allows himself to be distracted by OG Thug, swinging at him. Dynamic Dynamite capitalizes with the Dynamic Pain, getting a quick win.

- Since Crusade has vanished, Phantom is given a free bye in the tournament.

- In the only tournament match of the night, Shorty apparently faced a handicap match against Alger von Ayrian and Scary Ass Clown. The two doubleteamed Shorty repeatedly, smashing him all over the ring. After a Superplex, Alger went for the pin, only to be hit by SAC's Pogo Stick! SAC leaves the ring and both competitors to their own fight. X-Dog reappears and hits the X-Factor on von Ayrian, then Shorty pins him, allowing Shorty to move on in the tournament. Postmatch, Napalm and Titan 3 appear, pounding on Alger until Adolf appeared.

- After Breaker strangely takes out Demon during the Hardcore Title match, Richter hit the 8.0 on Tower (demolishing Bobby Heenan's car in the process), then pinned him to become the Hardcore Champion.

- Blade is shown being chased by various members of the GCWA, due to the bounty on his head set by Shannon Shag-Nasty. Whoever takes out Blade gets a cash payment.

- The Cruiserweight Champion, Marty Jannetty, faced Dead Willie in a defense. During the match, Jannetty became increasingly violent, and used a chair on Dead Willie in full view of the ref, getting a DQ. Shannon Shag-Nasty appeared later and stripped Jannetty of his title, giving it to Dead Willie due to a hidden clause in the contract. An angry Jannetty was shown being held back by security as the shot went to commercial.

- The President, Shannon Shag-Nasty, comes out and gives some announcements on the coming PPV, the Bastards Ball. He mentions the Long Way Down match between Neo and Breaker, and the Hellbent-Eternal fight. Before he can finish, though, the Accelerator appears out of nowhere, tackling Shag-Nasty and pummeling him! The two fight for about a minute before security arrives. Shag-Nasty has Ace thrown out of the building.

- The match between Neo and the Internet Champ, Adolf von Ayrian, ends in a No-Contest when both Joshua Curtis and Chris Jericho come to the ring and attack the two, respectively.

- With both the European Title and the Stable Trophy (colorfully painted green-and-black) on the line, Nightmare and Blade faced Napalm and Titan 3, aka Detonation. A fight goes on for a long while, but the end is decided by Shannon Shag-Nasty, who collects his own bounty by hitting Blade in the ribs with a bat. Napalm and Titan 3 hit their finisher on Nightmare, getting the win and taking the Stable Trophy.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 11/17/99
(Convention Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona)

- Heenan and JR, who have been the announcers for most of the month, talk about Mike Tenay, who had spoken against Shag-Nasty and is now on "holiday" indefinitely.

- Diablo got the easy victory over Rook with the Dark Fury, a Shooting Star Press.

- The Master Race debuted their new maneuver, the Third Reich, and managed to defeat Null and Void.

- The Accelerator is shown in the back, taping his fists. Ace smiles at the camera before the feed goes to commercial.

- In a very violent Weapons match between Hellbent and Phantom, bats, ball+chains, poles, chairs, and other assorted weapons of mayhem were used. Phantom landed his trademark Gates of Hell onto an open chair to get the victory.

- Phenomena and Dynamic Dynamite battle it out, with OG Thug on the outside to distract. When the ref was accidentally knocked down, OG Thug immediately took advantage with a leftover weapon, and Dynamite hit the Dynamic Pain for the victory.

- In the backstage area, Chris Jericho is found laid out next to an urn, with Michael Breaker nearby checking on him. Breaker yells Neo's name, then calls for medical assistance.

- Titan 3 wins by forfeit when Darkstarr does not show up for the match. Titan 3 and Chloe Barnes walk to the back, with Titan 3 looking a little angry.

- The ringMasters retained the Tag-Team Titles over Shorty & X-Dog in a hard-fought bout, reversing a maneuver into a modified Trapeze. Postmatch, Buzzing the Rage attacked the two champions.

- JR talks about his old friend, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, a former GCWA 2-time champion who had recently retired. Because of this, Austin was not in the now-3-way Invitational Elimination Match.

- The 3-Way was scheduled between Blade, Marty Jannetty, and Tower. Jannetty stayed on the outside of the ring, however, refusing to fight Blade. Blade and Tower wrestled for a long while, with the Rocker as a spectator. Blade managed to lock on the Wetstone on Tower, but broke it as Jannetty walked towards the back. Blade chases Jannetty and practically orders him back to ringside. But this leaves him open for Tower's Skyscraper. Before Tower can get the pin, however, Jannetty rolls in and hits Tower with the Super Rocker Dropper from the top rope, then rolls Blade on top of him, eliminating Tower. Jannetty then leaves the ring again, and is eventually counted out, giving Blade the win and allowing him to go on to the main event.

- With Dead Willie as the referee, the Accelerator as the Enforcer, and Joshua Curtis as Ace's Enforcer, President Shannon Shag-Nasty faced the World Heavyweight Champion, Nightmare. It was a very long battle with much interference, from DX to Marty Jannetty to the BOO. At the end, the Accelerator knocked out Josh Curtis with a chair. Nightmare stepped behind him, grabbing his shoulder, and out of reflex, Ace turned and knocked him out. Shag made the cover, but Ace walked away from the ring. Dead Willie rolled back in to make the count, and Shag-Nasty became the World Champion.

GCWA Saturday Night Oblivion, 11/20/99
(Coussoulis Arena, San Bernadino, California)

- JR and the Brain talk about Shag-Nasty winning the Heavyweight Title unfairly the Wednesday before over Nightmare, with Heenan taking Shag's side in things.

- Blade, after a short fight, twists "Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis into the Wetstone, forcing the submission and getting the victory.

- As Animal Thug, Bobby, and Thug Capri arrive at the arena, President Shag-Nasty has them arrested for breaking into his office and spray-painting it with Wolfpac colors earlier in the week. The three are carted off to the local police station. It's unknown at the time whether Animal Thug can make it back for his World Title shot.

- Neo got the DQ win over Chris Jericho when he started to lock on the Virus, only to be attacked by Michael "The Man" Breaker. The two BOO men beat on Neo with their finishers before leaving the ring.

- Detonation and the Master Race battled each other to a Double Countout, when Napalm and Adolf von Ayrian, the legal men, battled outside the ring, while Titan 3 and Alger fought inside. The alert ref called for the bell. This did not stop the fight, as the two groups continued brawling long afterwards.

- The Accelerator is pictured handing an envelope to a man in a black suit and giving him instructions for downtown San Bernadino. The man rushes off, with Ace smiling a feral smile.

- "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty and X-Dog wrestled for the #1 Contenders spot in the Cruiserweight division. During the intense match-up, Dead Willie came to the ring and knocked out Jannetty with his guitar. X-Dog made the pin to win the shot against Dead Willie. Postmatch, Blade comes out and meets X-Dog halfway down the aisle, explaining what happened. X-Dog and Blade both look unhappy, but nothing compared to Marty Jannety, when he gets up and sees Blade leaving.

- Shorty surprised many by making the European Tournament match with Phantom pretty short in comparison with other bouts. Shorty landed a Tornado DDT off the turnbuckle and made the pin to move on to the 'finals' to face Lan Ragus for the shot against Napalm at the PPV. Napalm is seen watching from the wings.

- In a pretty impressive bout, Dynamic Dynamite landed two Dynamic Pains on Tower to claim the GCWA Intercontinental Title for the second time. More shocking than anything, Dynamite won it cleanly. He and OG Thug celebrate as the hour ends.

- Backstage, the Accelerator is seen carrying J.Y. Kidd in a Fireman's Carry. The Kidd is unconscious. Ace walks down the hall, saying to the camera that this is Nightmare's 'payback', presumably refering to contributing to Nightmare's losing of the Heavyweight Title to Shag-Nasty.

- Diablo, J.Y. Kidd, Nightmare, and Phenomena faced off in the Invitational Elimination match. It goes without saying the the Kidd did not show, being eliminated before he got to the ring. Diablo and Phenomena mainly double-teamed Nightmare during the match. But Diablo turned on Phenomena after they had Nightmare down. Phenomena managed to hit the Sub-Zero to pin Diablo. However, Nightmare proved too much, taking a Sub-Zero shot of his own before landing the Pumphandle Slam to pull out a victory. This means that Nightmare joins Blade, Demon, Shag-Nasty, and Titan 3 at the PPV, leaving one more Elimination match to come.

- Shannon Shag-Nasty comes out of the back, with the Heavyweight Title on. He talks about the Wolfpac's arrest, and how Animal Thug won't be able to compete. While he's talking, live feed shows the Accelerator going out to a car that just pulled up. The man in the dark suit gets out, followed by an enraged Animal Thug! Apparently the Accelerator had bailed the man out of jail. The Thug runs to the ring while Shag-Nasty is still talking about the PPV and attacks him, and the match is on. While the Accelerator holds off the BOO contingent, Animal Thug and Shag-Nasty go at it for the big belt in a slugfest. Just when it seems Ace is doomed and the BOO are going to reach the ring, DX runs out, along with Shorty, and turn the tide. After a 'low' kick, Animal Thug lifted Shag-Nasty into the Accelerating Thug, slamming him down and getting the victory to become a two-time Heavyweight Champion. The Wolfpac members celebrate, but the celebration stops when Ace is pictured on the outside, badly hurting from fighting 5 BOO members at once. He collapses as Animal Thug goes to his aid, with DX watching.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 11/24/99
(Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California)

- A form from President Shannon Shag-Nasty is read, stating three things: 1) Bobby Heenan is now officially the main announcer through 2000; 2) Shannon Shag-Nasty and Chloe Barnes are scheduled to be married December 15th, on a Wednesday Warfare; and 3) after his term as President ends, Shag-Nasty becomes the Commissioner, with all rights therein.

- During the Buff Brian-Instigator match, the Master Race appeared, threw Buff out of the ring, and hit the Third Reich on the Instigator. The match was ruled a No-Contest.

- Phenomena, in a partial rematch from last Saturday, defeated Diablo with a Guillotine Legdrop, getting the win.

- While Detonation keeps Animal Thug occupied in the back, Shag-Nasty and the rest of the BOO deliver TNT, with both wrestlers barely conscious, to the Master Race's dressing room. Adolf and Alger take the two men from the BOO happily.

- The match between Demon and Titan 3 doesn't occur, since Demon doesn't show. Titan 3 gets a mic and complains about all of the 'cowardly' opponents who haven't shown to face him recently. He challenges anyone to a fight, and goes to the back to look for one.

- In what was supposed to be fought as a tough Tag-Team bout, the Thug-Nation Troopers are carried out by the Master Race and quickly pinned for the victory. As the two Nazi brothers celebrate, Titan 3 reappears and attacks both men, knocking out Alger and going toe-to-toe with Adolf. The BOO show up to pull Titan 3 away, leaving a very angry von Ayrian.

- During the European Tournament "finals" match between Shorty and Lan Ragus, the Cruiserweight battle spills to the outside. As Shorty recovers from a missed Suicide Dive, Ragus is surprisingly knocked out by Scary Ass Clown, who nails him with a 'steel' pie to the head! Shorty stands and barely beats the count, while Ragus is not moving. Shorty wins via Countout and moves on towards the PPV to face the European Champion, Napalm.

- Neo and Chris Jericho were scheduled to fight in a steel cage match. While Neo waited in the cage, Jericho stalled, making his way slowly towards the ring. While he was stalling, a man wearing religious gear (later revealed as Reverend Lowdown) entered and ambushed Neo. Jericho increased his speed and joined in, with a double attack on the man. But Shorty arrived to even the odds, and the fight was deemed a No-Contest before it really officially started.

- Michael Cole interviews a surprisingly-quiet Accelerator in the back about Shag-Nasty's stipulations and the upcoming 4-Man Invitational 'Handicap' Match.

- In a European Title Match, Trasher and Napalm fought back and forth. Just when it seemed Trasher had the advantage, Shorty appeared again and attacked, knocking out Trasher and draping a Wolfpac t-shirt over him. Napalm got the pin, retaining his title.

- The Accelerator, Michael Breaker, Devo Croz (Reizrok), and Joshua Curtis are the 4 men left to fight for the last spot in the main event, with President Shannon Shag-Nasty as the special guest referee. However, Curtis refuses to fight, prefering to prepare for the PPV, so he is stricken from the match. Breaker and Croz quickly double-team Ace, and most of the fight is BOO-sided, with very different pin counts from the 'ref'. When Neo comes down and calls out Breaker, the two start fighting on the outside. Ace manages the Ace High on Croz, but Shag-Nasty refuses to count, instead watching the fight on the outside. A ref appears from nowhere and makes the count, eliminating Croz. Ace goes out of the ring, while Shag-Nasty orders the ref away. Ace brings Breaker back in, and the fight becomes more brutal than before. Weapons, like brass knuckles and chairs, become involved, as Shag-Nasty turns an eye to Breaker's hardcore maneuvers. But Ace blocks a chair shot with his left wrist, injuring it but also propelling the chair back into Breaker! As Shag-Nasty stays turned around, thinking that Breaker's doing the damage, Ace hits the Rollercoaster, and the ref from earlier comes back to make the count, giving Ace the win. Before Ace can celebrate too long, Shag-Nasty nails him with the Nasty Snap, then gives the ref one, too. Ace is out cold, and needs help to the back. However, due to the win, he joins Animal Thug (the champ), Blade, Demon, Nightmare, Shag-Nasty, and Titan 3 in the main event of the PPV.

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